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  1. I got lost in Indianapolis one time. Fuck that place. It can burn. I'm from the country, ok. We got up there and disco's telling me to get on the beltway. Beltway? The fuck is that? Never heard that before. I just kept on going because I didn't know what the fuck I was looking for. This was before GPS, so we're using an atlas. An hour later, I'm back to where I needed to go. Fuck Indiana.
  2. So, am I to assume that posting random YouTube fail videos here is ok?
  3. You republican defenders must be a total let down in the sack. "The physical quotient of pleasure is greater than the financial gain, therefore not beneficial to me. There's going to have to be a vote. The House says no. Goodnight."
  4. I've tried getting MD 20/20 to answer questions, but apparently, she only speaks to a select few. I am not one of those few. She can siphon the shit out of my asshole with a straw. Screw being courteous to those trump loving idiots.
  5. Conveniently enough, there is no audio. And we don't see what made this escalate. And no one was harmed.
  6. I'll say this from a small town perspective. You see things on the news all the time about how bad things are. Most of the time it's in urban areas. You tend to think that will never happen in your town, especially in a very rural area. You think you're safe from all the mainstream things that are going on. But you're not. I have seen this first hand. Last weekend, we had white nationalists walking our streets. Standing in sniper positions on the rooftops of businesses. All because of a peaceful gathering of mourners who were honoring a fellow community member who was murdered by a state trooper. I blame this racial violence on Trump, who is a blatant racist, telling white people they have good genes. Calling the people who carry assault rifles to stand against black people great Americans. He's giving them all a pass to act how they see fit. He's promoting racism and the racists are running wild with it. I'm not even going into everything else he's done, because this is the biggest issue in my opinion. He has the audacity to hold a Bible and stand in front of a church for a photo op. He is not a Christian, but he has the Christians fooled. And I'm not going to dive deeper into that. He is the worst president in the history of presidents. You take all the bad ones and combine them, and they're still not as bad as him. Fuck Trump, and fuck ANYONE who supports him. If you take exception to this post, then fuck you, too.
  7. I like it too. Fuck people's negative opinions. They don't like it, go do one better, or don't look at it.
  8. I mean, I haven't killed any. But I eat the fuck out of some bacon.
  9. My tomato gravy is made using the same cooking methods and steps as traditional brown gravy. My bad for not being clear that what I posted is more of a sauce. The recipes call it tomato gravy, but I just posted the first one I found. Mine is nothing like that. I'm just not grasping my thoughts on my gravy and what I'm talking about here, which isn't mine. My apologies. Thanks for the correction stilgar.
  10. What I make does not use chicken stock. Most recipes for it does. Which is what I posted. Mine is gravy, but I'm do not give out my own recipes. Mine has a meat product and the pan has been deglazed to make the gravy. For the purposes of giving a generalized idea of what tomato gravy is, I posted a simplistic recipe. Mine is not simplistic. I wasn't expecting to get critiqued over details, but I still do not regret not posting my actual recipe. Tomato gravy requires an acquired taste. So, it's not like anyone would want to try it anyways. If someone really is interested in trying my recipe, then I will share it via messenger.
  11. Gravy is made with flour added. I didn't say anything like tomatoes don't have juices. I said their is no meat juices. Hence, the addition of chicken stock. Keep up, son.
  12. Let's see the critic's sketches.
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