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    I’m so happy now, this was like 3 years in the making.
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    Look at this adorable tab boi.
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    This is me. For those who came over from the old Adult Swim boards, you might remember me as Real_AirCooledMan, Belldandys_Husband, Gay_Dutchman, Senad_Giccic, Sir_Master_Chief, and a few other names. Since the old days, I started transitioning. Now 11½ months into HRT. Pronouns: She/her/hers.
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    yes, you redeem them for fresh air and the outdoors
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    "Toonami promised an Uzumaki adaptation by this year! I put a series pre-order down. Where's my goddamn Uzumaki anime, Demarco!?"
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    Thank you everyone. I think being trapped in a bubble here has made it difficult for me to be communicative as I used too. I find it a little sad that I just don't even have the energy to post as much. But I did have a great birthday and my friend took me out too dinner. I am working on being better, I'm back to working out and started falling love with my research work again. But I am forever grateful for the support here!! ❤️
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    It's the penultimate episode of Season 2! The Stone Wars seem to be almost over, but does Tsukasa have one last dirty trick up his sleeve? Find out tomorrow night (7/17-18/21) at 12:30! Only Toonami!!
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    Can you really celebrate his birthday? Shoryuken.
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    A lot of healthcare professionals keep their nails short and unpolished for hygienic reasons. Short nails are less likely to have stuff under them, cracked or chipped nail polish actually provides more spaces for bacteria to proliferate. Also, for what it worth, it's awkward as hell when a patient hits on you.
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    He's bleeding out for the next 11 episodes
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    i wanted steak and a ring i got spaghetti and a dildo
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    I won’t be joining in on the Toonami hang tonight. I’m currently out of town at the beach. While my hotel I am staying at does have cable I am about to head to bed soon. I am a tiny bit tired and I am also likely going to try to wake up earlier tomorrow than I normally would. Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wang Chung tonight ❤️
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    You're not supposed to eat real cigarettes. You probably couldn't tell the difference though, seeing as you can't actually smell the difference.
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    Youve come a long, long way homie....i remember you were animating stick figures in flash
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    Tsukasa "You gonna do me like Eren did Annie?"
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    There is somebody who gets bitten and doesn't tell their friends. That's your buddy who doesn't get the vaccine.
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    i thought short unpolished nails was an actual requirement. much like in the food industry. because of sanitary reasons, as mthor explained. i think you're reading too much into this.
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    Hey whoever's spying on this thread, I want you to go back to the original forum and make sure the OP knows that I called him a fucking idiot with a tiny penis.
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