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  1. I bought a McDouble bundle for $3. Fuck all of you.
  2. This thread is retarded, even for you. You don't have the capital to hire anybody to do anything. You can't even afford a hooker.
  3. So, Packard has been found.
  4. This idiot can spell subtlety but can't say his last name with his mouth.
  5. The 3 that said yes were just fucking with you.
  6. It's a 95 S10. No wonder you're still a virgin.
  7. Terminator was better than Terminator 2.
  8. I'm gonna pick it up when the new one comes out on Xbox, finally.
  9. Just never, ever watch the second one. It's a pile of trash.
  10. I was playing baseball again, and had a runner on first and drilled a double. But the fucker on first kept running into left field. It gave me two outs for it and the batter that came up was not there. Had to restart the game after I was winning 5-0. Damn glitches.
  11. If you don't drive a van, you're doing it all wrong.
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