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  2. Oh my god I've seen enough softcore shit to recognize that idiot guy. He's the same idiot guy in every one. Not sure if I should feel pride or shame right now.
  3. Let's go back to praying this away. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/517027-pastor-that-prayed-against-mask-mandate-has-covid-19
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  5. I've forgotten the names of a lot the folks I used to talk with a lot honestly, which is kind of sad because there weren't even really that many to forget. Only one I can still remember anyway is arwell2. Wish they hadn't lied about archiving the old AS boards. If I had known they were just going to axe it all, I would have gone back and saved some stuff from some of the discussions on there before it was too late. Oh well.
  6. Swat teams just did a sweep through Denver rounding up and arresting people they've identified as "liberal activists."
  7. My main opposition is solely based on the fact that it gets my hopes up that places will start selling Halloween gear when they’re still selling their Back to School items.
  8. 9 government agencies the president is using to usurp the 2020 election and how
  9. I’m tempted to download TikTok just so that I can sell this phone for an insane price on eBay.
  10. Lol starting Sunday no more downloading wechat, or tictok. I’m tempted to install wechat, but I’m too old to be cutting my nose to spite my face 😆
  11. It might as well the way people interpret it 💩
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