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  1. turning 30 years old Happy Birthday to the two of you!
  2. apparently the dude who use the own the land had the boat so he built a pond around it when the hotel bought the land they were like "fuck yeah we'll keep the boat"
  3. no bullshit, my brother and I saw something swimming around with a little dorsal fin looking thing in there
  4. not sure but apparently the use it for weddings and it has a bar on it
  5. I actually thought Georgia was going to manhandle Notre Dame This is actually a decent game
  6. It's actually pretty cool Now I'm just waiting for the Children of the Corn to murder me
  7. molarbear

    Das a gewd boi

    Aww! They're Friends!
  8. when I was in 8th grade a girl that sat with us at lunch was passing along a piece of paper and everyone was giggling someone was trying to slide it past me and the teacher doing lunch grabbed it and read it Apparently she had printed out an AIM conversation where she got another popular girl (who I had a huge crush on) at the school to admit she had kissed another girl on a dare I watched in horror as the teacher walked over to said girls, showed them said print out, and pointed directly at me Neither one of them ever spoke to me again but the girl that printed it out was like her BFF again a week later To this day I don't understand how they thought I somehow got a printout of their AIM convo with a completely different person
  9. @empty Did you set it up so there is a losers playoffs again this year? I just want to know if I can pretend like I'm tanking to reclaim my title
  10. molarbear


    I slept 12 hours the other day and woke up wanting to sleep another 12 When I was growing up adults always seemed so on top of their shit, here I am as an adult just wanting to sleep for a week
  11. EWWWWWW Last time I did that I didn't feel comfortable for at least 3 days
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