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  1. Yeah you aren't getting into a fight at Harmony inn. Despite everything it's considered "hipster" craft beer place. Out of the area it's probably going to be the most progressive bar you'll find north of windhaven in cranberry. I like their jagerschnitzel with potato pancakes, red cabbage and spaetzle, and the buck snort stout. Desert their hot blueberry strudel with ice cream is good. Apps their german pretzels with mustard and beir cheese are great. Sandwiches and burgers are hit or miss. You'll usually have to ask for mayo, horseradish, or any kind of special sandwich sauce they're using on the side or else they just kill it with sauce.
  2. Where were you at? 3B's, Fishers, or Harmony Inn? Hit me up next time, you won't get fucked with if I'm there; they know better.
  3. Few years back when I spoke to Tiffany Grant about it. She said that there were legal issues with Gainax wanting more money since the Rebuild films were announced, but it was after the fact of them already signing the contract. So Gainax was just using money to keep it tied up in court. The studio that Sentai was working with on the film would have been Weta who worked on the lord of the rings films. Pacific Rim was made by Warner bros, so I don't think anything from the original concept was sold or stolen. I do think it's safe to say though that they did take a lot of elements from Eva, but I don't think there was anything more than concept drawings for the live action eva film.
  4. The mangaka ships them when she was asked about her favorite paring in the series. I'll ask for the image next time I'm in a 4chan episode thread, see if someone will post it. As for mangaka's inserts they're usually comical characters. They aren't meant to be flattering. Toriyama has a couple of them. The point I was making about miroku and mineta is that fans will forgive Miroku for doing the same shit Mineta does. It's not that they're the same exact character. For miroku that's just a quirky character trait. For Mineta everyone wants him fucking dead.
  5. Yeah that was supposed to be the whole point of the anbu. To either recover bodies or hunt missing nin. I think kishi forgot that the zombies are just shells around a living sacrifice and not the original body. So if things like eyes were missing or sealed it really wouldn't affect the zombie. I think he figured that since the hyuga eyes are sealed from their curse seal upon death, and that Danzo harvested the uchiha eyes, that they wouldn't have access to them.
  6. Cloud ninja were the mortal enemy of the leaf since they had the largest army and were constantly trying to steal the byakugan. Mist though seem to have the best track record of ninja assassins. also the girl in that comic was Sasuke's mom. Also Konan, Pain, and Nagato were from the rain village which I think is near the mist village. Shame that Konan got killed and isn't being brought back as well.
  7. Why did the guy who had a mist headband turn into a leaf headband
  8. Worse if you consider what they did to her in boruto
  9. Figures that the mist ninja were the only competent ones. Anyone find it odd at the lack of Uchiha or Hyuga being brought back as zombies? Seems like those would be prime targets for this kinda shit.
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