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  1. So you let corpses perform fellatio on you. I mean what?
  2. Bitch, I'm trying. How do you think I feel about weebs?
  3. Well you spreading the truth, like a good sista.
  4. You resorted to prisoners and a married soldier. Why is a trucker worse? Plus, they're a dying breed, with self driving trucks right around the corner. Don't you wanna be married to one of the last generation of truckers? How romantic.
  5. People are varied and have different opinions across the world . . . ? Most foreigners see him as a joke, ya know.
  6. Didn't stop my one coworker at the truck stop I used to work at. She was hoeing into her 60s and found herself a hubby. Some of them truckers are desperate as shit and will settle for anything.
  7. No, you can't take anything I say or do seriously, ya know.
  8. Intimate? She-who-must-not-be-named openly broadcasts it herself. Fine, be that way.
  9. Why do you keep giving me points? My driver's license is squeaky clean, whereas I have 8 points here. 😡
  10. Bitch, go shove the gear shift up your hooha.
  11. Older married women just get me all hot and bothered, yes.
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