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  1. Ric

    Pre-Loaded LM3

    Oct.31 Preload is to have the game immediately available to play at release, it will be locked from playing until then.
  2. I might watch this show eventually but 7 Seeds, the Baki stuff I haven't seen yet, and some show about two waifus making music on Mars all interest me more when it comes to Netflix anime.
  3. Instead of mayo how bout some spicy horseradish?
  4. I missed about the 6 months of lithium, but remember that filter.
  5. This game is going to be trash most likely, but the Kojima fanboys will still say it's a masterpiece.
  6. Hmm now I want to listen to japanese...black sabbath
  7. And yes this is one of those amazing days that I feel tired as fuck but still can't sleep.
  8. I'm just glad you said that cause it made me think but he just said....and then I looked at the post again and saw I made a dumb.
  9. Ok I was stupid this time. I quoted and bolded you but still read this as 'so what skins my teeth is he posts a video' derp lol I guess new accounts were locked momentarily right after he got banned, but I'm pretty sure I told him that was lifed.
  10. Yeah, you definitely didn't form an opinion on Black Panther without seeing it or anything.
  11. Do you live alone? If not, this is a bad plan as your roommate(s) might get rid of you first.
  12. This also because he knows he can make another account here(I think) and doesn't.
  13. bant And I thought you weren't mad. lol
  14. So if I'm posting after you I need to be clear or suffer the consequences, got it. I don't usually quote if I'm replying to the OP in their thread either.
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