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  1. im no detective but might need to see pics to make sure its not yours...
  2. i have a feeling things will crumble. these elections made it more clear to us younger people that they just wanna fuck us.
  3. i liked it as a kid when i was like 5 and it was one of the first games i bought when i got back into retro gaming. does not hold up lol.
  4. only kudasai has worst game material on here the rest are really lucky to not play some of this high tier shit lol. 1. shaq fu- genesis 2. mk mythology sub zero- n64 3. clay fighters 63 1/3- n64 4. evil dead hail to the king- dreamcast 5. simpsons bart vs space mutants- nes
  5. i really thought if trump fucked the economy he would lose the election but lo and behold, the dems candidate happens to be worse than hillary clinton and has even less of a chance than she did. well played dems. i don't think they will go with biden for the nominee tho. it wouldn't surprise me if all the sudden biden steps down for health concerns and someone else takes his place. the dems still want to kick trump out and put their own guy in but they are ok if biden loses too. either way the race to the bottom will continue regardless of the election outcome. as for bernie, what can i say. the man had an uphill battle and had the odds stacked against him all the way i understand that. but his campaign sucked balls and he bowed down to the party the same way he did in 2016. so many missed opportunities. i think the worst one was the bailouts. not all on him but the man should have utilized his movement and made a lot of noise about it. i think we covered everything about his failures in this thread so i wont keep going with that. the only question now is what do his supporters do? i think its a perfect time for them to get radicalized.
  6. just got it this morning. i didnt play the original re3 but kinda know a little about whats going on.
  7. i got two of them! what games you wanna play?
  8. what is it with all these terrible comedians?
  9. thats how i feel with rogan. should not warrant much hate. especially when compared to those other dudes bucket keeps posting on.
  10. megaman zero/zx legacy collection. currently on zero 2.
  11. small business everywhere are struggling.
  12. yes... tho i just watch not participate.
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