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  1. I can understand the zone thing possibly causing greater restrictions but the argument is still the same regardless because the restrictions aren't going after only churches / temples / synagogues but people act like it is. They are, for lack of a better wording, pro-life restrictions that pro-life people can't stand because it affects them. If the only way you can talk to your god is while hiding in a crowd of people trying to avoid that lightening strike for all that sinning you did before and will do again once the fancy clothes are changed, you suck.
  2. You will listen to it and you will love it.
  3. This was a case where my new cell was given a recycled phone number from an account that had recently been deactivated. So I would get things like the Olive Garden shift requests from someone who basically lost their number. I did remember another weird one though. I got a text that 'dad is in the hospital, heading to x right now' . Asshole has been dead for a long time now so this was a wrong number text but a fairly serious one so I texted back that they had the wrong number but I hoped everything worked out.
  4. I was actually nice and called them back to let them know that this wasn't 'x's' number anymore and that they'd have to correct it with her on her next scheduled shift since I didn't want someone I didn't know to get fire for appearing to blow work off. It still didn't stop the next 4 managers from calling me at various times over the next couple of months though.
  5. In all honesty, those particular 'religious' types think that everything is against them the second it affects them personally. The same people with pro-life bumper stickers demanding the government pass laws to infringe on women making their own medical decisions because god demands life is sacred and starts at conception are now the ones carrying around signs reading 'My Body My Rights' when faced with simple mask mandates during a pandemic because they don't wanna wear masks. Put a limit on the amount of people that can gather in one place [ like a church ] because germs love large groups right now and it's suddenly a massive attack on religious freedoms because snot-rags can't feel superior to their pew neighbors by visibly putting that whole dollar bill in the tithing plate. And as stilgar already pointed out, how are the churches going to make that money if they can't fill the seats with people? Can't pass the tithing plate around five times during a sermon about how everyone but the faithful church-goer is going to burn in hell if all the church-goers are staying at home and learning to pray on their own.
  6. I already got her report. She sent it by owl too. We're pen pals. You are in so much trouble.
  7. One asking me if I could cover a shift at Olive Garden. I've never worked at Olive Garden in my entire life. I don't eat there either. The Alfredo contains biologicals of Alfredo.
  8. This thread. 'Why Boredom Can Be Dangerous' is an understatement.
  9. I'm going to get whupped... Paging @SwimOdin , you want to field this one?
  10. I can actually answer this fairly seriously. Sometimes when you are facing really heavy shit in your life, you either give up, curl up, and die or you set goals and try to do things just to have something to aim for. Big goals, little goals doesn't matter. The point is there's something other than the heavy shit to focus on.
  11. ... It's a metal wang. One of the edges is pointing directly at a crack in the wall. I am not ruling out the possibility that one of you chuckleheads did it. Because wang.
  12. It's not draining a swamp if you just fill it up with all of your own monsters. Standing on the backs of monsters in a swamp is still standing in a swamp, surrounded by swamp farts while telling people it's just fancy body spray.
  13. It's basically a start-up with thoughts of being a big dog right out of the gate by using a tag that died years ago, adding 'MAX' to it and seemingly attempting to kill off all possible competition by buying them up and gutting them for parts leaving people with supposedly no other option than their chihuahua start-up. HBO...might have meant something in the 90's but the last time I got a free preview weekend, it was nothing but ancient movies that either had already been airing on basic cable or stuff that I already outright owned on DVDs. DVDs. That's how old some of those things were. It was ten levels of disappointment and I had 10 free HBO channels to be disappointed by.
  14. ND - 73,403; 852 allowed deaths. They are bringing in military nurses to assist in the hospitals. Definitely have been exposed. All of those individuals' tests have returned positive. 6 so far.
  15. Roughly this. Some asshole went on a shopping spree and the result was multiple businesses purchased serially with the thought that things would repay themselves instantly which is not how this works. Add more dumb choices to that and you now have someone desperately trying to keep their job by attempting to create an artificial rush of demand-subscriptions to HBO Max.
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