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  2. Whuelp. Sarazanmai is getting a simuldub. Great. I hope Funimation doesn't change the dialogue to make it more political this time
  3. had an interview for a 2nd job

    then got an offer for a 2nd job

  5. I need my dick sucked.

    Or i could throat fuck someone.
  6. The NBA Thread

    they need to fire their coach big time. lillard was cold for most that game but mccollum still burned them. that's on the coach. russ was also awful himself, going 5-21 is unacceptable. coach needs to make a better offensive scheme than just having russ driving it in and kicking to brick layers. didnt okc get bounced in the first round last year as well? and the yera before that? i've only been watching a little bit of the nuggets and spurs but their games have been very fun so far. big game 5 tonight at denver so im watching it if i can. warriors are still the odds favorites to win it all. i was really down on the blazers when nurkic got injured but the bench has really stepped up. loving the enes kanter pick up a lot right now. im not looking past any team, even the thunder. blazers got swept last year in really bad fashion against the anthony davis pelicans in the first round. glad that memory is on their mind as well. the east has a bunch of good story lines as well. gotta see if the raptors can finally reach the finals after so many years of getting denied by lebron, same with boston. the sixers spent all those years at the bottom to finally build a contender. and giannis, his star is rising.
  7. interesting little read.

  8. Today
  9. Any weird house rules growing up?

    If I were in your shoes and I had to sacrifice one console to in order to get a PlayStation I'd get rid of the N64 in a heartbeat and not think twice about it.
  10. Sonic has classic shakes

    i saw a commercial for that the other day. half off shakes after 8pm. thats gonna make it harder to resist.
  11. Post a picture of yourself: version who gives a fuck

    Aww i like this one!
  12. I hope all you fucks that dig for dirt and personal info on here found that one useful.
  13. Toonami Ratings Thread 2.0

    Now now, I think it's too early to make a judgment call on The Promised Neverland, and it's FAR too early to make a judgment call on noitaminA. You know, when I first heard of the "noitaminA" block, I thought its thing, like Toonami's [as] incarnation, was "edgy" animation, but that's not it at all. It turns out at its inception, the shows were meant for women, as this article explains: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/the-mike-toole-show/2019-04-22/.145772 We did see a bit of this effect with Promised Neverland's first episode, as the number of female viewers edged out the number of males. But not so with the second, and it's also clear that effect might be moreso due to NBA Playoffs starting on 4/13 than it is Promised Neverland's female appeal. TNT IS running an NBA Playoffs game this Saturday night at 1 AM, but I suspect that's a rerun. The actual games end by 11 PM, just in time for Dragon Ball Super, and there's no games on ESPN, so at least theoretically, Toonami should "rebound".
  14. interesting little read.

    this was posted by 'storm is coming' , something wicked this way comes.
  15. Any weird house rules growing up?

    funny you say that. but yeah...i think i'm a better person. i didn't hold onto that shit, like some people do. i look at it like 'he didn't kill me, just made me stronger' except that one time he through me down the stairs because i lost my bus pass. it was right after that i left. but, i mean...he taught me how to fight like a dude...so. he gave me gumption, get up and go, do your shit once and well, all that stuff. he adored my sibling. and honestly, probably because she was blond/porcelain. i met up with later in life, right before i went into service, and he was proud of me then, but, probably because right after mos school i got orders to saudi. maybe he thought i was gonna' die? than he could brag? eh...iono. that is ancient history.
  16. Can u guess what it is?
  17. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    [email protected] CG Theater S4E3 Demon Slayer #1 Virtual-san Looking #6 ร—
  18. Any weird house rules growing up?

    I really give credit to my dad for being a drill Sargent but not bringing that home. He never beat us not even once. My mom was the disciplinarian. Sorry yer dad was hard on you but maybe it made you turn out great?
  19. Adblocker Plus. Got rid of all the shit for me. Back to normal now.
  20. When you're bored at work, sometimes you come up with dumb jokes

    It reminds me of Archer when Cyril was like we make stir fry on Friday, do you know what we call it...And Archer was like "Stirfriday" and Cyril was like "Oh shit, that's much better".....I still wanna know what he called it though.
  21. Onions on ads?

  22. Toonami Ratings Thread 2.0

    LOL, why not. I've always found it weird that they don't break for Easter, as it's a holiday where people tend to travel. I've often just gone to my grandparents' house, but others go very far. Perhaps the constantly-fluctuating date has to do with it?
  23. Clegane Bowl

    Is this a Game of Thrones thing? I feel like this is a Game of Thrones thing. If it is, I really donโ€™t care/need to hear about it. Iโ€™ll wait until the series finishes to catch up.
  24. Very sad today.

    Honestly, I think itโ€™s more just a body swing. Your body goes through phases and changes, regardless of chemical balance/enhancement. Maybe itโ€™s just its time to be sad for a couple of days. It canโ€™t be sunny everyday, just like it canโ€™t rain everyday. Sometimes, itโ€™s gotta be overcast.
  25. Sonic has classic shakes

    ........Fair enough.
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