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33 minutes ago, ghostrek said:

I am not retarded I have ADHD for fucksake

I wasn't going to post but now I have to morally.  ghostrek, are they bullying you about your mental health?  That happened to me too actually pretty aggressively when they found out I see a counselor every month for the past 18 years and also have medications to help me deal with things.  If people don't understand your problems ghostrek the best thing to do is return the ignorance by discrediting anything they say and don't be scared of a bully ever.  Never be scared of a bully and if they have prejudice and won't see reality ignore ignore ignore.  People are equal and you should be able to report that they take away from your ability to use and enjoy the site and moreover your entire life because of the limited viewpoint you are damned with because of bullying aholes.  Please feel free to reach out to me I check my inbox weekly and sometimes daily.

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ghost, we know you're not retarded. But come on, man. We've all seen your videos. You talk normally. You behave normally. But you can't type a sentence for shit.

This leads many of us to believe acting like an imbecile is just your shtick on these boards. People with ADHD can still spell correctly and type coherent sentences. 

No one would be ''bullying'' you if they truly believed this was the best you. People say what they say to you, because they don't believe you. 

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