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    Discuss news and current events here! Be civil, engage topically, no ad hominems or petty trolling, save that garbage for the cringe clown folder. :)

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    Private discussion folder for official UE staff. Fake mods STAY OUT!!

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    Maxwell sleeps. Maxwell bites. Maxwell eats. Maxwell bites. Maxwell bites. Maxwell purrs. Maxwell bites. Maxwell curls up in your lap. Maxwell bites.

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    @Raptorpat ghostbusters +startrek= ghostrek

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    the UnevenEdge Star trek ClubOkay is a fan club for Star Trek fans of all levels from the casual viewer to the most hardcore Trekkie all levels of discussion of basic understanding of the films or series further more complex discussions about Cannon and episodes or films mean and expanded material and alot more

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    Nobody is gonna fuck with a peg-legged yeti-man with an appendage full of bees.

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