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  2. I just want the people to give me my shit, it was an honest mistake.
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  4. I was going to make a thread about the SAO panel specifically but since people were already talking about it in here, it seemed redundant. Yeah, I could see that. You should have seen the new episode. It was godly. The art and animation was probably the best I have ever seen from SAO (though I still haven't gotten around to watching Ordinal Scale.) So fucking good. It had great action and also some emotional moments. Well paced, a lot happened in the episode. But not rushed either. I think even not-so-big fans of SAO would like it, but I could be wrong. I'm kind of biased since SAO is one of my favorite series. I guess I am probably one of the only people here who truly, genuinely likes the show, even with all its flaws lol (though I don't agree on all of what people say are flaws of course, but I get tired of relitigating that.) But yeah, I need to grab the screenshot of Mon Mothma when she gives the Bothans line, and put this for the meme text - "THE NEW SAO EPISODE PREMIERES" "MANY BOTHANS DIED TO BRING US THIS ANIMATION" Hell, you could even just watch the OP to see what I'm talking about!
  5. yeah, basically once Ghibli became a household name in the states it no longer needed the Disney branding to sell here...so G-Kids was able to break away from Disney and keep dubbing Ghibli and Ponoc movies
  6. Ooooh interesting. Because G-kids sounds like the most basic bitch generic off-brand name for a licensing and dubbing company I've ever heard, haha. So then nothing has been lost. Good to know. Now to try to rangle things to get HBO Max set up. I don't think my Aunt ever tried to get it to work. Still just stuck with HBO Now I think.
  7. Disney doesn't own those actors basically G-kids dubbed the movies and Disney just distributed them....now G-kids distributes them themselves....G-kids is basically just an anime dubbing studio that only produces dubs using big superstar Hollywood actors rather than unknown local actors like Funimation, Viz, and Sentai
  8. But, those expensive Disney actors did the dubs...
  9. the G-Kids releases are the Disney Dubs....just minus the Disney Branding
  10. The only thing he ever has sex with are girls' used masks. So he wouldn't have much experience with any kind of sexual activity, period.
  11. Good point. I have no idea why she was randomly dumped there lmao.
  12. You guys want to read a fan fiction I wrote? The absolute keyword being fiction. Because, once you read it you'll go, "Well. Of course that's fiction." Story is a work of 100% fiction. Any similarities between this fiction and reality was literally penned and stolen by Satan Because Satan can see the dollar just exuding from it. Anyway: on w/ the pitch. Hey, I have a few questions about possibly joining the moderation team around here. Like, what are some of the prerequisites? There would be a chain of command as well, obviously, correct? Sorry if some of these questions are redundant but this is completely foreign territory for me. But, mostly, I'm just interested in this gig for the chance to enact some good old retribution. For instance, there's this guy over in one of the anime folders; sometimes he says things that make me have a frown face and and if I learned anything at community college it's that frown-spreaders are actual, legitimate Nazi's. So, what i was thinking I could do to totally pwn the actual, legitimate, real, not imaginary Nazi that doesn't exist in my arrested development adolescence... is use their creepy Nazi tactics against them (because they are real and i'm not just pretending to keep the dissonance manageable). We're going to gather their private information. This behavior is totally legitimate when your target his a Nazi, which he... then, we find a charity that this Nazi scum would positively hate and then.... here's the best part..... WE SEND THE CHARITY THEY WOULD HATE A DONATION IN THEIR NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Think about how epically pwned that NAZI would be! He would be so mad and furious in real life and not just my weird, creepy imagination! *rolls on the ground for several minutes reveling in their outstanding aptitude, fierce originality and totally normal, well-adjusted, sane, lacking-in-mental-illness, future planet-saving diplomat* Hmmmm. Know what, kid? I like your spirit. Plus, I too am a genius and can find no fault or drawbacks to this plan; feel free to get started immediately.
  13. You saying the n-word isn't going to get anyone to think about the words use. All it is going to do is make you look like a dick head.
  14. I dunno, I think the last three posts have shown this to be something of an enlightening moment for a few white people. This shit is not a fucking joke to me. And a few minds offering real thought on using terms that are undisputedly offensive is all I care about. When three people start thinking about this issue in a real way that's the road to millions. But if you go out and protest be careful of that big black guy in jail! I met him in my racist hometown, probably purposefully. This was the time I tried to report a cop. If you can make that guy laugh he'll like having you around. Jail is too boring to do what cops say. After he asked about my shoes and accepted my attitude of fear and deference to an extent, I just wanted him to know as long as I'm there I'm not looking for problems. He just nodded at me. After that a chill guy told me what to expect. There was a point a while back my whole mind warped to see how we perpetuate these stereotypes. Maybe two weeks after George Floyd's murder. And I don't mean warped in a bad way, but that's what I had to do to my mind and it infuriates me. In my life I have always stood against discrimination when I saw it. When I was eight years old I asked a Christian kid who he was to tell a jehovah's witness what was right to believe in. This shit is so much bigger than you and me and a few racist cops. It's you and me and tens of thousands of racist cops. It's bigger than an attitude it's a fucking emergency. This is the beginning of a fight and this is a time we ask ourselves does freedom of speech allow the organization of hate groups? I want these people relegated to three dirty basements in Alabama and the rest of them in fucking jail figuring out which guy has the asshole closest to a pussy.
  15. Then i must destroy mosquitos before they destroy me
  16. Why the hell did Leafa spawn in the ass crack of the battlefield in the first place? Asuna and Sinon didn't seem to have a problem jumping right in the middle of the action.
  17. Idk probably anything that has aluminum in it Niche organic or essential oil deodorants probably won't work
  18. Does it work with any deodorant? I have to be careful with some because my skin is sensitive and I get burns. The only one I've found that is fine is the Toms of Maine brand one
  19. That show was a big chunk of my childhood. Him and everyone else on that show inspired a sense of curiosity in me
  20. This year keeps getting shittier
  21. It works like a charm you gotta get a good amount on but it's like complete relief in like a minute
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