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  1. Jesus Christ, how old were you? I was 16. Though I was also a loser nerd, so partying, doing drugs, and fucking were all (and still are) foreign concepts to me.
  2. I can think of twice. One time I got sick at school and when I was convulsing from puking, I also shit my pants, which I didn't realize until I went to a toilet and took off my pants and hey my underwear's all brown. Oops. Once I was at work pissing at a urinal, and trusted a fart, and the fart let me down.
  3. Millennials are the people of the generation, we called the event itself "the new millennium."
  4. Hey, Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler was a guitarist that switched to bass. All hope is not lost!
  5. I don't know if it just depends on the school, but you definitely can. My undergrad was in IT, and for a while I was in a Master's program in psychology (big mistake). One of my computer science professors predictably had his master's in computer science, but his undergrad was economics.
  6. I hated the book, and hated the movie even more (the one with Robert Redford, haven't seen the one with Leo DiCaprio).
  7. I got both doses of the same one he did and both times I woke up the next day with a really sore arm. So far that's the only side effect I've had.
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