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  1. Man, I knew bucket was a fucking idiot but I didn't know he was this monumentally stupid.
  2. I see you aren't denying that is you being a nazi apologist.
  3. Lol. Go fuck yourself bucket you nazi apologist.
  4. How is a conspiracy theory gonna get people insured?
  5. Buckets solution is for the uninsured people to just die. That way they are no longer uninsured.
  6. An old sock filled with 20 guys semen is better than a tim pool video.
  7. Also, according to katt the only posts that are topical here are only videos of tim pool. So videos of neo nazi livestock toucher aren't on topic either.
  8. What does this picture have to do with a republican governor releasing hundreds of pedophiles out of spite after he lost the election?
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