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  1. man if it were up to you everyone on here would be working for that one bar and we'd do nothing but complain about fuggs or something
  2. i'd agree with dumb but there are some pretty dumb ones so idk about dumbest
  3. i guess if something ever happened to me, and it was soon enough, i could knock on the door of my old place. i'd rather not for political reasons
  4. i thought they needed me at my last job. and they did, until they didn't
  5. my anxiety has nothing to do with thyroid issues. my sibling is anxious. my parents have anxiety problems, my grandparents are anxious people.
  6. You do the most Boomer thing of all, be wrong.
  7. You're the most latent Boomer out of any of us. All the rest has been a shtick
  8. idk wut you're talking about. we're both very open people, we just don't shout out every aspect of our lives.
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