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  1. Had something similar. The Doctor told me it was probably the Vagus nerve, which I guess controls your heart rate after you've eaten. I felt a little dizzy at work & my heart raced a bit - it was a very strange feeling & lasted all of 30 sec, maybe. But they always say not to brush that stuff off if it involves the heart - so I had to undergo a whole bunch of tests, all for nothing. Insurance covered the vast majority of it.
  2. From FB "Suspended Coffees" -
  3. tsar4


    Per "Urban Dictionary": yacking to throw up due to intoxication. last night krumples spent the night by the toliet. that's why we call her Mrs. Yack-Yack
  4. Whatever happened to "Mex"? Did she change names or wander off & get married or find a winning lotto ticket or somethin'?
  5. I needed a new DTV box as the old one was dead. Either I entered the wrong service request online form, or they bollocksed it at corporate, because they sent someone to fix my internet with a new modem/router. The tech was very apologetic and called support to bring out the right tech. He was nice enough to rewire the outside the house connection for internet & put in a new connector inside while we waited for the DTV tech to arrive. The internet tech & the DTV tech worked on the satellite box & were talking. The gist I got was that when ATT took over DTV, they reduced DTV's staff including the Techs that knew DTV in & out ("hey, it's all wires, how hard could it be...?"). They brought back some of the DTV techs when they realized they were in over their heads, but apparently not nearly enough.
  6. Hmmm. I could probably think of dozens, but the 2nd of the Jack in the Box "Angus" burger commercial (where they're all laughing at the meeting) is probably one of the top ones. I like the Allstate "Mayhem" series and lately the Progressive ones (Agent "Jamie" is not as pathetic in his home life as he is at work, and the "Children of the Corn" parody). Quite a few old ones - Miller Lite (Tastes Great/Less Filling series) with the retired sport stars & Rodney Dangerfield, Peter Pan Peanut Butter with Alan Sues of Laugh-In & a Pop-Tarts commercial with this expressionless little girl flatly saying, "How 'bout a hug?" (supposedly mimicking parents talking to kids - might have been late 70's/early 80's).
  7. That means anyone under 30!
  8. Available online (they're owned by Utz chips now). If you have Albertsons/Safeway/Jewel grocery stores, they might have them. Jewel by me picked them up, along with Utz chips.
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