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  1. Nice try, but no they are not the same. Also, let me guess, your Gorillaz t-shirt is just a dirty Hanes with homemade pre-Demon Days Noodle fan art.
  2. No need. It's not like I dont believe you. Technically, every club option other than "Private" should be visible to everyone else in some capacity, so calling it "Read Only" would be redundant, It seems to me this is a administration setting that means something else and I'm trying to figure out what.
  3. So, not really on topic but, I looked at the options for starting a new club and I didn't see an option for "Read Only" so now I'm thinking it might be a special function, What setting did you select when creating the club?
  4. I can post as well, but that doesn't mean much. I'm also not sure what the Read Only means because I didn't test that option.
  5. The bot was created 38 years ago?
  6. Even if it were government property, public accommodation does not denote access to expression. You can't protest inside of city hall, for instance, but you can protest in front of it. So, yes, you can always be refused service because of political or social opinions in spaces where you don't have a forum.
  7. I agree with that. The stupid thing is that museums have always sought to control the discussion about their exhibits and people like the OP seem to have not figured that out.
  8. How often do Shriner's walk around the Smithsonian wearing their fezs? Don't answer that, just keep it in mind.
  9. I think he's set by whoever he calls games for. He can't be any more boring then Joe Buck.
  10. It's baffling. My gf has taken to wearing tactical pants because then she actually has pockets to use.
  11. Next Monday. I can tabulate the scores and post them in the meantime.
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