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  1. 😒 mix's outlandish story aside, I'm glad you made your move. There's plenty of fish in the sea. Good luck.
  2. Goodness, you need a hard slap of reality, unless you really enjoy living like this. Can't say I'm not judging because I am.
  3. second worst thing about as, after jason demarco
  4. willing to insult your culinary skills to insult fuggs cleverish move, -ish because I bet you failed to see you did that.
  5. looks like fugg's ass dripping diarrhea
  6. fuckin mong, shat in his nappies again.
  7. it start here let party @ghostrek
  8. Black dick make pink sock. wow let party
  9. Thanks for updating us on fuggs.
  10. yep, I made sure you got a chance to see that at least. TIC came back, fapped so hard to that vid, and got permabanned . . . AGAIN
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