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  1. 1979 toyota pick up 1995 honda civic 2007 mazda 6
  2. i say after 9.5 years, you can round up to 10. otherwise just round up and say things like this happened about 9 years ago. and if you dont remember exactly, you can still say about.
  3. drafting a qb last season probably wasnt the best idea.
  4. i guess thats the most likely thing to happen, i dont watch college sports at all so i cant chime in on his skill. but everyone thinks he's the consensus #2. tho i dont pay too much attention to mainstream media since sports it's always bad. but teams can turn it around fast with a lot of draft picks. look at browns and dolphins. shame about him being a trumper. makes it harder to root for.
  5. i really dont want the donkeys getting rodgers. its fucking manning situation all over again. raiders also a possible destination, and i would cheer it on but i wouldn't be upset if we stick with carr either. i been happy with him, he is not the reason we lose games. our defense was more to blame. but i think most likely either the packers dont trade him or he retires. as for the draft? i cant wait to see how all these new qbs pan out. trey lance landed in the best spot as far as teams go. the niners are a great team. bears with fields was a great pick up as well. i really hope it works out for them and makes all the teams that passed on him regret it, like the donkeys. the lawrance and wilson projects should be fun to watch regardless of how it turns out. as for the raiders? i like the first two picks, many say alex was a reach and trevon was a steal but i think they both will be great. i think we went too safety heavy for my liking but give us a b- for our grade.
  6. i've heard some people get hit hard with the side effects but it shouldnt last long.
  7. zero. dont really drink much anymore or do any drugs. not old enough yet to have something serious happen to me yet.
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