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  1. I made this Meme on Imgur before it left China, I got 7 likes. It came to America and I'm like "I gotta go to the Store now, I hope I don't get this shit!
  2. You can still run around the block, just out run anyone that attempts to talk to you
  3. There are still dogs/animals out there I have to pet
  4. I mowed the yard earlier and my back was out of commission for at least 2 hours
  5. I know they both got outed during the roid saga but you have to admit, this season was fun to watch
  6. OMFG My entire life (save for that one time in baseball practice when I had to go in the woods) I haven't been pooping with my full power The fact that I got to sound like one of the DBZ Antagonists only sweetens the deal
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=89&v=F5pgG1M_h_U&feature=emb_logo It's not popping up, the link failed! Anywhoo, here's John Krasinski giving a show of just good news! We all ride! https://gfycat.com/neatthoughtfuldoe-puppy-cute-dog You gotta click the link and hit another tab or open in tab, they're all SFW. Unless your work hates cuteness
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