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  1. i'm kind of glad it's not that way for me. i hate dealing with my normal crap much less trying to guess how much the current year is going to be
  2. i do my own taxes. the only PITA part is doing the 1099 B/DIV/INT. this year was a bit more complicated because of the job change. going to use the money to pay myself back after medical bills and most of the rest is going to my IRA or other investment accounts, the few dollars leftover will go to the regular savings account. i rarely actually ever spend my refund.
  3. Spare a ramen noodle soup and a sandwich and a half of it and I will be there at the same time I don't have a car so I can get it to you by the end of the day I was in the shower and then I will be able to get it to you tomorrow morning. Jeez my phone is weird
  4. My autocomplete is also weird. Remembers my catchphrase or my email but never any other thing I say regularly.
  5. Literally my center words for suggestions after I type "spare"
  6. Credit karma is being bought out by TurboTax's parent company
  7. The only thing I got was form 5498 which you don't submit with your returns. You may want to contact TurboTax to be sure but I didn't receive anything for mine
  8. Is it a Roth IRA or traditional? If it's Roth then they shouldn't send you anything. If it's traditional maybe call them to ask for an emailed copy
  9. Read me a bedtime story
  10. I wanna go back to bed
  11. so were mine. i just did it because i wanted it to be done and over with
  12. i'll try to remember to commend your lack of nose hair
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