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  1. ... in fact, the Constitution does state "or some shit" as a general guideline to stuff
  2. If youre doing it to cut yourself off from the madness, I mean, you'll find it in other places.... If youre doing it because it bores you, have at it... I was really just trolling at my end game, and I was catching 30 day bans every other week. I figured it was probably time, as I could see myself getting caught up with family with my shit tier trolling.
  3. There is zero chance he gets this reference at all.
  4. I got a stick right here for ya pal
  5. They have had no ability to contact me since I deleted Facebook.... you know what that means... they have zero idea what I've been up to...
  6. Odds are the name is still banned anyways
  7. Oh, see... and im a savant with directions. I think that comes from sailing? Idk... Anyways, I should give you my Facebook info and you can sign in and be me, idc what you do with the profile just text me birthdays and don't bother me with the shit.
  8. Since deleting Facebook, I have missed every single persons birthday in the past 2 years. How the hell did people know when the fuck peoples birthdays were before?! Its to the point, and enough time has passed, that I know people are pissed at me about it when the topic of Birthdays are brought up. Fuck them.
  9. I was avoiding these exams, but.... now I'm down.... insurance covered orgasms.... mmmmm
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