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  1. i dont think that makes a difference if it was club owner or audience. end result still leaves him feeling the same i imagine.
  2. kinda hard to do cuz if he didnt know what he was talking about then the man would lose all his support. he would also sound alot like trump and only differentiate in very minor details.
  3. yes. i still use it since most my friends and family are on it. i dont really devote too much time to it. mainly just read when i have absolutely nothing else.
  4. you brave for going up there performing every time. idk man that sucks. we here for you.
  5. yes i want to know. also @Doom Metal Alchemist get yours started 😎
  6. as more days pass by it seems to me that bernie is taking over the party. kinda reminds me a bit when trump took over the republican party as well. except trump was chosen by the dnc to be the front runner of the republican party and bernie has been held back by them to say the least. but people are starting to reject the dnc and want someone that offers them something other than just trumps defeat. i said the dnc may choose bloomberg as their candidate, the man is just as racist as trump. but without any of the support from any large segment of the population. trump was able to tap into poor whites that were forgotten, but bernie can get through the other poor whites and many of the other voting groups.
  7. how can we not blame the US? you said it yourself, we created this situation. might not be the country that shot it down but we are the ones that have been antagonizing iran for decades now. especially the last few years with threats of sanctions and denying them their pursuit of a nuclear program. thats some bullshit. we also bombed and decimated all their neighbors too so how do you think they see us?
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