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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. And 'Exorcist : Believer' comes out Oct 6. I actually do watch the stupid commercial.
  2. I had the opportunity to get a set of 4 pop-up kitty coat hooks for free and I blinked. I haz a mad nao.
  3. This just in, super Gundam fan announces the need to beat a dead horse in order to create his own 'Gundam' type series. Except instead of space robots, you get a nutjob on a Vespa that magically appears to torment you when you hit puberty. Pe-yung.
  4. I got a papercut yesterday. I don't care what you think, it hurt like a bitch. As far as not-a-papercut things, maybe most recent was I jacked my ankle big time and broke two toes [ thought it was only one but it was both the big and second toes ] in Atlanta probably that Friday and didn't realize just how bad it was until I was on the flight home Tuesday. I was in a boot for about a week and a half before I said screw it.
  5. Why does it seem so hard for some people to not be complete shitheels? Something to remember about Roiland - when the accusations that got him hauled away came to light, no one in the show came to his defense despite the very real possibility that his going away would kill their jobs with the show. What we did learn was that he rarely showed up, would phone in his part, hadn't written anything in ages, and was just a general creep when he would come in who was more interested in playing with his RC car than actually working through any scripts. You basically had people who were willing to face the potential of unemployment rather than defend him. As for Vic. When you have fandoms crossing the aisles left, right and sideways to warn all the other fandoms at a Con that he's in the building/hanging out near certain elevators, you know something is very wrong.
  6. I have found my new project to do before the next apartment inspection... O.O
  7. A thought, maybe figure out a way to work with his game obsession. Make him learn coding and graphics stuff to make his own potential game. And make him write it all down physically in a notebook before even attempting to code it. That way he will either get frustrated and stop or get focused and learn something super useful. And switch him to a flip phone, no more free range card.
  8. I have a t-shirt with this sentiment...
  9. Some of us are now perfect beings.
  10. So....for those that have managed to watch the movie [ I wanted to wait a little before posing this question ]... What do you think 21's 'very specific fetish' porn stash on his phone was? He obviously had a lot on there because it was a running joke for that whole bit and the Monarch had to do a lot of scrolling to get to the bottom of the screen. But it must not have been something so frickin' horrible that the Monarch felt like doing more than a side-eye with no comment. My guess is cheerleader feet. I absolutely refuse to google that to see if it exists because I don't want my computer to get herpes but I'm sure it exists and that would be very specific. And if the answer is given in the commentary, spoiler your real answer. I haven't had a chance to hook up the blue-ray thingie yet to watch the extras.
  11. This year's convention swags. Brick frog frog bricks - a sweet smelling brick of soap with a random frog embedded in it, wrapped in red tissue paper for both a cartoon brick look and to hide which frog is in there. 3 tie tacks - the Arch logo, the baboon heart from the movie title, and Meatwad because I was bored. A Meep pin featuring Helper.
  12. That's my convention story in a nutshell. The kitten has decided that the boot velcro is the greatest thing she's ever smashed her face into which means I look like I'm wearing one Ugg boot if I'm not careful.
  13. I'll probably watch it but only because I'll probably still be awake for no good reason. I will say right up front that my eyes are angry at the animation just from the trailer alone. It looks disjointed and skittish. At this rate, be sure to watch for 'Puberty Alien the Musical : Boy Band' featuring animation stolen directly from 'The Magical World of Gumball'. Which might actually be watchable then. Maybe.
  14. Fingers have fingertips but toes don't have toetips. You can only tip toe.
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