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  1. I'll take one, along with a jar fuggs queefed in during menstruation.
  2. If only NFTs were trending when fuggs was still around . . .
  3. Maybe before clothes were used, the babies were passed to another female in case mommy's tits needed a rest . . . and this is just a leftover habit. I dunno.
  4. What ever happened to fuggs?
  5. I bought the wrong swiffer pads, so I had to scrub my floors on my hands and knees. Still, I bet that shit is cleaner than it has ever been before because of this.
  6. I really only like regular and Baja because I'm a basic bitch.
  7. Down on my knees, I wanna take you there . . .
  8. I was just making a reference to this . . . I don't really believe it.
  9. What's the astral plane look like?
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