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    throwback thursday cleveland zoo thats vodka
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    I agree, let's get rid of private insurance companies. A single-payer system, combined with tuition reforms at medical schools, will go a long way towards controlling the costs of healthcare while also eliminating unnecessary insurance bureaucracy, without placing the burden of paying (disincentive) on the patient.
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    I haven't horrified the crap out of anyone here in a while. The one nice thing about masks at work is there hasn't been a exact rule as to what you can and can't wear [ as long as it isn't like porno lewds obviously ] ... Well, I feel pretty...oh so pretty...
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    Apparently I've been an uncle for quite some time
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    Many different governments and organizations have documented Russia's cyber and psy ops in many different countries. You're blinded by your tribalism. You can't even see that I didn't discredit Chris Hedges. I OWN WAGES OF REBELLION BY CHRIS HEDGES BC I LIKE HIS SHIT. Russian influence pursues divisiveness to cause unrest. It utilizes what is already there. Why can't you deal with that? Why can't Russia amplify the voice of democratic socialism? They posed as BLM on facebook. Bc the right hates BLM. Division. That's why they pushed the NRA at the same time. They amplify what we don't agree on while what the two sides can compromise/agree on is lost in the deluge of comments, posts, retweets, fake accounts with an agenda to divide. I can accept that they pushed BLM agenda. It doesn't discredit BLM. Why can't you accept it for democratic socialism? It doesn't discredit it. I AM NOT DISCREDITING CHRIS HEDGES. Guess what both the socialists on the far left and the fascist authoritarians on the far right can both agree on? That the MSM is all 100% fake. That's interesting to me. And now here we are in 2020 with one side wanting a civil war electric boogaloo 2 and the other wanting a revolution against the corrupt state. The rivalry being here to begin with is not evidence to disprove Russian influence. That's what intelligence does to sow unrest. It works with what's there to push its own agenda. Sponges pointed out the Russian textbook that has been gospel for the Russian gov, Foundations of Geopolitics. You really should give it a read. And you say why am I criticizing Russia for doing the same thing we do, we have the CIA that has done and does these things. Throughout this whole thing I've not made any moral arguments whatsoever... Yet... The only point I've made so far is that Russia does do this shit. Is it a coincidence that conservative authoritarian leaders popped up in the biggest most powerful countries in the West? Divisive leaders who don't care if they tear their country in two? Trump, Bolsanaro, and Boris Johnson. Authoritarians who are unlikely to stand up to other authoritarian regimes. Whose very existence would legitimize the conservative authoritarian regime in Russia? So if you reeeeally care about opposing strong men ultra conservatives, you can't ignore what russia is doing. They're trying to stamp out western liberalism everywhere all at once, and honestly I feel like they're doing a pretty good job at it. So maybe that's why I prefer the US and the CIA over Russia and the KGB. Bc under one of them there won't be any liberalism. Like how Russia doesn't have any gay ppl.
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    That is not what a nazi is.
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    bowser is completed. finally. got another yoshi to work on, then some clothing (finally) mouth closed
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    The pardon is an empty, ridiculous gesture, and Susan B. Anthony didn’t work with black suffragettes. She wasn’t fighting for voting rights for all women. Just all white women. It’s not even like she went to prison, or paid a fine when she voted illegally. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s an obvious attempt at trying to win back female voters.
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    Meanwhile at the MyPillow Headquarters:
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    Oh what so now you jave a problem with Russia?
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    Lol, it's like watching Smallville Lex Luther starting out as a good guy in the first few seasons only to become evil because no one paid him any attention
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    Dude just has to say he was using the flamethrower in self-defense. That's how it works, right?
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    Accurate depiction of feels. I don't know if I've brushed my hair at all this weekend.
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    tfw you obviously know how to edit but still post 7 times in a row in roughly 30 minutes anyway.
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    I'm gonna stab u in the gums w/a rusty screwdriver
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    Fuck you and your Q Anon rumor bullshit. No one is lighting fires. Not that you would know, what with being on the opposite coast and all... Shut the fuck up and step off, you shit muppet.
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    Giving money to kids that don't work? Oh, it's a Fred Trump biography.
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    They elected that person so they can live vicariously through them. They are too cowardly to do those thing themselves.
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    National Socialism is literally the opposite of philosophical socialism.
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    Now you're saying to not wear masks?! Fuck sponges, pick a lane.
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    I think it's one of those drugs that ambulance chasers are now trying to get clients from, "You may be entitled to compensation...".
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