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  1. what helmet I mean I'm not I don't have seizures or anything why do I need a helmet and yes I have a learning disability because of my ADHD but I'm not that special needs
  2. Gene Roddenberry was a secular humanist I doubt he believed in an afterlife
  3. sure you are I'm the resurrected Soul Jeffrey Hunter I'm not that stupid dude to fall for something that's so obvious
  4. WTF! @Still Me I have one better I had a dream once that Captain Picard and Captain Sisko from Star Trek the Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine respectively got into a fist fight and somehow phasers /guns were involved
  5. could be worse I never been late in the day in my life and I'm getting more desperate by the day
  6. I have depression myself and I don't think it's fun at all
  7. why they were nowhere near the fireworks they we was far way when we set them off
  8. the cats don't like it either but I still set him off in my backyard
  9. we're not related at least I don't think we are but go fuck yourself
  10. dude @Sawdamizer go fuck yourself dude and burn in hell
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