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  1. never even got the nachos I was promised
  2. OMG the mullet, the uniforms, the cars, the 80's were just gross
  3. Right?! I mean the first one was thrown by this guy (Randy Johnson for those of you wondering what ever happened to the Jolly Green Giant) a guy who's so fucking tall I don't any of his baseball cards actually have a full body shot of him, they get the upper torso and part of the Sears tower in the photo and the camera just evaporates from the kinetic energy generated from his windup a 2nd time though? AZ is either on to some kind strange voodoo or those birds are suicidal
  4. So apparently portions of the Jets new playbook have been leaked Anyone by any chance got a firm lock on 41 or 46? I don't know who's who in the world of infinite alts out there so I'm leaving this here
  5. If an adult entertainment company doesn't step up on this one and at least get naming rights to the team.... I'm not watching porn for at least 15 mins
  6. I got home and pulled up a stream just in time to see the perfect game bid lost in the 8th.....
  7. 'member the bear background? That but this...minus the truck
  8. Happy late Birthmas! 10 more days until baseball happens again!
  9. I finally caved about a month ago and bought the AToT 2 game while it was on sale with the dlc Have not been disappointed
  10. Hey man! Happy birthday! I think I got this in in time... with time change and tesseracts and times zones and jazz long story short... you gonna share some of those cakes? I'm fucking starving
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