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  1. whos gonna win the tank wars between the giants and the phins this week? my money is on the phins to remember their place and having fitzpatrick throw like 3 picks and vintage eli manning to have a good game.
  2. im buying people in the lowers income bracket time off from work. then we straining a movement to overthrow the government.
  3. i dont share the life style but it does make for some interesting reading... no judgement from me or anything, just not my thing. not that i really have a thing. continue on
  4. its been almost a month now, and i still dont have the game. this will be the first time since gen 3 since i miss out on buying a new gen pokemon at launch. just not a big fan of the effort put on by gf here. not sure whats going on but they are getting out done by many other companies. maybe they are just tired of pretty much making the same game over and over again? or gf was being cheap here? i dont know but its a shame since there are some cool stuff to like from what ive seen.
  5. first time i seen the trailer but ive heard about it for days now. yup im hyped. i like how fast this one is coming out a little bit over a year since the last remake. as for how the characters look? i thought their models looked good, even if they did buffed up leon a bit too much. claire was fine since she was barely into college. but jill looking hotter than ever!
  6. nice! a good variety of games. i think im a little bit under 20 but geting close. this is the system i have owned the most amount of games when the console was current gen.
  7. you better be studying! if you dont ace that test then hoooooo! im gonna explode on you! 😡
  8. sometimes we are pretty dense too so it dont help if your even more dense too! 😂
  9. looking pretty nice, i like the red leds. good job on the cabling as well. hope you got that problem with windows resolved.
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