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  1. I lost interest and most of my respect for Markiplier years ago. He's not a bad dude, but I can't stand him at all anymore. The initial unus annus video I thought was easily part of the top 10 cringiest things he's done. The grand majority of lets play youtubers I used to follow I stopped long ago for various reasons. My attitude toward "let's players" has changed also, to where I don't think the majority of them should get paid for it.
  2. honestly I don't see anything that bad with it. the song doesn't fit, but changing the music is something they can do relatively easy. The animation doesn't look that great I guess, but as long as they're able to tell a compelling or entertaining story they could still have a good show... i have zero intention of watching it, considering i don't support (or ever plan on) supporting Crunchyroll in any capacity. also I'm not really interested in their shit anyway.
  3. I highly doubt Sessh will comment on her appearance at all. Considering how Sesshomaru has a detached and uncaring personality, I expect their first meeting to go something along the lines of him flat out ignoring them. Moroha likely getting on him about that
  4. Things with cars always vary from one model to another. Comparing the brands as a whole compared to other brands, Toyota and Honda I've always heard people talk about how reliable they are. A guy I worked with that used to be a mechanic was talking to me once about cars, and he said when it comes to pick up trucks Ford and Toyota make the best. And as for reliability for cars in general Toyota and Honda he considers to be some of the most reliable cars on average.
  5. From my understanding German cars and Japanese cars are the most reliable. I have a 2016 Honda Civic that I'm in love with. Toyota's are also supposed to be very reliable.
  6. More so the fact that Central America is insanely dangerous to live in. The large majority of South America is very dangerous to live in, dealing with drug cartels, gangs, and/or crooked/evil governments. Africa is insanely dangerous, with the jungles there, the insects and creatures there, also tons of diseases. There was a time when Southern Africa was considered safe, but for the last 2 or 3 decades its also been insanely dangerous. Australia's biggest problem is forest fires, animals and insects there, and their ultra liberal govt. The fires early this year could have been avoided completely if they continued doing controlled burns during the winter to prevent what happened from happening, but the ultra liberal govt made it illegal to cut down trees there. I still find it hilarious how during the fires some guy cut down the trees around his house to create a fire barrier, and his house was the only one in his area that was still standing, and the liberal govt fined him for chopping down the trees. I will never go anywhere in the southern hemisphere, or anywhere south of America for that matter.
  7. I also have a g-sync monitor. I always go for 2560x1440p, my monitor can go up to 165hz. I'm simping so hard for AMD right now though. If I do buy an AMD gpu I am considering replacing my monitor with a freesync one. There's this monitor here that I'd likely get, https://amzn.to/34ELS82 I consider it to be better than my current monitor, and one nice thing is since Nvidia supports Freesync now if I decide to go back to Nvidia gpus I can still use the same monitor. The monitor I have now is good and all, but there's a couple spots where it's going bad or something, there being light spots visible in a couple of places.
  8. I'm so very tempted to buy a 6900 xt gpu. I am planning on upgrading my cpu from my 3700x to the 5800x, I'm already using an x570 motherboard. I do have a 2080 super that after taxes and shit I paid around $850 for. Realistically speaking it's perfectly fine for my uses, but I'm very much so a pc tech enthusiast so I'm thinking about upgrading it as well, moving my 3700x and the 2080S to my living room pc which is running a 2700 and gtx 1070, the tv in there is 4k and the stuff from my current pc would handle it better than what's currently in there. If I do upgrade gpu I really should just stick with the 6800 xt but I'm desiring the 6900 xt so badly.
  9. Kekkaishi I thought was a decent enough series, though it honestly felt kind of bland and generic. One thing about it though is it felt like a Bleach clone to some degree, like season 1 of Bleach with some season 2 stuff mixed in
  10. I made my previous post before watching it since I typically anticipate these kind of reboots to be comparable to homicide.
  11. For some reason it always seemed like Bones has major issues with Soul Eater. It was a pretty popular series but it's like once they were done with their version they didn't want anything else to do with it. A lot of folks were calling for a new adaptation of it, but instead they gave us Soul Eater Not, which it felt like they didn't want that one to succeed. It had a super generic anime art style, no where near the original one which had a very unique art style. Also the writing was pretty bad and the show in general was meh. Needless to say it didn't perform well, to which they immediately wrote off the franchise by saying clearly no one is interested in more Soul Eater
  12. When it comes to this series I got into the manga a couple of years ago. I usually stir clear of edgy death game series or series where they just use people getting killed for shock value instead of putting more thought into the writing, but this series really hooked me back then. Being intentionally vague to some degree for those that haven't read the manga. I liked the style of the series and that it didn't feel like another dime a dozen death game series which it seems to be flooding the market. It felt similar to how a horror/survival video game would feel. I didn't mind the action and thought it worked out, then there's a point where the main character girl received a thing that makes her a thing which makes her stronger, and from there it gravitates more to battles and then every other chapter someone gets a power up which requires another character having to get a power up, the conclusion with the bad guy is very anti-climatic as they full on go to generic shonen battle anime territory. It does have a sequel manga that I question as to whether or not it was discontinued because of how boring it was and how much it spit in the face of the first series, while the events that are going on are even more vague than how I'm typing right now.
  13. Meh. I really liked the manga in the beginning, for the first 70-100 chapters or so (don't remember the exact moment when things changed) back when it felt like a horror/thriller/survival series, but I fucking hate what they did to it after that point, turning it into the most generic battle shonen series ever, things getting more and more convoluted.
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