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  1. All the results say is you have more valuable bodily fluids.
  2. I just figured he said Brady for the same reason GuyBeard said Weird Al.
  3. Tsume signed up, but I'm not sure she ever posted. There was some broo-ha-ha some time ago over how some ex-IBers felt about this place, and they mostly moved over to the UEMB discord, cookie being one of them.
  4. The Russians got to him. He's one of them now.
  5. I love Mountain Dew, but that's one of my all time favorite Simpsons moments.
  6. The Situation Zakk Wylde (seems like a douche) Ozzy Osbourne (I actually imagine him to be pretty nice guy to his fans, but.... him perpetually mumbling incoherently while I awkwardly pretend I understand what he's saying doesn't sound like a good time). Seth MacFarlane Troy Aikman ( I was a die hard 9er fan in the 90s) Vince Vaughn (he just grates me in pretty much every movie role, he'd probably grate me irl too)
  7. Well birthday cake flavored ice cream is great.... definitely have to try the Mountain Dew out. Not so sure about the sweet and spicy....
  8. I can't agree with that because I HATE watermelon Jolly Ranchers. They taste like literal vomit to me.
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