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  1. I've lived in California my entire life and In N Out has the worst fries I've ever had.
  2. I just went yesterday and bought a shit ton of CDs. Spent like $130 and all of the CDs I bought were used. What sucks is that they're only open four days a week now. I'm trying to change my schedule at work so my band can practice more, but if I get the schedule I want that's best for my band, the record store is only open on all the days I would be working so I wouldn't be able to go at all.
  3. Hot anime chicks getting orgasmic pleasure by licking the shit off of my ass. What's not to get?
  4. Happy birthday! I got you this.... cat toy in the shape of a cake...
  5. I've never run into this problem with laundry.... parking meters though, are another story.
  6. We didn't drop out of Paper Toweling 101, we aced Paper Toweling 101 as toddlers and all of a sudden in early-late adulthood (depending on the person) Paper Toweling 101 is replaced with Common Core Paper Toweling.
  7. Hold on this, this brand new initiative gets credit for what was already happening?
  8. I used to have that problem all the time too until I got more delibrate. What I hate about those is one strip is not enough and two together is too much.
  9. I wonder if police officers killing unarmed black men by way of suffocation counts as violent crime?
  10. Got to love it when Republicans think we should look to Europe for everything except healthcare, because that's *gasp* SOCIALISM.
  11. I have an idea.... why not take the money AND the book?
  12. Blue. No, yelloooooooooooooow.... But seriously, blue.
  13. You're probably more of an ass man, huh?
  14. And then you pop out of it at some dude's bachelor party.
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