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  1. Naw, I said let Pluto and Charon have their thread. They like wallowing in manure, reeeeing at each other and laughing at swastika frogs because some orange idiot thinks one or more of those things is intellectually stimulating and / or they think posting any of that is somehow 'triggering' to someone because it gets a bland response from someone that takes like two seconds to type. It ranks right up there with AsianCarpFish's declarations of popularity based purely on how many replies they'd get versus the actual quality of any of the replies. It's the swirling dance of two chunks of icy rock far beyond the reach of actual sunlight.
  2. It's basically what Sketch said. Older animes, especially the popular ones which are going to be the ones you want, can have much higher price tags to air than newer animes that companies are going to want to really pimp out to the public in as many ways as possible to try to bring in that physical sales money. As an example, supposing that censoring wasn't even an issue anymore they still couldn't afford 'Ranma 1/2' even though it's been released to the public in so many forms that even I have a complete set at this point. They could probably get the full rights [ tv and web / streaming ] to at least two newer series for the cost of a couple of seasons of Ranma. And I wouldn't count all things out just yet. The budget for the year was already set up before the poo hit the fan. Slowing things down and stretching things out with a few marathons here and there is basically a safety net to ensure that things that were already planned for but might be delayed due to various people being under quarantine will still have a place in the schedule, just a little later down the road than expected. It's to keep things from being a repeat of 'Code Geass' where there was an unforeseen delay in dubbing that caught the schedule off guard. They were able to fill in those off weeks by Manning hitting up the boards and getting fan favorite episodes suggested. They don't really have that sort of immediate direct fan anything now other than via Twit which is accessible by literally anyone who signs up for it, half of which probably thought they were linking to a porn account.
  3. I don't know, if there were repercussions for pardoning the wrong person just because they kissed your ass or their parents donated to your campaign or you were attempting to show up political rivals by being a nasty little bitch-boy [ as was the case here ] , most would think twice about who they pardoned. And if you were limited to only so many per whatever and that said pardons would be carefully watched by more people [ since they'd be more rare because of the limits ] , you'd probably put more thought into how a particular release would look in the public eye.
  4. Because you smell like him. How many pairs of his spoiled underpants are you wearing right now? 🤢
  5. From here on out, all stupid things will be declared happening in Florida. Especially if it concerns hillbillies and methed out tigers.
  6. The Ministry of Silly Walks has really had to branch out to make ends meet lately.
  7. Pardons can serve a purpose but they should be limited as to how many someone can use while they are in office and the reasons need to be free and clear of any political payments or backdoor bullshit. Let them be the most scrutinized Golden Ticket possible with misuse being a criminal offense equal to whatever sentence the pardoned was serving. In this case, ex-governor pedo-hugger would also go to jail for the duration of the pedo who reoffended. And hopefully get the ChoMo title as well which wouldn't make his stay very 'enjoyable' .
  8. ND - 251; 4 deaths. Although there are some questions concerning whether or not deaths listed as 'pneumonia' prior to the testing were actually pneumonia now. Probably will never know since low numbers are the goal one way or the other.
  9. <.< >.> 'Classical Gas' Actually you can play something like 'Ode to Joy' fairly easily on a beginner uke. Bonus is most people know what that is so they can figure out the speed by ear and they feel really good about it because it's a classical song that's not 'Tip toe Through the Tulips' . I'm taking this time to make as many pins as I can for the Con in the fall. I'm hoping to get as many done as I have the parts for and having all the other bits prepped for when stores are open and I have a job again.
  10. Translation - the gen z from 5 years ago are now too old for the local pedo.
  11. Someone tell him that spray tan acts as a natural oxygen strainer that allows you to breath in space and that only the first person to physically put a shovel in the moon is allowed to claim it.
  12. Dude, you spent so much time in IB. When you live in a swamp, you turn into plant.
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