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  1. You mean, those who had been engaged in perpetual turf wars long before anybody else showed up?
  2. Get those crappy psa's off the radio waves, please! Look, Gov... If you really want more participation and cooperation with the census, stop trying to count cars, refrigerators, computers, rooms or any other personal belongings. It's none of your damn business. Stick to what the census is for - counting people and more precisely, counting legitimate citizens. Listen, if you seriously think that counting cars can help you determine where to put highway funding, you have it all assed backward. That's why half of our most traveled roads are falling apart right now. It doesn't matter whether somebody owns one car or twenty nine cars. That's not going to change the actual road usage. What you need to do is get onto a monitor system and count the number of vehicles that are actively trampling each road, each day, regardless of who owns them or which states they are registered in. Come on, Gov... If I can figure that out, what's taking you so long to catch up?
  3. The special sauce is thousand island salad dressing.
  4. There was other stuff being served. Now, I forgot what the mayo was for.
  5. Talk about all the stuff you wouldn't have if money were taken out of the game.
  6. But then, who is going to make dishwashers and scented candles?
  7. No. He's occasionally running for public office, though.
  8. That's actual history, summed up by a lawyer turned historian. I'm just repeating it.
  9. After the big Socialist revolution, farmers were branded as, "oppressors" because they wanted to be paid for the food they produced. The new government had them all arrested and sent away to enslavement camps, where they were tortured and killed. So, who was left to man the farms and produce the food? Cronies of the new government, of course. They were people who had zero knowledge of how to plow, plant, harvest or any other functions on farms... Or even how to care for farm animals. The result was mass famine, rationing and starvation. The so-called "leaders" turned out to be the only people benefiting from socialism. Of course, that could happen anywhere, at any time.
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