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  1. So it begins

    Doing a Searchers cover -
  2. So it begins

    "And so it begins-a, those needles and pins-a..."
  3. Got fucking jury duty

    I never understood the desire to "get out of" jury duty. I've been tapped 4 times, and have always been seated on a jury. I found it interesting. Maybe if it was a lengthy trial I'd feel differently.
  4. Welp I’m gonna die

    Your county's so small it only has one? Do you live outside Bugtussle or Hooterville?
  5. My Boobs: A Strange Phenomenon

    My theory, as previously stated here and on the old [as] boards: guys, until they become sexually active, only have contact with female breasts when their Mother's nurse them. They (as infants) associate that deep-seated bond with love, which ends when they are weaned but still resides in their sub-conscious. Girls the same, but they grow their own breasts eventually and are able to disassociate them from that bond because of that fact. So guys are infatuated with the idea of breasts. The two women that I brought this up to that were flat-chested both thought it was potentially valid, as they had the same curiosity about larger breasts that guys had. They didn't necessarily want them for themselves, but they wanted to touch & feel them. I think one said something about wishing she could (personally) have them for a day, just to see what they felt like.
  6. My Boobs: A Strange Phenomenon

    His daughter runs the company, don't think he had a son.
  7. Work is depressing me

    Nope. This is the wrong job. It doesn't mean it's the wrong company, or wrong field, just the wrong job. If your company has a list of other opportunities, look through them & see if something sounds appealing, even if it might be a risk to try for it. Otherwise, look for opportunities elsewhere.
  8. How do you feel about ATT?

    State & local taxes are a pain, especially in Illinois where they're looking for a way to tax people's heartbeats, but Consumer Reports has long been after all the companies for hidden fees that they claim are gov't mandated, but really aren't.
  9. How do you feel about ATT?

    Unless things have changed, Comcast would be worse. The last time I had them, they raised their rates 4 times in 1 year, because of "Improvements". The improvements amounted to adding three channels in languages I don't speak and 1 local access channel.

    Вся ваша база принадлежит нам!
  11. Waitaminnit..

    Then he needs to cut back on the fiber in his diet.
  12. I found a bra that isn’t mine

    Send it to someone unfamiliar with them, like zeni.
  13. It really is a small world

    "But I'd hate to have to paint it" - Steven Wright
  14. Waitaminnit..

    That's not how he shoots web...