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  1. I'm just gonna come out and say it. Your therapist has zero interest in you. She's married and has a successful career, and in no way would ever think about putting that in jeopardy. YOU have a crush on her. Not the other way around. She hasn't given off any lesbian or bi vibes. You are reading into it what you want to read into it. Based on your comments about sending in tanks to Texas, and ruling as a dictator forever, I'd say with utmost certainty, you have lost the plot. But, by all means, fuck around and find out. Tell her you think SHE is into YOU and YOU are into HER. Do it. I can't wait to read about this explosion.
  2. She just posted pictures of her.... I'll let bnmjy field this one.
  3. We couldn't even handle Covid in a timely manner. It still isn't over. A zombie apocalypse would be the end.
  4. Bed. I'm crushing on my bed.
  5. gonna be heading out soon on a fun-filled day. it's already hot and humid though.
  6. Just sling that D. Time is of the essence. Sling the D.
  7. taking disco's friend on a sight-seeing tour of our fair city. and a trip to the beach.
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