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  1. (Never actually played DND since my A hole friend I work with hasn't offered to let me join him, despite the fact that his group meets up to do it every other weekend) Banarr felt like he was caught with his pants down, being stuck with two firearms that were in need of reloading. He kept backpedaling and sidestepping the wolves surprisingly well as he went about reloading them both. Just as he was finishing up reloading his foot hit something as he was backpedaling away, the Dwarf began to fall backward just as one of the foul beasts lunged forward at him, Terrell intervened, coming at the two from the side, stomping his foot forward, hitting the wolf square in the side with enough force to knock it about five feet back, though the creature was still moving. "See what I was getting at?" Terrell stated in a scolding manner, referring to their previous conversation. Banarr simply scoffed, not wanting to admit that the monk was right. He then shifted his attention of chief Monocles, who was getting overrun by the vicious creatures. "Hmm... I think I might have something." The Dwarf took his time going through the many pockets his current attire possessed until he pulled out what looked like a cloth sack that was actually full of black powder, it being a spare that he'd use for reloading his firearms. (Intimidation) The Dwarven pirate tossed the sack way above his right shoulder, followed by firing his blunderbuss upwards, the following explosion wasn't dangerous by any means, but it created a pretty damn big pop, which scared the creatures off of the human.
  2. (Don't actually know how rolling dice works in D&D or if the d20 is rolled for fights like this. But for a bit of groundwork here, let's say if you roll 1-5 on something it's a pathetic fail, 6-10 ineffective but you can still counter or prepare yourself, 11-15 you succeed in a modest way, 16-20 do whatever you want)
  3. Terrell showed a strong annoyed expression over the sudden charge of the feral beasts. As the pack swooped in around them, sizing up their prey. It definitely stood out to Terrell a bit. "Angry or not, even wolves wouldn't come out of the woods to attack groups of people..." He talked aloud to whoever was willing to listen; in the event that wolves do target people on roads or pathways it'd only be if there were individual people. As he went on about that one wolf started charging directly at him, leaping forward through the air. In seemed like slow motion in Terrell's perspective he exhaled as he closed his eyes, holding his fists against each other in front of him as he breathed inward, focusing his energy. Just as the wolf was within two feet of him he shot his right fist forward in one single swing, a very audible crushing sound was made as the wolves skull was shattered like glass. "Hmph, look at you, showin' off." Banarr called out in the direction of the monk as he quickly hopped backward, dodging a wolf that had lunged at him from the side. "Perhaps," Terrell responded as he backpadeled to keep his distance from the creatures. "Needed to prove that I'm not all talk." Terrell added, which made Banarr grin widely. "Hehe, then I guess I should show off just a bit," he said as he reached above his shoulder, bringing out his blunderbuss and pointing it dead straight at one of the wolves, and there was a clicking sound as he pulled the trigger and nothing happened cause he forgot to load his blunderbuss in the first place... Needless to say Banarr was feeling the heat of embarrassment from that one. He quickly backpadeled as he snatched his flintlock pistol with his other hand, and pulled the trigger and His pistol managed to fire, but it only resulted in a flesh wound across the side of one of the feral animals.
  4. Just as that was said, all of Banarr's hopes and dreams shattered as he quickly changed course to hide the fact that he was about to toss his bundle until her back, whistling nonchalantly. "Pahn has an ego, that I can't deny. He did get kicked through a window, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility of him plotting something." Banarr walked his short Dwarf ass over to a nearby table, rolling out the map from before. "It's just abou' a six hour journey to the base of the mountain. Once there, there's a number of paths that lead up to the summit. I'm partial to this one here," he pointed at a spot on the map. "There's a system of caves and tunnels that span countless miles. There be pitfalls to be wary of, and a few cliffs that will need scaling. I heard there was a tribe of goblins that made themselves at home in those tunnels, but I think we can take em." He finished up with a proud chuckle. It took all of Terrell's willpower to keep from punching the dwarfs head off. "Did your parents drop you on your head, Dwarf!?" Terrell questioned insultingly. "What could possibly make you think we need to take that route when we could just you know, walk there?" Banarr went over and tugged on Terrell's arm to make him crouch down to his level, putting his arm around his shoulder. "I'm gonna level with ya a bit Sonny, I hate pigeons. Those rats with wings won't get the better of this Dwarf again!" He shouted defiantly. Terrell responded by elbowing the Dwarf in the ribs to get him to let go again. "How do you expect a party with a centaur companion to be able to scale a cliff?" To which Banarr just shrugged, "What goods an adventure without a bit of risk?" To which Terrell flat out ignored and headed to the exit, "We're playing it safe and taking the most direct route. Worst possible outcome we have to fight some highwaymen or a mountain bear or whatever."
