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  1. So, your moms is sans kid? Like, she is down to fuck? yo, what her mouth do?
  2. You know how to find me. I notice when you aren’t online for a bit. i gotchu, pika pika
  3. We are cancelling this… everyone is on their own. Too much bullshit.
  4. I’m thinking about everything I’ve bought that has been an absolute waste of money… only to find out that this exists…. For the price of Arbys
  5. Crickets can eat a dick too
  6. I have the memory of a goldfish
  7. Starting to think we’ve been hoodwinked
  8. What’s with you people in Ohio shooting randoms with those splat guns… then they get their asses kicked and claim victim.
  9. Sawdamizer


    No, they are alluding to some possibilities
  10. Sawdamizer


    Oof, reports aren’t looking good on his cause of death and I really hate that this could be another example of a result of CTE
  11. …… what a terrible idea this is
  12. Sawdamizer


    I remember that hit on Shannon Sharp and fucking ripped up his arm
  13. My Ryobi electric is a work horse
  14. IMG_8890.MOV IMG_8889.MOV IMG_8891.MOV IMG_8893.MOV IMG_8894.MOV IMG_8892.MOV
  15. I know damn well I wouldn’t be able to just nibble a bit without eating the bag
  16. Stop sending me pics of your gash
  17. And you still get all my shit.. including all the other stuff
  18. Buddy knows how to find me, so does a few others on Xbox… wacky does too…. Umm… Disco and Pooh do, I think?
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