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  2. maybe ill order a keurig type coffee maker
  3. Yea I could care less. My girl is named after a mortal combat character, legitimately - so I personally don't have that problem myself rn.
  4. I'm looking around rn for tech stuff. Preferably Klipsch speakers, but I already capped on their deals earlier. Keyboard and mouse are getting here today, what would have been 250 was about 120.
  5. I like what you did there.
  6. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/medicare-for-all-isnt-that-popular-even-among-democrats/ https://apnews.com/4516833e7fb644c9aa8bcc11048b2169
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  8. This is what happens when they insist on the Lions and Cowboys playing every Thanksgiving.
  9. why the hell does baby yoda have black eyes when yoda has regular eyes? this is the truth
  10. I don't see any actual deals so no. Use Honey if you want to see if a product had it's prices jacked up before going "on sale".
  11. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 2020 9 Adachi to Shimamura 8
  12. "Sanders lost the prinaries! How could his policies win?!" Exit polls show his policies are more popular than Biden even in areas Biden won and there were systemic issues that make primaries more likely to go to establishment candidates. "The primaries are irrelevant even though I brought them up for the millionth time!" Also, like, why are we still having this argument? I thought this was over.
  13. How many times are people going to bring up primary results when those very primaries had M4A consistenly getting favorable results on exit polls even in places Sanders lost and among republicans, but despite that show complete contempt for any discussion of why progressives are inherently disadvantaged duribg primaries? How many times do we have to go over this fucking point only to be told that even though my point was unambiguously about the primaries when any explanation of primaries which is directly related to the point will be met with "well ACKTUALLY responding to my point is irrelevant!"? We've gone over thid. You've agreed with the basis of progressives have direct disadvantages in the primary that are not in the general, not to mention the DNC itself openly opposing progressives. All of you need to stop bringing this shit up if you won't acknowledge any of the actual discussions on the primaries.
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