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  2. Is this an example of whitesplaining scoob I mean.. I thought this was a problem... but this guy. He isn't much of a problem.. more of a nuissance.
  3. Hello

    Ay. What's up, bitch?
  4. Because a black on black racist hate crime can still happen in america.. Jamaicans and Carribean Islanders arent too fond of each other.. I know that because I served with a..pretty cool caribean islander woman..
  5. It's wine o' clock bitches

    I tried being optimistic once......met these people who were super positive and I tried to be more like them 'cause they seemed happy.....I nearly lost my fuuuuuuucking mind
  6. Can you find any article claiming he said his attackers were white? I havent found one yet..
  7. I don't think it deserves an FBI investigation, if that's what you mean.
  8. Yeah. He tried to make it a double hate crime. What is your point here?
  9. Lol fuck I was done, but look at this.. He claimed it was an attack by homophobes.. I bet you feel pretty racist right now.. How much racist woulda racist feel if a racist could feel racist? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47313172
  10. So if I pay two of my white friends to attack me. And actually do a convincing job. Some ring cuts, a decent shiner. To make it look authentic, you know. Because, personally, I think it's ironic that this so called "actor" claimed that he was roughed up and there was hardly any evidence or violence. Anyway. If I did that, and then went to to police like "Hey two black guys jumped me me." First of all... That would be okay in your book? Okay. Now. Let's take this to he obvious conclusion. If it were to come out that my story was a fraud, and it turns out I was trying to incite racial tensions... That would also just be totally okay with you? Because. That's the vibe I'm getting here. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. MY message to DA BOARD!

    lmao....I feel ya
  12. What anime...

    Boku no Pico?
  13. What anime...

    All of them
  14. Ok so what maybe I did? The police had no issue figuring out what was going on. From all I found he was trying to make it look like a hate crime.. which doesn't automatically mean he was trying to say a white person did it.. There's WAY more things that fall into hate crimes these days than racial disputes/ I'm done though. This just doesn't have enough appeal for me.
  15. The difference in this exchange. The literally only one. (Providing I wasn't playing Devil's Advocate out of boredom (which is an out for you at any point btw) to string it along) Is I would admit I was wrong, if I was wrong.
  16. Hello

    What* fun? Ugh... I swear... 🤦‍♂️
  17. He claimed they were white at first. You'd know this. You know. If your kneejerk react wasn't "Make conserve butthurt haha conserve racist and deserve".
  18. Just stick to strumming your guitar..
  19. I haven't visited that den of snakes in well over a decade. Not even for a cynical guffaw or several.
  20. OMG.. Explain to me how paying other black guys to beat him up is going to support an anti trump agenda?
  21. You must be pretty far along. It's like I can feel more and more estrogen in every consecutive post.
  22. I didn't look at Huffington post that's something you guys would do..
  23. Maybe you should do a bit more that a basic Google search or once over of the Huffington Compost. Because the proven liar is already on a major network television show called 'Empire'.
  24. What are you even getting at? Not every stunt is politically motivated.. The police even supported the fact that they were just being ignorant.. This couldn't be an anti-trump/ fuck the police agenda anyway if the guy paid his own AA brothers to beat him up.. It would be (smileysurprised) a black on black crime.
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