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  1. I don't understand the thought process the mods had with that. Everyone complained about the split. Mods would say they did a vote and said everyone favored the more organized layout than it was before so it didn't change. Then everyone would complain again. I feel like that may have been a call from an admin or someone higher up, because it made no sense. I remember even trying to explain why we had so many ghost town folders when I was a h.e.l.p.e.r
  2. I remember chatting with @foryouwhynot @garhunt05 @CAC @renjifan @MegaNaraku @Cidz a good bit for early AD days mainly Eva and Bleach.
  3. I was AD and IB for the longest time then did more OA when the great divide happened. Action General got split into their own episode sub folders. Really was the nail in the coffin for some series discussion. Back when it was the general folder you'd at least see the activity get bumped, after the split it was only if you went into that subfolder. I remember some shows just getting like 3 people in the thread; sometimes it would even be a solo one and a mod would come in and say knock off the spam....shit now I remember spam bans for actual discussion. @CAC I remember had like 3 alts he'd use through the night in different folders to try and dodge the Spam limit lol
  4. I think my og ones was 6-6-06 I don't remember the date of the other account.
  5. I joined in 2006 when I was 16-17 . I remember still not being able to type without chicken pecking the keys. Keeping up with the anime discussion threads helped me a lot with learning how to type without looking at the keyboard. Also remember playing the flash games. The Inuyasha and FMA grid fighting games.
  6. oh you're talking about 3 years ago when I came home from chemo, and saw someone called me a nazi in that ghostbusters thread; and I just said fuck it and told everyone to fuck off; which yinz took exception by saying I'm a pedo, hope I die, I fuck dogs, I'm racist, I'm homophobic etc. Then instead of eating shit and smiling, I'd return fire but only to people who talked shit. And despite all my responses being in return of an insult. From what I heard in DM's was that I was the only user who got a long term ban outta that. Though yeah, as for why I'm not active in here. Better places to be with more supportive communities; that don't have all the toxic shit. Just helped out raising money for a few charities the past few months helping people with mental illnesses and giving quality of life enrichment to sick children in hospitals.
  7. I've been asked to come back, but only visit if I get an email. My ban was 6 months back in 2020. Never asked to come back or to have anything done. I had cancer and was going through chemotherapy at the time; so after you all thought it was in good taste to jab at me for that; I told a bunch of ya'll to go fuck yourselves till you cried victim. Also this is the 3nd year you asshats have made me a bday thread to get me here. Each time the mods say "don't". implying you would have one I haven't already seen, and the only thing that gets me into threads is using the @ aside from that I'm just in to reply to DM's from other users and mods. 2nd time I've gotten an email from you this month; you lonely? nope actually was very anti-nazi. I do remember when you all started calling me a nazi though. It was pre-covid and I said that it was an abuse of the Governors power to declare Martial Law to prevent a gathering of people in favor of the 2nd amendment. I remember many of you calling me a nazi after that and saying that none of you would ever own a gun. Funny how that changed. Meltdown? You mean when I just said Gottem? Man Scoob you need to get your head checked; too much time around toxic bullshit if you are calling that a meltdown. Prior to that my post was saying don't @ me for dumb shit like this because you idiots miss my dick.
  8. Yeah you aren't getting into a fight at Harmony inn. Despite everything it's considered "hipster" craft beer place. Out of the area it's probably going to be the most progressive bar you'll find north of windhaven in cranberry. I like their jagerschnitzel with potato pancakes, red cabbage and spaetzle, and the buck snort stout. Desert their hot blueberry strudel with ice cream is good. Apps their german pretzels with mustard and beir cheese are great. Sandwiches and burgers are hit or miss. You'll usually have to ask for mayo, horseradish, or any kind of special sandwich sauce they're using on the side or else they just kill it with sauce.
  9. Where were you at? 3B's, Fishers, or Harmony Inn? Hit me up next time, you won't get fucked with if I'm there; they know better.
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