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  1. I was introduced to this a weekend or so ago and I still can't stop laughing.... plus it's kind of catchy My favorite part is either when the Drummer is standing on the Bass Drum just beating the shit out of the Cymbal, or when the Guy Fieri look alike shows up
  2. I just sleep until 3 pm most days, stay strong buddy! You'll get over it at some point, and if you need to talk I'm here to give terrible advice
  3. https://tenor.com/view/eskimo-callboy-hypa-hypa-car-driving-gif-17573487
  4. This is me, in any social situation ever
  5. Yes! They're just like Dogs.... except you're more likely to be mauled if you pet one
  6. My Dad was born in Chicago and then moved to Wisconsin When Sports roll around things get a little hairy
  7. I'm 6 feet tall, so according to Reddit, I'm a Prime Piece of Meat. If a Girl ever judged me off my Height, Weight, or Body, I'd Intermediately quit talking to them I just want someone that makes me laugh and has a good time hanging out with me, I don't care how short/tall they are.... Unless they're a Bears Fan, then they can go fuck off into Loserville where the Bears exist as a NFL team
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