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  1. "Excuse me miss. May I get wrecked in the backseat of a Prius and, then, take you on a tour of the Grand Tetons with my tongue??"
  2. At least it's not just you. Is he like an ADA case?
  3. Gozer also offers their condolences? That's very nice of them.
  4. Currency refers to any medium of exchange. Money refers to specific mediums of exchange related coins, banknotes, or their digital equivalent (the word is derived from the latin word for "to mint.")
  5. I get where her mom is coming from. Black people, and black women in particular, rightly have concerns about retaliation when it comes engaging management at a workplace, either from the culprits who tend to be entitled or by management itself that doesn't generally value the individual concerns over the perception of liability. Also, while Vamped didn't indicate ethnicity, there's a good chance that the security guards are also black and any action by a majority white upper management and minority workers is going to exacerbate the situation. This isn't to say that she should be confronting anyone directly, just to point out that Vamped is being put in an extremely bad position through no fault of her own. Nonetheless, she absolutely did the right thing. Having management deal with the issue is the only possible option, as bad an option as it is. A confrontation as her mom suggested would be even worse. These guys are entitled enough to sexual harass her openly, so they could be extremely dangerous to approach.
  6. Wut? I mean humans may have given up on "money", but they couldn't conceivably get by without some kind of currency.
  7. Just imagine all the tax money coming in to Starfleet because of the few idiots who still smoke.
  8. Tell me about it. My super, who chose not to get vaccinated for whatever reason, tested postive for COVID and had to stay home last week. Now he thinks he's good to go if he has no symptoms on Wendesday, without a test. I'm not letting him back.
  9. That is most definitely not what the CDC was recommending. I suspect some local jurisdictions are using quarantines as a means of punishing for vaccine mandates.
  10. Wait, why do you have to quarantine? As long as you're vax and you don't have any symptoms, you should be good to go with an negative test.
  11. They look nice, but you might want to check the fit.
  12. You... don't... want to... explore... the final... frontier... with.... me?
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