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  1. No it's not. It's 39% plus the 56% people we wow with the UEMB.
  2. But they do sing the closing song quite a bit.
  3. Most of the time, even suicide victims don’t know they’re suicidal until it’s too late. We’re wired to deal with problems head on, not defer them, and that includes emotional issues. Too often we don’t know why we’re feeling upset or disconnected; we might not even recognize trauma if it falls outside the classically recognized definition. So, the collapse of one’s emotional response systems can be sudden and catastrophic when the confluence of these two factors leads to a problem that can’t be solved even with outside help.
  4. I’m sorry man. Caleb should have come out when he was hurt, and Miller Moss would have powered us through the 3rd quarter.
  5. Gotta look at something while planning your next hit job.
  6. I seem to recall you contemplating life over a circular saw before…
  7. It looks like the plan on sacrificing a virgin to summon the dark lord to resurrect him... in that uniform.
  8. But, for real, Alabama isn’t getting into the CFP no matter what Saban says. Glad to see Brian Kelly living up to expectations though.
  9. The key is to not fry a turkey that hasn’t completely defrosted. The flames look dangerous, but it’s actually the flying, boiling oil that causes the damage, and combining that oil with frozen bits of Turkey is a recipe for projectiles and explosive steam. That’s why you do it at least 20’ from the nearest structure, never near dry foliage, elevated on a fire resistant tarp and with a K-type (oil fire) extinguisher.
  10. Beat me to it. Helps showed up in my FB feed.
  11. I dunno. Unless you have, like, a huge yard deep frying a bird seems like a bad idea.
  12. Dude... she's running the bill up on you.
  13. Nuh uh. Real stuffing is disgusting.
  14. They said it was going to be a shoot out, and it was.
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