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    [adult swim] has been around 20 years and with that, friendships formed on the message boards. Many of us were really young, or youngish back then and maybe we thought we would live forever. Unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be. This thread is for the people we lost over the years. Some hung out on AIM, YIM, tinychat and irl. Forming some strong bonds that even death won’t break. To those people we say “we remember you and thank you for being in our lives” I’ll start with Luuv who saw the importance of these little friendships and connections and made this site with that in mind.
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    I just had to explain to my 25-year old colleague, an Instagram and YouTube addict, what a message board is. She was five years old when the ASMB started.
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    fuck yeah aSMB forever untill we die
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    RIP Luuv. I keep paying the bill for this place mostly for his memory.
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    Twenty years, damn! I was 46 when I started. Not sure if I'm still the oldest, but I can still walk and talk and cuss like a sailor. The son would have been 39 this year, but I lost him in 2015. We played "Blue" from Cowboy Bebop to finish his funeral. But, hell, I'm glad to see everyone here. I miss y'all.
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    Shout out to these folks.
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    Luuv and I had a wild relationship. Here’s some inside baseball from the ASMB that I probably haven’t told. Y’all remember SwimTorrent was the community admin? They were wanting him to focus more on games, so there was an opening for admin, and SwimRaven decided the manager would come from within, specifically the mods. I’m not sure how many of us applied, but for me it was three interviews and I’m pretty sure it came down to me and Luuv. I probably win out narrowly because I literally lived in the city and could work in person. I think Luuv was pretty hurt and I don’t think our relationship was ever the same, which is really painful now since it truly can’t. He was an amazing guy and though we frequently butted heads, I loved talking to him and hearing his perspective.
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    Goldar. I still see his account pretty much every time I log into a battle.net account. I miss him.
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    Harry Goz not a board member but one of the funniest people on one of my most favorite [as] shows of all time Sealab 2021 All Hail Squish Face!
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    RyanfomtheShire (the musician). Hope I got his handle right. RIP, friend.
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    She is adorable and broke her leg and had surgery. Send her your power a la Spirit Bomb method.
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    Really is a shame about Luuv, and so soon after he helped make all of this possible. You all did right by him.
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    I'm really happy I collaborated with everyone at the time to make a site where we could find everything in one place, and shockingly, it's still active. https://asmbinfo.wordpress.com/
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    GeckoZero, full stop.
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    Found this doing a bit of digging. 05MAY03 Dawn of Time Creation of SoyBomb 27MAY03 Boards open. 16JUN03 First webcam party (the one without audio). Midsummer '03: Boards restructured from previous 3 folder format. Rants, Babbling, IB, other anime, and show suggestions added. 04JUL03 The first Black & White bumper card suggestion thread was posted by Soultaker. 07JUL03 Inuyasha is taken off the schedule. Mass riots insue. Action vs. Comedy war begins; "becuz anime is teh s uck" is born. 09JUL03 Enlisted SwimMod CJ 26OCT03 Episode 20 of The Big O is aired instead of the season finale. Number of new messages reportedly increased 300% during the twelve hours after the episode aired. 26OCT03 Second webcam party; drunken chix0r insults fans. 02NOV03 Adult Swim airs the beginning of the "wrong" episode of Big O from last week for about 25 seconds. Before Adult Swim can say "Sorry, we had to do it.", the boards already receive a few complain threads. And to a lesser extent, there are several complaints about the Weinstein episode of Family Guy not airing as planned, despite the PROGRAMING ALERTs that aired all week. 14DEC03 A quiet Sunday morning, until a user going by the name USArmy decided to inform us all that the United States Army had found Saddam Hussein cowering in a hole about 150 times. This went on for about three hours until SwimMod_DH arrived. 14JAN04 Boards switch from Prospero software to Lithuim. 11FEB04 Viewer Valentine bumps air. Odin writes one to a girl at his former job, forgets to tell her to watch it. Mid-March '04: Shark vs. Croc. Late March '04: Name teh Cat (FireCloud II) 30MAR04 Isen and Bast are modified 01APR04 Mustache day. I need not say anything more. 17APR04 Action Saturdays returned, which featured the debut of the Animatrix. 18APR04 Sundays became all comedy, which included the debut of Popeye, (and the return of Ripping Friends). 16MAY04 The "dreadful," but unsuccessful IGN "Attack". On this day we saw how important the mods were, and that no website can bring down the ASMB EMPIRE! 19JUL04 Hockey Chicken launches. 02AUG04 Adult Swim replaces ATHF with Sealab. 04AUG04 Adult Swim starts airing commercials announcing that ATHF is "cancelled" and is airing the "final episode" on August 15th. 08SEP04 New RP Rules were enforced and RP_Referees were created. 26OCT04 No more RPs 07NOV04 Super Milk Chan and Tom Goes to the Mayor broadcast. Simultaneously, nearly every avid viewer of Adult Swim's perception of the programming block is lowered. 16NOV04 ATHF webcam poker Party
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    I fear posting on these because I will forget someone and feel terrible. I will go cheap and say so many of you have fingerprints on my heart. I have a deep love and respect for at least a score of you.
