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  1. You should have friended batz if you wanted that. I miss it. It was just the right amount of social media bullshit.
  2. Double bubble bubble gum is worse. Rather have tootsie rolls.
  3. Also, went to pour a glass of milk for my ulcer and got a glass full of chunks. -.-; Granted it's goat milk and the chunks were just pure cream but still. Milk chunks.
  4. Do you live someplace that does the 'movies in the park' thing at least? I think one of the parks around here used to do that when gatherings were possible. Probably the closet thing to a drive-in that some will ever see.
  5. The one year where I was so far ahead of myself that I completed 1,000 swag pins to give away and Dragon Con has been cancelled for this year. My frickin' kitchen looks like a recruitment center power puked.
  6. He's going to release a new album with all this hype instead. It's going to be nothing but his version of 'Me! Me! Me!' over and over again in poorly done auto-tune. The video will be him dancing in that same pink dress.
  7. I am too. But there are limits and that's one of them. Also, an Atlantean is totally a minority. Eco-conscious. And he has better dance moves. Vote AquaMan.
  8. Skip the nuts and you might have a deal. 😼
  9. I...mis-read this title entirely. It's been a long day.
  10. It's good for MS and one of the go-to drugs for that. It can help even out the really bad days and make you feel almost fully functional on good days once it's worked itself into your system [ about 2 weeks on average of taking it as prescribed ] . The suck thing is that when King Idiot started spouting off about it, there were other idiots who were running out and buying it, causing it to run short in some areas for those that really needed it.
  11. 1. Rogue banned me once. And the screen failed epically. So I must be doing something right. 2. Officially had my title turned red purely to see the amount of bitchy PMs blaming me for everything up to and including the sun rising in the east to increase from 0 to 100. 3. Create a ban screen featuring sponge's asshole and use it liberally on anyone and everyone just for the lols.
  12. The Annoying Orange eagle looks like it's either trying to hide a pot belly or it's doing something inappropriate to the shield. Probably both.
  13. First image in my head... I'm waiting for the Chick tract hunt to start where some idiot goes through the store and hides Chick tracts everywhere because the voices told them the end was near and poorly done comics being wedged in those bathroom stall mailboxes and under the base of random lamps will slow that from happening.
  14. The CHAOS Cure - Marla Cilley Old Style Cunjure - Starr Casas Stupid White Men - Michael Moore Jujutsu Kaisen #4 - Gege Akutami Strange Planet - Nathan Pyle Stranger Planet - Nathan Pyle Writers Gone Wild - Bill Peschel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes - Suzanne Collins 29 to go...
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