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  1. they got beat by the better team. they were up there in record at one point but were never the top team when it came to dvoa. feels like these divisional games should be more like the championship games. bills vs chiefs and bucs vs. rams. probably the 4 best teams taking each other out. must be nice for the number 1 seeds.
  2. bills just dominated. they could beat anyone if they can keep playing like this.
  3. it was a good game i thought. just couldnt execute well enough and couldnt overcome all these self inflicting wounds. we were there till the very end. despite everything that happened this season, the team showed lots of heart and grit. i am proud. the offseason will be one i look most forward to in a while. we are likely getting a new coach and gm. crazy to think that we were gonna be stuck with gruden another 6 years if it wasnt for those emails.
  4. its the bungels, so probably $5 bucks.
  5. fucked up on trubisky situation, fucking up the fields situation. should have been fired end of last season.
  6. the best part was that he said he called the timeout because he wanted the right personnel to defend the run. and then right after jacobs rushes for 10 yards to setup the game winning field goal.
  7. who would you rather have as owner bowlen, elway or manning?
  8. i hate the chokers so im glad we sent their asses home. that said, there was a part of me that hoped both teams would have just kneeled for 60 minutes straight. but these players and coaches are not wired in that way.
  9. what a way to end the regular season of football. one of the craziest games of football. raiders just win! also bears and jags get the upset when the games mean nothing lmao.
  10. it always sucks the last day. so many teams not really playing for much except for maybe better seeding to get homefield. i think most teams that are locked in would rather just rest their starters. not hard to imagine miami pulling another miracle win vs the pats or a the lions pulling of the upset vs the practice squad packers. with that said, with you being 2 points behind, you still got a shot to catch up. everyone else gg's.
  11. it was some ice therapy. and yes he got frostbite on his foot which took him off training for most the time. then the nfl made certain types of helmets illegal, like the kind AB wore. he was able to find a replacement he liked but it was still not helmet compliant. then he was fined by mayock for missing practice. then, he called mayock a cracker. we showed great patience with him. but i think mayock mishandled that situation.
  12. even if it wasnt cte, which he most likely does suffer from, brown stated that the coaches were pressuring him to play, despite the fact that he still felt injured. assuming thats true, the bucs were in the wrong here, and browns reaction was appropriate. that hit tho, crazy to think they would be teammates in their brief time with the raiders. i wish it would have worked out, but it takes a certain kind of coach or gm that can deal with this crayzyness/diva. coach tomlin doesnt get enough credit.
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