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  1. I liked P5 but I'm no rush to spend another 100 or so hours with it. I'm sure I will get it eventually.
  2. The first series was one of those shows I kept meaning to watch and never got around to it, isn't it like 10 years old now?
  3. I forgot to specify I was talking about the PS4 version of the app. And a quick search on it showed that it just sucks ass for a lot of people. lol PC did seem fine when I used it so I guess I'll reroute that to the big screen next time I do any lengthy marathon.
  4. Didn't he also post asking for access to dumpster fires about 10 posts ago, so apparently that is pretty hard for OP.
  5. He's like 50 now, didn't know you were into older gentlemen.
  6. He looks off to me in that thumbnail. I'd possibly watch this on Netflix or something, I'm not a big Hanks fan.
  7. Ric

    My dick is too small

    no one stacks up to @ghostrek
  8. Oh good, so RG3 is another fan. I thought maybe Ultima got banned.
  9. I dunno if this is a joke, the FBI might want to recruit him after they saw how badass he is.
  10. I do know that so I'm not sure where my head was with that post. lol
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