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  1. If you do try this you will need to get eggs so fresh they just fell out of the cloaca because here in America they wash they so much that they protective barrier on the shells is worn away. This opens the pores in the shells and allows micro organisms to enter. They don't do that in Japan so it is safe for them to eat eggs like that.
  2. You gotta cook it before you eat it.
  3. People like him think everything needs to revolve around them.
  4. It's almost like the cops don't care about the lives of protesters or something.
  5. Boy, they sure did a great job. Didn't they.
  6. The freeway was closed down and he had to drive the wrong way up a ramp to get to them. But you keep blaming the victims for this.
  7. So, it's common sense to blame victims when they get hurt? What a piece of garbage.
  8. And because of my intolerance of shitheads.
  9. Don't be upset you let everyone know you are a victim blaming piece of shit hardhat.
  10. I guess you'll just have to keep being the "those protesters deserved to get hit by a car because I am a fucking piece of human garbage" guy.
  11. Lol. You think your drivel explained why you feel the need to blame the victims.
  12. Also, it looks like hardhunter is jingo's new support now that bucket is gone.
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