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  1. too many to list here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starship_Troopers#Reception
  2. why did god bless with this big dick when i can't find someone to use it with
  3. yes it great sci-fi novel is controversial
  4. no, I like reading stuff about the military
  5. what fuck how big do you think i am
  6. I am saying it's the wrong mission for the coast guard in my opinon
  7. shut up about the space force is not going to happen
  8. great the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is getting nukes just fucking great Iran well be start up there nuke program again i bet
  9. Bernie Sanders is running for President again

    fox news has nothing nice about people on the left any was msnbc has nothing nice to say about people on the rigth that why get my news from NPR
  10. why no air guns or missiles from us air defense artillery on the ground
  11. what the fuck the coast guard defends D.C. air space why not the fuck air force just asking