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    To torture my cat with
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    because emptying the same trash bins for 50 years makes a man wise. right?
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    NFL memes got jokes this morning 😆💩
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    Happy birthday! Here's something new for the parlor!
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    Comfortable *ponders* Just...wanted...a drink...of water... Fucken...got this...itch! And...
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    Cool, I get to call it an early night, gorge myself on a concerning amount of pie and pass out with Slutty Boyfriend Pillow by midnight. 👍👍
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    It's fucking bizarre that the only show not getting spammed with Hot Pockets commercials was Food Wars of all things.
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    You would literally shit yourself to death.
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    Damned straight. Especially if you're nodding off because you're drunk. Get behind the wheel of a car where you belong!!
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    I'll eat whatever stinging plants I want, thank you.
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    Work parties are one thing I don't have to worry about. The last Xmas party they threw, it was at a casino and some people lost their fucking minds with the free alcohol and got shitfaced then tried to have sex in the middle of the casino floor. Some rooms got trashed .... it was ... not a good luck for corporate >.> We're never having an offsite Xmas party ever again.
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    From NFL Memes ”social media stays undefeated?!?! 🥶🥶🥶” 💩😆
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    Yes....it's tradition....the cake is chocolate on the outside AND the inside, reminding us of Africa We sing the songs of our tribes afterward
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    There’s still another part of the Ashita No Joe manga to update.
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    Episode #65 (Season 4, Episode 2): "Overhaul" So, the last episode was kind of a fun little fillerish side story, so let's get to the main action, shall we?? 11 PM Tomorrow night (11/16) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
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    Episode 6: "Swordsman Accompanying a Demon" (鬼を連れた剣士, Oni o tsureta kenshi) Air date: November 17th, 2019 at 1:30am Opening: "Gurenge" ("Red Lotus") by LiSA Ending: “from the edge” by Yuki Kajiura featuring LiSA Tanjiro is now officially a Demon Slayer Corps member, clad in the uniform with a jet black nichirin sword on his hip. Now with Nezuko having officially awoken and Tanjiro receiving his first slayer assignment, it's time to head out to hunt demons. In a nearby village local girls have been disappearing every night, it's up to Tanjiro and Nezuko to find the demon with a taste for young women. (We can only hope it's not Harvey Weinstein) Previously: Only on Toonami
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    BURN BABY BURN!!! 12:30 AM TONIGHT (11/16-17) ONLY TOONAMI!!!
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    Nezuko didn't become a demon. She became a cat.
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    "You can bust my poor ass." The sole reason he did that in the first place. Just to say that.
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    Can confirm @Rogue_Alphonse is a bunch of fun. I'd say I wouldn't mind meeting the whole lot of yous. We might not be interesting to one another, but it's difficult to gauge who people really are, character-wise, from the boards, so I'm sure I'd be pleasantly surprised by many of you. However, for the sake of the thread: a short list: @stilgar @Poof @SorceressPol @empty
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    This is the most generic lie ever told on these boards.
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    I made a long ass post, but instead I'll just say it's awkward when you live in the town with all your ex wife's family, and they still invite you to holiday dinners and you fuck around and bring your new girl with you because she doesn't have family here either. Then your ex brings her new dude and it's kinda like a really passive aggressive display of the baes. I think since that debacle, the kid's mother and I have created an unspoken rule that we don't invite boos to family holiday functions.....If you boo'd up, just catch them later, but none of that shit on common ground.
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    Wut, I have no bones... ...and an anus for a mouth.
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    Nice to see Buddy representing. I also like that he’s been doing the leg work to get his message out there in... the comments section of Hell’s Kitchen?
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