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  1. that movie was so bad it was good. MARTHA!
  2. that crossfire commercial really hype the fuck out of that toy.
  3. i didnt doubt that the movie wasnt popular its just been a while since the first one. a really long while. would have thought they would have done so immediately after the success of the first one. but i guess this is probably the only time they could get all the actors together to do it.
  4. i didnt ever think zombieland would ever get a sequel especially after how long its been since it came out.
  5. movement nowadays seem very ineffective and mainly because theres not many of them that connect to other movements. so yeah i kinda agree as well.
  6. im a big fan of the tapatio doritos myself. but for fritos is all about the chilli chese ones. those are the saltiest. bonus point if you eat them with chilli.
  7. heres to bad choices we make in life! why we make them cuz why not.
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