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  1. Anyone else watch the post game interview on the field with Rodgers? Was it a shitty mic they gave him, or did he somehow develop a semi southern accent?
  2. You forgot to slap the "Any%" That way it looks like you're speedrunning sex and going for a world record instead of just being lazy
  3. Sooners need to get their shit together on Offense Fans want to blame Rattler, so much so that they were chanting for the 2nd string QB to get put in tonight when in reality the run game has been absolute garbage
  4. molarbear

    Took 4 months

    Who's got time for that when the 9th deep dive ultra rare extended cut version of Skyrim just came out?
  5. NC State's failed at sealing it right there
  6. My name is Molarbear and I approve of this message
  7. molarbear

    Took 4 months

    I finally snagged one the graphics on X enhanced games are absolute eyegasms MLB:The Show has like 5 second loading times Haven't fired up Sea of Thieves yet, I honestly don't know if my body is ready
  8. Old glass insulators for power lines
  9. I know people joke about it all the time but.... Really wondering how much poop just came out of me
  10. I've decided to just put my RBs in a randomizer to decide who I'm going to start each week
  11. That Georgia Tech/Clemson game was pretty entertaining
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