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  2. >.> how would you know its not mine?
  3. My grandpa loses his shit literally and figuratively so one of spends the night over there sometimes She's definitely not out being unladylike. "There's no reason to be out past 2am, nothing's open after 2am but legs"
  4. So....brother’s girl is the smaller one? Makes more sense now. I would say she probably left it there by accident. It happens. Can’t hurt to ask.
  5. So.....you basically like to pay $60 for the same game every year with a very slightly modified roster? Got it.
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  8. how does living in Vermont, writing books, and making youtube videos make someone less likely to be a nazi?
  9. Who says he's trying to "lessen" anything? If you think promoting alternative views in Nazism, well. I don't know what to tell you. One group perpetrated one of the greatest atrocities in history, the other makes YouTube videos.
  10. I don't know what you're trying to argue at the top here. Putting you in a cage and starving you is still murder. The Final Solution was not to thin the herd, but complete extermination. If his views don't matter, why do you post his videos? Would you rather ignore the more problematic views and just focus on the ones you agree with? (That's rhetorical, btw) Why would anyone listen to a guy who gives "alternative interpretations" of events that you know are wrong? No idea why someone on the "right" would trying to lessen Nazi crimes by means of "alternative" interpretations... 🤔
  11. The guy was acquitted since it was an accident and ginguy thinks that's the same as pardoning amongst 400 other criminals, someone who beheaded a woman
  12. Actually I prefer the rush you get from slamming heroin. Too bad the market is flooded w/ fentanyl these days. It's a bad time to be a junkie.
  13. Conspiracy theorists are addicted to the dopamine rush it gives them. Nothing quite like uncovering a new nefarious plot right @LytKing ?
  14. Bucket doesn't have the brain cells to rub together and come up with an actual legitimate answer.
  15. yes you are correct, they made Smart Pipe real
  16. Holocaust revisionism and/or denial are pretty much a massive flashing neon sign above someone's head proclaiming "I'M A FUCKING NAZI!"
  17. No. Just doing some light research, and all I can find is that maybe 3 million Jews were executed in gas chambers w/ carbon dioxide primarily. The other 3 million likely did die of starvation and disease. Anyway, what does it even matter what his views are? And since when are people not allowed to question things? If you think he's a Nazi, or I'm a Nazi... whatever. Pretty sure he's not defending their actions, and neither am I.
  18. I see you aren't denying that is you being a nazi apologist.
  19. lol "alternative interpretations" huh? That's what you're going with? Is this the part where you call all the survivors liars?
  20. Did you get the extra $600 if you filed for unemployment due to covid-19? https://mn.gov/deed/newscenter/press-releases/?id=427258
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