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  1. Ric

    The Buddy System

    Nah, I have some that used to post here but I don't talk to anyone active offboard. Pretty sure a few of you are on friends on PSN/Steam/Switch though.
  2. but what if you could be an even greater dad, and get his ass cleaning shop
  3. Maybe you can take him under your wing and be the father figure he needs.
  4. I haven't quite decided if I want physical or digital for this. Sure physical will be cool, but digital will be easier at times I just want to hop on for a few quick matches.
  5. It was hot during the week and it's going to hot AF again next week, for Sat/Sun we have a two day break.
  6. A new TV series huh, I'll probably check it out. I didn't figure there would be any other animation projects until the Hathaway movies are done.
  7. I remember kicking it's ass in Persona 5.
  8. If I get my Queen Brahne cosplay together, I'll let you have a sneak peek at the onlyfans pics @ghostrek
  9. Ric

    Spy x Family

    Oh yeah, been meaning to watch this.
  10. Ric


    pink, blue, and grey
  11. got damn they grow up to fast
  12. I'll watch it when it goes to, umm Hulu probably?
  13. It's not important, but I know I've seen you avatar and don't remember where. edit: I remembered right after I made the post. Omori, I'll probably play that sometime soonish.
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