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  1. Coffee Enemas When coffee breath just isn't acceptable.
  2. Moral Orel is very good. It's cheesiness is very intentional since its a massive spoof on the old 'Davey and Goliath' stop-motion playdoh show of the way back except increasing dark with the audience in on how horrible things really are in bible-thumping Moralton. It sucks that the final season where each of the characters get a deeper look ended up getting it cancelled because shit literally got too real for the so-called 'stoner' crowd. The only vaguely saving grace is that it was at least allowed an ending albeit far earlier than Dino might have been planning.
  3. I have it playing in the background when it's on. I have a few R&M items floating around here. I even hand out a couple of R&M things at Con. It's decent enough. I could do with less of the worst of its fanbase though. I naturally have a low opinion of people who jump up on McD's counter yelling about sauces.
  4. There's no reprisal to formulate. If someone has an account that they are using to just spam off-topic nonsense in numerous threads, that account goes away. There are plenty of 'one off' type threads floating around for people to contribute what's going on in their world without having to actually interact with anyone if that's who they are but in the end, this is a forum and that means interaction is bound to happen. If others know what you are talking about. If they don't, no interaction. There are no shadow bans here per se, just people ignoring someone if they don't know where things are going with them.
  5. Stop spamming copypasta nonsense and maybe people would converse with you more.
  6. I think this bit of weird qualifies as an old timey recipe. I was working my way through some old newspapers and found this bit, published April 17, 1922 - "We understand that the Associated Co-operative Moonshine Manufacturers Association of Grafton recently had trouble within its ranks and competition became so strong for a few days that the price of Moon fell down to a dollar per quart, and most everyone in the village out east got to celebrating the event. After a few days of this the producers got together again on a scale of prices. Pursue a wild bullfrog thirteen miles, carefully gathering the hops, then add ten gallons pickle brine, two quarts shellac, one bar homemade soap, one pint sweet spirits of nitre; boil mixture three weeks, then strain through an I.W.W. sock to prevent working. Bottle and add one jackass to each pint to give it the proper kick."
  7. The hydes of many a nauga have been sacrificed for fashion. And then some knob decided to remarket everything as 'vegan leather' . My miniskirt was not vegan. It was made of the rarest of creatures - the dalmatian spotted nauga.
  8. Every day when I brush my hair.
  9. I meant what I said in the comments for 'Breakie B' . I'm going to have a canvas shopping bag that says 'Bow down, electric s'more maker!' on it. It makes me laugh every time.
  10. For even more IQ draining stupidity, google 'chuck norris jesus' .
  11. Which one? My free time is an orgy of reading.
  12. Well dang, I thought you were going to continue adding the whole set.
  13. Mine power pissed all over it when she had a bladder infection so now we don't have a couch. More space for books. She did destroy the last recliner but she has kept the claws to herself since I got a new one. She's not big on scratching things, she gets her claws clipped when they get too long.
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