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  1. You mean they're not normal?????
  2. Tell them the Priest got a little aggressive in putting the ashes on your forehead.
  3. That's the other reason I posted this - the list of names, like "circle beard", which is what I have, but the beard is pointier like the "van dyke".
  4. Cash was still alive when that happened.
  5. Uh-oh - CDC says we can't properly wear facial masks...
  6. Used H&R once. The person helping me was obviously a temp/trainee. She just read me questions from a book & plugged stuff in a computer. I could friggin' do that & have used Tax software ever since. I think I tried H&R software once, but found TaxCut (Intuit) simpler.
  7. Both my IRAs tell me to go to their respective websites to see if I will have any forms. I've never had any.
  8. Those aren't donuts, they're paczki. On SNL, Belushi did a skit with white powder under his nose, then at the very end, pulled out a box of powdered donuts & ate one.
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