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  1. You mean you purposely misspelling shit, whining about being forever alone, then threatening to report everyone? Yes, yes it does.
  2. Nothing stopping her from being a Bernie groupie now.
  3. It would have been better if David McCallum had a cameo.
  4. Are you doubting my taste in men?! Well, I suppose that's fair.
  5. At any rate, I'm not generally one to call people out on shit (except Packard), but that post in particular is indicative of an undercurrent of chauvinism that runs through Dane's posts.
  6. I was somewhat surprised by that response too. The run-on sentence alone was... strange.
  7. It really is insane. At this point, I'm willing to believe racism is some kind of genetic disorder for white people.
  8. We've never had any kind of a family reunion. None of us seems to care all that much about relatives outside of the immediate vicinity.
  9. You can strike Shaggy down, but that will only make him stronger!
  10. Something good gotta come out of your resemblance.
  11. You look like the Sanchize? Nice. I'll bring you with me to the tailgates at the Coliseum and we gonna get some tail.
  12. What's worse than a shit meme?
  13. Maybe if it were nonsensical. Westpark always had these memes that looked like they're were meandering toward a surprise payoff, only to fizzle out.
  14. I mean, Psycho Scrappy is also pretty appropriate first reply.
  15. It's a thing throughout the southwest, or anywhere meso-american cuisine has some form of influence. Lime is often used to "cook" foods because of the high citric acid content.
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