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  1. Ric

    Got any valuable games?

    I don't follow the prices of stuff I own very closely but I don't think I have anything beyond the $150-200 range.
  2. I might as well take this chance to post in a locked thread while I can, wow look at that. 💪😎
  3. I think we only have one of Wachoswki's involved in this one, I saw directed by Lana in the trailer and no mention of the other.
  4. Oh I forgot about these, guess I'll watch them for spoopy month.
  5. So the game has been rereleased like six times since you last played it.
  6. I feel like no matter who was cast there would be mixed takes since Mario has been around for so long. I'll reserve any judgment until I see a trailer.
  7. Oh this isn't coming for a year still. I saw this thread and thought shouldn't there be a teaser or something by now, guess not.
  8. I'll check it out for sure. It kinda reminds me of The Force Awakens though, looks like it's repeating a lot of the story of the first movie. At least we still get Keanu and Laurence together in John Wick 4.
  9. I want nothing to do with candy corn anyway so this really doesn't change anything for me.
  10. Are those Mellow Yellow cans? I forgot that shit ever existed.
  11. 🎂🎁🎊🎉 happy day after bday
  12. I wonder if the PS4 version if worth a try or if it plays like ass. I'll probably just stick to the SNES game.
  13. Well shit why'd you tell me, guess who's next now.
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