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  1. But is it a meme if it's true? 🤔
  2. I think that the lesson is that the Annoying Orange can't get the cover of Time any other way than through photoshop.
  3. Happy hatchday! Some cleavage just for you
  4. Has anyone replied yet to the effect that 'yes, we all already knew you were into little girls thanks to your dead party buddy' . ?
  5. He hates 'PC' so much and yet it's 'PC' that's the only reason someone on the opposite side of things hasn't decked him yet. If he was treated the way he feels it's acceptable to treat others he doesn't like, he'd leave skids everywhere because even Executive Huggies can only hold so much.
  6. The rule of averages pretty much states that on the internet, bored buttholes that will screw with a phone number just for the lols outstrip the likelihood of people joining out of seriousness. Because the internet is full of cats and most of them are indeed buttholes.
  7. Not that I would encourage such a thing, but if some of the more bored chans were to get that particular number they'd have something to not be bored with for as long as it takes for the number to stay connected. <.< >.>
  8. Dead kids can't grow up to sue the government for things like unlawful detainment and violation of civil rights.
  9. I hate having the perfect insult and not being able to use it publicly as frickin' nature intended. Because after dealing with aisle after aisle after aisle of human plugs blocking all actual passage through, I just want to yell 'MOVE IT YOU WORTHLESS TAMPONS!' just to see if they actually wake up, look around and realize that they have parked their carts right in the center of the aisle in order to have a very important conversation on their phone...with the person in the next damn aisle. One of these days, man....one of these days...
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