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  1. You guys do get snow. Just move to Mauna Kea.
  2. Of course I would, but I'd prioritize practicality over aesthetics. I don't need purple hair or dichromatic eyes or something stupid like that. Aesthetics change over time anyway, and I wouldn't mind being one of the forefronters of augmentation becoming normalized.
  3. I dunno, a medium rare steak normally takes about 8 minutes to grill. I can't imagine an efficient system for fast food steaks . . .
  4. Normally dasher. I love driving, and I sometimes make over 30 an hour doing it.
  5. I'm a store manager. I'm setting up a merchant account for doordash for my store.
  6. A dasher, a customer, and now a merchant. Holy trinity. 🙄
  7. There you go, ghostrek. Edited just for you.
  8. People nowadays say I look serious and determined.
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