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  1. A long ass time ago I saw something similar on another forum, but I think it was like a cardboard cutout of Homer's face worn around the crotch. Someone responded with (paraphrasing), "Never before did I want to french kiss Homer Simpson."
  2. I'm honestly wondering if I ever even had to a shot to begin with.
  3. Meh, I don't know that song. How about something more to my musical tastes?
  4. 6 months from starting to date someone to being engaged sounds like an incredibly short amount of time.... I'm thinking either a) she was dating / engaged the whole time or b) she got back together with an ex she had a lot of history with and they decided to make it official. But I'm just speculating. EDIT: And the for the record, there was no master plan. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. I think this thread itself makes that quite clear.
  5. Hey if I had any clue how to court a woman I wouldn't have posted this thread.
  6. Remember when Trump started firing everybody investigating him? Why hold up a billion dollars when you have the power to do it yourself.
  7. WELP I finally pulled the trigger, and long story short, she has a fiance. For a while I was all 💔but after a while i was feeling pretty good. At least I did it, and now I can move on.
  8. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie flavored ice cream is all of the "pumpkin spice" stuff I do.
  9. I saw an opportunity to make a joke with a Futurama reference, so I took it.
  10. There's a band called U.S. Christmas. I think they play doom metal. But I can't bring myself to check them out because of that stupid name.
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