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  1. PC support and help

    could be a pretty nasty virus. sometimes the very bad ones persist even through a reformat/fresh install. did you do a whole new reformat/ fresh install? the hard drive itself might be the problem too if its corrupted. i had one that made everything slow that i ended up replacing. do you have hdd or ssd? last thing i would look at is cpu temp. if your laptop is getting supper hot then most likely its slowing down your cpu speed. download cpu z and that will give you all the readings you need.
  2. Wal-Mart

    walmart is the best example of capitalism.
  3. What do you do when your parents

    my parents dont have that.
  4. what the fuck peta?

    i dont get how the fuck mccain became so beloved. dude was as bad as human beings can get, and should be rotting in hell. but steve irwin was great. fuck peta.
  5. robot calls

    that awfully sounds alot like a robot caller. this some bullshit. im also starting to ignore my phone calls. unfortunately i have some calls i need to answer at this time.
  6. robot calls

    well i guess you could keep ignoring them.
  7. robot calls

    aw shit you gonna feel all smart when that happens. look at me, i can still make phone calls!
  8. robot calls

    i think the ones that really want to talk to you would probably leave a message.
  9. robot calls

    would be perfect timing.
  10. robot calls

    i have not, this should be helpful...
  11. robot calls

    are you saying you want phone calls?
  12. robot calls

    jesus i dont think ive had a landline in 15 years.
  13. robot calls

    right to life sounds very anti abortion.
  14. robot calls

    i cant really be ignoring phone calls at this current time.