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  1. I have which is why I included that info with all the other info that has been posted. Scoob was right in that the klan was big on the whole 'Anglo-Saxon' thing and they were the ones getting those statues up in any way, shape of form that they could. If you have the time and attention, this is a fairly interesting read. It wasn't the one I was looking for but it covers enough. You could also google 'Silent Sam' and read the ignorant speech that was given when that statue went up. https://origins.osu.edu/article/what-we-talk-about-when-we-talk-about-confederate-monuments
  2. The use of the phrase 'Anglo-Saxon' anything is attached to the bulk of the Confederate statues put up after the Civil War. It's basically a fancy way of saying rich white slave owners are the only thing worth knowing or celebrating. I'll believe that 'white culture' is truly in peril of extinction when country music is outlawed and trailer parks cease to exist. Also, socks with sandals.
  3. If Marjorie Taylor Greene actually believed in the type of 'Anglo Saxon Values' that the types of idiots she's catering to believe in, she'd be bare foot and pregnant in a trailer house somewhere and we wouldn't have to hear or see her except as an occasional catch-n-release photo on People of Walmart.
  4. ... This is the reason I really should get around to making Sponge's asshole a ban screen. O.<
  5. I don't see you as the type who would strap on a rocket launcher and several ARs while dressed like a Confederate version of Yosemite Sam. Unless it's for a movie in which case get down and get funky with your bad bad self.
  6. Not going to lie. Those damn hospital socks are strangely comfortable. And for what you end up paying for, I wear mine until they fall apart. Most expensive frickin' articles of clothing I have and that's including thigh-high leathers, wet look catsuits, floor length leather duster and the boobenwraps.
  7. I don't see the types of wannabe HALO LARPers with their thrift store hockey pads duct taped over their beer guts screaming about MUH RIGHTS as being 'a well regulated Militia' . And the lavish lifestyles of certain NRA members and politicians does not note regulation of any kind. Freedom of speech is not 'free' , there is an expectation that you are able to pay [ in attention and forethought ] for the things you say. It's why your ass can and will get kicked out of a store if you decide to wander in and go on a cussing spree and why you don't yell fire in a crowded theater without there actually being a fire - in the first, you are being a discourteous jackass intent on creating a disruption and in the second, you are courting actual injuries to others who may panic. The same thing should be applied to guns and gun ownership and honest gun owners shouldn't have an issue with it. Half the people I've personally known with guns I wouldn't trust with Nerf items. I don't believe that people were all that able to freely create their own militias. I don't have brain enough right now for a deep dive thought about it but I could have sworn that you had to at the least register with the town / village in order to be part of a militia and the bulk of necessary weapons was kept centrally with members keeping only that which they themselves needed for actually providing for their own families and basic defense. So anyone part of a militia was listed and known as such [ not hiding in the woods or hills ] and they didn't each have a damn armies worth of guns wedged in their cornholes. They were to be held to account for their actions and knew it. Much as today, it's quite likely that a certain type of asshole would be attracted to being in a militia / police force in order to hunt humans and feel superior doing so. With history's tendency to be written by the victors [ hiding the bad as much as possible ] it might never be completely known for certain. It's probably a combo of good people just defending their own home territories with assholes slowly making 'normal' what most would have considered abhorrent if it had been set as law from the start. Eventually you get the asshole stuff as the law and beer-guts in vests calling the shots - people who couldn't pass a psych eval to join the military to legally hunt humans getting jobs as cops in order to do the same.
  8. Is this where I post a shark on patrol gif or something?
  9. Any time some moron from some group like the NRA or a politician looking for donations / votes to stay in power brings up the whole 'THEY ARE GOING TO DESTROY THE 2ND AMENDMENT - TAKE ALL YER GUNS - GIVE ME MONEYS TO FIGHT! - BLARGH!!!1!' shit, go ahead and ask them if they know exactly what it takes to actually do that. The amendment may say you have the right to keep and bare arms, it doesn't give you the right to own military grade shit to defend yourself from squirrels and Michelob empties. And it would take 2/3rds of EVERYONE to change the amendment so stfu about how you need Hillbilly Jim's last dollar to fight that. You couldn't get 2/3rds of a general committee to agree to a particular brand of toilet paper right now and that's just shit-tickets.
  10. That's the standard problem with all things medical - everything is done by the male model and then they wonder why it either doesn't work properly or causes issues with females. And it happens every single time. Considering how many men are obese as all hell, you'd think they'd already be studying fat solubility of vaccines and making the adjustments needed to account for the two simple types. Lost another one at work today.
  11. My mom is now in the ER as well. Everything is a competition.
  12. I thought for sure you'd run with this little bit of idiocracy https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/rep-madison-cawthorn-proposes-donument-act-making-trump-s-border-wall-a-national-monument/ar-BB1fC2XA?ocid=msedgntp In a nutshell, a nutsack wants the shit-tier wall along the Mexican border to be declared a National Donument that would never be allowed to be altered, destroyed, and would naturally be funded to completion by the taxpayers.
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