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  1. The Great Gatsby is a master class over the use of symbolism, but other that it's not particularly special. Also love the view. You're moving on up Zeni.
  2. She really does make it look effortless.
  3. Is, like, every girl you encounter some degree of prostitute?
  4. Tell you what... never missed a flight and slept like I was dead on the plane.
  5. What?! It's ALWAYS a good idea.
  6. Got my first shot today.
  7. scoobdog


    Which one was that for you?
  8. Well, technically Auric Goldfinger was the nemesis and Odd Job was his right hand man. Judging by the position of that gold painted chick, he split her in half before dipping her in paint, so Goldfinger had to have had a huge dick.
  9. It's a start. Also, every one of James Bond's nemesis had huge dicks.
  10. Are you going to interview each potential right hand woman by asking why her body looks strange or if she's doing drugs?
  11. Good luck with the female second-in-command thing.
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