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  1. Thank you I need to notice for a specific reason to use in a completely different conversation it has nothing to do with this website happened to be way too late but whatever it's still f****** great to know that the somebody teach me this and I forgot it
  2. Ok the perversion and comedy is too close to tell what the hell is going on in this video perhaps they're bestiality and perhaps there are funny but either way I decided not to give a f*** I do not approve of this video
  3. That's what I specifically ask to avoid liats
  4. Only when an algebra teacher has been proven dead wrong
  5. Thanks bro, I'll remember you be there for a white ass crooked fuckin weak over the hill cosmoknought
  6. What the fuck is that called when people are like hand picked by their own people to be in charge?
  7. Cmon you know what I mean when a dudes father wants him to be the next one in charge and then then uncle and then the other son then the next bother
  8. what is the ideology where the people in power make sure their chosen people stay in power, could be corporate could be political has a single agenda doesnt to have to be current or up to date with todays world or events, politics, science nature, ok? these people are protecting the policy and philosophy the actual death of their followers, in secrecy compare to a glass ceiling DONT PISS ME OFF AN SAY NIHILISM pleassse anyone know this in higher philosophy or english studies?? please? forget its me i need a real answer.
  9. Well she has been here for years and based on the pattern I think differently... I actually believe I can give her some hope. And you don't have to be mean. Last time we had a civil conversation was years ago vamped. You jumped train.
  10. Yes to have a plan to move I couldn't say what the best first step would be. But I reevaluated and no one is going to want her to catch a bus and get hospitalized somewhere else as a plan, so I had to ditch that idea and start from scratch
  11. 2/3 of it... I don't really know why it was so oldcschool
  12. Hey I guess I'm supposed be helping so, isn't a suicude threat an @Raptorpat situation. This sucks that I'm online for like two days and making reports already. Blows. Jackie, if I didn't know you are ok I would have said something sooner, but you used have your shit together and I wasn't worried. Well it's out of my hands good luck, jackie
  13. You would rather go straight to mental health and skip the relocation advise, because it might be outside your medicaid workers reach to tap into outside sources. Really what you would be asking is to be linked with mental health in the state you select, but I don't think you really have your story concise enough to jump right into the relocation idea directly with welfare... a mental health social worker is a better place to start in your life I think. They will know how to create your support system locally, but on those terms, you would need to prove some stability. They will help you anyway they can but might not see things the same way as you, and help you through some of the immediate problems first
  14. OMFG NFT Nazis. No one can afford originals that rare and if they were for sale no one cares if they are destroyed by their owners
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