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  1. Candyman (1992) Phantasm (1979)
  2. tsar4


    Yep. And you can use Compuserve to get there.
  3. Comrade A: Итак, когда моя собака приземляется? Comrade B: Ага, об этом ...
  4. Tartar (Siamese) Kidney failure. Peanuts (Siamese) My 6th birthday present. Learned to swing on doorknobs to open doors. Died of old age. Slim (Tabby) Adopted us. We heard scratching at the screen door. My Dad opened the door and this stray, dragging a hind leg, walks right in like he owns the place and proceeds to lay between the front legs of our Black Lab and go to sleep. Dad got him fixed up & we became his stop when he needed patching up again. Stopped returning. Thumper (Tabby) Liked to lay in the dirt of a potted rubber tree. Turned out the dirt contained lead & poisoned the poor cat. Suzie (Tabby) Only surviving kitten of her litter. Hated to be touched until a few months before she died. BB (Russian Blue?) Old age. Butterfly (Tabby kitten someone found at work, died the next day - probably respiratory infection) Samantha (Russian Blue?) & her kittens. She died of old age. Mommy (Tabby) Old age. Shadow (Mixed) Don't know, I moved away. FM (Tuxedo) Heart Disease Monty (Mixed) Kidney failure June (Tabby) Cancer Nicodemus (Mixed pita) Daphne (Bombay) Likes to play fetch, but only red toy mice. Found out she has a UTI this morning. Forgot my Mom's cats now with me, Shogun & Precious, both Maine Coon cats, both black. No lack of cat hair in this house.
  5. Wooo Hooo! Got a phone interview next week!! (not for the posted job)
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