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  1. Don't pin your self-esteem on whether or not some stick thinks you are nothing more than a hole to poke.
  2. It is Fall. All Insect Treaties are now subject to review and failure to adhere to said Treaties [ aka get the hell out ] should result in swift and fatal vacuumings and / or smushings. I'm coming for you, Spider Clan. I have new bookcases on delivery and then everything moves.
  3. Happy Hatchday! Time to party hardy as only our joints can!
  4. You were born on Leap Year. You are actually 48. But still look like a child. You could probably make money marketing your bathwater as a youth wash.
  5. So on a scale of 1 to Busted the Toilet, where exactly did this fall? It's for science!
  6. Yes and no. Anime adaptations don't necessarily need the 'original' VA for something. It might help sometimes depending on if it's still a level of CGI going on where the character themselves doesn't have to be the actor too but, say in the case of Detective Pikachu, only people who either memorized the names of everyone whose ever done a pokemon voice would recognize anything in the credits. For all anyone knows, I recorded three takes of 'Squirtle squirtle' over the phone and done. [ disclaimer, no I didn't but that would have been funny ] VA's have to worry about their voice acting cred so live action movies aren't going to be in their resumes unless they can look the part as well. It's why Steve Blum will never be Spike in a live action movie. But he'd be the one to call for any animated version of the character no questions.
  7. My cat is a 15 pound tabby that was raised by raccoons, plays in the toilet if I don't keep the lid down and hates all other forms of animal [ except the 'keets because they were here first ] . She would eat your kitty. And probably go after me in a blind rage for bringing in strange kitty. I still have the scar from the last time I tried to add a second one and she also took a chunk out of my cane during her three hour rampage. Saved the other kitty though.
  8. The thing about the anime community is yes, it's considered a niche. But assholes do well in niches. It's how high school bullies get to keep being shitheads even though every one knows they are shitheads. They are in a small niche environment [ high school ] and have some random stupid thing going for them that allows them to treat others like crap [ whether it's because their family is 'good' or they throw ball very much good ] and anyone who could say something about it ends up feeling like they can't because it'll just make things worse for them. The suck-ups will beat on the snitch to curry favor with the bully and those that could do something about it look the other way because 'family' , 'sports' , whatever lazy excuse they feel like coming up with. It's the same in the VA community. You end up with a big fish in a little pond making all the demands and no one really daring to say anything because his name on a project means recognition. And if you are considered part of his circle, you get more work too. So the asshole gets to be an asshole because everyone supposedly gets to work / gets paid regularly when he's around. Grin and bare it in the name of paying the bills. It's why I really hate networking.
  9. Yeah, still thinking hairball obstruction. You're probably gonna find The Big One with your foot in the morning. Keep the water bowl full and fresh and consider trying out hairball treats [ they are usually cheaper than the science diet hairball control stuff anyway ] . Also … ? My cat loves this thing bordering on sin. She doesn't like being hand brushed but she'll slam on this thing forever.
  10. Like pukes with kibble? Watery pukes? Weird brownish-orange pukes? I'm honestly thinking hairball issues. Even short hairs can get them on occasion and this is one of those times of the year where while it's changing to fall / winter, you still get stinkin' hot days where all hair is half-off. Plus, kitties can overgroom due to stress which also causes hairball issues.
  11. Should have just gone with some string cheese. You can pull it apart and eat it slowly which could have hopefully tricked you into thinking you were eating more. I like to do the same with cheese-its, handful in a bowl and eat them slowly. A big glass of water before deciding to go all out helps too. And now I'm craving wings. -.-;
  12. I remember doing that in kindergarten with those paper cone cups with a few other table-mates. We lost playtime privileges that day. Good times.
  13. Is that the same depressing high school bathroom zeni was always taking photos in to prove he was still able to hold his own in a high school...at age 30? Also, gods damnit. An unused coffee filter and some Windex for that mess. >.< It looks like you had a urinary infection and power sprayed the sink.
  14. I can't speak of any one else directly and freely admit to that. I can only speak of Vic Mignogna's gross behavior from the standpoint of one of the many people who were warned directly about him cruising around at a particular convention and how he felt he could do no wrong no matter what it was he was doing. I can play devil's advocate for the abused though and say that maybe coming forward and coming forward hard was the only way they could see anything actually being done even if 'all' that happened was Vic losing career value. He and his defenders can cry all they want about that but again, he was proud of being an ass this entire time so it's really on him if his work career is now trending towards radio ads for ambulance chasers.
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