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  1. No it's Ponytaw in Sheild and Sirfetch'd in Sword. That was final factor that lead to me picking Shield. Which I ordered with release date shipping so I wouldn't have to go out and my package gets delayed until Monday. >_<
  2. I don't think the original had a rating but if it did I think it would have been a light-R or a hard PG-13. I only saw the remake once so don't remember it very well.
  3. A reboot of a remake huh, well maybe this will be better than the one with Buffy.
  4. I know Grimm fairy tales, I was just fucking around. With Disney changing copyright laws left and right though, they might fix that one day.
  5. Wow they made a Snow White hentai? Disney is going to have their asses.
  6. None. I'm not against meeting people from the internet. I've met a couple from Twitch.
  7. I used to have that CD until I forgot my bag in the locker room.
  8. Chris Hansen is a beta bitch, Zeni would wreck him.
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