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  1. This Pats loss hurt… more turnovers, and Dallas had over 100 yards in penalties… Mac has the rest of the season to get good… or I’m sure Billy will kick his ass to the curb.. though, not sure how we manage to ever get better when we turnover the key positions… oh well… wish the Sox were on tonight
  2. Why do they look like a sticker image of glasses? Like, you pasted glasses on your picture…
  3. The girl you like is giving a dude that doesn’t care about her the double handed gawk gawk 9000 maneuver on his shaft
  4. Ghostie, how often do you think about your future ex wife getting dicked down on the reg because you haven’t made a move yet?
  5. Trying to find the emails, but it seems there were multiple examples of boner emails….
  6. Sawdamizer

    Scarlet Nexus

    Ok… I’m just gonna say it… this game is fucking beautiful, and it’s scratching all the itches I’ve had for a long ass time with games. The music is amazing… and well… there it is..
  7. Robert Kraft patrons asian spas… and he was doing gods work
  8. There is a person of this community that will not enjoy the context of this post
  9. Oh and sorry for your loss or whatever this thread is
  10. This captures his shit threads
  11. Accept his cum in your butt. beeeeeee free full of the spice
  12. I’ve seen the fair weather fans… but I am happy to see that the system was built around one guy, and not the criminal mastermind Bill… it was a question I wanted answered. Love Tom Brady, I’d go gay for him for just a night to get a teaspoon of his super cum in my ass… he is the goat… we ain’t that good anymore and it’s going to take some time to rebuild around a team that relied so much on high scoring offense…. that being said, I still think Mac can pull through. And thank god we are in a division that at least somewhat guarantees a playoff spot
  13. 1 800 kars4kids donate your car today
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