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  1. I think I laugh reacted you
  2. So what broke your head today?
  3. NFT user story…. Dick pics… I just fucking cornered the market.
  4. I’m being civil. As much as I can offer you.
  5. You just never want to see the Jets get in to the playoffs huh? 😂😂
  6. Sawdamizer

    bah gawd

    Can you not be a racist psycho for two seconds on this forum?
  7. I’ve eaten too many tacos in the past three days, and I never thought that was possible.
  8. kindly take my hog out of your mouth, or buy me a drink
  9. Yah I think I’d be inclined to throat punch Seth mcfarlane
  10. @ben0119 lol… you know we miss you in the trenches… come hang. obligatory, get fucked.
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