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  1. It's been on Amazon Prime for years. Robotech and Macross/Southern Cross/Mospeada. And Robotech has been on Netflix for quite some time.
  2. Oh yeah, haven't seen the Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
  3. Avatar Titantic The Godfather Trilogy Frozen Toy Story 2-4 Jurassic World most of the Fast and Furious movies(I've seen 1 and 5)
  4. So you're saying they will be awesome? Most of his movies are just ok, Watchmen was the only real good one. And BvS was the only that was complete ass, so yeah this anime will probably be mediocre.
  5. Ric

    Galaxy frappuccino

    Dunkin Donuts and Mcdonalds are both more convenient for me to get high sugar iced coffee drinks from. Used to stop at Starbucks all the time when I worked next door to Barnes and Noble.
  6. I don't know, don't really go to shows anymore.
  7. You can like your own posts? I rarely post on my wall so guess I didn't notice, or forgot.
  8. Just beat Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems. I liked it but Mutant Apocalypse is definitely better.
  9. It never dropped below 82 last night/this morning.
  10. I haven't played online in a while, is it still a laggy mess?
  11. Never heard of this show. Never seen a firefighter anime though, might check it out.
  12. Wait, is the game based on the Robin Williams movie? I've seen that. I figured The Rock/Kevin Hart one that's only like a year old.
  13. That's about what I expected a MUA game to get, still getting it. I think I'll wait for some of the dlc though, I saw Cyclops isn't playable until the end of August.
  14. I wish the voices in my head would go away.
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