  5. (was meant to be a bit of a 4th wall break. DND has some firearms, but it is a case where firing one shot uses your entire action. Though if you have the right feat you have a second action related to that where you can either reload then so you're ready for your next turn, or if you have a second gun could fire that one as well but then have no ready guns for your following turn. Translating that to an RP would be Terrell saying Banarr is the type that wouldn't think that far ahead and would leave himself vulnerable) "Breakfast AND nuts!?" Banarr seemed to overreact to offer of more food, the dirty pirate wasting no time in stuffing his face, as crudely as possible, getting some egg yolks on his big Dwarven beard. "I think I'll pass..." The monk responded, him finding the Dwarfs eating habits to be pretty... grotesque. Banarr wasted no time in insisting that he have his portion. "It's like me mum always said, never look a gift horse in the mouth." The pirate said in between bites, crumbs and small bits landing in his beard. "Don't mean to be rude, Dwarf... but have you ever considered shaving?" Terrell said bluntly, taking a side glance at the Dwarf. Banarr had a completely offended expression on his face as he placed his hands on his beard protectively, "I'll 'ave ya know I've been growin' this here beard a man since I was a young Dwarf at the age of twelve." Terrell backed down before turning his attention to the self proclaimed chief. "What we need is to wrap up our business here and move out, we're burning day light. I reckon if we leave soon we should reach the base of the mountain in about... six and a half hours." He estimated roughly.
  6. In response to the centaur Neflet's inquiry, Terrell shifted his attention toward her. "As a monk I have unarmed defense, meaning I require no armor or shield..." He began. "And clearly not a shirt either." Banarr butted end, Terrell glaring at the Dwarf annoyingly. "Shirts are optional... and restrictive. As for combat, I'm not particularly experienced in ranged weaponry or with weapons at all for that matter. My body is the only weapon I need." Banarr yawned, the single toned response boring him to sleep. "Now, as fo' me." Banarr began, bumping the monk aside. "I have me ol' trusty pistol here," He said patting a holstered flintlock pistol. "As well as this big bad fellow 'ere." He said motioning up to the blunderbuss he had on his back. "Yes, until you fire a single shot from each and have to spend time reloading them with your next action." Terrell interjected, deflating Banarr's ego a bit.
