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  1. I got nothing out of the fan collective. No one would even cyberz with me.
  2. Most of the ones around here are swap meets.
  3. You're not concise even when you're not writing a wall of text. You just tend to put your foot in your mouth more the more you write.
  4. Your typical walls of diarrhea leave little choice. You can be assured he he only skimmed the low lights, though.
  5. Nabs found a room with a working light that isn't the bathroom.
  6. I don't want to see the shit. My man might, though. He's a fucking freak.
  7. Send a fucking pic, man. I have this guy who's looking for work: he's not too far away and you can even lock him down there if the price is right,
  8. They're just fucking with you at this point.
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