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  1. Last time I checked it WAS the Trump supporters who completely flipped their shit over black people PEACEFULLY protesting racial injustice and police brutality.
  2. So how do you juxtapose this against a bunch of heavily armed people surrounding a governors' house?
  3. I don't know man, I moved here just in time for 6th grade, and every bit of schooling I had about the gold rush came from before that.
  4. I don't know what to be triggered about, but I am a loser....
  5. That's a great marketing strategy: Have your toys GUILT kids into playing with them.
  6. Oh god, I hate when that happens. I feel for him.
  7. I WISH I got that much action.
  8. I wanna playfully punch some big anime tiddies.
  9. As much as you used to? Cinemassacre has been James Rolf's channel just about as long as he's had his AVGN character, if not longer... And he started putting AVGN on youtube in 2006.
  10. Dude really? That's James Rolf's (AKA The Angry Video Game Nerd) channel.
  11. According to Ginguy and Trump: Censorship = counterpointing someone's statements with your own statements Advocating for free speech = Taking away someone's legal ability to counter one's statements with their own statements. Effin' LOL
  12. Now that I think about it, there was also the vilifying of the peaceful BLM protestors too.
  13. When I see my reflection in my car windows, with my glasses and mask on, I remind myself of Bubble Man, so why not make him my new avatar. Besides, Mega Man 2 was a kick ass game.
  14. That's always been my method for weight loss. Usually it's been as a result of having jobs that require a lot of walking. First was when I was a newspaper carrier, currently I work in a warehouse.
  15. Laura Prepon was hot as hell back in her red head days. Kari Byron's really hot.
  16. Disagree. I am very glad all my 90k something posts are lost to the void never to be seen again.
  17. If you're looking at it at the perspective of it's an internet video I could see not caring much.... You just got to realize it came from mainstream TV in its country which makes it amazing.
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