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  1. This was some nothing product. Almost sounded like a local thing, not national.
  2. Not sure how much recreating they're doing there.
  3. Did you get a flat? No, the other three tires just blew way up!...here's your sign.
  4. Driving home from work, when this commercial comes on the radio. I didn't catch what the product or service was, because I heard this voice and immediately I knew I'd heard it somewhere. I was pretty sure that it was from some cartoon. It took about a minute, before I realized... IT'S ZAPP FREAKIN' BRANNAGAN!!! Billy West has found new work. Glad I figured it out or it would have bugged me for a few days.
  5. "And after all, we're just ordinary men..."
  6. Only because I've killed as many of "them" as they have me.
  7. No Marvin? (HHGTTG) No "Glum" from "The Adventures of Gulliver"?
  8. Hiring a cat to get your dog to smile for a picture...
  9. Who would win - Billy Witch Doctor or Tim the Enchanter?
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