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  1. First car had no PS/PB. Even the windshield wash was a foot pump.
  2. Or someone dying from "how many packs can you eat" challenges.
  3. https://wxrt.radio.com/articles/radiocom/these-whiskey-capsules-are-being-compared-tide-pods
  4. I was more po'd that they said they'd evacuated the block...and I'm left just sitting there...
  5. The only time that happened to me I found out when they broke in to the Bears game, stating that my block had been evacuated & blocked off because someone had found a suitcase full of what looked like dynamite sticks in a dumpster in the alley behind my condo...while I was sitting in my condo...with my back to the windows above that alley. Turned out to be road flares.
  6. The guy sitting at the desk in this picture killed a few of them I'd heard over the years.
  7. First time all year. I'll mark my calendar!
  8. If you work in the actual Pharmacy, you're separated by a counter. Since you didn't say "I'm a pharmacist" or "I'm a pharmacist tech", I'll take it that you're somewhat face to face with customers. But it could be that most those folks are past the communicable stage.
  9. Isn't that what I just said to Stilgar?
  10. What exactly have I said that was not true? If you don't get a shot and get ill, you can infect others...sometimes even before you realize you are ill yourself. And the shot alone does not protect people, no matter the age, from getting the flu. It just makes it a lighter case provided it was one of the types of flu going around that season due to the antibodies your system has developed from the dead viruses in the shot.
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