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  1. Am I A Chick? Am I A Dude?

    I'll answer this for her. Hell no.
  2. I got called out on stage tonight for having a tiny dick

    To be fair, considering how often Peter Griffin runs around nekkid and there is no blurring required, your impression would require tiny dick acting.
  3. Between that and his twits about Israel and attacking everyone and their dead dad, you can tell the Mueller report is completely unwinding him no matter how much he wants people to believe otherwise. He always goes on these stress tears to muddy things as much as possible.
  4. Well, I tend to be a bit of a completionist at times and also tend to think about those who might not have the type of access to see the 50th episode any other way than via Toonami. So I don't see it as a waste of time. But I'm more than willing to say that's my opinion and not a fact. Just as I tend to feel any gundam series is a waste of time but again, that's a personal opinion and not a fact. And I'd be fine if people just wanted to make a new discussion thread for the re-attempt just to start it clean. I don't think enough of the show actually aired for any discussion other than 'brain-in-box MAD, brain-in-box SMASH *glitch '
  5. But in a completely foreign dub? With the equivalent of google translate as the subtitles? Vague entertainment could be possible and I would feel sorry about missing it because old people need their sleep. Whatever the case may be, we'll all see in a couple of weeks along with a potential announcement of the next replacement show on Toonami.
  6. I don't understand how some of you are 30+ and still virgins

    I've got better things to do than end up as some idiot's mommy with benefits.
  7. Andrew Yang takes a stand against circumcision.

    Beto's ancestors were English, Irish, Scottish and German. All those have had taking earth rituals. I'm not saying he actually knew that. But don't have to be Native American to have that sort of thing. I could ask if it's really 'woke points' if it's something that you would do regardless of whether or not a sub-section would take notice. I mean, there are massive chunks who take it totally for granted that if some politician is mentioned going to church [ or temple too ] they assume it's some variation of Christian / Judeo-Christian and it's a non-issue. But if that politician was reported as having been part of a drum circle welcoming the sun at Yule, all hell would break loose. And the thing about presenting an artificial manufactured token as the face of a party has already been established. The Annoying Orange has never done a thing to earn anything, is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud and yet the GOP will do anything to keep him in a position of power because anything else would be admitting they are indentured peons to a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. I should clarify that I don't have a dog in this fight currently. I'm just playing devil's advocate.
  8. True, but Saturday's are easier to mess with. So like I said, it's within their time frame if they felt the need to cheat the schedule a little. On the same level, it's been 12 years in April since the 'ATHF' movie came out. Maybe they'll have a 'we just hit puberty' marathon of that movie as the joke that Sunday instead. In like Chinese or something.
  9. Andrew Yang takes a stand against circumcision.

    To be fair, 'taking earth' is a very long and ancient practice done by numerous indigenous cultures throughout history. Sort of a pledging of respect. Ingesting a little of the native ground was seen as a way of tying oneself to the place so that the spirit loci of the area would accept that person and that any harm that happened to the land would be felt / carried by that person. I'll stick with rock hounding. Less chances of getting either a mouthful of Monsanto or nuclear test fallout.
  10. I went to a cat cafe today

    Oh man...I want to hang out with strange kitties while attempting to sip coffee through cat hair.
  11. i want find some one to date

    Just embrace your superpowers, dude. They are awesome superpowers.
  12. sooo.....Rachael Ray makes cat food now

    Tried that. My cat couldn't have given a worse case of stink eye if I'd scooped her litter box leftovers directly into her food bowl. It has to be Purina Cat Chow Indoors, it has to be bought from the closer grocery store and not anywhere else and it has to be the ~3 pound bag. I get it from any other store and in any other size bag she goes on a hunger strike. I got a 5 pound bag from WalMart and she wouldn't touch it. I had to get another acceptable bag from the acceptable place and mix the bigger bag in when she wasn't looking to get her to eat it. Same damn food. Knowing her, I'd find that expensive Rachel Ray crap kibbles splattered across the floor and an angry poop on the carpet.
  13. Not necessarily... Bear in mind that March 30th is technically within the [ as ] April Fools time should they decide to do something weird for weird's sake. So they may have had a buffer scheduled anyway before doing any announcements. All the glitching did was force a slight change in how things are aired in order to get back on schedule with the shows they currently have running. Additional theory, this double episode might be used to move SAO back half an hour officially with Attack on Titan season 3 restarting at the old SAO time. The 50th episode is currently scheduled for 4.28 in Japan. Starting season 3 now should hopefully give everyone time to dub and ready for aire the 50th episode to seamlessly play. Theory only though.
  14. Boobs should be detachable

    I'd end up putting them in the same bag as one of my wigs and forget them in there. Then, a year later, I'd pull down the bag, wonder why it's heavier than usual and pull out a pair of sasquatch tits that had fused with the hair.