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  1. And all those people do TikToks and instagrams because typing is hard. And those things would be impossible to moderate in a corporate setting because I highly doubt that S&P has calmed it's tits any when it comes to public media.
  2. The trouble with that is they burned their message board cred with most people and don't have the type of staff they'd need to actively attempt re-visiting that early '00's atmosphere. The only way they could get a viable message board 'going' again would be to sponsor one that already exists and leave the actual message board decisions to those people instead rebooting the old system and letting the same corporate politics grind it into the ground, again.
  3. I get one day off a week due to the hell-idays bullshit and I spend it sleeping in and half dead on the recliner before going back to bed early. If I don't have another infarct, it'll be a miracle.
  4. The Illustrated Al deluxe set is running late. Will ship at the top of December. Okay. I can live with that. I just got 'Lights, Camera, Accordion' in the mail. The bonus accordion that is part of the deluxe set won't be shipped out until March though.
  5. Bunnies too. True story, I was on my way to work and there was a little baby bunny on the sidewalk having a staring contest with a full-grown robin. Neither was going to move. The robin was facing me, saw me coming and decided that it wasn't worth it and flew out of reach. The baby bunny perked up, looked super pleased with itself and then realized there was this huge monster creature standing right behind it [ it was too close to the busy street so I didn't want to spook him in case he jumped the wrong direction ]. He went insta-flat. On a cement sidewalk. In the grass he would have been invisible, on cement he was a Barbie fur rug. I was able to put my foot down on the street side of things which convinced him to run into the empty parking lot instead. Still hilarious.
  6. It was at that moment, we realized that hubb had become sentient and sponge started his Time Cult in earnest.
  7. Fight Tour - where Detroit comes to your town and you whup each other's asses in a street brawl for whatever the reason of the moment was [ socks and sandals, Thin Mints vs Samoas, Your Mom ] . It is part of the Old Magick. It's like Krampus only everyone gets a switch.
  8. I hit tinychat near the end when it was fracturing all over the place because I finally got not-dial-up and could access things. We will not be speculating on what age I was back then. Too much maths.
  9. I hate being ridiculously hungry on a nausea day. I wanna snack on all the things but I'll just end up cramped and sick. I also just want to sleep all the way through the night instead of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep until 5 minutes before the alarm goes off.
  10. I'm the one with the cool Halloween decor all year round, you'd think the neighborhood kids would flock the door. The lights are even on in the window. But nope. I'm off to bed now and not a single knock on the door. This is why I only buy the good stuff that I like anyway.
  11. Merry Samhain to all and get your damn hands off the peanut butter cups, them's bitches is MINE!
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