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  1. i kinda kept up even after i stopped watching the show. you can actually make a team of rangers with just him. he was even in this youtube where he fought against ryu and scorpion. the man was dedicated to the character. rip, another one from our childhoods.
  2. rooting for mexico, then gonna root for the last remaining latin american coutry. even if its brazil.
  3. they should bring in someone to compete for the job after this season. at this point maybe even bench him for flacco or the other back up qb.
  4. i was able to watch the last few minutes of that game. what a heartbreaking way to lose.
  5. you blaming the owner? cuz that guy does deserve a lot of blame. for sure mcdaniels has done his in creating such a disaster of a season. but again, davis should have done his homework first.
  6. no, i think losing to a high school coach should be all that is needed. thanks mcdaniels.
  7. rip to the definitive batman. brought so much joy and years of enjoyment from our childhoods and beyond.
  8. he's going the way of the late al davis. colts fans better strap on, its gonna be some turbulent times ahead. also we play the colts, so if we lose, what does that say about josh mcdaniels?
  9. yeah, these are corporations out for profit, not like the nfl ever was a pillar of morality. they may try and pretend to have a squeaky clean image. but just look at the owners, and look at some of the more privileged players, the league will turn a blind eye for them. same for any other corporation that stands for a cause. that said, i would absolutely stand by 100% if there was some sort of non corporate league that competed with the nfl and succeeded. would love to see a league that not only focuses on players well being, and paid them fairly. but also one that provided a much better viewing experience. no more commercials or military promotion!
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