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  1. holy fuck I'm not even exaggerating this, we started this 12 week college algebra equivalent pre calc course 18 people when it started We've had 7 this week
  2. This made me laugh.... Then I realized someone on here may actually assume we all made it through the full gestation period *edit ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. >.> <.< oh no, my incredibly rare tutorials on underwater basket weaving!!!!
  4. To quote the great @DBZ4ever "Yes, Whales are big"
  5. Pac-2 is still undefeated btw
  6. Let's not forget.... Wyoming had the Longhorns by the short hairs up until the 4th quarter, and boston college YOOOO.... almost
  7. Did not expect this Georgia/South Carolina game to be this good
  8. Did anyone watch the Johnny Manziel doc yet? I walked away from it still just wanting to punch the dude in the face
  9. Are those still popular? They were popping those things like pez about 6 years ago, they claimed they horrible smell gave them a performance boost Dude's make enough money to pay us common folk to shit in their helmets and they go out and buy smelling salts for a knock to the senses .....Capitalism
  10. Everyone thinking Tom Brady is going to grace the Jets with his presence Pick one, given the Jets previous decisions... my money is on Girth
  11. ....... >.> I hate love being this person, but I didn't see anyone that was vaccinated get their foot caught on the turf tonight If you need some good news... there's a really weird law in California that somehow lists bees as a fish, so now the land they're on is protected
  12. Dat b some 15/10 content
  13. The dog looks.... malnourished
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