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  1. Nope, she is gonna go down your path of mediocrity and accomplish nothing of note. Hopefully she won't get your personality.
  2. Ok, I'm tired now

    Did you report buddy calling your daughter retarded? Or are you so retarded you forget?
  3. You aren't a very good mother.

    He can't make it out the door.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Poobah
  6. So what's the next holiday?

    That is what I said.
  7. So what's the next holiday?

  8. Clegane Bowl

    It was funny when you rage quit and said you were gonna flood the site with gore porn because your skin is thin.
  9. Ginguy best troll

    It's easier for them to latch on short phrases it seems.
  10. Opinion on ads?

    Is it gonna be am add for Cunt Wars?
  11. Ginguy best troll

    If you are quiet, you can witness the mating ritual of the broken dicked warbler and the Puerto Rican pygmy tit.
  12. Fuck zombie Jesus

    He isn't a zombie, he is a lich.
  13. Kimetsu no Yaiba

    That is Tanjiro's ultimate attack.
  14. Ill probably be blocked finally for this

    You brought it up shit head, you provide the evidence.
  15. Ill probably be blocked finally for this

    Who did Jesus murder again?