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  2. Each series will extend over whatever month it is, so if you don't win (win what?) You aren't out, every thing resets at the start of a new month. Which is why I'm working with the calendar thingy. Participation is not really mandatory, but if you advance and suddenly stop playing, you may be eliminated just to make room for others who didn't. Can't win it if you're not in it (win whaaaaaaat?) And for my last note of the night, I was thinking that maybe the winner (😡😠😡😠😡) also becomes host the next round....now if no one wants the responsibility, I'll just do it but I'm just thinking about ways to mix things up....so those of you who accepted the invite, if you're still interested, I'll get to work making some user friendly challenges and see how I want to deal with the voting system.
  3. So, just so you all know why I've gathered you here, I wanna play a game. What I have here is a tentative framework of what I'm going for. Keep in mind, I kinda fell into this ass backwards so expect many mistakes. This isn't TD, so normal board rules apply, even the ones on civility. Here's a CPof what we have so far. invite people into the club, have them participate in a series of challenges to create winners; The winners of those challenges as adjudicated by a panel of judges, get immunity while the others are subject to a vote by club members as a whole (minus the judges) as to who gets dropped from the overall competition; Those who are voted out aren't ejected from the club, but can't vote on successive rounds of the competition; The immunity is only for the individual challenge; And, after x rounds; a challenge of the remaining participants voted on by just the judges will determine the winner? I'll pin this and leave it open for any suggestions.
  4. I've found quite a few banner pics that could be considered funny. (At least to me. You're the ultimate judge after all, Buddy.) This first one is, well, pretty self-explanatory. Here's another one that I think would work extremely well and serve every purpose you're looking for. (Just need to edit it so it doesn't look like it's on the front of a t-shirt.) The next two are from a similar site, but they're posters. (Or can be bought as posters. And I'm not gonna lie: The second one kinda hurts. lol) These last two are just something I'm throwing out there. I don't know. It's a little harder than I thought finding humorous survival pics for the banner pic. But I think this is a pretty good attempt, to say the least.
  5. So yeah, just randomly inviting people...y'all just play amongst yourselves
  6. I found this. Hope it works. (Thank God I kept the Google search for Survival logos open.) You may have to edit the size of the pic on your phone as to make it fit the screen. If I could find a bigger size version of the pic, I would. (But this is just something that caught my eye. Let me find something more in the mold of what you're looking for.)
  7. Which one do you need? Is it for the "avatar" part? Edit: Nevermind. I see the problem.
  8. Looks like I need 2 pics Gemini. Wanna go to the store again
  9. NARUTO: SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 427 To the Dream World The Infinite Tsukuyomi has begun, triggering a dubiously canonical filler arc inside the dreams of all the shinobi on the battlefield! First up to reveal her manipulated subconscious is TenTen of the Leaf! She finds herself far from the battlefield in what appears to be a Hidden Leaf Village at peace; but while some things are eerily familiar, others are confusingly different! Is that Menma Namikaze??? ONLY TOONAMI
  10. Poofy

    Pick one

    Shes hotter in snake form
  11. Sword Art Online: Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night Why? The reasoning will become clear in two days.
  12. So series has been rolling out. Gotta say I like the original Trigun better so far but I'm going to treat this like it's own thing. Spoilers below this point There is no Milly. At least not yet. Instead, there's a drunk guy. He's not too interesting. Easy going, down to Earth and constantly drinks. Pretty typical really. Also him and Meryl are reporters. Meryl is...fine I guess. I would rather not use this word but she's less tsunadre and she kinda plays into the reporter trope. Vash's character doesn't seem as principled. He's still a pacifist but he showed zero fucks about killing a sandworm. When Meryl finds him, he's trapped hanging upside down so kinda like the original. She was never skeptical of Vash's identity. In this series, he tries harder to not fight at all instead of going to his gun to save the day. By the way, the gun looks a bit different now. Not a complaint, just an observation. I'm sure you've noticed in the trailers that Vash's arm is different. I liked it better when people couldn't tell it was a prosthetic but whatever. Not sure if it transforms into a gun but if it doesn't, that would defeat the purpose of the series name. Wolfwood shows up and he plays the "You're too trusting, I could have killed you" trope. Just really lays it on thick. His weapon got an upgrade. It now shoots a laser instead of the rocket. He's was very protective and secretive about his weapon before using it in a fight. It's debut was showy and over the top. He sucks as a priest but that could be an act. Knives shows up very early on. He wears a robe of lost technology that can turn into small robots. I suspect he could turn it into anything because him and Vash are plants and plants create matter. Unlike the original series, he's very hands on. He'll waltz up to Vash himself instead of just sending baddies at him. Much to my disdain, he played an organ. Ugggghhhhhhh. Knifes shows up during the Nebraska Family event. The son of the family is more or less human size now about they had a change of heart after some events. This is the episode where you know you're really watching something different. People start getting dismembered and they have the classic 90's Ninja Anime pressurized blood thing going on.
  13. So do you think the Nets and Kyrie Irving will play the rest of the season out or will Brooklyn look around aflat the NBA for a trade partner?
  14. I'm here and ready to be killed. Or not. Whichever's funnier.
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