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  1. Everyone get raked

    Duplicate the recording of your answering machine they already made?
  2. Everyone get raked

    Lol. Yeah, two guys faked calls because a known liar says so.
  3. I wear glasses now

    Had glasses for eighteen years. Been glasses free for fifteen.
  4. Everyone get raked

    Liar. You're ducking Sawdy and Buddy. You're a coward.
  5. And in a different time...

    I hope one finds you.
  6. And in a different time...

    Lol. So kids are walking around in bomb vests now?
  7. Everyone get raked

    Play your machine for us.
  8. And in a different time...

    Guns stop bombs now.
  9. Everyone get raked

    Your tenacity is astounding.
  10. Everyone get raked

    No, my car insurance is not swindling me.
  11. Everyone get raked

    Yeah, he does. We all do.
  12. Everyone get raked

    Lol. There's the conspiracy.
  13. Everyone get raked

    He really thinks he's a puppet master.
  14. Everyone get raked

  15. Everyone get raked

    Is that the phone? You should answer that.
  16. He must have some kind of placebo effect from doing it. No one is stealing a Tacoma with 300k on it.
  17. I never had one, but my uncle still uses one. Damn thing is useless.
  18. Bosses didn't check the weather forecast

    Why not?. We should all give the poor old man a call.
  19. Bosses didn't check the weather forecast

    Wait.. Mother fucker is going to disconnect the phone just to avoid you.
  20. Everyone get raked

    Because the word was not used as an adjective. A rake is a dashing man.
  21. I imagine him getting run over on his way to the market and being left in the street to die.
  22. Everyone get raked

    Nuh uh. Read it againg dingleberries.
  23. Everyone get raked

    I'm sure he appreciates your donation.
  24. Everyone get raked

    Mother fucker needed a go fund me to recoup the last $15,000 of expenses in his campaign. I guess he could be AC's next dog catcher.
  25. Everyone get raked

    Still doesn't mean con man. A "rakish" man is one who is dashing or carelessly unconventional.