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  1. hentai haven is back you filthy weebs

    Wtf is fakku, I'm less weeb than OP apparently.
  2. Motionless In White

    OK this isn't bad, I will probably check out the album. Last time I heard these guys it sounded like a Marilyn Manson impersonation.
  3. Long time no see

  4. How do these idiots manage?

    Yes, the lung tumor is accumulating.
  5. Will this be my last day on the job?

    Nah, you'll be fine.
  6. I see ebay on here mostly the last few days or so.
  7. Last time I flew we had to sit on the plane for 2 hours before it took off, don't remember why. That sucked.
  8. Realizing the offspring eats "white"

    I didnt like fried bologna growing up either but would eat it covered in potato chips.
  9. Jade Empire

    It's an RPG but the action is in real-time so it plays like an action game also. I don't recall it being real difficult, but I played like 15 years ago.
  10. Rick and Morty Season 4

    Season 3 was fine, looking forward to 4.
  11. happy birthday ciddy

    Happy birthday!
  12. Y’all can get this stuck in your head

    I know how to change stations in my head, it's rare any song stays in there for long.
  13. Genesis games

    fuck yeah