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  1. Or... He's a perpetual wannabe edgelord? Never noticed him doing much other than being contrarian and mostly ignored.
  2. That's an unfortunately dark leopard spot where her butthole should be.
  3. I noticed... Your pickup doesn't have a dog in it.
  4. I guess that whole Alliance thing was a sham. Honestly, not too pleased with this move myself.
  5. It's not like it wasn't obvious before... They're just dispensing with the pretense.
  6. I'll help you up the leaderboard. So.... We're in your football conference now... I got nothing.
  7. If Oregon leaves, the Pac-12 is probably done. Time to give Idaho the call back
  8. Nicely done. Also, the demise of the Action Block and the subsequent decline of the AD created a diaspora of sorts. AD campers moved primarily to Babbling and IB, at a time when the post Prospero cliques were also starting to decline.
  9. Is New Jersey ready for LFR?
  10. Oh shit.... https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2022-06-30/usc-ucla-are-negotiating-to-leave-the-pac-12-for-the-big-ten https://usctrojans.com/news/2022/6/30/statement-from-director-of-athletics-mike-bohn-on-uscs-move-to-big-ten-conference.aspx
  11. Happy Belated Birthday! (Where's he been?)
  12. Stop ruining memes, tsar.
  13. Blue Oyster Cult isn’t metal….
  14. That joke is about what this latest stunt deserves.
  15. Pretty sure the last time this was the dynamic, things went in an.... unfortunate way.
  16. Doomys a big boy. Plus, there’s no chance of him falling for a honey trap,
  17. Which would be "this job"...
  18. Only finest Russian prostitutes. I hear they're super cheap too.
  19. In a day and age where cops on the whole have proven to be at best inept when it comes to dealing with dangerous situations, I don't think the NYPD has a choice.
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