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  1. Oh that's what he calls trying to cover up the fact he used to be a moon landing hoax conspiracist.
  2. Ah So, the whole cremation thing was itself the joke.
  3. I mean, you're in Toonami, I'm... not in Toonami. You kind of have to work with me here.
  4. I hope your holocaust joke was better than that.
  5. Or it just tells you what you already think you know about him, which goes right back to you not having empathy.
  6. But, yeah, I totally get the need to make jokes about Kobe, even the ones about him raping that woman. Jokes aren't supposed to be funny when they're working through trauma, and his death certainly invokes trauma even for those people who rightly want to remember the victim in Colorado and are left with questions about that event that will never be answered.
  7. None of that means you don't lack empathy.
  8. When did Joe Rogan become a comedian?
  9. Unfortunately, a big part of the legacy of Kobe is his problematic cult of personality. That rape case served as a road map to all of the obstacles women face leading into the #metoo movement, and, for better or worse, discussing it as part of his legacy will always be important because it's a window into his personality. A friend of mine worked security for Kobe for a short time and had stories about how arrogant, stand-offish, and seemingly unfeeling he could be to people he didn't know; that's a huge disconnect from the image that Kobe presented to fellow elite athletes and to the public in general of a motivator. The man that the Colorado victim talked about in the bits and pieces we got is very much the former rather than the latter, but the cult he built up through a carefully built media presence tended to disguise this about him. Ultimately, that means a big part of the shock of losing him should be the fact that it is, in part, a reaction to the Kobe everyone thinks of is not authentic and we may never know the man he really was both on the court and in that hotel room.
  10. This is just numbing. I started in Laker Band shortly before his rookie year, and was there when he retired with 61. I was there for just about every home game. It’s inconceivable that he would be gone just like that. We’re set to play the National Anthem at the next game Tuesday, and can’t fathom what that will be like.
  11. He has four, and the one who died with him was the second oldest.
  12. But, the same people that are looking to better their lives by moving can't because, like Pooh, they can't find affordable rent. A little bit of logic goes a long way, sport.
  13. The thing is his assertion isn't all that illogical because, along with the more moderate climate, comes the lack of warm clothing. Also, hypothermia doesn't need sub-freezing temperatures to happen, it just happens a lot faster when temperatures are that low. Like you, though: it never occurred to me that this was really a thing here until I saw that same spike in hypothermia deaths. A lot of it has to do with the exceptionally cold (for here) temperatures that came about the winter of spring of '19 and between this past Thanksgiving and the New Year, and eyes were already on the homeless because of the crisis.
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