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    I think I posted this on Discord, but not here.
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    Yackbox donut adventure. This is our donut comrades.
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    But we all need this. mlW5bMo.mp4
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    I haven't changed my clothes or washed my ass today!
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    Due to most of us interns working in medical type facilities, the university has reduced mandatory field practice hours to 500 IM FUCKING DONE BITCHES!! I HAVE ALL MY HOURS!!
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    Sorry for not posting pics!! I was really, really drunk yesterday. And I posted while the dye was still in my hair. And then I smoked some weed while I was waiting for it to work. >_> I had the dye in my hair for a little over 40 mins and still didn’t go all blonde. Lmao Hair is super dry so I put some coconut oil in it this morning.
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    People stocking up on guns n ammo I’m over here like
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    Did she sneeze on them though? That would make a difference
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    Our dear Kudasai, he died as he lived. Tired of everybody's shit
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    So I used one filter on an app called FaceApp and it just made me 100% Asian. Now, I know I have Asian heritage but I always thought it was a very small amount. I tried pictures of other people and it barely changed them. Anyways, I'll be here having an existential crisis because I am apparently algorithmically Asian.
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    Trying to shower in my quarantined designated bathroom. This struggle.
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    NYU offers senior med students early graduation they want them to start paid internships at NYU langone in internal and emergency medicine to help fight the outbreak
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    The Obama regime was warned. Thats why they had a pandemic task force, an extensive playbook to strategically combat an outbreak, and gave extensive briefings on the threat posed by infectious diseases, and stationed a CDC official in China to watch for any potential outbreaks. Unfortunately Trump disbanded the task force, destroyed the playbook, fired the CDC guy, and also fired everyone who was at the briefing. Zing.
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    He exposed himself to it on multiple occasions.
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    Oh yeah, there would definitely be changes to the way I live now. Definitely >__________>
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    Perfectly balanced, just as it should be.
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    I'm not seeing the "accidentally" part in that story.
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