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  3. Almost time! Here’s the list of participants: @cyberbully captain @Vela captain @Seight @Gemini @blueraven1999 @discolé monade @Distortedreasoning @PeoplesPoet @ghostrek @The_annoying_one @StarPanda @molarbear
  4. Maybethat's a good thing. I say that because I started talking like the ones in the Black Room (the alternate universe-thing in the show) for weeks when it was on Showtime, and I drove everybody I worked with up the wall. In a sick way, I enjoyed it.
  5. At this point Lucasfilm is pretty much a zombie that they're trying to find some sort of life in. They've somehow managed to take something like Star Wars and make it feel like less of an event than the next season of the Kardashians. Someone there thought that there was a big audience for Willow, a movie with an extended universe that encompassed only three novels if I remember correctly. The new Indiana Jones film's trailers feel like they have no idea who they're trying to appeal to and just hoping for more nostalgia audiences. I just don't think teenagers and 20-somethings are going to turn out for a movie headlined by an 80-something year old and a late-30s British woman. The people of the age demographic who would be interested don't really go to theaters and are content to wait months for movies to show up on a streaming service or Red Box. After Indiana Jones, I have no idea what's left of Lucasfilm. New management maybe?
  6. Okay, I'll try to explain this with just my memory. It's from a Doom Patrol comic. The voice speaking is Danny (a.k.a. Danny the Street). Originally, Danny was a sentient city street who had the power to teleport to any locale and who assists all superheroes. In later comics, they have other forms. They have been a brick (when their body was demolished), an ambulance and an amusement park (Dannyland). Here, Danny is talking to Casey Brinke, the main character of this volume of Doom Patrol and her origin is being revealed. Casey is a character in a comic in a comic shop that was open on Danny the Street. Danny gives Casey free will and lets her live her life.
  7. it doesn't, nah. it went untouched for around 10 years I believe and I wound up getting rid of it completely a year or two ago (I was admin-slash-owner over there). it was fun but we all seemed to have moved on. the old ASMB and the folks I became friends with back then were awesome. still miss it sometimes
  8. I stopped asking that after watching ring doorbell footage compilations.. I've seen people steal potted plants, flags, chairs whatever. Your porch is a methheads shopping center.
  9. In all fairness, french toast is pretty damn good.
  10. I’m so glad I never watched Twin Peaks
  11. Beer Nuggets >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>breadsticks. (The story does not do these morsels of ambrosia justice)
  12. i have no real special plans for the summer but i do want to get outside and enjoy the scenery. i moved out of the desert and it'll be nice to enjoy a summer with actual forests and green stuff. mostly i just want to get in shape. going to two concerts this fall and i wanna look good >.>
  13. *talks like he's talking backwards* In twenty-five years, I will be in the Black Room. *weirdly snaps finger and floats away. Because reasons*
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