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    Never thought I’d be someone who “likes” yard work, but it’s happened. Y’all have some adulting you hated when you were young that you now enjoy? Somebody Old Yeller me.
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    Need a quick distraction? I do Tinkerbell been through some shit
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    This place exists for people to communicate [ or not ] with similar idiots in an environment that isn't FB or Twit. You can have longer discussions that will still exist to continue from week to week without having to drill through all the clutter and filler of other types of media feed to actually get back to. Also, frog butt cheeks.
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    No one here is important enough to be noticed. Even with so few of us, a user can be gone for weeks and usually one person will go "hey, where's _____". Sponges was gone for over a month before I noticed, I have no clue how long kudz has been missing, and I only noticed Sorce was missing when there was so many women's issues happening but she was in none of the threads. Know who I'd notice was gone (gonna stroke this kid's ego some more) Seight.... His 6am meme posts are legit how I start my day..... *Sees seight post* Fuck, must be time to get up.
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    You should stay away from that shit. It’s bad for you
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    Stupid fucking bullshit garbage-ass trash fire (Ohio)
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    A new development: I shot my shot with Charlotte a couple weeks ago. It was after an event at a local LGBTQ+ center. We went to a gay joint for dinner and drinks that night. After Charlotte and I paid our bills, we left the restaurant together, got some ice cream, then sat on a bench on the boardwalk (it's a beach town) and talked for what must have been 2½ hours. She knew the whole time that I had a crush on her. I then told her everything: My spotty dating history, fear of rejection, shyness, you name it. It was 1:30 in the morning when we got ready to head back home. But before we left, she asked me out on a date. My response? "God yes!" Fast-forward to last Wednesday, 1-VI. Charlotte and I went out on a date. We hit another gay bar for drinks and tacos. Then we hung out in and around town, talking about stuff. I didn't get home til the wee hours of the morning. Not long before I got out of her car to go to bed (it was after 4:30 in the morning), we made out. Nothing further than that happened, just playing the ol' tonsil hockey. Charlotte told me she had a crush on me this whole time as well. We kissed each other until after 5 in the morning. When I went to bed that night, I did so with a smile on my face. We're now figuring out a second date; I've texted her my work schedule so we both know when to go out again. Right now, we're taking things slow before making anything official. But damn, I hope things go great guns between us. At our most recent group meeting, we all got wind of a queer prom that another trans group in D.C. is throwing this September. I've asked Charlotte to it. Her face lit up. When she asked if I was really asking her out, I said, "As Ash said to Pikachu, 'I choose you.'" We plan on going and trying on dresses to find our style. She wants a dress that goes all the way down to the floor. I myself lean toward anything with a thigh slit. Can't wait for our second date. We'll see where things go between us from there.
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    A new update: This past Sunday, Charlotte and I went on our third date. We sang karaoke at a gay joint, went on the beach together, did as much stargazing as the light pollution in town would allow. Things got physical between us, but short of outright snu-snu. It's getting pretty serious between us now. Meanwhile, she and I are going to NYC Pride tomorrow. She got a bus ticket within the past week. We've decided to wear dresses together for the occasion.
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    Triangle head, Triangle head Triangle head hates Particle head They have a fight, Triangle wins Triangle head
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    My dumbass whispered to the person next to me and said “we’ve been trying to reach you for your cars extended warranty”. The person next to me spit out their drink.
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    But now he's giving me tech billionaire vibes
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    thots and prayers
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    You know I'm really happy for you, but I'm pretty sure Ash never says that. He gets Pikachu because he was late and all the other starter Pokemon had already been taken.
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    Would y'all quit tempting fate, that's how we got Food Wars!
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    When can I install this at home and go off grid https://interestingengineering.com/south-korean-toilet-allows-students-to-pay-with-their-poop
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    He could’ve always gotten more duelers to fight by throwing a deck of cards into a gorilla enclosure and teaching them how to use them. Or better yet, build robots who are designed to duel.
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