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  1. The Dark Tower or the Codex Alera series Dark Tower is my favorite series but a lot of people have problems getting through the first book because of the pace and how drunk/drugged out Stephen King was at the time
  2. I dunno You think an NFL team is going to want a guy that repeatedly recruits top 10 classes and doesn't get results? I know he had a lot of success with the 49'ers in the past but I just don't see him being high on the hire list until he can get some better results at Michigan
  3. I don't see Harbaugh at Michigan next year
  4. I signed in to do my picks thinking there was a less than 10% chance I was going to pick the Saints knowing they were going in with a backup QB Then I saw they were playing the Falcons
  5. Are you not liking it? It was by far one of my favorite games in the series, that being said I really enjoyed "Pirates" on the NES when I was little so it very well could have been the nostalgia factor for me
  6. Someone come up with a creative twist to this about how Pat's never gonna poop again
  7. ^ hope you have a good one!
  8. green bean casserole I love green beans by themselves, but anytime you add cream of mushroom to something I'm not going within 5 feet of it
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