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  1. https://www.espn.com/boxing/story/_/id/34158119/running-backs-adrian-peterson-leveon-bell-sign-deals-boxing-exhibition-july-sources-say My money is on AD
  2. Member when Pornhub's homemade section was better than found bigfoot footage but not million dollar budget quality? It's more like walking into a funhouse than watching a porn these days, you got like 9 cameras all showing different angles at once. I start feeling like the spider in Rugrats that got out it's cage when they tried to replace Spike and they tried to show you what a spider's vision would be like. I'm convinced some of these people bust out a James Cameron' budget for their 3 min bang
  3. I think you may be giving me way too much credit
  4. @Mix Am I doing this right?
  5. Did you stick your dick in it though?
  6. Those have a special kind of rot I went wide toed and never looked back
  7. Anyone got @Mix ? My contact with him outside of here is inconsistent at best
  8. I didn't think a none pornographic photo would cause such controversy Anyway I found this
  9. Is it because I'm happy Sawdy?
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