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  1. Sawdamizer


    @bnmjy, you know what you need to do
  2. Yah the weapons seem off to me… but I’m about 2 hours in to it… I am playing biomutant as well tho so trying to switch
  3. I’m assuming like registered pure breds? Which is all billshit anyways. I see them all the time in rescues here on the east part of Pa edit - not puppies tho… u rite
  4. He’s Cy from one hour photo… just goes around taking random pictures… and hopefully someone will catch him up
  5. I’m on it… I’m struggling to get in to it tho
  6. Because you’re a janitor and a robot can do your job… just a matter of time pensionboy
  7. Free rent, free healthcare, free food….
  8. Getting free food too? Man… this really sounds like something…
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