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    Yee-aa! That's right homies, I can do maths with the other smart kids! I took my Calculus class pass/no pass and pretty sure I got a C! I'm so happy my non-STEM ass was able to pass. And I didn't have to suck any dick for help, I did it all on my own. ­čśŐ I feel so relieved after hearing so many stories of people failing, or telling me it's normal if I fail. Especially after dealing with a counselor who said I couldn't and dealing with all those mean STEM kids too, I only have one thing to say:
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    The words you're parroting don't have greater effect because they're large; you aren't a republican shouting during the house impeachment vote.
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    Their words, not mine. Ladies...if you've been yearning for the kings of the manosphere to teach you about having babies and being a woman, don't miss out! For only $1,999.00 you too can learn to be the perfect Stepford wife! Only $999 if you act within the next 12 days! Discover such secrets as "If you're not strong, you're weak" and "Men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos"! "Our speakers will teach you how to have as many babies as your heart desires with the time you have left and bounce back to amazing health and wellness without extreme diets or stress. The clock is ticking and your babies are soon to be kicking!" You have nothing to lose but your freedom! Bucket, I assume you'll be joining this distinguished group of grade A prime alpha manhood on the speaking panel?
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    You should try stamp collecting. It's educational, and doesn't necessarily require advanced social skills.
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    How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman? None. That's all I got.
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    Telling people you know html always feels like telling pilots you know how to ride a bike.....it's like, why even mention it
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    A few takes on that whatever it is - - I feel like we should play a game of 'Who Visits Thailand?' with that picture. - All sales final. But we aren't going to tell you where this wonder-CON is actually going to be unless you give us all your moneys first. Hotel not included so you are going to be on the hook for that as well once we unveil the grand location that totally isn't something that even Steven King wouldn't touch. - Numerologically speaking, that pic is an 8. But that's only because there's 17 of them and 1+7=8. - Let pot-bellied men tell you how to lose that maternity weight! Spoiler alert - it consists of babysitting the pot-bellied men as well as the spawn they won't lift a finger for. - Their conventions are the safest space there is for MEN. So go ahead and sign up for their female convention because nothing could be more safe than being surrounded by cavemen whose sole purpose it is to tell you what a female should act like. - I wonder if you get a free pair of sunglasses to wear during certain presentations. Because those lights hitting those sweaty bald spots is a lawsuit just waiting to happen. - A meet and greet with all these puds and alcohol! At an undisclosed location! Somewhere in Florida! Pass.
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    Vlad's paunchy, hair-challenged and generally less able older brother.
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    @Ginguy I love it when you post things that accidentally prove your own arguments wrong. It's like that Nunes memo all over again. Hey, how's that working out for you?
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    Didn't know where else to post this but this is one of my cousins and she is fucking livid over this Peppa Pig book.
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    I honestly can't decide the best part guy who decided to show up in shorts guy who decided to show up in an Eagles shirt the ones who clearly decided to "dress up" by wearing a blazer and slacks guy who couldn't be bothered to take off his headphones
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    I feel like it should be disqualified since the good guy in this case was actually a former deputy who currently owns a gun range and helps teach people how to shoot. That's like having a heart attack on a plane sitting next to a cardiologist.
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    Founded in Orlando, Florida, because of course it was.
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    You sound and act like that Zenigundam guy
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    How small of a penis does one need to have to make a post like this unironically?
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    Today I'm thankful for @mochi for Krillin's ass.
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    Bring new gf, act weird about it, alienate them both with your awkward behavior
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    Here's a novel idea. IF THERE'S A NO TRAVEL ADVISARY OUT BECAUSE IT'S WHITE-OUT CONDITIONS WITH DRIFTS UP TO YOUR NIPPLES, DON'T F-ING HOP IN YOUR SHIT-MOBILE AND START DRIVING AROUND! You don't need to go to 'the store' or any store for that matter. You will not starve to death in a day. You will not die of boredom because there's apparently nothing on tv. Evil snow gnomes aren't going to cause every entertainment on the planet to disappear if you don't immediately go forth and demand that stores be open for your personal benefits. Your stupid need to go shopping all the damn time means stores that could and should be closed during weather events have to open. You risk the lives of everyone who had to travel to work just because you 'might' want something - that jar of glitter will save the world up until you decide to return it during the next storm event. Some dipstick in another state saw that purchase and decides that it's totally worth it to be open during these things and the cycle of stupid continues. May your shitty credit cards break in the cold. Or at the very least fall in a snow drift while leaning out of your window at a McDonalds drive-through. Assholes.
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    Well, there was this island out in the middle of the ocean, a boat full of seven people ended up getting shipwrecked on it. There were of course the two men who ran the boat; representing the subjugated working class in the post-anrachist world that rose from the ashes. In contrast to these men where a CEO and his fashion-designer wife. They of course bought their way onto the boat in order to escape the crumbling society. Alongside them in privileged was a famous actress who had charmed her way on board. Finally a scientist accompanied them; humanities last hope. Also there was another woman. As they try to rebuild society away from the hellscape of the mainland, they face all manner of class conflict. The privileged classes expect to maintain their same level of luxury and so subject the workers to constant abuse. The scientist meanwhile is attempting to improve the situation in any way he can, all the while being hindered by the rich, who've come to live comfortably on the backs of the others. The woman attempts to organize the lower classes into demanding equal treatment as the higher class, but the millionaire convinces the former captain of the ship that the woman is sleeping with his subordinate and plotting to take over his position. Tensions remain high until the captain finally snaps, murders his shipmate, rapes the woman, and subjugates himself fully to the will of the rich, who have given him this reward. The final scene is the captain toiling in slavery as the actress dances nude in front of the billionaire and his wife, crying. A three hour tour...
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    @Ginguy don't forget to give this one a trophy reaction.
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    Um, Black Isrealites (a conservative christian hate group) attacking jews is exactly what we're talking about. Wait... do you all think they're liberals? ... Why?
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    Hey! I resemble that!
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    Welcome to Tornado Alley where the weather forecasts are made up and the seasons don't matter.
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    It is fine for Okubo to tell a completely different kind of story with Fire Force than he did with Soul Eater, with a different tone and art style, atmosphere etc. I don't think creatives should be put in a box to just make one kind of story. That said, the writing should at least be good. But for whatever it's worth, after a good introduction, but some stumbles with the rushed clumsiness of the Hibana and Rekka arcs, ever since the arc where Benimaru and his company were introduced the writing has been pretty solid. Hopefully it can continue that trend of quality. Black Clover is way better than a lot of people will give it credit for and has only gotten better over its run. It's also arguably better executed that a lot of the shows that inspire it.
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    Lopunny is the hottest waifu pokem........ I mean, how dare you, you freak.
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    WatchMojo is clickbait garbage that nobody takes seriously.
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    All the people i wanna purge live too far apart, so I may only get to one of them before nabs comes and shoots me.
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