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  1. No, it's kinda not a big scandal, except for MAGA losers.
  2. Scoob's Nugget of Wisdom of the Day

    That's not how a woman would define the term. Condescension is part of mansplaining, but it's not the only part. Let's assume Jim isn't being condescending when explaining his point. How else would his intervention be considered unwelcome?
  3. Scoob's Nugget of Wisdom of the Day

    Why is condescending a better word than mansplaining?
  4. Scoob's Nugget of Wisdom of the Day

    Why does it matter if Julie is a feminist? That has no bearing on what the word means. So, what does it mean here? Is it being used correctly or incorrectly? Why?
  5. Scoob's Nugget of Wisdom of the Day

    No, I mean a real life example. Like this: Julie was busy closing the month's books at the shops and Jim walks over to see what she's doing. Jim, having graduated with a degree in economics, thinks that the way Julie is calculating the balances is inefficient, and proceeds to mansplain what she should be doing. So, how is "mansplain" being used here and what does it mean?
  6. things were said...

    No, what you did was present a nonsensical refutation of the term "mansplaining" based solely on your experience with feminists and a dictionary. You offered no explanation why the word could not mean what it means when actually used. When your argument failed the logic test and Gunstar called you on it, you proceeded to give her a "taste of" her "own medicine."
  7. Jussie Smollet Charged

    Says the cunt who just admitted to rushing to the accidentally-correct judgement.
  8. Scoob's Nugget of Wisdom of the Day

    You're not debating. God knows what you think a debate should be, but this is not it.
  9. Scoob's Nugget of Wisdom of the Day

    Give an example of this. None of us has any reason to believe this is anything more than you being unwilling to accept the fact that minorities and women can be offended outside a rational trigger.
  10. Yes it is, dipshit. Everyone knows that the GOP has been ideologically aligned with anti-abortion, anti-minority, anti-immigration, anti-poor people since long before that graph's scope. The difference is that the Tea Party was more radical in its approach to realizing those goals. Naturally, the Democrats have shifted ideology in response to several economic downturns and erosion in the job markets. That graph does nothing more than reflect how the respective parties see themselves.
  11. Bernie Sanders is running for President again

    Lol. Oh shit.
  12. Jussie Smollet Charged

    Bet you're glad they got that f****t n****r, right Jingai?
  13. Post #374,000

  14. Post #374,000

    I saw.