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  1. The Venture Brothers movie is officially complete. If it is ATHF, it's more likely going to be that new movie again. Possibly in Portugues. <.< >.> Frickin' Porno Frankenstein also has a new movie out - 'Big Shark' so there's always that possible horror being aired with black boxes covering all the screen 70% of the time whether needed or not [since it's technically being released on April 2]. I'm more drawn to the website for some weird reason. I actually have Saturday off so if I decide to stay up late to actually see and enjoy/be disappointed in anything, I can.
  2. I did indeed try the Peeps Pepsi because I was feeling fiesty. It tasted like someone dissolved a live peep in pepsi. You could almost taste the screaming through your teeth.
  3. Cruising through book listings, not seeing anything that really wows me. Just being bored. The ennui is real today. -.-;
  4. Some people are just the worst. Considering how 'hot' the rental market is right now, there should be no problem finding another renter in the area which is usually the excuse given for why people can't break lease. Then again, considering the whole 'never even read' thing going on, if there's any issues with getting new renters, it's probably 100% on that person.
  5. The trouble with being a bibliophile is that when you are reorganizing stacks for a footlocker, you start wanting to reread everything.
  6. My rant is I did indeed try it. I was at the store finally [ the apartment was snowed in for a couple of days ] and impulsed a Peep Pepsi since I wanted sugar water with my adulting groceries. It is literally the taste of a Yellow Peep that was dissolved in a bottle of Pepsi. You can almost taste the screaming and that's saying something since I have a tendency to nuke Peeps.
  7. People like a challenge? Or maybe they smell evil on you...
  8. Pooh's got this. Mod accounts can usually see almost anything that's 'public' hidden without necessarily causing any noticeable issues.
  9. I've said it once but I'll say it again. Friday night - Toonami episodes. In Portugues. That way they can still aire the regular Toonami schedule on Saturday night. Also in Portugues... <.< >.>
  10. ...has won many awards. Like, not even pretending joking or exaggerating because super fan. It's got 5 awards so far and it's a frickin' Roku Original thing. ROKU. So go and watch it. It should still be free on Roku. [ It's also being released soon on disc but no word on the VHS thing. ] Or Zombie Al will get you. Discuss!...
  11. I understand it's a gimmick, Ramune, but let's move on from the adult-proof glass bottles with the marble in them and try simple cans or twist top options for a bit. Telling people you busted your thumb trying to open a bottle of melon-flavored sugar water is embarrassing even for me.
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