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  1. Looks like who ever pinned it missed the post where you said you were donating them all.
  2. After seeing this thread, I decided to test it out.... and I accidentally ordered a PS5.
  3. Btw, I also remember all the birthdays at or around my own because clearly the world revolves around me.
  4. Don't need a calendar to remember the important birthdays. But, I do what I always used to do and manually input birthdays into my calendar app and it reminds me.
  5. That's a great point. This really is just his way of giving an invisible enemy a face.
  6. I would disagree. Active suppression is easily identifiable. Institutional racism has neither the purpose nor the intent to suppress anyone, and its not definable in the traditional sense, which makes it far more difficult to identify and address. Now, let's apply that to foreign policy. Can you say a policy is racist if it does not have the purpose nor the intent to be racist?
  7. So if I don't kill or suppress a black or brown person, it's not racism?
  8. Let's make this simple for you. What do you define racism as?
  9. Those measure would sure make healthcare providers (not health workers) richer, but how would they actually also cause prices to go down?
  10. So.... do something with your big dick.
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