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    Merry xmas stray in Philly. He’s adjusting well piper in the background
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    agnes (all brown) and rufus(white on head)
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    "haha sucker you in an airport but I fly for free, peace out bitches" - Superman
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    No. You were asked to knock off your crap in that thread or there would be consequences, you decided to test that theory and got a VERY lenient 24 hour stfu / take a nap board break. The chances of anyone even realizing that you were gone for that length of time was nonexistent, if you had returned and just kept your latest obsession to yourself you'd still be on that account. But you proceeded to ramp up your crap across the boards including in here where you are supposed to actually behave yourself - being heated, fine, that's been a thing in the Mod threads since they began but continuing to do the same crap that netted a baby temp was not going to win you anything. You were told that continuing to behave like that would increase time. You once again decided to press your luck both on the boards proper and through reports. You and you alone added time to the sentence until it got the death penalty. Pat let you back on it because you claimed you needed to get some info that you only had on that account in the PMs. I was aware of that. My notation on that was that if you started running around on that account, you'd obviously gathered all the info that was so important since you had time to post and react on that account. Posting and reaction occurred. The ban was immediately reinstated. It wasn't re-banned for no reason, it was a ban reinstated that had never expired in the first place. And this right here is further proof that no, you don't learn.
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    Watched a video yesterday by Jesse Cox where he said NFTs were Beanie Babies and I never heard a more apt comparison in my life.
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    Of course, this news is somewhat surprising, considering this is a Sentai show, and Sentai just got bought by Warner Media competitor AMC Networks. But it IS nice that Sentai is still willing to play ball with Toonami! Also interesting is the fact that this 2017 show is 13 episodes, but has a 2nd season coming in 2022...
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    Apparently the board is actually a league of villains, spearheaded by criminal mastermind Sawdamizer. Through some heinous evil doing and manipulation, the league has converted a kind, compassionate maiden from her virtues into a sinister acolyte of darkness and betrayal. Now the only hope is if somehow Buddy can overcome his penchant for emotional crimes and be the hero he is meant to be I can't wait for the next episode
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    What in the actual fuck happened in this fuckin thread. Holy shit
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    Ppl in this city are sucking his fucking dick because OMG RAWTHLISBURGER HAS 2 SUPER BOWL RINGS AND HE'S RETIRING! THANK YOU BEN! Yes... Yes thank you Ben for being the literal embodiment of entitlement. Thank you for using the "do you know who I am?" line to get out of paying the ridiculous tabs you run up all over the south side. Thank you for being an overgrown drunken mess of a man child that once picked a fight with James Harrison at a country club (I know someone who was there) before 10 people pulled him away and literally saved your fucking life. Thank you for talking shit about your teammates and whining like a little fucking girl when you play like shit. Most of all thank you for showing the entire world that sexual assault allegations mean nothing if you can win a stupid fucking championship in a game that enables this bullshit behavior. Enjoy your retirement you fat fuck I know this probably belongs in sports but nobody goes there lol
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    The kitty shook her head in the thumbnail now it looks like her heads spinning at up to Tasmanian devil speeds original video: IMG_3150.MOV
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    It totally used to, but then I got the covid.
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    Damn. Now I kinda want to date Pete Davidson.
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    About damn time. The first season was a blast so I was hoping we'd get the other half sooner than later.
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    I remember him from quite a bit back, and he didn't always seem this insane. Maybe drugs fried his brain or something. I know he was a fullblown neo nazi, but he kept that secret. I joked that he had a swastika tattoo once in IB, and he bumped the post a month later to show a picture of his actual one. Whatever, he's insane now, and that's really all that matters.
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    musket up in here spittin'.
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    Hey now, we had double digits today. Granted it was -25. But the wind made it -40'F. Damn wind.
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    RECOVERED by the Jets at the 5! Little did they know on the ensuing drive all Hell would break loose *He snaps the ball, QB keeps it clear shot to the end zone when suddenly you hear the crowd roaring not in excitement no.. in absolute shock "Mark are you seeing this? Some Fan is running towards the field and appears to be ramming his head into players ass's He wasn't seeing it, he was in a prophetic bliss as he lived out his Earthly nay, Galactic Purpose
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    Oh wow no Dragon Ball for the first time since I converted to nihilism. Maybe I'll shave my balls to celebrate/mourn.
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    and she ends up getting me a PS5. 🙃
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    Sexual assault and provolone
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    lol, Eduardo. Also, it seems Tyrone wasn't always that bad. Let's be friends so you can refer to me as Hirohito. 🥰
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    It's a toss up many days but it's still retail hell season so...
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    Enjoy your time with your family tomorrow
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