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  1. You do have a thing for... strong... women.
  2. Meanwhile.... LFR posts a cryptic ✌️on his twitter account for no reason at all.
  3. But they're infinitely more lovable as losers. The characters of R&M, Rick at the center, are nihilistic. They're unlovable because they openly consider their actions meaningless even as the consequences cascade on each other, devolving (usually) into chaos. The characters in Sunny fail because of their flaws, but their enthusiasm somewhat belies a sense of hope that makes their misadventures enjoyable.
  4. That's the stuff of legends.... or a Chuck Lorre joke. Kind of depends.
  5. Oddly enough, about the only time I watch R&M is when I'm in a hotel room.
  6. I think the point is you’re supposed to hate all of the main characters because of their extreme self centered traits. I find it funny to an extent, but I feel like a lot of the time laughing supposed to be uncomfortable.
  7. I expect another review Friday. You gotta keep this going, man.
  8. I like it. Had to wait way too long for it, though.
  9. The smell of that coat alone would kill you.
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    shut up scoob
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    You all right. You know dat?
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    Always. U?
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