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  2. Not going into the whole dream but it ended with part of this death metal song my brain made up: Nothing lives on the internet but idiots and lies. Enemies come from everywhere and FIGHT FOR YOUR DEMISE! Soo..im taking a break...be here but not posting..the fuck
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  4. Has the dub ever not been a mess?
  5. How do you sleep? Like any special clothes you wear to bed or just go to bed naked? Do you wear socks to bed, do you have to have your feat under or out of covers? How many pillows do you use and on which side do you lay?
  6. The year break is finally over. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-10-20/one-piece-anime-english-dub-to-return-with-episode-575/.152432 I'm kinda worried though that the dub will end up being a mess because they're choosing to rush through things to try and catch up.
  7. I take a long time to cum and have a short refractory period and rather large thick loads. Shortest romp was 4hrs and that was only because the girl passed out fucking quitter.
  8. Poof


    Samwise Gamgee?
  9. Poof


    Too true
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  11. about these super soft micro fleece Harry Potter pajamas... ...but now my butts hot and my wrists are cold ­čśÉ Nighty night.
  12. I can too, but I don't think anybody would consider it sexy >.>
  13. WHO'S IN CHARGE OVER THERE?!?! That's the real question.
  14. Vela


    When Yeah, we must have the same current events assignment to hand in...
  15. I was singing about pie earlier today! Oh! What about Turtle Pie... Don't answer that right now, answer this tomorrow.
  16. this video makes sense of whats going on with with this whole situation.
  17. Daww, srsly go to sleep! #^.^#
  18. Because you're you, and I think you're awesome.
  19. But...but I thought this is what you wanted...we've gotten to the second page already. High five!
  20. what did you black off? she got a decent platform and is the only presidential candidate to being oppose to war and that includes bernie. fuck hillary for smearing tulsi. that bitch cant accept that after she was lying and cheating, she still lost to trump and blames her shitty efforts on the russians. no one with real issues even cares about russians. but msm does and is why they can never drop the topic.
  21. ­čś« How do you know? And go to sleep! You can respond to this in the morning...as in tomorrow morning around midnight, lol, as I expected you to do with the last post. Go to sleep!
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