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  1. Of course it doesn't pay much, they've stated on the show that they don't get paid at all.
  2. That's 1979! I declare shenanigans!
  3. I didn't know there was a Spanish AS until you just old me. >_>
  4. All I understand in that is "limit of the three years of Spanish..."
  5. And it's not a Spanish language Cartoon Network or anything either, it's regular old English language Cartoon Network.
  6. I have no idea about black widow bites. My dad said he had been stung by jellyfish and man o wars many times as a kid, and according to him jellyfish stings are much worse than man o war stings.
  7. One summer I went on vacation to Hawaii with the family, there were man o war's all over the place, in the ocean and washed up on the beach (probably not any Portuguese ones though). My dad lived the first 14 years of his life in Hawaii and said he never witnessed anything like that before. My cousin ended up getting stung by one. He was pretty miserable.
  8. I've never been to one. As a kid, my mom's side of the family was always pretty close knit, at least as far as my grandparents and their 5 children go, and we would all be together for every Thanksgiving and Christmas. On my dad's side, I've only really spent a whole lot of time with my grandparents. But they're both dead now. I can only imagine a family reunion on my dad's side would include a lot of political debate between my uncle and my dad (my dad is very left-wing for someone his age, and pretty outspoken about it; my uncle is a typical hardcore alt-right Trumpler, and pretty outspoken about it).
  9. Nah, my anger had nothing to do with the shift pay. I'm the kind of person who'd infinitely rather go to bed at 6:00 AM then get up at 6:00 AM, and if I were to work that day shift it would've fucked up my sleep schedule for the next day.
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