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  1. I don't know how to feel about those.
  2. It was doubling the butter, which she told everyone but didn't tell anyone she already doubled it in the recipe.
  3. Now you can get all the clussy you can eat.
  4. I ended up cracking the code to my grandmoms chocolate cake that no one has been able to make for years.
  5. It was 95 yesterday and today it is 70.
  6. Is...is this a euphemism for something?
  7. stilgar

    No egrets.

    That is a heron.
  8. Now with giant fucking swords.
  9. Then I have the perfect game for you. Diablo Immortal. For the low low price of $110,000 you can get all the loot boxes you will need to max out your character. Don't have that kind of money? No problem. Just spend 10 fucking years of your life playing and you'll max out your character that way.
  10. Well you are in luck, it is an anime now.
  11. I wish there was one for ComStar from battletech.
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