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  1. i cant sleep

    i finaly did fall sleep
  2. i cant sleep

    help i cant sleep
  3. Happy Easter Everyone

    happy easter
  4. Hoppy Easter

    i was wishing every one a happy easter
  5. Hoppy Easter

    happy easter
  6. what are your Easter plans?

    we are hosting easter so we are busy
  7. have happy hoilday week

    i hope you all are enjoying your selfs
  8. i have a saturday& sunday off

    no i am not
  9. i have a saturday& sunday off

  10. i have a saturday& sunday off

    all ready done
  11. change the channel is still a thing

    yeah it did
  12. what the hell this is still a thing
  13. i blew a break line on my truck today

    i am not in to guys
  14. i got it fix already that sucks a break line blew on my truck i own my roommate 20 bucks