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  2. Straight edge. I'm allergic to alcohol and tend to adjust to prescription medications too fast for them to be worth the efforts.
  3. Translation - Who engages in day-to-day reality without resorting to mind altering drugs?
  4. So what is the ratings going to look like when school is back in session?
  5. scoobdog


    Vodka is kind of weird thing to shoot. Most vodkas don't really have much of a flavor, at least the ones that are worth drinking. And, I'll take your Malort and show you baijiu.
  6. I'm just going to pretend I understand this post and be like lol.
  7. Seconding Baccano and Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. Haikyu! - volleyball anime but it's really fun to watch. Trigun - an action classic along the lines of Cowboy Bebop that starts off goofy, but then pulls a 180 on you. Natsume's Book of Friends - a very relaxing anime about a boy who can see monsters and the adventures he has with them once he accepts his gift. Some of the stories can make you cry, but it's mostly heartwarming. March Comes in Like a Lion - it's about a young professional Shogi player who lost his family and how he deals with his depression while also learning how to let people in his heart again. Yuri on Ice - ice skating with a very well done gay romance. It's not graphic in any way and relies on storytelling to develop the relationship. Yona of the Dawn - a great fantasy show about a princess learning to survive after her father is murdered and she has to go on the run. It has really good character building. Shiki - small Japanese village goes bonkers after vampires arrive and start killing people. The best vampire show that I've seen in years.
  8. South "bless your heart" = North "Aww, look at you".
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  10. Counterpoint, she might. Additionally shut up, and also be quiet
  11. Hey, hope always springs eternal when it comes to medical bills going the hell away.
  12. That's my bad. I should have said 'maybe' instead of 'probably'.
  13. I've never come across the 'you're so sweet' thing as anything other than a sincerity. However, 'bless your little heart' is always an insult if the person saying it is southern. Always!
  14. Did he even realize how much math shit is in that field? It's like all math. Should have told him you wanted to major in GameBoy and see what happens. [ no one seems to get the reference ]
  15. We all already know she has horrible taste in men but she still isn't going to sling the arby's your way no matter how much you shake those pom-poms. Embassy Suites is a waste of Hilton points.
  16. tsar4


    A friend worked for a Western Wear store owned and pretty much staffed by members of an extended Hispanic family. After closing for the day, they'd all head for a dive bar across the street (the kind you had to be "buzzed" into & that beat cops would drop in to get a quick beer on patrol). They invariably would do shots of Tequila & invite me to join - I'd decline (they'd had practice & could put them away repeatedly). I stopped them by saying, "OK, but only if you do a shot of my choosing". The elder son asked what it was & I said, "Vodka". The response was, "EEWWW, you drink that stuff?", in a way that was like it was too strong for them. I wish I had known about Malört then, but I probably would have gotten a beating if I got them to try it.
  17. Disclaimer, I have yet to have a medical debt completely lump summed out of existence just to get rid of me. But, for my gallbladder I was able to set my payments at $50 a month after jumping through all the hoops to get it reduced. That way I'd still send in more than that if I could but didn't have to worry about whether or not I'd be able to afford a payment on any given month. My payments today are much higher than that but it's still set at a level that I know I can hit if not exceed. Always try to get your payments set at something you know you should be able to beat every month. It may stretch things out for what seems like forever, but you'll also have that little extra happy moment on any month you send in extra. Also, you said you don't have insurance? Might work in your favor. Some hospitals will not only work with you on payments but they'll reduce the amount you owe a little at a time with each payment you make on time. It's a good faith maneuver on both sides. Look into it.
  18. Has anybody told my bank?! I got people things to buy, places to see, money to give St. Jude
  19. Not a tv commercal, but before Mentos started using "The Freshmaker" they had magazine adds with the tagline, "It's hard to tell whether to bite or suck on them".
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