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  1. Can you elaborate on the karmic comeuppance?
  2. Happy birthday! The cake is in reference to your old Thunder Goddess custom rank... figure you're a Thor fan. Oh duh, it's your sn. lol what the fuck is wrong with me.
  3. Neglect showering for a year, then shove your head in my armpit.
  4. Now that I think about it, I wonder if my dad forcing enemas on me when I was little technically counts as rape in this state.
  5. The lead guitarist in my band I think finished writing the solo to our first song today. It sounded like he wanted to re-record it because he said he "could probably do it better," but I'm guessing he's done composing it. I liked it as well. We were going to continue on, but our bass player had to leave (it's his house that we practice at).
  6. I have mental and social problems and I can eat without weed.
  7. Dude, battered women need love too.
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