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  1. I bought tesla when it was $320 a share back in march. Sold it off when it got to $1850 a share. Could have stayed in a little longer, but got a little nervous since I knew all the crap was going on and we were heading into the end of the quarter. Am happy with the return though.
  2. Oh so when the government is taking them they're suddenly "our kids".
  3. I own a 30-30 like that, but it has a coin where the hole is.
  4. The message had good intent, but yeah it was laying things on thick imho. I think there could have been a better way of asking "what are you doing to help", or actually suggest foundations that can use help; than telling people to soul search and just being coy isn't a good thing to do. Lets be really vague so if they took this as kill John Lennon we can't be sued! Then the group of naruto runners saying to fight against injustice gave me kyle area 51 flashbacks.
  5. @ben0119 The league being unethical was a trend for a while. It did pose an interesting debate though about ethics and free will. I think the writers wanted to have a parallel to chemical castration, or pill based lobotomy where you take drugs that retard functions in the brain that cause anger or arousal. Should these options be forced upon people and should they even get a choice given the nature of their crime. So it wasn't that the writers could just stop writing him as a rapist but more that they wanted an arc.
  6. I feel like this is a trick, but I really want to see where it goes
  7. Agree, but you'll end up with huds and goggle logos just burnt in. My vita system had burn in after only a couple of months on it's oled.
  8. Never use an oled as a monitor. They're very prone to burn in.
  9. I watch on Funimation, so I'm actually ahead of everyone on these
  10. Porn implies at the very least nudity. Also I didn't spam any images for the last 3 weeks
  11. Yeah, can't watch anything tonight. My brother and cousin wanted to have a fire and hang out. They're about passed out. Some people can't hang.
  12. Oops forgot to post a pic, don't want to come off as an expert to anyone.
  13. I don't see any sense in a holy war. Really it feels contrary to the message of religion. I hear ya, I'm in my yard listening to music and having a drink with a small fire.
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