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  1. Yeah, I tended to main Taki and Mitsurugi on SC2 but I was like 13 or 14 when I played that. Picked up SC6 recently, it's pretty good. Now that I'm slightly better than a button mashing teen I've learned how devastating Nightmare can be if you use him right, but I tend to prefer the quicker characters in fighting games. Never did get good at Street Fighter, though. I was always more of a Tekken fan.
  2. Soul Calibur is one of my favorite franchises and it got its start on Dreamcast. To be fair, though, my first Soul Calibur game was SC2 on PS2.
  3. I never had a Dreamcast, I was a PS2 kid in that era, but in retrospect I think what killed Dreamcast was how early it came out in regards to PS2 and Xbox, and also its library was lacking.
  4. I had a friend back in like 2015 who was still playing with his Dreamcast, I believe it. Great system that was just too ahead of its time.
  5. It was the first console to have broadband capability actually. It's a shame that the Dreamcast died the way it did because it pushed the industry forward quite a bit.
  6. somehow I don't believe that you're on dial-up, but more power to you if you are.
  7. also I'll be 30 soon so don't worry we're all gonna die at some point it's cool
  8. Yeah but they released the 2K21 update so it's call Gucci it's call Gucci and all Gucci
  9. Do you want to play NBA2K with me Musket? Or Escape from Tarkov?
  10. I'm about four beers in and got a crown, what's the big deal?
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