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  1. I think I'll just leave my phone in the bottom of my bag and go to bed with the tv timer set. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO THEN? ALL YOUR ANNOYANCE OUTLETS ARE BELONGING TO ME!
  2. The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca - Kerr Cuhulain Wiccan Warrior - Kerr Cuhulain 91 to go...
  3. I saw the thread and the links but didn't click them. It's the unknown genetic bits that cause people to worry. Until we can know how it's going to mutate, it's hard to prepare for anything realistically without either under or over estimating how things will play out. For many, it's a 'better safe than sorry' thing. Honestly, my very selfish thought is that maybe idiots will stay home if they don't feel well as opposed to immediately going shopping while they hack and sneeze all over.
  4. My opinion - currently it's SARS 2.0. It's fast traveling and a bitch but it's fatality levels aren't really pandemic stage at this time. If it's mutation stages make it more deadly as opposed to just a lingering hell-flu, then I'd re-evaluate my opinion. The same would go if the currently known infected start to rapidly die. We are more than due for something though.
  5. I haven't watched Food Network since they stopped having classic poorly dubbed Iron Chef marathons. That frame-by-frame was definitely something. Like a black hole forming right before our very eyes.
  6. I tried finding a pic of the tv we had but couldn't. It was a massive piece of crap similar to the one you posted but it had legs. And it had a plug dial that you had to pull out to turn it on. You waited for it to slowly warm up and would often hear the sound before the picture came up. It was the caveman of color tvs.
  7. Yeah, I just saw that post now but I usually start reading main threads first and then go through each as they were posted in. I guess back on actual topic, the recall in question isn't necessarily bad unless it turns out that helps has been pregnant this whole time. Unless he's on such high doses that the small potential amount of contaminate wouldn't be all that small for him, he should be fine and could probably get a free refill to replace his bad batch should he have the bad batch.
  8. I only really go on an actual fly-away vacation once a year. The rest of the travel is mainly for those times when I need to take a taxi somewhere like a doctor or vet appointment. Every flight I've ever had has had something happen either coming or going. Lightening storms, electrical system error, broke down on the tarmac, fell out of the sky once for maybe a few hundred feet. I honestly just make sure I have a flight with movie options so I have something to focus on other than the many possibly failures of a giant metal bumblebee.
  9. If I kept track of all the meds that everyone is on around here, I'd be declared super creepy. And I'd run out of notebooks.
  10. So...is this a Rant about something? Is there something you specifically want to draw peoples' attentions to in order to facilitate discussion? You need to do more than this, dude. Dropping a link with no comment is lazy.
  11. That is the look of a stroke in progress as the body rejects life itself from whatever the hell you just drank.
  12. 2 [ PBS ] , 4 [ CBS ] , 8 [ ABC ] , 11 [ NBC ] . When Fox made it's debut, that was 10 and occasionally 12 [ there were two different stations, it would depend on which way the wind was blowing and where the tinfoil was located ] . 13 [ PBS ] would pop occasionally as well for the same reasons as Fox. 5 was out of Canada.
  13. You don't have to borrow an astronomical amount to get the hose. The interest rates are built to screw with you for years and the payments are set up to ensure that it takes forever for you to kill off the principle that feeds that interest. Your first job out of school isn't likely to help much which gives things that much more time to grow. Finally paid all that shit off a couple of years ago. The monthly difference to my bank statement is epic even with medical bills still being pulled from things.
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