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  1. Step 1: Go outside and get hit by a truck Step 2: Wake up in some isekai world where you are the hero Step 3: ????? Step 4: Profit
  2. The funny thing about this former friend of mine is that he's so very much similar to Quackers, even their voices sound so damn similar. The former friend of mine was just an asshole, he always made it a thing where he wanted to be the cool type of nerd. Him being very into things like anime and Star Wars but he always had a smug way of going about it since he wanted to stay part of the cool crowd, he was just a straight up poser, similar to quackers. He also had a similar character arc to quackers, being a bro at first and someone that you can respect, before throwing you under the boss to fit in better with their chosen people.
  3. That would be an interesting spin on things, if instead of losing her power once a month, if her being quarter demon instead had an effect where she's more similar to Inuyasha back when the tessaiga broke.
  4. I remember back in my sophomore year of high school, I'm pretty sure I was 16 at the time of this, but there was this one school friend of mine I had some class with. In that class me, him, and two girls were talking about anime, Inuyasha was brought up, and I mentioned something along the lines of I got into Inuyasha because Kagome was hot, and my friend responds in a completely disgusted way, singling me out by saying "She's 15 dude!" I wanted to slap that motherfucker. Aside from the fact that it's a fictional character that's a drawing on paper, I was 16 when I said that, and I was 12 back when I started watching Inuyasha on AS. So his statement quite literally was just him trying to get virtue points from the others around him. The thing I find funny is how so few people seemed to care about any of this until this past year when all the pedos in hollywood and the entertainment industry are getting exposed for being pedos, now it's the trendy thing for them to go on a crusade and seek out anything that can be viewed that way and try to police it.
  5. Where are you getting all this from? How is Kagome gonna be young for 500 years, and Setsuna over 140?
  6. Obviously wanting to do it with real life 13yos and so on is pretty fucked up. Lately though I've been seeing so many people going on crusades in the anime community about underage characters being sexualized. It's fucking drawings on paper, you'd have more of an argument if the character in question was depicted as a loli, but I've seen so many people that go on a witch hunt for art depicting underage characters, such as a lot of the Shippuden versions of Naruto characters. I work with this one guy that he's very much so militant when it comes to anything anime or video game that sexualizes minors. I can see my haters attacking me right now and twisting my words around, but I'll say it again, it's a drawing of a character that doesn't exist. I feel like people only act like they give a shit cause everyone now of days is competing for virtue points.
  7. Moroha is best dog girl. As for the pearls, I watched one guy on youtube that essentially dedicated his channel to Inuyasha/Yashahime there was one video he did that was analyzing the one owl that appears throughout the episodes and what it could mean and symbolize, based around Japanese lore. Don't remember if it was the same video, but he tossed out a theory that the original characters themselves could have been trapped inside those pearls, the girls unaware of that. That one demon got a power up each time he swallowed one, so perhaps its their strength that's making it stronger.
  8. Well, in defense of the Miroku thing, Inuyasha is set in the feudal era, which lasted from 1185-1600, I think they stated somewhere the IY series takes place at least 500 years ago. In the majority of places in the world back then it was fairly common for men to marry girls as young as 12 or 13. Obviously it's not right, but that was the way the world was until the 1900's. And even then it wasn't until near the end of the century before 16-18 became standard around the majority of modern countries. Japan I feel is much more casual about sexualizing little girls, or objectifying them in those ways.
  9. Still not a fair comparison between Miroku and Mineta. Miroku's womanizing is only part of his character, and more so a gag, perpetuated by his curse and desire to have an offspring to go after Naraku should he fail. That gag was only a small part of his character, him acting as the backbone of the group the majority of the time. Mineta's character though is almost exclusively to be a perv and to creep on girls, even little girls like Eri. The only time he showed change was during the battle with Midnight, but as soon as that fight was over he completely reverted back to how he was, showing no growth or improvement. Perhaps if Mineta was a main character like Miroku and not a random reoccurring side character he'd be given a real character arc that would change things for him, but as it stands he's a horribly written character and eye/ear cancer to watch and listen to in the series.
  10. Not all buddhists aim for nirvana. Nirvana is seen as the ultimate goal of buddhism but in reality most aim for the two upper planes, the one of gods, and the demi-god one; also marriage in buddhism can still help certain individuals find enlightenment. Also as for things Miroku has said throughout the series, I'm pretty sure the majority of it was to dodge bullets that came from him being a womanizer, playing up his role as a monk to feign ignorance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism_and_romantic_relationships
  11. The first part is technically true, if Miroku or his family before him just decided not to have kids the curse would have died with them, and not have doomed any other descendant of theirs to a very short life. Guess you could say it's all about pride, them wanting to kill Naraku. The Japanese, especially in the past were borderline autistic when it came to pursuing death. The second part, you do know being a Buddhist monk isn't the same as being a catholic priest or whatever? Monks in Japan could still get married and have kids. I've coincidentally been reading up on Buddhism, and things like marriage and having kids is completely optional. There's some schools of Buddhism where it's not common or expected, but Buddhism is much more open-minded than Christianity or other religions, so if marriage and/or children is something that would bring happiness to the person they're allowed to do so.
  12. I hope Mineta gets killed off one day. Very unlikely to happen, but a man can dream, right? Him and sparkles I find most annoying in class 1A.
  14. No surprise really, considering Japan was for the grand majority of its history an insanely cold blooded country, borderline barbarian. It wasn't until after WW2 when they were no longer allowed to have a standing army that they finally began mature. And even then Japanese are very bad at adapting to change, look at how insanely herbivore the average Japanese male has become due to women no longer being weak, and going on to make lives for themselves, they don't know how to adapt to that. Doesn't help that it's to be expected for fathers to have no presence in their family's lives since they're expected to always be working and providing for the family, mothers there idolizing their sons to the point where its an unspoken trend for a lot of Japanese mothers to have their sons first sexual encounters with themselves (can google that shit, not just me making it up) what this leads to in the end is Japanese youths seek out women like their mothers, but girls aren't the same anymore and often times nowhere near like their mother, and that's how you get 20-30+ year olds that never went on a single date with a girl. otaku weebs in western countries idolize Japan, but that's a place I'd never want to live in. Even if I fully knew the language and had the money to make it happen.
  15. don't forget about this thing here, the anime didn't use that name and they also changed up the design some
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