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  1. Tsar, why must you be a terrible copy of packard?
  2. You do know they think you are a hooker.
  3. stilgar


    So, the first episode is out and I must say it was pretty good. I was nervous about the animation but it isn't that bad. A little stiff but watchable. The voice actors are pretty good and the music is fantastic. I can't wait to see even more. But I have a feeling that if this season is only 13 episodes long we might not get to find out who killed Tem. Also, I thought the sexual tension between Legosi and Louis was bad in the manga but you are gonna need a diamond tipped chainsaw to cut it in the anime.
  4. It isn't healthy to eat your hair, I don't care how hungry you are.
  5. Hey jingo, go fuck yourself you racist pile of rancid semen. Maybe if you didn't support the garbage people you support people wouldn't think of you as human excrement.
  6. I cracked my skull open at work and bought a sandwich on my way home with blood still all over my face.
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