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  1. I had one of those [ technically still do - it's in a box of stuff in the mystery closet right now ] . I used it in the ol' VW for the epic lols.
  2. I wear glasses now

    One of us One of us Gooble gobble Gooble gobble Bifocals since age 16.
  3. do turtles eat less once theyve fully grown?

    Yes, some pet turtles will start to eat less as they age. Sometimes you can even get away with feeding them every other day although I personally wouldn't since it's far too easy to forget if it's a feeding day or not. Continue to provide a variety of food every day but you can probably leave less. That way he'll still have something to go after when he is hungry and there won't be a bunch of wasted food sitting around collecting bugs.
  4. Game of Thrones

  5. I don't wanna grow up

    You're an orphan now, bitch. Build a home under a bridge with all those dang blue shopping carts that have since been released to the wilds.
  6. Alabama is set to make all abortions illegal

    Ordered some. They cost extra. I hate you all.
  7. who is the worst president in history?

    Taft. Why would anyone trust an obese tub of lard that couldn't even fit in the WH bathtub?
  8. Alabama is set to make all abortions illegal

    The same people who scream about how every pregnancy is 'god's' will are the ones that have no problem whatsoever with things like Viagra and Cialis. You'd think that if pregnancy even through rape and incest is part of 'god's' plan, that erectile dysfunction should be seen as a neon sign that 'god' is done with your genetics and worthy of the drugs and procedures being outlawed that circumvent that neon sign. Food for thought.
  9. Got an owwie?

    I demand all doctor's office have these on hand. Even the pediatric ones. Especially the pediatric ones.
  10. the homemade fake pussy device broke!

    -.-; Summons @SwimModSponges And requests he either spoiler-tags his schematics or just PMs you directly.
  11. Why do women part their hair down the middle?

    If a part down the middle was good enough for the 60's, it's good enough now! Plus, puffy curly hair doesn't behave with a side part. It looks like side of head met a baseball bat.
  12. Alabama is set to make all abortions illegal

    'God' is technically the biggest abortionist out there. And the same people who want to outlaw abortion are the ones crying about how 'god' isn't allowed in the schools. something something school shootings something something dark side?
  13. Don’t get me wrong I like the window seat

    I always end up by the wing. I need a left side window seat to keep people from bouncing off my nerve damaged side during the flight and that's always the first one that's available when I book. I just make sure the flight also has movie time option so I can just plug in and shut down for a bit.
  14. wheres zeni been lately?

    It's graduation time. He's busy trying to figure out how to get around the restraining orders in order to ogle teenagers in gowns before they officially become 'adults' .