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    The good news is the chest pains we're not cardiac related but they think it was a bad case of acid reflux so I got some meds for that. Although there is chance I'll end up having a massive heart attack once I receive the bill
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    I was very close by when the Vegas shooting happened in 2017. I didn't know it was a shooting until I got home and someone in another state texted me that it was a shooting. Just saw some chaos unfolding nearby and a panic breaking out so my friend and I took off. The day after, I called into work for my mental well-being, but I did go see HR that same day. Took the bus up that way, so I was on there for about an hour and a half. Obviously, everyone was talking about the shooting. But I kept hearing them. These motherfucking, self-proclaimed heroes. They kept puffing out their respective chests and laying out how they would have stopped the shooter. How they would have won the day. Just a pissing contest for scared fuck boys. I even recall a Instagram influencer that lives out here was at the concert during the attack and he actually got out and went to go get his guns to fight back. He was stopped, obviously, but to his credit he did assist with the wounded on the scene. These other crackshot, top of their class snipers, though? Literally all talk but loving it. One guy piped up and said if he was there he would've "popped out (his) .45 and, pow, ended it right there." I remember I freaked out on the guy and everyone else being a hero on that bus. I was amazed at how quickly the shooter was stopped, given the situation. I mentioned to HR what had happened regarding the attack and they gave me some info for assistance. When I came back to work later the same week, one of our lead security guards pulled me to the side. He was a combat vet, as were many security guards there, and he told me I was exhibiting possible signs of PTSD. To be perfectly honest, I made it out fine, physically and mentally. But what had gotten me was the constant barrage of news stations playing perpetual loops of footage of the shooting. My mind started fucking with me and I was making up scenarios where I was way closer to the concert than I really was. And I knew that area well, even attended a gaming tournament right across the street from it the same year. Just made me collapse into myself and I was practically running my memories of the night it all went down. I did see something at the time, but I had shoved it out of my mind, and the footage being blasted on all news networks mixed in with what little I was witness to and made the machinations of my mind so much worse. I had to start therapy that same month and went for a bit over 6 months, multiple times a month, often multiple times a week. Like, I was barely related to the event and it brought my shit to a halt. God knows how badly it effected those that were injured or lost someone because of it. These fuckin' heroes like to think they can save the day with their godmode autoaim of justice. Fuck them. And fuck thoughts and prayers. I don't have the solution but Nevada is a magnet for gun enthusiasts and it didn't mean shit in the end cause they couldn't do shit. Something has to change. Evil will always find a way to get the job done, but at the very least, America can at least make it a little more difficult to do.
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    ...'cause he's riding the "L" in Chicago.
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    but I adopted this one from the animal shelter today. He’s a Great Pyrenees, and he’s the biggest, sweetest Falkor you’ve ever seen. I’m slowly building my farm.
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    Being smart doesn't mean you can't be stupid at the same time....The problem here isn't the volumes of lives lost, it's that lives are lost because some angry entitlement victim felt like people no longer deserved their lives and took it upon themselves to willfully end them. Response to spectacle?....Like the violent response people are having to Trump's constant endorsement for harming innocent people? But keep seeking that validation....Maybe you'll find that one voice that is too scary to challenge.
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    The real question is, will you fuck and tell us about how much the chick enjoyed it?
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    Mass shootings, commonly defined as 3-4 or more victims being shot or killed, have been happening since before I was born. But in the past ten years the numbers have grown exponentially. I saw people bleeding out on the sidewalk during the Route 91 shooting two years ago. That shit is still happening. When's a good time to discuss it? If there's a mass shooting nigh every day in this country, when's a good time to discuss this? It keeps happening. Nothing is being done except more killings. When's a good time? How long should we wait? You tell me. Tell me how long we wait before we're no longer being emotional but rational. You ever see a young girl choking on her own blood while she bleeds out from a hole in her neck? I have. She just wanted to go to a concert and have a fun night. She's dead. Hundreds, maybe thousands at this point, have died in this country alone from this type of incident. When's a good time?
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    Stay frosty, bro. We'll get nabs out that mod chair sooner or later.
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    The reason why this is invalid is because literally all of those things (with the exception of homicide by handgun) aren't 100% preventable. -Medical errors are always going to happen and there is nothing that can ever be done about it. Technology fails and even the best and brightest doctors make mistakes. - Deaths due to the flu are usually the elderly or infants. This will continue to happen and nobody will ever be able to prevent it. Even significant medical advances will only slow it but never prevent it. - Comparing suicide to mass shootings is asinine. With suicide there are so many variables. People who are terminally ill, sever depression etc. Again suicide has always been around and isn't going anywhere. - Car accidents are far from preventable. There are so many safety measures put in place but they still happen. Thats what makes them accidents. Having a car accident is surprisingly easy. However, it is 100% physically impossible to accidentally kill 20 people with an assault rifle. Invalid argument. This tweet is stupid and it further deflects from the actual problem at hand which only hinders our ability to all agree on what needs to be done. There is no reason why anyone should ever own an assault weapon. A handgun or a shotgun is more than adequate for home defense. There will always be random killings. I know this slightly contradicts my argument but here's the point: we CAN make it significantly harder for the average citizen to kill massive amounts of people. In other words it would be way way more difficult to kill 20 people with a glock than an AR15. Comparing mass shootings to things like car accidents and medical error is completely invalid. It's a straw mans argument because in every case there's almost nothing that can be done about those things as they are based in human error. A mass shooting requires intention, months of planning, and serious work. They will never happen by accident.
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    Yes that's right I called them my children...
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    I'd settle for just tacking on "And look where that got us" under each posting.
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    Ain't nothin but a heartache
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    fortunately I am not a pregnant woman, and my teeth are beautiful maybe if my gf gets preggers I will tell her to lay off the tap water and hit up the hard liquor instead
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    Are the Proud Boys aware their name sounds like a gay nightclub?
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