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  1. Jeff Bridges (70) https://www.radio.com/wbbm780/entertainment/national/actor-jeff-bridges-reveals-lymphoma-diagnosis
  2. That's pretty good, since this specific model is new this year.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - I don't need that. I have a cunning plan. The batteries are interchangable between all EGO products. I already have 5 other products and the inverter. Next is the Power Station. I figure if the power ever goes out for 22 hrs like it did earlier this year, I can keep my Mom's O2 running.
  4. Covid warning - Sour Grapes make you more susceptible to Covid. That's why Brady shook hands with Rodgers, but not Foles.
  5. I'm ready - this was dropped off Saturday... BRING IT ON!!!
  6. You do know you're asking about 6 different people, right? Two Grandmothers & 4 Great Grandmothers.
  7. Your mind is going, I was never funny.
  8. Take it to someone who cares.
  9. Dog & Suds Drive In - only a handful around. St. George & the Dragon - set up like a medieval castle inside, crock of peanuts & pickles on the old wooden tables, shells thrown on the floor. Large fireplaces and a firepit in the center. Predates all the restaurants that followed with the peanut shells on the floor thing. The Brown Derby - the Gerves (sp?) version, not the Disney wannabee. Taco John's & Monical's Pizza - central IL staples, Monical's has great thin crust. Grizzley's Lodge - Chicago sports bar, 12" tvs at every table with the ability to turn on any NFL game playing. Wild Game burgers & food.
  10. Chicago Bears are now "THE WORST 5 & 1 TEAM IN THE NFL!!!"
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