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  1. That's it. When I learn how to play Giorno's Theme on the accordion, I'm posting it on auto-play and tagging you specifically.
  2. Evil Weird Al be like...wait, that actually happened...
  3. Which, Jujutsu Kaisen or Galaxy Rangers? I thought Netflix USA didn't have the streaming rights to the first at least - I watched the show on CrunchyRoll where it's been uploaded in a number of different languages. Galaxy Rangers getting good ratings anywhere is just plain weird. Unless you are thinking about Power Rangers which strangely get ratings no matter how old the episodes and are also supposedly not going to be on Netflix anymore.
  4. As long as they are contained it's all good. Otherwise you'll never know what they'll get into.
  5. Jujutsu Kaisen wouldn't be advised until they've got the second season done and dubbed. It's got it's following so having a straight run of at least two seasons on tap [ with the hope of a third season being worked on slowly but surely ] would be the optimum to draw current fans and new potentials in. Please no more Gundam though. -.-; If you are going to throw away a spot on space opera filler, just get the rights to 'Galaxy Rangers' and be done with it. At least it's 80's cheesy on semi-purpose and it's probably dirt cheap at this point since I'm probably the only one here who remembers it.
  6. I have this sitting on a shelf somewhere. I put a crab louse plushie on top.
  7. I want to go to buddy's Spirit of Halloween store. I stopped at mine on the way home today for the hell of it and it is so picked over I can't tell if they just didn't get a whole lot in or if it literally flew off the shelves that fast.
  8. There's always an HR. Just say 'Lawyer' three times in a hallway and you'll have all the HRs.
  9. You saw that report too, I take it? I think it was Waffle House anyway. Someone asked for cheese on their eggs and the waitress pulled a gun on him. The waitresses are DONE with your special orders.
  10. Honestly, Lane Bryant. I also have extremely weird calves - it's like two calf muscles instead of one - but I got a pair of black leather just-past-the-knee highs through Lane Bryant that fit just fine. They are part of my CatWoman / Black Cat / Myra costume and have lasted for years.
  11. I went past one today while running errands and am now sort of kicking myself for not going in. Pretty sure I could still get one of those All Might stocking caps with the mega hair-antenna going on. Winter is coming after all.
  12. [ although seriously...I want this in my bathroom. It would go great with the silver severed hand on the toilet tank that holds Poopourri...]
  13. I don't care if it is your Anniversary, no, you still can't post your asshole tp prove it. Happy Shackleversary! Gift! i think they are big enough to fit over a game controller.
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