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    Aw geez, Rick. I can't believe we got infected with that throat parasite from Universe 42069. At least you found a way to get rid of it, but do you think our voices will ever go back to normal? Uhh, nope. We're gonna be stuck sounding like knockoffs of ourselves forever. [insert loud drunken belch here]
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    https://screenrant.com/batman-joker-mark-hamill-return-no-explained/ Basically Mark thinks without Kevin’s Batman, his Joker doesn’t work, so he’s retiring from the character.
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    I mean, I'm sure there are some bandwagon jumpers who do it for attention and money, but people who come forward also tend to get a ton of backlash from the accused's supporters and still get put under a lot of scrutiny so I honestly doubt there's very many of them in any given situation. It makes sense that more victims come forward after one person breaks the ice on an abuser because there's safety in numbers. The thing about assault and harassment is that you can objectively know you weren't responsible but still feel disgusted and guilty with yourself over being the victim. Assault can be an extremely isolating experience and it's pretty understandable why someone would want to keep quiet about it, especially if the perpetrator is somebody well-known or popular. Finding out that it's not just you, that the person who hurt you is actually just a total piece of shit and has hurt other people, can go a huge way to breaking that feeling of isolation and give them the necessary push they need to talk about their abuse.
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    Demarco says they lost the faith of the legal team. Demarco is also making it VERY difficult to not assume he is the one with the fat fetish. I have also been told there is someone who goes by the name “Clarknova” on a dedicated inflation art website.
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    Companies aren't courts. They don't need a legal verdict to take action. As long as they're covering their own asses, they're fully allowed to drop a hot piece of garbage. Companies also tend to know way more about any given situation than the public ever will, either by having covered it up for a while, or at least doing their own investigations. End of the day, you just gotta ask yourself: Do you really think they would go through with firing him on a whim? Someone that prominent, and financially crucial, isn't kicked just to save face. He's fired because the alternative is immensely worse.
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    No One Piece for one week?! This is an issue of national security. I hope Moose is on the No-Fly list.
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    It was just minutes away from someone saying " Sprite, the citrus ain't citrusing"
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    Honestly I'm still confused as to them apparently having enough time and staff to look through fanart submissions to select a handful to spotlight, but not having enough time or staff to spend maybe ten minutes running those pieces through a reverse image search to check that everything's cool. That's like carving out 20 minutes in the middle of your day to jack off and then arguing that you just didn't have time to put your dick away.
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    The bit started with him saying stupid people should have to wear a sign and it basically turned into the things they do are the sign.
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    Dip in road Thanks for being lazy doomer so I don't feel bad about not looking for a pic.
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    16 years later, we still haven't forgotten!! Today is when [as] should have announced the new mini-season of ATHF, not when the Roiland bomb exploded!
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    Dandy's reputation is not rotting. It's fermenting
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    Yeah, I couldn't really picture Hamill doing the role on his own. It wouldn't feel right.
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    I can appreciate this, though at the same time it still bums me out
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    This is the best era to be alive. "Always save the best for last. " - There is no God
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    Generation X....not giving a fuck since... IDK, whenever it was.
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    You now remember Coca-Cola's idea for marketing OK Soda in the 90's was "Drink it or don't, whatever." Marketing Brain is real, is what I'm saying.
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    First and Second Laboratory you say?
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    I'm thinking that if I have to babysit grown-ups, I'm going to advocate for severe beatings for poor behavior. Especially if that behavior keeps happening.
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    After the shitfit people threw about how Netflix batch-released Stone Ocean, maybe people would appreciate Toonami's weekly schedule more for it.
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    In the spirit of embarrassing confessions, I will admit it took me longer than I would like to realize that wasn't Zeni. ~Five Minutes Ago~ Me: "My man lost some weight. Going to the gym, not skipping leg day. Good for him."
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    “I’m not kink shamer” Also Demarco - “that scene in episode 16 of KLK is gross, you shouldn’t care that we butchered it with censorship” Look man, it’s cool that you are into the fat stuff, but your damage control is just progressively more and more unbelievable.
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    Detroits coach literally said that if they wernt going to the playoffs then neither were the packers, then went out there and did just that.
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    To the majority of people, anal vore refers to a meme template of your character of choice dabbing while the character you don’t like is implied to be sucked into their anus. I didn’t mean for you to actually jump down the rabbit hole. Or I guess in this case, butthole. The Nami image is fat fetish. She is depicted as having all the rolls needed to be that large. Inflation would be like what happens to the girl in Willy Wonka where she just becomes a comical round shape as if inflated like a balloon.
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    I'm starting to think the Abyss isn't a very good vacation spot.
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    If he honestly feels Dandy was a mistake, that’s a real shame. Bebop and Champloo are fantastic and ionic but Space Dandy was truly art. I hope Shingo Natsume is proud of directing Space Dandy.
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    let it be under the radar, we don't need netflix finding it and deciding to do more bad things with anime
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