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  1. Your high flag is purely dehydration. Get some water in ya, girl, and it'll even itself back out. If you've been having issues with dizziness and fatigue, it's all on that too. And the low flag isn't really low if you have a healthy liver, 7 ALT is usually considered happy liver space unless there's a reason they started their numbers at 8 for you specifically. I'd honestly say that the low flag is just so it's on your history for them to check the next time you have a panel done just to be on the safe side with your current medications so it doesn't dance too much. Is this your current doctor then? You found the one you need?
  2. Have you been getting enough water? Or have you been traveling a lot in high humidity areas that would cause dehydration? As long as you don't have any previously diagnosed liver damage that low ALT isn't actually low at all. Otherwise everything else looks good. Yay healthy poof!
  3. a] Fox affiliate. The same ones that spent massive amounts of time wondering 'Who is the Singing Ice Cream Cone on Masked Singer???' and the 50th anniversary of the Beatles during impeachment testimony because if your GOP representative doesn't give a shit about due diligence, why should you even know about it at all. b] Plenty of assholes are refusing to give up their contact info for tracing purposes because... 'muh rights!' when in reality sick idiots are realizing they got sick at events and places they should have been more cautious about and don't want to admit to being anywhere near them. There are also people who get sick and just don't bother to get tested to confirm whether or not they have it - not because they don't want to know the truth but because they don't want the numbers to go up. They were told by the Big Talking Asshole on the speaky-box that the whole thing would go away if all the testing was stopped after all. Not to mention asymptomatic spreaders who won't know they picked up more than a hangover and crotch lice at their last gut-to-butt bar binge until the paramedics scrape Me-Maw off the couch and into a body bag. If you really want to do some hard hitting marketing research, why don't you find out how many pats on the head while giving republicans oral it took for Tim Pool to get that damn bald. Enquiring board / bored minds need to know and you appear to be his #1 fanboy. I thought that one pic was horrible photoshop.
  4. Haz bed yet? Haz kitty claimed bed in the name of kitty?
  5. Meh, I think I've only used my sig space once here and it was just to goad people into the charity drive thread by promising thigh and cleavage. No one noticed it though.
  6. That's because the 'blue' states are the ones more likely to report numbers closer to the reality. If they would have just lied about their numbers and screwed with the tests like the faithful 'red' states we wouldn't have any actual deaths at all. Everyone would just be on a vacation or something instead. ND - 16,723; 182 allowable deaths. We are spiking again. Another person peeled out of an apartment the other day - across the street from me.
  7. Didn't have a whole lot of stucco things when I was growing up but there was one barn cat that was absolutely bat-shit insane. She'd shoot up the sides of the building and live in the rafters. Her name was 'Madness' because attempting anything with her was madness. I don't think she even ate cat food with the other barn cats. I think she just fed on those giant tyrantculasaurus rex spiders that lived up there. Pure white except her tail was red.
  8. The one shining spot on that? The faster the sea level rises, the sooner Mar-a-Lago goes under.
  9. Seriously, my cat makes more interesting and politically sound commentary in her litter box than 'Mr. Obvious' ever could. And she's never been accused of pedophilia. Just going by the thumbnail [ because I don't need my IQ to tumor from the stupid that clown can come up with ] , only a complete moron would look at that printout and think 'Yep, 100% legit. This is the motherload of evidence regarding THIS matter!' because I remember doing mock-up e-mail shitposts like that thing all the time in college for purely humorous reasons. Of the few I can remember there was the one rescheduling the panty raid on a guy's dorm, the mostly nekid sheep rodeo on Saturday at midnight - bring your own boots, placing Cthulhu on the ballot for student body president, and a list of pornos that were to put under serious consideration for the Friday evening free movies for students at the Union. Each printout consisted of an e-mail format with mostly real names and fake e-mails that would be sharpied out for authenticity. A couple of scribbles on things with a pen to make it look like the person who got the e-mail had a few things they wanted to work out further later and then the sheets would be released to the wilds of college life to see what seeds bloomed. Results: someone found the largest pair of granny panties known to mankind and hung them from a third floor window until the RA forced those particular dudes to 'remove their panty' , the keys to the sheep barn were changed [ which they should have been rotating them every 6 months anyway just because frat dudes ] , Cthulhu did actually get nominated and got more votes than was probably healthy...I think I still have a flier in my old college paper mess somewhere that someone outside the group made up and plastered the college with, and one of the local church groups got pissy about the possibility of a university catering to such filth when everyone knows the movies are pre-set - they would include the list for the year in every resident's collection of garbage at the start of the year. And this was all done with ancient Macs and daisywheel printers. Imagine the possibilities with today's multi-media spread, photoshop, and the gullible masses that look no further than some rando youtube video... So...yeah. Super easy and stupid to mock up e-mail shit. There's always some idiot who will run with it as gospel truth.
  10. Once every 1000 years, the Explosive Trees of Europe send a declaration of war to the Towering Sequoias of the Yo-Semites. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! December 2020...
  11. They will find a way. Cat-Space knows of no true limits.
  12. I recall that they could still hear the screaming of the McNuggets from Pufnstuf's puppet butt hours after they were believed to have suffocated.
  13. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/f753ce7f-bee3-465c-966f-17ac25b0e763#fRfGWz3Muz.copy
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