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  1. are you sure this is something you want? 🤔
  2. if poof was being kept under close watch. like if they feared for her life that they have someone watching.
  3. i got no experience with how any of that works so i got no frame of reference. so you know, my mind goes into stalker mode when you mention something like that. seems like its normal tho.
  4. i kinda read you thread in DF, i didnt know the nurse was here... strange.....
  5. i dont think shes been here for a long time now but fuck it happy birthday mex! 🎂
  6. yes, anything that takes away from the efficiency of the combo is not the direction you wanna go. thats my advice. if you find your combo too slow and youre dying to creatures, then you need to be faster, or maybe force them to interact with you more. im not too familiar with historic tho so i cant really comment much on the meta. i know thats been a complaint with standard for a while now, lack of diversity in the meta. decks always get finely tuned to be the best aggro or control decks. it happens in all formats, even older formats you see a lot of the same decks.
  7. they really threw him off the rails here. not just his speech but his laugh is the cherry on top.
  8. its been since gamecube i think since the last sonic collections, so we are overdue for an update.
  9. i mainly play mono red myself so i can tell you that combo decks need to be fast if they want to have any chance of winning the match.
  10. sounds like youre running some sort of blue combo deck. you can run single target bounce spells and hope you can survive long enough to get your combo going. red or black splash can let you run low cmc removal and even some sweepers. but if you stick with mono blue that is a problem. creatures these days are the most powerful type in the game.
  11. also what archetype you playing? if you running some combo deck, you might just be too slow.
  12. what colors you playing? you might not have an option unless you splash for a different color.
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