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  2. On a short punt, the Bear player timed the hit perfectly, making contact immediately after the Packer touched the ball. The Packer dropped the ball and another Bear grabbed it with no one between him and the goal line. Whistles blew (so do the refs) - "Kick-Catch interference"...Packers ball plus 15.
  3. I've been putting these two off. I was putting off Clannad but started it last night. Im more than half way through the first season.
  4. I dunno ... when a 9 year old kid screams for an entire day because they didn't get birthday presents on their sibling's birthday, and then proceeds to tear up a few of their sibling's gifts. Then follows it by kicking and biting people who try to stop them, and then blowing ass in their pants so their parents have to give them attention by changing their clothes. And then finally starts ripping plugs out of the wall when people try to ignore them and watch TV/movies/not them ... a solid toe to heel in the ass seems like a good strategy.
  5. Same.. I am so christmas partied out at this point..
  6. That's what Friday and Saturday was for....I'm going to smoke and eat all day today.
  7. What happened? For some reason Fox decided to show the Eagles/Redskins game here and I didn't feel like going to a sports bar
  8. Cheers bro. Get the fuck off this website and enjoy it. 👲🎂🍸🍸🍸🍸
  9. Today
  10. It's not my place to tell you where she lives but I can tell you it's a redneck state.
  11. Went to the store to get groceries and buy socks I found those little brownies with the m&m's in them and got so excited about it that I completely forgot to get socks I regret nothing
  12. Totally seems like something luvv would do... You mean that old "menagerie" folder.. Or one of those folders that just kind of chilled and never got posted in... Sounds legit though.
  13. ok so it looks like kidney is the one who is trying to set up an inaugural movie night so everyone gotta figure out whether a weeknight evening or a weekend night works better to kick something off
  14. Exterminating Angels Hasnt let me down watching it in a group yet XD
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