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  1. Are you saying you're going to sleep while driving? If not, I cannot sleep while being a passenger in a vehicle. My Best Friend ruined that for me, he'd literally nod of mid conversation while we were going places and it lead to me driving 100% of the time
  2. *Knocks on wood I don't fall very often, I wasn't aware this was a thing
  3. Anyone else see Mason Rudolph get clubbed in the head with his own helmet?
  4. Unfortunately alcohol doesn't help me in that department
  5. Dude You should check twitter more often...... I shaved today, thus the picture of the socks Yours looks way better than mine though
  6. the gif wouldn't pop up just picture that scene from The Sandlot where the kid was telling of the Beast and the cop is all "For-Ever"
  7. My volume is on 5, I have no idea how the mic is picking it up
  8. 13 days of progress about to just call it quits so I can go out in public without attempting to hide my face all "Phantom of the Opera" style
  9. I'd hangout with you and disco anytime! Just don't tell Cracky because we've been planning on going fishing for about 4 years now There's quite a few people I'd hangout with on here, I'm just terrible at actually following through on it
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