  7. While the group down in the tavern were ironing out the kinks in their mutual partnership, about a half days journey past town, along the route most direct to the fortress the group intended to go to was the noble bastard Pahn, with around a dozen small time fighters that work for him. The mountain in particular was very dense in trees and vegetation, there being only a few paths that went to the summit, Pahn deduced that Terrell would urge the party to take the safest looking path, which is where they're situated. At that moment in time, Pahn sat atop of a large boulder, gazing off in the direction of the town. Realistically the smart thing to do would be for him to make it to the fortress before the other party, but it became a matter of pride after he was made a fool of by getting kicked out of a window. "Hey, cut that shit out!" Pahn shouted in a loud voice, intimidating voice, getting the attention of his men, whom were all just sitting around on the ground playing card games. "When the time comes I expect every single one of you to carry your weight." Pahn added. His men quickly put their cards away, shaping up. "Bunch of idiots..." Pahn muttered under his breath, rubbing his forehead. "Well, what do you expect when you hire based on brawn and not brain?" Came an unknown voice from behind, which immediately made Pahn go on full alert as he leapt forward off the boulder, turning around on the ground with his sword drawn. Standing up where he once sat was a demonic looking individual wearing dark violet colored clothing, with a top hat on with a pair of long horns poking up and through them; a giant and intimidating sword hanging from their back. Pahn readied his stance, expecting a fight. "You... I know your kind." Pahn shouted at the creature, Tieflings are largely discriminated against due to them quite literally being half-demons. The Tiefling simply stood atop the boulder with a large, sharp grin spread across his face. "Is that so?" He chuckled softly, in an odd ball sort of way. The creature slowly reached his hand up in the direction of his left shoulder where the hilt of his massive sword was, Pahn prepared to go on the attack but the Tiefling held out his hand, signalling him to stop. "Something troubling you, human?" The creature smirked, "If you're worried about this here," He said pointing a sharp finger up at the hilt of the sword. "I assure you it's entirely for show, I never once actually used it." He laughed; instead he snapped his finger, making a fiddle appear in his hands, readying himself as he began to start strumming, creating a jittery melody. The creature just continued to play his fiddle, more and more. Quickly eroding away at Pahn's patience, "I don't have time to listen to that shit you call music!" The noble bastard shouted angrily, resulting in a sharp screech sound as the Tiefling stopped playing, a melodramatic look of devastation on his face. "If that's how it's gonna be..." The Tiefling muttered in a manner that made it seem like he was trying to contain himself, before grinning once more. "I guess I'll be on my way then," He said playfully as he jumped down from the boulder. "I was gonna offer you a chance to change your fate, but I think I'll let you continue on that path there and die in about... six hours and thirty-five minutes from now." The Tiefling said as he pulled out what appeared to be a pocket watch from one of his pockets. "Wai- what!?" Pahn responded in an alarmed way, but the creature simply returned to playing his fiddle, disappearing into the wind. Terrell opened his eyes as he looked up from his meditation position on the floor, there being random nuts held out in front of him. "Umm... nah, I'm good." He said simply as he got up, wiping the dust off his leggings. "Oh oh! Me me!" Banarr jumped up, going over and snatching them, tossing them in his mouth, followed by a very loud crunching sound. "Need somethin' after the complete disappointment tha' was me mum's chili." Him shuddering at the failed attempt to recreate it.
  8. Haven't seen or read anything about what happened yet but as for the question of why they gave him a gun, standard procedure maybe? So if by some possibility he got separated he'd still be able to defend himself.
  9. Would help out if there were at least one more person to work off, kind of hard to keep things in motion with just three of us.
  10. My left arm hurts. Just over a week ago I slipped and fell onto my left side, my left shoulder is still aching. Really hoping I didn't damage my rotator cuff even though it didn't seem like a bad fall. It didn't help that Friday I was left to move a bunch of heavy shit by myself, I think I pulled some muscles in my left arm, though that's better now. Still have the aching left shoulder though.
  11. Honestly I don't know if I'll get a new console. The X360 was the only xbox console I owned and I really loved it back then, but as a PC gamer Microsoft gives me nothing to look forward to. I commend Phil Spencer for helping the PC platform to be more mainstream but at the same time though Microsoft has no exclusives anymore, even Halo is now coming to PC. When it comes to the PS4 I bought that one for the exclusives, and realistically Persona 5 and Nier Automata are the only ones I really care about (NA is third party but the PC version is broken without mod support). Even Sony realized the PC market exists, them bringing their exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn and I think also TLOU1 to it, that said though I imagine Sony will keep 1st party releases exclusive to their platform for at least 1 year before going to PC, to give some incentive to getting a PS4. Even with Nintendo quite literally the only thing I play on the Switch is BotW and Fire Emblem 3H, I don't really care about much of their other games.
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