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    So I didn't get the assistant manager position, and I promptly quit that job. Fortunately, I had my other job. And now the store owner is making me store manager and giving me free health insurance and Aflack. If the business ends up closing due to the pandemic, he said he'll just have me work at another one of his businesses. Funny how shit like this always happens.
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    There was a cute, large, white, and fluffy dog at the store. I exclaimed "Oh my gosh. Aw! It's like a cloud with legs." Then I realized his owner was in a power chair and she had no legs. Zero legs. We briefly looked at one another but said nothing and I ran away in abject horror. Why do I possess vocal cords?
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    Final update (I hope): I don't feel sick anymore, but I'm still going to wait it out for a few days. It's safe to say I had the "mild" version of the virus. I was sick for a total of 11 days. Read that again. 11 days. That's 264 hours of feeling like shit in some way. The body aches stopped around yesterday morning. You do not want this virus. You do not want to pass this virus on to friends and family. You do not want to feel sick for almost two full weeks.
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    I'm still going to be wearing a mask once I'm no longer sick. I don't want to possible spread this to someone else. Speaking of which, I'm doing much better than I was 5 days ago. I still feel sick, but my body is probably getting used to it. Basically, I don't feel as sick as I did last weekend. But this isn't the flu, no matter what anybody says. At any point I've had the flu, it only lasted a few days. I'm coming up on a week of being ill. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to cope with some of the more extreme examples of COVID that I've seen online.
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    And I've been informed I'd been included in the acknowledgements section. Needless to say, this is the first time this has happened, and I'm incredibly moved.
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    Thank you guys!! I love you all so much!!! Yesh I'm a 30 yr old nao. lol But after my project I'll spend the day watching scifi and smoking weed. šŸ˜
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    You had your shitty dumbass thread. Now you don't. Time to fuck off.
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    It does seem an awful strange coincidence how all these counter movements never actually seem to be about the thing they say they are. Pro life? Nah, just anti abortion. All lives matter? Nah, just anti BLM. White pride? Nah, just anti BIPOC. Straight pride? Nah, just anti LGBT+.
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    Update: On site property managers said he was just being an ass again and it's fine for me to temporarily or permanently put plants there.
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    It's going to be a small town of 30 people with Skyrim as DLC.
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    Around the time places started going into quarantine, I was checking out this Japanese proxy service you could use for auctions. There are several auction sites operated in Japan and, without someone to help you ship them (or even buy them in some cases) you can't even use these sites outside of Japan. Websites that help you get around this have been around for a long time, and there are plenty to choose from, but I was admittedly nervous about picking the right one. Can't say with certainty I got the best one, but the service I ended up using, Jauce, worked well enough for me. Jauce is an aggregate site that allows you to shop at multiple Japanese auction sites, as well as some online stores like Amazon Japan. Their premise is simple: you deposit money to bid/buy with, once an item is yours, it ships to the Jauce warehouse in Japan, you can allow multiple items to collect at the warehouse and/or pick a good shipping time from there. Easy enough. I wasn't on board with depositing my money at first but I figured out you could literally just deposit the exact amount needed and then use it to buy what you wanted. There aren't any hidden fees, but there are a couple of additional fees you may not see during your initial purchase. Since this is a Japanese business buying items from Japanese vendors, you have to cover the tax fees, as well. You also may have to pay for shipment to the warehouse if the vendor requires shipment to be paid, as well. Then there's the banking fee, which is a stupid fee Japan is beholden to and is annoying but largely negligible considering how small the amount is anyways. Shipping is the big one here, obviously. I went for a premium shipping cost that covered the insurance of my items, guaranteed I'd get my items with a week of shipment, and would more or less circumvent the Covid restrictions using a coupling of local Japanese shipping services and DHL. Your shipment is calculated first and foremost by weight, and I had some hefty packages, two in total. With all of that I paid about $400. As for the merchandise, the most I spent on a single auction was $26, and my grand total was a measly $96. Just under $500 for everything. Not exactly cheap, but not horrible considering the Covid situation and the premiums I paid for my package. I would say, without all the bells and whistles and just using their ordinary shipping service (when it's available again) I wouldn't expect most stuff to ever break $200 for total shipping fees. I just didn't want my stuff sitting on a boat for 3 months or whatever. The super cheap cost of the items I purchased was the allure, but evidently Japanese vendors have a "junk" section, which is where most of this came from and why I kept shopping around. I would regularly see the same items for sale for way more than what I paid for mine, and this is because I hunted down the vendors with junk sections, so a laserdisc set sold by one person was also for sale for about $5 by another. Really odd but upon seeing how amazing the condition was for practically everything I purchased, I was shocked that these items were labeled "junk" to begin with. Works for me, though. Anyways! Enough of all that crap, here's most of what I bought (lots of pictures included): Sailor Moon Pretty Guardian purse - $5 (retail appears to be around $50) Cowboy Bebop 1999(?) Poster/Advertising Laserdisc, VHS, and DVD release - $4.50 Maximum the Hormone 2013 Tour Shirt - $20 (Back) Trigun Complete Series Laserdisc Boxset - $26 More of the boxsets Individual Laserdiscs The rest of the laserdisc collection and the Satellite Times newspaper, which was included with each disc: Outlaw Star Laserdisc Complete Collection - $5 The rest of the collection: Evangelion Laserdisc Boxsets - $19 Boxset #1: Contents of Boxset #1: Boxset #2 Contents of Boxset #2: Boxset #3: Contents of Boxset #3: Rurouni Kenshin Boxsets - $10 Boxset #1: Contents of Boxset #1: Boxset #2: Contents of Boxset #2: Boxset #3: Contents of Boxset #3: Boxset #4: Contents of Boxset #4: Boxset #5: Contents of Boxset #5: Boxset #7 (I was unable to find #6): Contents of Boxset #7 @CAC @DBZ4ever @DragonSinger @Mix @Top Gun @Ginguy
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    There's nothing wrong with cherishing life. The problem is that it's not life that's cherished here, it's birth. Once one's head hits the air, one's life is no longer quite so sacred.
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    I'm ready for ghost-in-the-shell technology. Just replace everything before the warranties all expire. Also, built-in tasers.
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    No word on whether the trees were assaulted.
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    I know you know this isn't true for all trans people. If it were there wouldn't be all the idiotic hysteria around fucking toilets. You'd think which bathroom people are allowed to use would no longer be an issue in the 21st century, but here we are. And it's not just trans women being "found out" by their lovers who get beaten or killed. ::steps off the field to go yell at Bucket instead::
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    https://www.wonkette.com/supreme-court-just-made-everybody-gay-and-transgender-again-thanks-a-lot-neil-gorsuch Alito's meltdown is epic. Kegs was apoplectic he had to write his own dissent.
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    Took a bunch of drunk selfies last time I drank and I just discovered them looking for a diff pic. They gradually get worse the more intoxicated I get.
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    Got to do comedy like three times only for PA to fucking shut down again because fucking idiots think the virus is a hoax. Also yeah if you guys come to the Burgh check out Scarps. The wings are šŸ”„
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    Lol.... Might be the best thing you'll see today
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    This muzzle, he has plenty, Iā€™m sure šŸ˜† (excuse the screenshot Iā€™m having a senior moment)
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    First time she caught anything over 18
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    Did you take a five pound shit in the shower?
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    If anyone hasn't seen the Dave Chapelle, 8:46 on youtube... check it out. Its good. His anger is all in it. Edit - video link
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