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  1. scoobdog


    Vodka is kind of weird thing to shoot. Most vodkas don't really have much of a flavor, at least the ones that are worth drinking. And, I'll take your Malort and show you baijiu.
  2. So, what are the Embassy Suites like in San Diego?
  3. scoobdog


    He's passed out! At least he could be naked and standing.
  4. Does it count toward your weekly quota?
  5. scoobdog


    Why are people such wusses when it comes to Tequila?
  6. Did you say "spit ban' Bucket?
  7. Well, add me to the list of people who will gladly let you vent at them and who will listen no matter what.
  8. But you can do it while you're asking for your panties back.
  9. You know what? That's actually a really great idea. You should do that.
  10. Did slaves actually say "white missus" or did you just make that up?
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