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  1. King of the Hill S8 ep 1 Brad Pitt is a guest star in this episode
  2. Oh yeah that's true, damn. Packets are free, never mind.
  3. Beyond Meat is one of them, they're the ones with product in Carl's Jr and Del Taco. Impossible Foods is another, Burger King offers an impossible burger with their meat alternative. I don't think they're public yet, but it might be good to keep an eye out in case they decide to go public anytime soon. The others are regular beef companies that are getting into the plant based meat thing too because of their popularity. So maybe look up Tyson and Kellogg too. edit. I found this website if you want to browse through https://vegfaqs.com/vegan-companies-to-invest-in/#:~:text=Unfortunately%2C there's no Gardein stock,some vegan%2C some not).
  4. Go to a grocery store and buy the bottles No more sad amounts of packets
  5. Probably because of how silly it is compared to other games If I could play it on my laptop I'd probably buy it
  6. Close! kinda. In a weird way probably.
  7. After messing around too much in community college I'm now 2 semesters away from getting my Bachelor's in Science. Assuming I don't fail anything but still, only 9 more classes to go
  8. Companies producing alternatives to meat might do good, that seems like an expanding market seeing as how Carl's Jr, Burger King, and Del Taco now offer items with the vegetarian meat
  9. This guy knows what’s up 😏
  10. couldn't tell if the first upload worked so uploaded to youtube
  11. Or don't, it doesn't matter I've got class in 6 hours but can't sleep. I figured I'll finally record and post this since I owe @discole monade proof I've actually been getting back into it after my too long of a break from music. Still very rusty so it's not perfect. The whole song is very repetitive so I didn't see the point in paying $6 for the sheet music. I played the one free page which basically just repeats itself. Also recording this while playing was harder than I thought it would be. and I realized I played a measure once more than I should've but fuck it I don't want to do it over again
  12. Baseketball is a good movie My pick is Idle Hands, I love that movie. I wish I could've been there when the idea for it was pitched
  13. Yeah Peter Weller! I'll add that movie to my list of things to watch My familiarity with Star Trek is with the newer movies, which I enjoyed. The cast is too great for me to hate on those films
  14. Same. I used to be able to sleep on my back as a kid, but now I can only sleep on my sides
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