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  1. We’ll keep it at the same time. 5 pacific, 6 mountain, 7 central, 8 eastern
  2. No worries. The first round isn’t too complicated: Everyone gets divided into two teams. Each team gets their own exclusive club to meet in and discuss the challenge. You don’t have to participate, but the one who show the most engagement and enthusiasm for each team will get immunity and an automatic pass to the next round. After a week, we post a single submission from each club here and have the entire UEMB vote which team’s submission is best. The winning team votes two members of the losing team out of the competition, excluding the person on that team given immunity. The two immunity winners then get to select a new team and we’re on to the next round.
  3. It gives you an idea how big the ASMB community was that you could find someone with similar interests in the same time zone (or at least the next times zone) that you could end up AIM chatting with. I was lucky I ended up in the same zone as Gina because I had someone to talk with that appreciated a more deep look at anime than a lot of other posters did. It was right when I was getting into anime too.
  4. Ok Ghosty. So, imagine for a moment Kagome comes home late one night and her dad Godzilla is really cross with her. But, it’s not her fault! You see, Naraku has a new henchman out looking for jewel shards, and it’s his most heinous villain yet. I’m not telling you who the villain is, but you know him by his ASMB screen name, Your team is going to come up with a (really) short story describing the encounter with this mystery villain.
  5. Would you like a preview of the first challenge?
  6. I don't doubt it could happen, but it was most likely a gimmick. Now, Duzi was well known for her kudo weight.
  7. It looks like we might be moving the draft to Sunday. What times work of you guys?
  8. I actually started night posting in Prospero, partly because I’m a left coaster and partly because there were fewer people posting. Too hard to keep up in threads during the day.
  9. Some even had triple, but that was one off to certain people. I think Duzi was one.
  10. The red ranks had double kudo power. It was awesome.
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