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  1. Marriage Sucks

    This does not sound at all like Fuggs.
  2. She's the B in LGBTQ+ now?
  3. I bet his mom used to watch his videos.
  4. went and got a haircut mini-rant

    Probably because it's hard to find an old school barber in some parts of the city. We used to have this old dude, Red, who pretty much did one kind of haircut and spent the whole time making self deprecating jokes with a nervous urgency. Once he closed up, there was nothing like that anywhere in the city or neighboring cities. The only option if you don't want to drive to Inglewood is one of these chains, like Great Clips.
  5. Marriage Sucks

    What the fuck is this?
  6. That was a lot of "Cocksuckers" and "Shits" for a rant.
  7. MUEGA

    I got that too. Great work, @Admin_Raptorpat Lol
  8. I found a bra that isn’t mine

    You guys probably need to talk to each other about this a little bit....
  9. I would think mounting a tv would be a big thing....
  10. I found a bra that isn’t mine

    Is it still up on the pole?
  11. Got a new shower curtain

    That's ok, I still laughed.
  12. I found a bra that isn’t mine

    That's not what she actually said even if it's what she meant.
  13. I found a bra that isn’t mine

    Just a hunch, but I think its safe to assume that dresser came with her husband and was not just sitting in the house when they bought it.... And it was half a decade.
  14. He only asks for a hug when you don't want to pay him to do shit?