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  1. It's in the union CBA. "Seniority shall govern choice of station."
  2. Pennies have to be counted, wrapped and printed with my name and account number at this bank. All of that is patently absurd because all they do is dump the pennies into the machine. They treat it like any other transaction.
  3. Yup. Sometimes two of us are on vacation at the same time. Then, the bosses put an "extra" in the spot as a substitute. Suffice it to say the work simply doesn't get done.
  4. My current assignment? I'm one of only six people in this department who can handle the job at the right pace.
  5. People with high seniority can choose their assignments in a union house. I never choose restrooms.
  6. I'm not UAW. Strike pay in any union won't fully replace wages. They're a supplement to your savings, so that you won't deplete your savings in three weeks.
  7. That's what savings and strike benefits are for. I've been through a few strikes. Inconvenient, but not bank breaking.
  8. Not dead, got up and exited the bus in Toms River.
  9. Confirmed... It is easier to mop it up than get it out of a urinal. Then again, I haven't cleaned a public restroom in twenty years.
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