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  3. Everybody sing along and get re-traumatized: I couldn't wait for you to come clear the cupboards But now you're going to leave with nothing but a sign...
  4. They have an actual pissing contest? Uhhh yeah you can't do that in a show if you want it be taken seriously. Sounds like there was a lot of outside interference.
  5. Yeah, the 2016 election was a really poor time for the ASMB to undergo that overhaul. In a way, it's fitting they shut the boards down for good on Election Day/the day after.
  6. I may have been on the ASMB for a few years, but I don't have a whole lot of memories from it. The biggest one is the Ben/Gman arguments that would go on for many pages at a time. I also remember John quite well, and in fact I thought a lot of his posts were more interesting than the Toonami ratings analysis. Since I rarely left the Toonami folder, I wasn't exposed to the clientele at large until the switch to NodeBB happened. Too bad that coincided with the political chaos of 2016, not to mention possibly the peak of Amy Schumer's career. I've got enough insufferable BS on this forum. Judging by the fact that I got banned twice on the NodeBB forums, I'm guessing I was even worse there. Hey, at least I made sure to archive me and Poke's show reviews and other chat about content ratings. [woah, 2,500th post? fitting...]
  7. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon 32 The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious 9 I just realized I know jack shit about the theory of relativity.
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  9. I found this fellow's take very accurate. The censored part isn't a weiner I promise.
  10. Putting this here because the original NSFW content ban caused the huge migration of artists to Twitter.
  11. Drama with comedy interspersed to relieve the tension. That's why you end up with say an episode with a sequence where mainly the males of the series are having a literal pissing contest while other episodes deal with feelings of loss, abandonment, betrayal and depression. As Jman already pointed out, the type of animation involved and being a Western production makes it hard to market as a pure drama to the people who make the decision while still apparently never actually watching anything. And I'm guessing that the animation used was done to make things more affordable in the long run while appealing to a wider audience that would include the Family Guy / Simpsons set. Too much detail and the price starts to go up by the line after all.
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