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  1. I saw exactly 10 minutes at the end of the USC game, and it was just enough. Williams gets a Bush push from the O-Line. Addison scores a touchdown. Kickoff return advances on penalty. Nolan gets picked off.
  2. You know he does just so he can report back to Nurse Ratchet with the good news while they cyber.
  3. I think he’s referring to the people who give likes as opposed to are liked, but that’s not particularly important. Benji is a one trick pony that can’t perform his trick anymore, so of course he’s pissy. Its not like would be missed if he boycotted this place.
  4. Their home games must be a real blast,
  5. How the hell do you have a football team when most of your students are online?
  6. Nah, no context is needed. I mean, the older I get, the more I measure my failures in life by the number of times per week I feel like a one man wrecking crew.
  7. So, what did you do on your big day?
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