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  2. The movie is called stranger danger. They need protection from my hugs...the tagline is. "They need an adult"
  3. Pick a user

    @lupin_bebop for loving me too hard. It's a crime in the lower states
  4. What a Grumpy Trumpy

    Unironically the best part of Trump's presidency is the way he publicly humiliates all the other servile right-wing ghouls.
  5. Duplicates

    Honestly expected it to say edited by rogue
  6. Welp I’m gonna die

    Where I'm from we call that 5 pm.
  7. My daughter hasn't mentioned her father in years

    She probably has your Maury DNA test episode saved on her phone. She can see him anytime.
  8. People randomly saying Happy Father's day

    Happy Father's day daddy. Oh wait I'm not supposed to call you that here......uhh nothing to see here move along. I mean a dick that big daddy just comes with the territory.
  9. People randomly saying Happy Father's day

    What I got from this is alotta people said happy Father's day to you. So they think you look like a guy......I could see it. Happy Father's days
  10. I day loaded all day...

    This is quickly turning into the weirdest out if shape middle aged boyband ever........I like it
  11. I day loaded all day...

    That doesn't narrow it down much The real trick is a douche with drums
  12. Got fucking jury duty

    It's not hard...I got arrested at jury duty tho so I'm probably not the best person to take advice from.
  13. that's so 80's

  14. I think I want some head.
  15. that's so 80's

    so, in the 80's , i took dance at frank hatchett dance co. and, i am not going to say i enjoyed the music that we used, but, being jazz/tap/modern ballet, these pop songs were all the rage for dance....
  16. What a Grumpy Trumpy

    I like the part where he isn't going to hand over his fantastic financial statement but he hopes the senate gets it. Like does he think it is Russia's job to hack the computers of one department of the government and share information with another?
  17. YouTube videos in signatures

    Just a third? Your own monstrosity takes up about 80% of the window.
  18. I day loaded all day...

    You have one big tool that should do the trick all by itself ;3
  19. So it begins

    I'm an old soul
  20. Today
  21. So it begins

    You're not 60...im sure whatever this is requires you to be 60
  22. So it begins

  23. So it begins

    My mouth needs to hurt the next day
  24. Got fucking jury duty

    i got called a few times but only ever in Jersey. i was able to skip out every time because i was out of state. one time they called me the day after i came back from my other grandfather's funeral and i told them to shove it. they called me once when i moved out and they argued with me for a bit until they basically realized they couldn't force me to do it because i was no longer a resident
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