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  1. Biggest town out there is Guymon, and it's got a whopping population of 10,000
  2. OH SHIT!!!!!!!!! *Horn noises sorry those weren't part of the celebration, I'm being stalked by clowns
  3. Zero, but I have had some close calls I once had to stop on the shoulder of the turnpike, hop a barbed wire fence, and get behind a tree I dont know if it was something I ate or if I had a stomach flu but it was one of those "I need to go immediately" moments and I was nowhere near a bathroom
  4. Aliens 1000% I mean if their space travel is so advanced to reach us, worst comes to worse, they just launch another giant meteorite at our planet Doesn't bother me though, I'll be hanging out with my alien girlfriend in the dagobah system
  5. The dude is british, I'm sure a lot of it is lost in translation
  6. Both shots I got around 2:30 and I was struggling to keep my eyes open by 5 It's very likely the shot, it hit me like a bag of bricks after I made the last post I started feeling like I had a cold and slept until 6 pm I'm feeling better now, my ears still feel a little congested and it's throwing my balance off, and there's still some muscle tightness in my shoulders like I was sick All in all the lady said this could happen so I'm not too worried I felt bad for the Pooch I'm sitting though, when I finally let her out she peed for about 3 mins
  7. Day 2 Woke up completely drenched in sweat again, no other problems I am going to climb back in bed because I'm cold, not due to a fever.... it's just April and I refuse to turn the heater back on Also dog sitting and the pooch likes to climb under the blankets, it sounds cute but then she starts kicking the shit out of me in her sleep
  8. My favorite was when I was younger and started having panic attacks, people I knew would always ask "Have you tried just not having them" Holy Shit, get this person a Nobel Prize because they just advanced modern mental health science by fucking decades
  9. Not gonna lie Poof, that was a dope move and I'm slightly jealous I never thought of doing it myself
  10. I woke up with my shirt completely drenched in sweat We're not talking like "Oh, I sweat a little in my sleep" we're talking like "I apparently sleep walked into a wet T-Shirt competition" Other than that I still feel fine Cons of vaccine- night sweats/potential fever during my sleep, waking up at 6 am because I crawled out of the covers and my fan blasted said wet shirt and I was freezing Pros- Should not die from Covid now, also when I was in the shower I tested my water crafting skills and was able to use the running water from the shower head to move a loose hair into the drain I'm not saying this Vaccine gave me super powers, but if there ever came a time to part the Red Sea..... I'd give it a shot
  11. When I was in Boston one of the McDonald's had lobster rolls I still regret not being brave enough to try one but I also didn't want to spend my entire time on the way home hugging a plane toilet
  12. Not that I've noticed Pedro said it took about 12 hours for his to kick in, but the nurse also told me some people didn't have a reaction at all, kind of hoping I'm in that boat because the 1st shot didn't bother me at all The worst thing I've felt is this sinus infection I've been dealing with
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