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    The Buddy System

    Nah, I have some that used to post here but I don't talk to anyone active offboard. Pretty sure a few of you are on friends on PSN/Steam/Switch though.
  4. Sup kagome naked. Happy birf year
  5. Question 1 Jimothy contains 13 apples on his van. On his van has 3.7 wheels. Bichael owns a taxi. Bichael's taxi has 2.9 windows. If Jimothy drive his van at when Bichael has his taxi, how many apples will fall of Bichael if they are traveling because? Choose : A- true B- false C- medium
  6. I always feel like my period is being dramatic for no reason. Like oh I'm coming ... no wait I'm not ... just kidding no wait ... nah ... HERE I AM I got my period laying on this kid's legs helping to put them in a hold when I was doing inpatient psych XD Was fine all day .... they call the code ... CRAMPS BLOOD ALL AT ONCE I was just like .... this is fucking great and you can't move until it's done
  7. I got a nosebleed one time when I was changing a bed-bound patient's sheets. All over my whites, all over the bed, all over the patient...the girl I was working with couldn't decide whether to be scared about all of the blood pouring out of my face or pissed about the mess. After that, getting my period at work was kind of anticlimactic.
  8. I ended up cracking the code to my grandmoms chocolate cake that no one has been able to make for years.
  9. Got my period in the middle of talking to a patient .... they decided to talk for 57 minutes. My period always starts aggressive. I'll just be talking normally then FUCK LOAD OF CRAMPS ALL AT ONCE followed by the little familiar sticky feeling that says Lol .... I've arrived
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  11. Congrats! Hope things last a very long time.
  12. Aw, the Roomba just wanted to go streaking.
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