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  1. I'm just sitting here pretending my pain prescription tolerance isn't a thing and that I didn't run out early again. . .
  2. Not to sound like a commercial, but I lost 50+ lbs using Medifast (now it's Optavia) a couple years ago. I still use it when I'm getting fat, like now. Just had a blueberry muffin. Easiest diet I've ever done. The food isn't gross. I basically eat "junk food" and one super low carb actual meal a day. The foods I pick are all like brownies, muffins, bars, hot chocolate, and cappuccino.
  3. Tell them to use the Dr. Scholl's foot mapper and free blood pressure machine.
  4. I can't believe I had to scroll this far to find this. I was about to have to post it myself.
  5. You got a problem with ghosts, too?
  6. Neflet studies the area (d20 = 5). Aside from the corpse in front of her, nothing jumps out. Everything looks like normal underbrush. "I think it's best if we head back to the path. The man the dragonborn spoke of lives at the end, so he seems a likely place to start looking for answers." Neflet begins hoofing back through the trees. "If anyone is inclined, perhaps making some tree markings on the way back could help us revisit the area if we need to look more closely."
  7. Yes, since I was a kid. I have several lashes that grow in and around the water line rather than the lash line. Top and bottom lids. I get stabbed in the eye A LOT by them. My glasses also hit my lashes when I blink and get irritated. Eyelashes are the devil.
  8. This one eyelash IN my eye can eat a bag of dicks. STOP GROWING THERE, LOSER! PS I don't have jaundice, k?
  9. I guess I should explain that you should save these in notepad, but give them a .html extension instead of .txt. . .
  10. As a consolation, I finalized the "Common" loot generator. I'll work on the Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary lists when I get the chance. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11cGRPtXVSjT9EhdDFuQgNqPLzWXs7bIb/view?usp=sharing
  11. OOC: Sorry kids, my dad's been in the hospital almost dead for 2 weeks and last week was the first week of distance learning for all 3 kids. To say I'm preoccupied right now is a bit of an understatement. I'll do my best to type something up later today. ❤️
  12. Could be anxiety. We struggle with distance learning pretty hard. Ty is in an autism preschool class, and I had to have him on my lap the entire time there was zoom. Hopefully things will get easier. He'll get there. Structure, patience, and a lot of humor behind their backs. <3
  13. Pignis Boon Einstein Longcat is his full name
  14. Neflet nods slowly at Toh-ken, entirely confused and a little worried that his injuries caused lasting damage. Looking around the area where the third set of tracks is located (1d20= Nat 20) she notices that the grass and underbrush are matted as though something recently came through. The trail seems to widen an points, as though something would fall and be dragged a bit before being lifted back up. Neflet gestures to Toh-ken to come close and when he does, she whispers, "We might check this trail, but we could also wait for Banarr. What do you think?" OOC: I thought I posted this days ago, but it's just been sitting there unposted. Duuurrrr.
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