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  1. Binging these guys today. I love watching the emotional responses.
  2. I disagree. The Steve/Dustin dynamic is my favorite thing about the show. And I love Robin.
  3. Left my house for maybe the third or fourth time since the original shelter in place in CA. It burns.
  4. I will never understand the hype for Pearl Jam. Vedder's voice is awful. CONTROL YOUR GOD DAMNED VIBRATO YOU SOUND LIKE SOMEONE WITH PALSY.
  5. I would seriously fucking lose it if someone threw glitter on me. I can't even talk about my hatred of the stuff without getting heated. The water gun one is my favorite, because not knowing what the liquid is is probably horrifying.
  6. It's supposed to get to, like, 80* today, here. Humidity is around 60%. Pretty nice, all in all. Still, outside is evil. I'mma play vidya games and get fat(ter).
  7. Neflet's anger fades into a mixture of pity and acceptance as she watches Terrell stride ahead. At the same time, she can feel a warm flush cross her cheeks. For all of her rage and anguish, she allows herself a moment of vulnerability at being defended by someone else for a change. Perhaps, she thinks, this Terrell can be a suitable compatriot. "I suggest that all of you take time to gather rations, balance weapons, refit armor, and say goodbye to anyone stupid enough to care for you. At dawn, we meet, we plan, we go." Neflet strides out newly made hole in the front of the tavern to seek out the smithy, being sure to stop over Pahn on her way. (Roll for Intimidation d20 = 19 +1 skill mod = 20) Giving a menacing stare and lifting a hoof over his head, Neflet's intentions are not only received, but are ingrained into Pahn's mind. He will steer clear of the centaur for the foreseeable future, and is more likely to do as she says anytime their paths cross.
  8. So, I'm trying to buy Taco some birthday presents, but we use one account for a lot of things, like Barnes & Noble or Gamestop, and JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I feel like a god damned operative. I had to sneak into our room and take his phone while he was sleeping to access his email to change the password because I didn't know which one it was, so now I'm stalking his notifications because he's getting email receipts and I'm waiting for a curb-side pickup email on his phone. Deleting them as they come in after forwarding them to myself. Worried he'll notice his phone is missing or wake up before the email comes in. How do people who cheat on their spouse do sneaky shit all the time. I'm doing something FOR him and my anxiety is through the roof.
  9. I'm actually sad to see this name has any lasting impressions. I want my Duchess back.
  10. OOC: sorry, I got tied up at the end of the week. If I don't post for a day or so, always feel free to move on and I'll just jump in with a shitty excuse for not attending to conversation.
  11. App only works on attractive people, confirmed
  12. I cannot even believe SAL is getting play on these boards. Taco is excited.
  13. Neflet takes a moment to think about the adventure. Finally, she looks down at the Pirate Dwarf and scoffs, "Your ass so much as grazes me again and you'll wish your mother had never drunkenly slapped you out of her gods forsodden nethers." With that, she hoofed to the barkeep. "I'll pay for the drinks had by this lot on this day. What do we owe?"
  14. The centaurs rears, throwing the tiny rumsucker to the ground. "Mount me again without my say and I will trample your bits until they resemble cherry pie filling!" She takes a moment to settle herself. "I do not seek aid or fortune. Just purpose. I am," she hesitates and looks down, "was a soldier. I led my people through the last great spar against the wild ogres. Led them to victory, as well, but not without losses. Among them, our Chiron's own son." Neflet begins to pace, taking an odd, short hop to change direction, given the small space. "What victory? I failed my people and robbed them of the heir who would lead them benevolently into prosper! Now I. . . " Her eyes meet Terrell's with both sadness and anger. "Perhaps I seek a sort of aid after all. A way to keep my body strong, my mind sharp, and my heart from crumbling. No gold or poultice will suffice, I'm afraid."
  15. "I was told there would be drink and work. I do not like wasting my time." Neflet sneered at the pirate. "Now, Shortbeard, I'm always feeling daring. Moreso when I'm feeling impatient. Do you have anything interesting to talk about, or are you just going to go on about yourself?" Her eyes slid to Terrell. "And you," she said stifling a laugh, "just where will I go? Do you plan to smother me with flowers and sic the squirrels on me?" Her equine frame deflates a bit, and she shifts to a tone of frustration at herself more than the men. "I've been four days travelling to this pit on what I thought was good word worth my time. Folk don't trust centaurs, and one day I'll learn to stop trusting folk. If there's no information to be got, I'll drink my sodden ale in silence and be on my merry. Otherwise, I'll await the trough at the large table in the corner. Should anyone approach, I'll not protest, but be warned, if anyone so much as breathes threateningly, he'll eat this sword."
  16. OOC I get impatient. I forget how long message board RPs can take. I'm GOGOGOOOOOOOOOOOO
  17. Rewatching season one of The Umbrella Academy since Taco didn't watch it with me the first time around. Klaus and Five are the real lights in this show, man. That Aidan Gallagher was so young and pulled off such a great old man attitude is really impressive.
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