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    Giuliani but dressed like Roger Stone
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    So someone in Trump’s cabinet fucked up the booking for his next press conference and decided instead of the Four Seasons, they are holding it at a landscaping firm called Four Seasons: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/trump-twitter-press-conference-four-seasons-landscaping-philadelphia-b1672602.html Additionally, since the location is between a crematorium and the Fantasy Island Adult Bookstore, those businesses now have extra publicity from all of this and are now a part of the national conversation about Trump’s final months.
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    PA attorney general picking up where Mayor Kenney left off...
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    Accidentally said I wasn't voting for trump. She left. Lol still has a good set
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    Halloween costume pic w/ the wife.
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    Nobody replies to comments anymore....they just click "Like" or whatever. GO BACK TO REPLYING TO EVERY SINGLE COMMENT!!!!! 😐😐😐😐😐
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    Trump really represented some of the worst ideals in the world. He was willing to give white supremacy a platform cause they tongued his asshole. And because he went too far, he went full hog on it and went with all of their demands. Locking up children in cages, supporting police only when they murdered people of color, continued to place barriers around the LGBTQA+ community out of spite. Bush might’ve caused more damage than Trump with the Iraq War and the Great Recession, but Trump celebrated and reveled in some of the worst humanity had to offer because people far worse than he was thought he was gonna make their dreams come true. Bernie would’ve been better, but Biden taking over is far more reassuring and elating than dealing with more of this nonsense. The most excitement I’ve gotten today is knowing that this means so many careers in the Trump administration will be buried. DeVos, Miller, DeJoy, Kushner, Barr, etc. Good fucking bye and good fucking riddance!
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    Narrator: They didnt Trumps not about to go out with any sort of dignity, and the people who continue to say he won are pretty awful as well.
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    Tfw the 2020 election is over and you are @Ginguy
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    Cozy af with cats, candles, tea, and my new shark body pillow. ❤️🍎🥧🍁🍂🌽🦃☕🕯️🧣
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    When I woke up today I saw a bunch of Biden votes hanging out on the corner. And they were smoking.
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    If Joe Biden wins, bisexuals will end abstinence-only education. u damn right we will
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    Mochi is sweating somewhere
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    I hope they get a terrible case of covid and spread it to all the idiots who shop there.
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    This is a world of possibilities.
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    Here's one of me from way back when
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    What was going through my head while reading your post. I haven't gone through the entire thread yet but at the very least, Biden isn't going to discredit scientist and downplay the virus. He isn't going to tweet #FIREFAUCI because he got his feelings hurt. He isn't going to complain about all the attention COVID19 is getting. Trump followers are much less likely to: Wear a mask. Social distance. Take scientist seriously Believe in the pandemic at all. That's no accident. Trump is directly responsible for the reckless actions of his cult. The damage is done and they're hellbent in their ways but Biden isn't going to create more of these idiots.
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    Bull-fucking-shit. Show me where we can reasonably infer Biden or Clinton would have advocated against masks for months after they were determined effective. Show me the place we can find either of them withholding aid to states based on political leaning and whether or not the governors were mean to them. Where it can be reasonably concluded they would have cancelled USPS' plan to deliver 5 masks to every American because the existence of a pandemic hurts their fragile porcelain egos. Oh, and how about the dismantling of the pandemic response team with no replacement. The unwillingness to acknowledge its existence even days before the election. Even coming out to say they won't give relief packages unless they win the election and that it will magically vanish Nov 3rd. Holding indoor rallies with thousands of unmasked people to gliat about numbers mid-pandemic. If you think the behavior Trump has demonstrated is equally bad as Clinton or Biden, you must've finally allowed the content produced by Jimmy Dore to thoroughly melt your brain. If there were a chronic condition for stupid, this case would be an easy diagnosis.
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    You'd become an insufferable little bitch. Am I in the ballpark?
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    I feel like there's an important lesson to the events of this past week. And that lesson is "Parents, teach your children the concept of 'no' so they don't grow up believing they can get whatever they want by pouting."
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    i did block him. here's how that went and look who showed up in my DMs under a new account Too late. He can rot in my message requests
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