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  1. I got a silver mine for lease

    The 80's happened
  2. I got a silver mine for lease

    I'll take the gum... and throw in the glasses
  3. Sounding.

    No! I'm assuming it where two people share a box of fig newtons though, and, I'd like to keep it that way and then not know them because those things are digusting
  4. Sounding.

    I managed to stay innocent enough to not know what this was until about 5 years ago I'll never forget that night because I thought a drunk girl was talking about a tuning fork, then my coworker/her husband was like "no, it's rod that goes in your pee hole" That's when I reminded myself of why I try not to get to know my coworkers
  5. I got a silver mine for lease

    I want to say "Yes" but the image didn't load for me so I'm not sure it really was trident layers or if I'm being bamboozled
  6. I got a silver mine for lease

    Three Veins guaranteed location is the side of my head
  7. A Test, If You Will, For Amusement’s Sake

    It looks like the DickButt meme
  8. Sonic the hedgehog is gay now

    I say this in a light hearted, joking manner
  9. On this episode of I'm Old AF...

    I use to Gate Keep too!

    I don't have a pool I do however have a large pile of leafs that are composting

    That's fine. I don't really pay attention to it, TBH. If you'd be willing to get on a ladder on a steep Driveway and hang the address numbers on the front of my house I'd pay you in Dog Memes, though.
  12. On this episode of I'm Old AF...

    I actually grew up on classic rock because my Dad liked it. When my Mom would go out of town my Dad would bust out his Record Player and his Vinyls I was 4 when I was introduced to Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, etc My Brother and I would dance around and misinterpret the song lyrics one thing that stands out to this day was us laughing uncontrollably at "Aqua Lung" because Snot was dripping down his nose.
  13. MLB:2019 The Thread

    Kyle Hendricks is looking more and more like the 2016 version of himself and that's a really good thing Bosoxs pulled Sale today in the 7th at 108 pitches with 17 K's and a 3-2 lead... they then proceeded to lose the game in 11 innings Vlad Jr hit his first career Homer... and then proceeded to hit his 2nd career homer later in the game
  14. DOGGOS!

    The World must know of this immediately!