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  1. So do you think the Nets and Kyrie Irving will play the rest of the season out or will Brooklyn look around aflat the NBA for a trade partner?
  2. I'm here and ready to be killed. Or not. Whichever's funnier.
  3. "Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Buffalo Horn and Bone Products like handicrafts, fashion jewelry, and various other products." ...huh.
  4. I'm a simple man. I see someone else finding Fumble Dimension, I hit the like button.
  5. I got this one. It's part of the great "We will take no losses, even perceived ones" shit I keep talking about. Now they can be like "Oh, it's so awful that they made us take the hats off" and then the worst people you knowTM will spend a news cycle talking about this instead of the actual fucking problems we should be dealing with.
  6. Seight

    Pick one

    I'm certain the Pegasus guy is the only one that can kick an enemy to death.
  7. I'd be curious to see if he's better than Greg Olsen. Related, does it seem to anyone else like Tony Romo got worse this year?
  8. Well, Tom Brady has retired again. Unless he invests in...idk, VTubing or microloans or some shit and ends up starting for Las Vegas or San Francisco Week 1.
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