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  1. That's no reason to let the employer control, rule and regulate your entire life. If the boss wants to command you 24/365, he should pay you 24/365.
  2. Quail eggs are sold that way at Asian markets.
  3. 1 can hard boiled quail eggs 5 tablespoons mayo 1 teaspoon paprika. Crush all ingredients in a bowl with a potato masher. Spread the mash on wheat bread. Sprinkle on some salt and pepper, if you like.
  4. And that was plucked off the web. Not my burger at all.
  5. Because you're still looking at somebody else's profile.
  6. Just say whose profile it is.
  7. But that's only if you have the correct photo. I don't even know what profile you're talking about.
  8. Now, if you could just figure out the generation gap between me and the rapist...
  9. Offender registry? That would be ex post facto.
  10. It's not Photoshop. What you see in the motion picture is what you get.
  11. One does not acquire such credentials by using an alias.
  12. Not really. You haven't seen shit, apparently.
  13. No, you're not. If you're not confident to say whose name, specifically, is on the profile, it's probably bogus.
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