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  1. I had to look up if there was anything new, and on April 19, it was reported that China and Russia were pushing the QAnon conspiracy (anything bad, must be foreign adversary at play 馃槖). However, is this enough to be as nervous as the Y2K scare, even for ghostrek? Nah, since he failed to answer my question, I'm going with he was worried about the Chauvin verdict. It was the most significant thing in the news, and he provided such vague context.
  2. Is this about the Chauvin verdict? If not, I don't really care to know about the context.
  3. Only a handful of times. Last time I remember, I drove my family to the amusement park and had a bad case of the runs. I made it to the bathroom in front of the gates, and then I shat myself in the stall. I let my family go to the park themselves, while I drove back home to launder my clothes. By the time they were finished, I no longer felt like going to the park, so I just picked them up at the end of the day. Yeah, quite a shitty day.
  4. Oh, I was hoping for some existential crisis . . .
  5. You sure that's just not Florida. I mean, I guess Florida is a third world country . . .
  6. I remember your name and that you posted in IB quite a bit. I think you also shared The_Alt
  7. I got the first dose of Pfizer today.
  8. bnmjy


    Still got that hapisk story saved somewhere? I lost it a long time ago.
  9. bnmjy


    https://editthis.info/ASaction/Ghostrek @ghostrek
  10. Leverage, instigation, ego stroke, repeat.
  11. Whatever. That's all I can say at this point.
  12. Did you honestly just say clout? Honestly, it's really annoying when you switch to being sycophantic or being an ass to me. Just stick to one already. kthxbai
  13. This is now a fuggs thread. Please make it DF worthy so I can post the sacred clunge.
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