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  1. Of course you're interested in the Nazi language.
  2. Joking aside, it actually sounds like you have a much better shot with her than doctor lady. Good luck.
  3. Aren't you supposed to be the master of memorizing personal info? You clearly don't know the elephant in the room.
  4. bnmjy


    To quote the words of a pseudointellectual
  5. bnmjy


    WELL ACKCHUALLY no Romance languages are Latin, or that is to say Latin is not a Romance language. All Romance languages are derived from Vulgar Latin, the Latin spoken by commoners, not that bougie shit governments and universities like to use as mottos.
  6. Hmm, I think you're tagging the wrong people. Try a few others.
  7. *uses mumbo's grip* Holy shit, I have Parkinson's now. 😡
  8. My father's Filipino mistress would say putang ina mo a lot. I'm sure it meant something pleasant.
  9. Was I not given a warning for abusing the tags? And did this dipshit not threat violence against his ex wife? 🙃
  10. Oh, we haven't, mumbo? And I don't believe that.
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