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  2. Maybe so. But I won't talk shit on the book because it was the inspiration for the great Emma Stone film, Easy A
  3. I found a freshly hatched nest of baby spiders in the latch for our gate the other day haha. And there's a giant colony in wrapping around where walls meet the ceiling in the garage. I haven't done anything with it since I figure they are natural pest control. Although it is unsightly. Plus I don't want to spray poison anywhere or risk getting bit trying to vacuum it up. A few years ago my grandmother got bit by what the doctor's believed was a spider. It caused an infection she had to be hospitalized for. She recovered, but it kind of changed our minds about spiders lol. But even now we usually just leave them alone unless they're somewhere we really don't want them. And if it's a case of never wanting to get bit by a spider ever again... you can never get rid of all the spiders in your house anyway. Bleh! I saw a creepy millipede in the bathroom not too long ago!
  4. I never forget that Colleen voices Erza because the voice she picked for Erza sounds quite similar to her Riza from fullmetal and or Charlotte from black clover voice in general,but without their soldier mannerisms but Yeah,Colleen is very varied in range. Her Gohan and Luffy voice still catches me off guard to this day. I still can't believe It is her doing it. I can definately see the visual similarities between Erza and Lisa. Both have red sideswept bang,big boobs,access to fire powers haha Oh, my apologies,I wasn't aware that the dubbing for fairy tail had already finished up.
  5. It made me wonder if he was more aware this time. Because was the flashback he was remembering while he was asleep, or? And, the mention of a dream he has where he helps people. Then whenever Zenitsu is asleep he goes into badass mode. I'm trying to remember if when the Hashira girl finds him, if there was any mention of who killed the demon. You would think Zenitsu would realize that demon wouldn't just leave him alone like this. And now that he's fully awake he has the wherewithal to use Thunder Breathing to slow down the poison spread.
  6. It just goes to show they never gave a shit about Vic or anime and were just using the whole situation for another proxy war in the stupid political culture war they like to use to gain clicks views and cash. I don't like when it happens to anime, Star Wars, or anything else I'm into. They need to shut the hell up already. Or at least stop trying to latch onto pop culture for their soapboxing. I can't stand those jackasses.
  7. i wouldnt doubt it would freak them out. it's pretty creepy stuff. the smaller ones in packs kind of get to me. BTW centipedes are the creepiest bugs ive seen in the house. id take a spider any day over those things
  8. That's what I mean. That joke implied that he doesn't remember anything from his fights but this time he did need to hold the form longer (and keep hold of some of those flashback memories) so maybe he was more aware this time? So I think how much he remembers if anything is a good question.
  9. Cool ya cuz it's been about a year and im like "shit did i remember this correctly"? 🤔
  10. By technicality, he was an American and wrote Lolita in English, so it easily places Nabokov's novel as a candidate for Great American Novel. Beyond that, the Great American Novel is already a construct typically borne out of how a classic that reflects and interacts with cultural/historical values of America (and those values are part of the debate of what makes a Great American Novel)
  11. Plus all the little spiders running all over the place. I wonder how someone with arachnaphobia would react to this episode haha. And our house is FULL of spiders for some reason. Luckily I don't seem to get bit by them. And they do kill pesky bugs...
  12. Episode 8 - Attack on Titan The Final Season [2021-02-01] - Anime News Network 4.5 stars. Great review!! AND HEY, MY 12,500th post!!!
  13. All these motherfuckers are going to compare themselves to Dante and Ovid with language like that. Just tell them they have the same capacity for charm as a punctured bag of milk.
  14. Both it and the father have massive ribbed bodies, the big different being father can speak a couple lines
  15. That's the "father." We saw him abusing the "mother" before in that flashback. Kind of interesting. The "elder brother" had a humanoid head with a spider body, and his minions were human heads with spider legs. The "father" has a humanoid body with a spider head. And there was that unexplained headless minion with the spike arms. Lots of head and body combinations heh.
  16. HELLUVA cliffhanger! And now we're one episode away from the epic scene in the bump!
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