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  1. I work in a butcher shop now
  2. No I think he needs to you know figure out shit in his own head type deal which all teenagers do
  3. I actually I work with a few teenage kids two of them are seems pretty good kids one ironically is my friends kid and he's acting like he's a little punk and shooting other kids with splat guns when while he's needs to be cleaning up the freaking butcher shop
  4. I can't find her and there's a bad storm
  5. I was tucking in by aunt I on my dad's side
  6. I have a father but he abandoned me at the age of 6 months so yes I basically don't have a fatherAnd every father figure I had since I was a child sucked
  7. No but I have seen a lot of people have better fathers than I did and it's just little hurtful around this time of year
  8. That's why I do not like Father's Day Father's Day fucking sucks for me
  9. ghostrek

    MTG Arena...

    go to your card shop and play there
  10. We're supposed to do a double wash after going to the bathroom once at at in the bathroom itself and then once in the processing room at a sink Obviously I wasn't sure if she lost once at the processing room sink and not in the lady's room I don't know I'm not in the lady's room I'm only I'm obviously a dude
  11. I'm vendingBut really it isn't what Okay
  12. Yes but same metal illness in in my state has a stigma and of course I live in Ohio Midwest but still stick my people think mental illness they think medley me as insane or crazy and and stuff like that and it's not true I have the price in an anger issues in it yet I'm perfectly normally functional I also have I was talking to a stupid fucking bitch that is so fucking stupid She tries explaining stuff and she sounds fucking stupid her and not wet exactly what the person's explaining it to her said
  13. Look I'm just saying there's some cosplayers out there that don't have bad hygiene and and this view it as a hobby like normal people would view stuff like a hobby
  14. What the fuck OkayBe eating food in the bathroom is not a sign of a mental illness but that isMay I can understand some people have fantasy proneDo illusions but I am not a fantasy clone person I I use it I use my entertainment as escapism and as a hobby
  15. yup the same fucking idoit Once again I work at a butcher shop in the back cutting meat and she's a person that wraps and she works with food and decides I'm going to eat food in the bathroom wash my which I would imagine some kind of government agency getting on her case and the company's gays for that
  16. Yeah she is so loud mouth everyone says she's loud because she's stupidShe doesn't think or no there shows therefore she's not is
  17. Someone said the people who called to conventions and dress up as fictional characters for the convention are delusional people as in mentally ill and don't know a difference between reality and fantasy I like to know what qualifies a Someone who works at a butcher shop to diagnose people with metal illnesses when they're not legally a doctor to do so or any type of mental health practitioner
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