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    9001% nostalgiagasm. I want to thank everyone for being here, and for all the work that is done to maintain the site so we can be. This community has gotten me through some rough and strange times. ありがとう
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    Fun fact: If you garden naked in your backyard, your neighbors will build a privacy fence for you.
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    OK, I made it. The bitch is back, to quote Elton John. I miss too damn many people. Some of them are over on Facebook, where I keep track of the babies and other fun things. Some are gone forever, which makes me mourn.
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    Evil_Yami_Rush an avid IBer and lover of anime. I used to chat with him often on AIM.
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    Like everyone else who has a mental crisis, I have done dyed my hair.
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    IDK, I love you all!
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    Never forget. I couldn’t find the original pic, only this t-shirt. 😆
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    Going thru my old tapes. *Low res flickery blarb* Much love.
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    Hi all. We're old. What am I doing 20 years later? Still talking to you old ass people.
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    Couple quick pics from tonight, as it was the absolute greatest night I’ve had in a long time.
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    Remember when roleplay threads were a thing? You had to put “RP” in the title then post the entirety of SwimTorrent’s rules in the OP. There was always a mention of *looks around, punches SwimMod_Odin* really messed up my vanity search…
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    Weed is amazing, but nothing beats that euphoria of nostalgia trip. And damn, finding all this old shit, running through the archive on the old site, seeing a shit ton of people that I used to interact with on the daily (and getting a bit depressed at those that I lost contact with). Like damn, we really had something special, and it sucks that we saw that, but eventually we got brushed under the rug.
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    I'm glad it's been an opportunity for people to reconnect - both the people who just popped in to say hi and the folks who will stay a while. It's what we're here for.
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    Cringing at what I did 20 years ago.
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    You know what my absolute favorite was? When The_Spoon got a bump, and they cut it off halfway through and say something like "by this point we lost interest and noticed his sig" which said something like: "I have a poster of kagome in my room and every night before bed I unsheathe my tesseiga and windscar all over her face" I know I'm butchering it so someone's gotta find that.
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    Giving BIG UPS to these special boys. RaptorPat SwimOdin ramo200 TotallyRad kivaturi panic I Am Jacks STD insane fox pushkin Malon Loves Link Anti Chris dudeco ghostrek lunarnoodle tritelight verpetas Big Bear eklipse MrMojoRisin Comrad Reefer-Is-My-Friend CaliDave43 Poseidon Gary Barnabas Alyssa robert
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    Happy 20 years everyone. I'm reminiscing or at least trying to remember shenanigans from back then. What's coming to me are sweet memories of OAers Rainy, Caramello and Milky. I really appreciated meeting peeps at a couple cons and trying to keep up with people over the years. Shoutout to Mewn for our random messages lately! Despite all the bs, it was really fun to get to know people better on the discord during the pandemic and play games together. Ty to the peeps that kept up with me and checked in - y'all know who you are. Being a part of the boards helped me stay alive. Thank you for all the fond memories.
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    I chatted with Cowgirl_Ein a lot over the years on AIM. I, uh, actually wrote a poem in her honor when she was first diagnosed.
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    Nothing ever really dies, It is just transformed. RIP to all those from [asmb], and everywhere, that we have lost.
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    I may be misremembering, but Moparman?
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    Someone once used the bump opportunity to type up an orgasm and that’s when I knew it was special.
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    Viewer Bumps all the way. There was just something so fun about seeing something that someone you might remember interacting with that week getting up on the screen and having something they said either answered or mocked. Even if you didn't know them specifically, they were still a board member. Every Viewer Bump Night was a small celebration of community.
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    B& for shoult outs >.>; <_<; StarPanda, Skiles, mumbojummie13, Curlymafurly, 1pooh4u, BloodHawk1991, helpme, TigerEye, TsumeBlue, crushrose, TrigunBebop, DarksidexXx, Death_is_Coming, Doom_Metal_Alchemist, txanimeluva, ITasteLeikSex, God-Says-No, Tetsusaiga_775, BunnyBomber, Killme_then_Kissme, farnsworth2, myname, Bouvre3, Rogue_Alphonse, Master-Debater131, ShowItTaMe, LDK_SPARDA, Raptorpat, klinkinparkfan, psycho_raven, PHYCO_KILLER_COW, MoonGoddess17, to name a few
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    I also just referred to her earbuds as "hearphones"
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    actual message. XD Please be advised that you almost broke the Internet. Trying to get somewhere? Use the navigation at the top of the page. If you're still having problems, update your browser or your version of Flash. Just stop whatever it is that got you here because it's seriously freaking us out.
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    Finally got something in the mail today that I’ve been waiting fairly desperately for for months. I thought it’d ease my troubled mind more than it actually did, but that’s okay. I’ll still count today as (mostly) a win.
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