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  1. I bet they know eachother from little league sports, is all. oLHImxM.mp4
  2. You're on your bullshit again, I see.
  3. Sawdamizer

    Holy shit

    Listen, you usually make miso happy to be in your threads, but it seems there isn't mushroom left for me to provide commentary here.... I can't handle this shittake any morel. Fungus.
  4. Sawdamizer

    Holy shit

    They're not punny enough for you?
  5. Sawdamizer

    Holy shit

    Meh, I'm already a fun guy.
  6. I just... I wish.... Could you please.... Save... Some fucking pussy for the rest of us?! We out here tryin
  7. Its Tom Brady... I got like 10 people that send me this shit
  8. Don't you have like a script or a bot that auto does shit? I remember you spamming the boards before
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