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  1. That is extremely bold of you to even touch them, let alone bring them home. πŸ˜†
  2. This made me LOL irl because it is me literally every fucking weekend:
  3. Can you cheat and split it into multiple chapters? πŸ˜„Or would that in itself require even more editing?
  4. The good news is I just got a raise so hopefully one step closer to moving out of my parents' house, and when that happens I'll be more comfortable with the idea of using dating / hookup apps.
  5. You obviously have much more self-confidence than I do. I'd love to see you ask out a celebrity crush of yours though. Not necessarily doubting you, but it would be a sight to see an "average Joe" ask out a hot celebrity with actual expectations of a yes.
  6. As if she were straight I'd have the opportunity? 😝
  7. I thought you pulled that out of thin air but then I remembered that Skinner and Krabapple (however you spell that) were lovers at one point. 🀣
  8. You literally can't go one thread without WellActually'ing someone. Or I guess that stuff about the white paint was just you fucking around with Tsar.
  9. I don't pick targets, if I have something to say, I have something to say, regardless who posted it. I'm sorry if you feel like I'm targeting you, but I am not intentionally targeting anybody. Buddy used to give me shit about this all the time too like I was targeting him, and it left me just as flabbergasted every time.
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