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    I start my new job on Monday. No more shitty customers. No more holiday garbage. No more having to go behind incompetent workers. After 14 years, it's over. I did like my immediate coworkers and will be saddened that I won't get to shoot the shit with them all the time. I will keep in contact, though and we'll make plans to all hang out.
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    I think it's pretty obvious if you stop to think about about it for a second. It's Gamera NT. It's pretty clear he's a fan of a version of Gamera from Godzilla who is into non traditional relationships. ...... not sure how you missed that.
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    Hey hey I just got here, so I heard Toonami was canceled? Sorry I couldn't resist.
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    It was the boy’s second birthday yesterday and there’s a kid’s Dino event in town. It was such a good day. edit: for context, the third pic is a giant lasagna from bucca di beppo
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    Sometimes a post is so stupid it leaves a permanent imprint in your memory. The real reason they nuked the old boards was to hide all the dumb shit we said 10-15 years ago.
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    So I made an account here a year or two ago after finding out that ASMB were no more. I was active there mainly between 2005 and 2012. I left after The Boards started to go down hill. I certainly miss the community. I have not really posted much here at all but lately I have been feeling nostalgic and want to try and reconnect with some of the online communities I used to frequent. Even though I have not been much of a part of UnevenEdge aside from lurking, ASMB and what is left here at UE were my favorite. I would definitely like this community to stick around and will make it a priority to engage and contribute and help in any way I can. I cannot believe that it will be 20 years next year since the beginning. I greatly hope that this place can last even longer!
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    ….. I want y’all to have a super duper Labor Day… take the day off, the Sawman demands. eat shit, drink booze, snort whatevs… go nuts…
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    He kinda looks like if bucket and Zeni has a kid
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    The new girl at work is cute and she thought that joke I made was funny
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    Fruit Stripe gum lost all of its flavor approximately five seconds before you put it in your mouth.
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    Remember kids, any company that refuses to discuss unions doesn't care about their workers.
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    the squirrels have been stealing our tomatoes.
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    That's good to hear. I'm sure he would like to announce more, but the fact that they are still actively able to acquire programs indicates that they are still considered viable as a programming block.
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    Fumble recovered by Seattle in the EZ broncos lookin awful jet like MD 😬
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    Shout out to those who celebrate it by taking off all year.
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    Straight up life hacking his way through any concerns of betting half his shit that they will be together forever. society won’t like it, but this is what peak relationships look like…. https://www.ladbible.com/news/man-set-to-marry-rag-doll-20220826
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    So how do you feel about the breaking news that Toonami is C ontinuing to offer anime programming for free? Great news isn't it! Wow weird gap there, musta been some sorta glitch.
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    Episode 583: Save the Children! The Straw Hats Start to Fight! & Episode 584: A Swordplay Showdown! Brook vs. the Mysterious Torso Samurai! Battle in the Biscuits Room! The Straw Hat Pirates inside the strange facility encounter a wild surprise in the form of abnormally gigantic children! With the crew's heavy hitters still on the burning side of Punk Hazard, can these kids be saved from whatever it is that's going on here!? Meanwhile, as Brook makes his way to join his friends, he too is beset by a most unusual obstacle! Three-Way Conflict...PLUS ONE! The Straw Hats find themselves facing foes on tree fronts as the Biscuit Room Rescue Party fights off Punk Hazard's myseious masked army, the landing party defends itself against strangely scrambled island defenders, and the Humming Swordsman Brook swordsfights a vivisected samurai! But their troubles are just beginning, as Vice Admiral Smoker, Captain Tashigi and the G-5 Marines make their landing on the island! Is the enemy of one's enemy yet another enemy!? ONLY TOONAMI
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    Hey, we have a new promo! 1:30 AM tomorrow night (9/10-11)!
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    I’m fucking getting rock hard
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    And just finished this pair. Convention shoes for non-costume days, then work shoes here because I hate white shoes and the Harley Quinn ones are starting to wear through. Demon Slayer dueling themed
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    You don’t get an NPC like that without slaying a dragon or two
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    Most of the stuff I make tends to be released at Dragon Con as free swags at the People's Republic of Venture booth. Ex. Henchpins. Lots and lots of those damn things. I also had a very very limited amount of them that were done with Swarovski crystals for eyes and mounted on velvet display cards. I show these because they were low-key hand-outs last year - no booth so just found fans or fans found me. I also have enamel tie tacks. The details are painted using a cat whisker. I maybe do something about every other year since they do take a lot of time to do but I've currently got the equivalent of 3 year's worth of tie tack build-up because I was bored. Mostly VB since that's the fandom but I've also done pokeballs, FishCenter fish and last year was a low-key release of a R&M themed tack to go along with the Slut Dragons. Quarter for scale. The Mini Portals are blacklight reactive. Sluts. I can't sell them myself due to contract but I made sure that I can give them away at the Con. There is a new big item being released this year that I can't post yet. I'm also the idiot that made the Meatwad lunchbox a thousand years ago. I had a series of VB lunchboxes done that were all given away my second or third year at Dragon Con. I've been meaning to revisit them since I've gotten slightly better at them over the years and found a better sealer to preserve things. Summary - I get bored easily and when I do, I do weird things. Usually with puff paints.
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