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  1. you didn't know that it was like on in the mid-2000s she apparently for a country singer has very good comedy chops apparently the musical she was in was it considered a comedy musical Annie Get Your Gun about Annie Oakley
  2. what the fuck did they say now that I don't any make sense
  3. CNN keeps on showing this photos of the people storming the halls of Congress or the senate or something but here's my question when did our country become the weimar Republic I don't mean there our government not stable we have a very stable government but I'm talking about having armed groups of fascists walking the streets and the people they don't know them like they have the rights to do that dose anyone read history books anymore
  4. are you actually Air Force pilot or Air Force member
  5. I'm in Ohio has bars open still in and stuff because of our state rules for the pandemic mean yeah I still can go to restaurants and eat at a restaurant and go to bars
  6. I'm not sure if I'm on the spectrum mean I presume I am but I'm never been diagnosed by a doctor with anything near the Spectrum the begin with next to ADHD
  7. ok? @Heshi cool i feel like i am get old
  8. capain riker? does this mean I have to grow a beard
  9. i am ready to start dating any tips
  10. I wouldn't be totally impractical you some money anyways if it is building a Gundam if not it's still impractical use of a money
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