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  1. Just remembered a couple of ASMB Jukies from LastFM - have either Karate Pop or fvgazi shown up?
  2. Done & Done. *sets the C&B before Tao* NP - https://youtu.be/P-W5crYm7Gc
  3. Want Bailey's with that? We also have a mean Bloody.
  4. To paraphrase someone - "Soon everything will be UEMB!"
  5. "From the rugs on the floor, to the pictures on the wall".
  6. There's no reason this place can't be as good or better than that place (and time).
  7. By order of the City of Chicago...
  8. NP: https://youtu.be/dWXODvD9B7g
  9. Nailed it. *Pours a proper pint* But you're on the.wrong side of this bar!
  10. Another bottle? Duuuuude! *Grabs a bottle of Popov from the freezer*
  11. *delivers the beer and chaser* But, I'm just the fill-in - the real deal is supposed to show up.
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