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  1. Fuck working at a service plaza. Miserable white trash galore. Leave or stoop down to their level.
  2. I liked the chapter where Kagome met fugg's hooha. Next time, Kagome will have an orgasm in Hogwarts.
  3. Yes, some smart person realized that one could harvest a surplus of food, thus leadingsome people doing work not involving food production, thus leading to a division of labor, thus leading to a needs to place value to said division of labor, thus currency being developed. Of course, like your example, it didn't really happen like this, but it was closer to reality for sure.
  4. Load of horseshit. Vaping is just new and unfamiliar, and that makes it scary to old people. I still believe that vaping is significantly safer than smoking cigarettes, albeit not completely without risks. I think this whole sensationalist scare started because states realized they were losing tax revenue from tobacco sales due to the increasing popularity of vaping. And then the Vitamin E acetate provided the perfect storm for a health scare.
  5. namerakana chinko (smooth penis) lol . . . chinko
  6. Most of the kimchi you buy in stores and get in restaurants is fresh and barely fermented.
  7. I like kimchi, but only when it's not too fermented. It just doesn't taste right when it gets sour like sauerkraut.
  8. You an automatically link to a goodreads account anyway. Once you make it to the last page, kindle lets goodreads know.
  9. Play Undertale. It's an all right game with a decent plot and an absolutely horrible fanbase.
  10. holy shit birthday let party
  11. Your cock is more bent than Yennefer's spine, you know.
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