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  1. i missed that, had to drive home in the 4th quarter.
  2. i got back into retro game collecting in around 2014 and i managed to get quite a decent size collection. prices were already climbing before covid and now they gone insane on almost every platform. you guys might wanna check if you just got them sitting and not planning on playing them. even wii u titles seeing the crazy spikes. https://www.pricecharting.com/ i have multiple platforms with games that are over $100 each. i think my japanese saturn probably my most expensive library with a few titles like radiant silvergun, battle garegga and batsugun hitting over $200. and many hitting over $100 like symphony of the night.
  3. how do lions fans sleep at night knowing they lost to a last second, record breaking 66 yard field goal 🤣 and bears, 1.1 yards per carry average? it really didn't matter who the have as their qb since everything else sucks so bad 😂 and the jets getting shut out. they are the worst team this week. actually the bears are much worse this week but come on its the jets! raiders on the other hand 3-0 with the OT win vs the phins. first time 3-0 since 2002!
  4. if i new how to make memes, i would post the one where squidward is watching spongebob and patrick prancing about from the distance. its looking more like the jets probably might have been the ones to blame for darnold doing bad... do we owe him an apology?
  5. im not following the national debt all that closely so i cant comment much. is this the debt we are paying off from old wars? if i remember correctly we kinda recently finished paying off the debts we had from ww2. could be 5-10 years ago. i do know borrow a shit ton as a nation, the money borrowed from the bailouts, that goes to the national debt? and our lenders happens to be whoever has the money like china or other banks. someone wanna clarify?
  6. fuck ernie! nothing but failure over and over again.
  7. i think thats how i remember st. louis and san diego going down. oakland same too, but raiders have been trying for the longest time to relocate to get a new stadium, but al davis was hated by the league.
  8. should always start henry. the other 2? i take barkley. he should be close to being 100% healthy and hopefully return to form
  9. why would they move to a city with even less connection than they have to LA? i think the new stadium was the biggest factor if i remember correctly. they been wanting one for a while and things just fell into place for the LA stadium. also LA is a larger sports market than san diego so probably more profit there? but then again, as the 3rd most popular football team in the city, how much would that be over san diego?
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