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  1. idk what episode of teen titans had buttplugs.
  2. lucky you. it rains too much here where i live for a drive through movie theater.
  3. fbi/cia all they do is lie. no evidence to show that they have stopped lying to us.
  4. they just really want to make an enemy out of russia so bad. cuz they secretly want a new cold war.
  5. pro russian= did not buy into russiagate? what about contributing to rt america? so what. lots of people contribute there from all political spectrum. that doesnt discredit anything they say. maybe they show up there because they have been pushed out the mainstream into the only place that actually lets them talk about our actions outside the country?
  6. i know trumps been fucking up so bad lately and he's now losing at the polls but joe biden really doesnt strike me as someone that can actually beat him. even in his recent down trend the trump supporters are still gonna back him, tho things can change in a matter of months when more people start to go under. and people will go under. but imagine this pandemic never happened? trump would get an easy win over joe. as far as "cancel culture" goes. i dont pay too much attention to it.
  7. so much russia phobia here. why yall still pushing this? the grayzone been covering the russiagate story since 2016 and rightfully called out the msm and their cia propagandist for peddling this angle. they got more videos on the topic if you want to see but this one is just their latest.
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