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  2. funny thing, i remember ebay sent that 25th anniversary email like a year ago. my first online purchase back in 2002 was for 3 yugioh packs of legend of blue eyes set, unlimited.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ...Have you seen my music tastes? Accordion is hardly a threat. And, y'know, since I didn't particularly care for the show... I wouldn't even recognize the theme anyway. Also probably turned off tag notifications a long time ago.
  5. fun fact: Ghibli made this for television. It was a very small budget compared to even their cheapest movies, and I don't think they put as much passion into it as usual. It just happened to get some theatrical releases.
  6. Sun beams are moving through fallen autumns, Leaves me enamored, I'm drifting along I thought I was dreaming October falls into idle days, light yearns for darkness, Autumn falls.
  7. i think analytics says go for it, but i think this situation, it would be ok to be conservative. tho i do say over time rules do suck, and theres a good chance you lose because of a coin flip.
  8. honestly i been calling them the what the fucks too.
  9. Truly a sad day for anime fans. Guess Daman Mills is it from here on out, IF we get more Frieza in anime. I guess we will in DBS Super Hero. At least Chris was able to voice him one last time in DBS Broly!
  10. Yeah, that was about the ratings. Damn right I enjoyed the movie! I love over-the-top stuff like this!
  11. Earwig and the Witch That was disappointing. CG didn't bother me at all like I thought it would. What wound up disappointing me actually was that it felt like just when the story was gonna really get going, it ended. I think they should have made this into a series rather than a movie. Don't know if the orginal novel had that much more plot to it or not, but I somehow can't believe that's all there was to it.
  12. George of the Jungle 9/10 (Super funny. Really broke the heck out of the fourth wall in this. I love Brendan Fraser, so surprised somehow I never happened to see this one before.) Surf's Up 7/10 Black Widow 9/10 (Maybe not the greatest, but still pretty awesome. Seems like Marvel just can't lose.) Cruella 10/10 (That was simply mahvelous! Totally my favorite disney reboot movie now for sure.) F9 8/10 (Wanted to give it 9/10, but I didn't feel like it was quite as good as most of the other recent installments, so...) Free Guy 9/10 (Guy vs Dude. 'Nuff said.) The Hitman's Bodyguard 9/10 (More Ryan Reynolds? Yes please.) The HItman's Wife's Bodyguard 7/10 (Didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the first. Felt like the insanity got taken maybe just a little too far? I don't know. I will admit though, the ending still had me in stitches.) Hellfest 6/10 (Kind of a basic, predictable slasher horror film, but I liked it.)
  13. I can't decide on making either a kamikaze or 911 joke . . .
  14. Okay, I actually quite enjoyed that teaser. Also, "What Planet is This" from the Bebop movie still ROCKS in here, just like "Tank!". Green Bird still sounds iconic too. Even if it may just be for this little bonus production I really liked the fight choreography and the way they did the edit with the bars thing too and how fully integrated it was and not just half-assed, that clearly took a lot of time and it felt cool.
  15. flew to from Hong Kong to Macau about 2 times with some success Cliff a copy of flight simulator and I was flying a Cessna
  16. I'm not gonna lie, getting shot was at the back of mind all day today. We had 2 instances of work place shootings in the past few weeks here.
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