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  1. Very sad today.

    It was pretty obvious that your brain has been on overdrive the last few weeks. There's no other reason for someone to be arguing to 6am like you were a few days ago. Is there any creative outlet you can focus on, at lest temporarily?
  2. These fuckin contractors

    She needs to call OSHA
  3. Gamestop guy gave me the weirdest look

    What does What We Do in the Shadows have to do with American Gods?
  4. I ate that tiramisu too fast

    How does Tiramisu give someone the hiccups?
  5. Baseball is the sport of champions.

    When was the last time you watched a MLB game....?
  6. Says the cunt that's never been there.
  7. Conundrum

    IC Well, you should do what makes you happy.
  8. Conundrum

    I say, only spend part of the monies on the MJ and savor it.
  9. anyone else turn off all the notifications?

    Ignore the next three notifications.
  10. Ok... Funniest thing you'll see this afternoon

    Unless she's 118 years old, I think fake is a safe bet.
  11. some food for thought.

    OT: It seems that this is something everyone can agree on. Cutting back red meat consumption by 40% isn't at all unreasonable, even for those who appreciate BBQ, burgers, and steaks.
  12. That is one ugly ass mom.