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  1. My hair has reached lengths that until now, I didn't know it got wavy. Also I have to clean the bathroom floor almost daily because it looks like Bigfoot shaved in there I seriously don't get it, if that much hair is on the floor daily how is there still so much on my head?
  2. my body recycles the unused matter into words for when I have to deal with people
  3. I got to watch the last 2 Innings of it! ESPN has a way of denying me Cubs Games unless something like this happens, but I seen't it!
  4. I always liked Maddux, I was a little too young to realize how good he was when he was on the Cubs though Ryne Sandberg was my favorite, then the Cubs picked up Andre Dawson and he became my new favorite player Jason Heyward reminds me a lot of him
  5. Your best bet would be Life Insurance but at a Premium rate Like "Yo, Imma try to kill you but fail terribly and hope you die of a Heart Attack or something".
  6. Sometimes it be like that. You just gotta do you, 3 times >.> I mean Idol Hands are the Devil's Playground, take up Knitting or something
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