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  1. THE longest fucking weekend

    Now you need to drive south on i 95 all the way to SC.
  2. wuts ur butt look like

    Not true. I am indifferent to your pics. It's just the others here that do, and it's useful leverage.
  3. wuts ur butt look like

  4. Bad girl, bad girl, whatchu gonna do

    And then the barely legal teen said, "Zeni, I want you to play with my pussy." But then Zeni ran away. FIN
  5. Game of Thrones

    Being a janitor is just a game of porcelain thrones.
  6. Everyone get flaked

    You got stood up by the hobo for his bj? LOL
  7. I'm on the nicotine patch right now, and it actually works. It gives me some unusually vivid dreams sometimes though.
  8. 230 roll call

    What a hooha.
  9. 230 roll call

    If you insist.
  10. 230 roll call

    I have work in a few hours. Oh well.
  11. Drunk poof tonight

    Nah, you definitely bigger than most men. If you're bored, post it somewhere like the bodybuilding forums and intensify insecurities.
  12. Drunk poof tonight

    That thing looks huge here, lol
  13. And in a different time...

    In a different time you'd be left to fester in your own shit and be forgotten by society in an asylum. We should go back to the old ways, indeed.