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  1. You got into the Tide pods again, didn't you?
  2. Wouldn't it make more sense to run for President. I'm pretty sure they have an office already.
  3. No candy brand that's older than me should be strawberries and vanilla.
  4. Add Cream of Mushroom soup.
  5. You sure you got the right candy? Good & Plenty (licorice flavored) is pink & white. Good & Fruity is multi-colored.
  6. Wonder who will take over as lead for the Volunteer Jam?
  7. Until he sues himself because he never agreed to using his music for political purposes.
  8. Only when made by someone who doesn't know what they're doing.
  9. 2 of our 4 cats cower when the stuff goes off in the neighborhood. One house has been setting stuff off all week, then yesterday they started around 6:30 pm and kept it up until 1 am. I'm a bit concerned that there was that much ordinance stored either in their garage or house. Didn't call the cops because they have also been getting calls of "shots fired" around town - they chase them down & find shell casings with no injuries or damage. I'm thinking they've got someone driving around and firing off their gun(s) into the air.
  10. Kinda concerned. Breathed ran a series of his origin strips, forgoing the usual April 1st collaboration with Watterson. He's gone dark on FB since June 1. Hope everything's ok.
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