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  1. Me when I see the major soccer teams are AGAIN talking about creating a European Super League
  2. It's fallen out of copyright so nobody can stop anyone that wants to make The Great Gatsby a space opera with giant robots. I'm just saying, I am just saying.
  3. *sees the results of the main event* HOW THE FUCK DID THAT- "CM Punk Warns Jake Paul, Don't Doubt Ben Askren’s Striking, I’ve Trained with Him!" oh, okay carry on
  4. You could say that about most 80s songs. Looked up that song from the Allstate commercial and immediately thought "This video is so fucking 80s it hurts"
  5. .. I can only make the type so small so pretend those two dots are me typing "no" so small you have to use a magnifying glass to see it.
  6. Got my second shot yesterday, haven't really had any side effects yet. Remind me I said this at some point tomorrow if I'm going "SOMEBODY HIT ME WITH A SHOVEL"
  7. "We appreciate that you took the time to sent memes" That's a pro's pro right there.
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