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  1. i dont know how people have a hard time understanding this. hilary was seen as the same type of politician as bush/obama. and rightfully so. its not that they all liked trump, but its more as them giving the establishment a middle finger. but the joke is on them because he dont give a shit about them either. their status and privilege in society will keep on diminishing regardless of how big that wall ever gets.
  2. Hey, guys. Listen up.

    nah. nintendo likes their fairy boy link. also agree with mochi, oot/mm link is my favorite of his designs.
  3. wuts ur butt look like

    it looks ok...
  4. Long time no see

    congrats to the both
  5. The NBA Thread

    damn it was a rough way to lose getting swept in the semis. great season overall but the ending leaves me a little disappointed. this warriors team playing as if they didnt miss a single beat from before kd joined 2 seasons ago. though i do think they will be favored against whoever makes it out of the east.
  6. 230 roll call

    about to sleep soon
  7. 230 roll call

    yo yo.
  8. Drunk poof tonight

    thats true. so far none of my jobs have ever required me to et horny.
  9. Drunk poof tonight

    i dont have any of that stuff off hand. besides the viagra sounds like a very bad idea to me.
  10. Drunk poof tonight

    sorry poofy but i have to make stupid money
  11. Drunk poof tonight

    i'd join you but i have to wake up early tomorrow without a hangover lol.
  12. Playing Megaman 5

    seems nice. game is easy enough that you dont need them.
  13. Drunk poof tonight

    hard cider girl i see
  14. who is the worst president in history?

    probably w. bush . you can make a good case for any of the post ww2 presidents as worst ever. even obama. though the early presidents do have genecide and slavery to keep them in the worst ever. but its harder to compete with the scale of mass global empire versus that of an early colonial nation.
  15. they try to get me too but i tell them im an illegal and hang up.