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  1. I've been listening to power metal super bands

    I'm going to guess one of the one's you've been listening to is the new Avantasia?
  2. MH says there's no sex in his marriage BWAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Why, why are you doing this? When I read the thread title, my first thought was "he's just playing the sympathy card to get your attention," but now that I read the OP that is very clearly not the case.
  3. Bernie Sanders is running for President again

    I think he just wants to see the sparks fly.
  4. Games you love that most people hate

    Did you actually beat Super Ghouls N Ghosts? I can't believe it. My brother, who is the bestest video gamer I've ever known, came damn close to beating it.... He played through the game twice like you're supposed to, but he never found whatever hidden item it is you're supposed to find during the second go-round.
  5. I hope that's not legit. The Garfield I know would say something clever like, "I AM in shape! Round is a shape!"
  6. I've been listening to power metal super bands

    By "super band" do you mean "super group"?
  7. i have the sad feels

    One time we had some painters here, and my mom was getting ready to pick up our dinner from Burger King. She asked the painters if they wanted anything. One guy said sure. The other guy declined. She kept asking him "are you sure? Are you sure?" He kept politely declining. So when my mom gets back with the food, she got both painters food. The guy who accepted the invitation was very grateful. The guy who declined, still declined it after it was brought home for him. Once they left, my mom let us know she was pretty offended that the one painter didn't eat any of the food she got him. I'm like, "mom, he told you he didn't need anything. Several times." Maybe he's not hungry. Maybe his wife will have a nice hot homecooked meal ready for him when he gets home and he doesn't want to spoil his appetite. And it's fucking Burger King. Maybe he's on a diet. Maybe he's diabetic. Maybe he's a health freak.
  8. I get why we have anti-vaxxers

    I don't even know what Iron Will is.
  9. fuggz or Kagome?

    Nah. Nah.
  10. Games you love that most people hate

    SMB2 hate is history revision. I didn't know one single kid that didn't like it back in the day. As for Mega Man 7, I didn't really like that game... I didn't really like Mega Man 4 or 5 either (never played 6).... but Mega Man 7 was released on the same system as, and later than, Mega Man X. Like, why did Mega Man 7 even need to exist?
  11. But POC sexualizing white people as if there are no other facets of their personality is just fine and dandy.
  12. antivaxxers

    I have been vaccinated, and I am perfectly healthy, alive, and non-autistic. Checkmate, atheists.
  13. antivaxxers

    Fuck that argument, the anti-vaxxers aren't the ones dying.
  14. I get why we have anti-vaxxers

    Hey fuck you, I've never seen Balto and I'm no anti-vaxxer.
  15. Girls, this is how u get rid of guys bugging u

    You fucking Santa Claus?