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  1. At least no one wanted you to get fucked and die of covid this time around.... Now they just think you have vanilla flavored semen
  2. Terry Crews Dude's hilarious, but he's so big he terrifies me
  3. wtf happened to the Cardinals? They went from being the team to beat to what seems like an endless skid
  4. I hear he got banned because he didn't post enough pictures of the pupper
  5. Happy Birthmas and doggos galore!
  6. I forgot the NFL was the NBA and the last 1:30 of this Cowboys/49'ers game is taking forever
  7. I came to the horrible realization today that without College football or NFL games most the weekend I have to find a different background noise to put on the TV
  8. molarbear

    bah gawd

    I've met him and hung out with him Remind me to tell you about it someday
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