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  1. For some reason I always want to sing it as "I wanna know... Have you ever seen Lorraine?"
  2. You're on painkillers in a hospital bed. You are forgiven. 😁
  3. *poses for picture* Did you get my good side?
  4. Probably no one else is going to care about this, but it kinda pissed me off when Carl referred to the Scorpions as East German. They were always West German. If they were from East Germany they literally would have never been allowed to leave the soviet bloc until 1989 when the Berlin wall fell. But in reality the Scorpions were already playing world tours and globally releasing their albums on major labels in the 70s.
  5. Vela, do the doctors have a guess on what caused your kidney stones?
  6. Holy shit I never even heard of that. If I saw it I'd buy it in a second.
  7. Happy belated birthday! I'm not sure how to pronounce your sn, but I've always read it the same as "sight," so.....
  8. I remember from a couple or so years ago hearing about a special flavor which involved regular ol' marshmallows, I can't remember if it was supposed to be hot cocoa flavor, or s'mores flavor, or if was just plain ol' marshmallow flavor.. I really wanted to try it, but it was exclusive to the Pepsi fan club or whatever it's called.
  9. I completely left Babbling in 2007.... Didn't start poking my head back in there until the end of 2011, when signs of the end of the boards were nigh.
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