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  1. Bernie never needs to run again. He had his chances, and if he couldn't win the nomination over Hillary and he dropped out because Biden was so far ahead, he has no chance of ever getting in the White House. Yang wasn't looking too bad, but he dropped out quick. Same as Warren. And if Biden can't beat an impeached president, he never needs to run again either.
  2. A power tripping racist buffoon or a kid diddler. It's your time to shine America.
  3. Can you believe midnight had over 20 wins? Stuff definitely does happen.
  4. I feel like we owe it to the people who haven't won a day to be picked on relentlessly for a day. If Packard can win a day, what the hell is wrong with those who haven't?
  5. I do not remember him winning the day. He must have been the ONLY user on, and came in with his alt and like all of his comments.
  6. I don't mind his voice. It makes it super easy to sing along with. Just moan out some sounds. Hell yes. We can all be rock stars.
  7. I wanna see/hear this. For a white guy, I think I do an OK Hootie. But I mean, it's just making some noises. Like, Let Her Cry just comes out like, Letterrye. Ifiteasesallerpain lettergo. Same with Pearl Jam. No one really knows the lyrics for Yellow Ledbetter. Just 5 minutes of sounds with a couple of words tossed in here and there.
  8. I was partial to the one where he threw the blanket over the woman and she came out immediately saying OH SHIT!
  9. https://nypost.com/2020/08/03/white-supremacist-hits-female-worker-at-florida-restaurant/
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