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  1. Stay safe, and for fucks sake protect that Doggo
  2. I don't really use it these days but I use to be friends on there with some guy that had the exact first and last name as me I liked his posts from time to time just to make his friends think he liked his own post
  3. Dude All 4 of them are pretty fucking talented but Mitch and Poo are next level
  4. That's unfortunate, I'm sorry I personally had success with them
  5. It's long, and the warp whistle is used but it's an all forts race and these are the top 4 runners in the category racing against each other It may not be your thing but I personally nerded the fuck out
  6. South point Chevy dot com boiiiiiiiiii
  7. I don't think anyone forgot the time the NFL turned into NFL: Blitz for a play
  8. I agree about the Browns. I think the Cardinals will either surprise everybody or fail terribly. Murray and Kingsbury could be a seriously deadly combo the likes we saw last year with Mahomes and the Chiefs
  9. I had a snake in my house today Used a broom to get it back outside and then decapitated it with a shovel because it was tiny but it looked an awful lot like a cottonmouth
  10. My Best friend use to live in Charleston and he always stops at Cracker Barrel to poop when he's driving It's very possible you're at a Cracker Barrel my Best friend has pooped at
  11. At least you didn't send a company wide dick pic
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