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  1. My first thought was "I could've sworn we did this already" when I saw the thread on the front page, not gonna lie.
  2. *pours out a can of Pepsi and has problems getting it up* *respectfully, of course*
  3. Me sowing (seeing Cincy actually make the playoff): FUCK YEAH, THIS IS AWESOME! Me reaping (actually seeing Cincy play Bama on NYE):
  4. I very, VERY rarely feel sorry for the NFL, but they now have to sell America on a Thursday Night game between the teams that tied and lost to the Lions, respectfully.
  5. Happy birthday, bear what got the teeth!
  6. Seight

    The NBA Thread

    And now, highlights from last night's Thunder/Grizzlies game, let's take a look:
  7. Rob Manfred's going to slip up one of these days and the interviewer or union reps are going to see his giant "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner in the background of his office, I'm sure of it.
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