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  1. tyson looking as intimidating as he was 20 years ago. maybe roy still thinking, this is just exhibition, i'll be safe.
  2. almost a week of the worst air in the world. finally getting some rain tonight.
  3. maybe this was a typical exam? either way there could be something there.
  4. has there been any roy jones hype vidoes yet? mike tyson is still looking like he's out for blood.
  5. couldnt watch tonights game but saw some highlights, joe burrow was making some pretty sweet passes. i think hes showing lots of promise.
  6. i usually wait to get a next gen system, unless theres something i really want to play. plus i wanna avoid situations like the one you describe.
  7. im talking about people in general. most people dont want war or want to live anywhere near it. governments in general just try to do what in their best interest which mean in most societies, they got to try and keep their people happy. or at least have enough people that are well off. once the petrodollar collapses it will mean that it is no longer the reserve currency. which means the end of the US empire and most likely a lot of pain. especially with how over printed the dollar has been.
  8. yup you'll have to get of your lazy butt and try
  9. global politics really isnt that complex. the world today is more connected than its ever been, thanks to globalization. most people and governments around the world wants to live in peace.
  10. name some examples of institutional racism that are not forms of oppression cuz im having problems coming up with anything that doesnt lead to oppression. like most of our foreign policy is meant to keep everyone else down. but most especially people of color. if thats not racism then i dont know what is.
  11. theres still more levels of racism but i would say those are the worse.
  12. the killing and suppression of black and brown people.
  13. our wars in the middle east? our involvement in the entire continent of africa? our dealings with all of central and south america? our history with asia?
  14. this year the systemic collapse of our system is accelerating. many are still out there in renters limbo/ debt. help isnt coming to those that need it, there will be mass evictions. global warming showing us hints of what awaits us in the future. wall street going up while we still have mass unemployment. people are revolting over police brutality. all wrapped up in a nice pandemic thats only being made worse because of both our systemic failure and the man in charge. hard to predict what this will all look like come election day.
  15. most farm workers are poor but they wont be seeing any relief from the bailouts. these people are suffering, not all of them, like the ones in your area. the stupid thing about this is that trump himself is the one that did the most damage back when he started his trade war with china and made it so china stopped buying our crops. specifically soy. this bailout is all about optics.
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