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    All y’all got like 7000. It’s not fair. #BernieSanders2020
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    The sobering. Lol this is why I’m gaining weight. They made us buy a meal plan with residence >.>
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    Wouldn't a fuck convention where you do you just be a masturbation convention?
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    opening theme: Kibo no uta (sung by someone with a terrible nasaly scratchy voice) ending theme: Spice! ep title: The Magician from the East time for Soma to give another guy a Givegasm I guess
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    Episode 128: "Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta going HARD for Jiren! OP: "Limit Break" by X Survivor FULL JAPANESE VERSION: 11 PM tonight (9/14) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
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    Episode 8: Infernal Insects Are we really talking about a bunch of flaming bugs here? Tune in tonight (9/14-15) at 12:30 AM and find out! OP: "INFERNO" by Mrs. GREEN APPLE FULL SONG MUSIC VIDEO! ED: "Veil" by Keina Suda FULL SONG: ONLY TOONAMI!! [well, on cable TV anyway...]
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    Im at the doctor's office and they just checked! @CutieQuesadilla @Poof Just getting started!
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    You're the one that posted about MH fucking with other women like it news to you. It's also funny that you call these bipolar women stupid, but anything you do that others would call stupid, you blame on your bipolar.
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    Feign a heart attack
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    Episode 7: "It Never Rains..." Next-to-last episode, get hype! OP: "Belgrade" by Battle Tapes FULL SONG WITH LYRICS 11:30 PM tonight (9/14). ONLY TOONAMI!!!
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    "Fire The Smoke Signal" Where there's smoke there's fire, and where there's Senku, there's SCIENCE! OP: "Good Morning World" by Burnout Syndromes FULL SONG MUSIC VIDEO: ED: "Life" by Rude-alpha Get excited!! Midnight tonight (9/14-15) ONLY TOONAMI!!
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    Episode 14: How To Steal A Kingdom Lupin finds himself in a royal mess this week. Tune in at 3:30 to see how he's gonna get himself out of it!
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    I compared the episode that aired to the simuldub stream. No edits. That said, it seems like the anime is self censoring Tamaki antics and Rekka beating up Tamaki. Rekka is a real sick SOB. I wish Tamaki was the one that gets to kick his ass.
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    After taking a couple hours to masturbate to the appliance catalog I recently got in the mail (no questions), I'm back for the final show for my night. Let's get it going.
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    "first real friend" if you didn't have any before him maybe there's a reason for that
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    I activate scissors and destroy your whole deck.
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    "Don't you start with that."
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    The only good bug is a dead bug!
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    they no longer make any other kind of light bulb so i guess trump wants us to go back to using candle-light >_>
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    Well, you could outlaw the extended clips as well, but to me I think the deterrent to mass shooters is that handguns just don't seem as cool as spraying the joint with a military-style rifle. If you can't feel max macho shooting the place up, you might as well just stay home. Not worth dying in a whuff of glory if you're gonna look like a sissy doing it.
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