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  1. I used to like Roy Rogers when I was a kid. I know there's a handful in like Virginia still around
  2. Quiznos. I know they’re still sort of around but nowhere near as much
  3. actually that's not true. there are a few people in there that also work graveyard. i can pm you a link but it would expire in a day
  4. kidney_eater also uses the discord along with a bunch of the other old people. his name on here is @Quackers. i'm doing all right, can't complain. mostly also just working and sleeping
  5. do you have discord? there's a UEMB discord I can pm you the link to.
  6. holy shit i know you. how've you been
  7. Same reason people have sex in public. Sometimes you just want other people to see you getting fucked.
  8. @jackiemarie90 thanks but it's not my birthday. quackers is a silly boi
  9. most of the deals are kind of crap
  10. i'd tag @Sawdamizer and say you should tell him to spank you but that might make you horny. and the last thing I need is that thing in your pants to poke an eye out
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