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  1. If your security comes from a hive of scum and villainy, how shitty a person are you?
  2. Yeah, yeah... Next you're going to ask me what color Kobe's eyes are.
  3. What's so funny @tsar4? You get a kick out of Kobe falling to pieces?
  4. Oh look, young guy showing off against an old man... (RIP Kobe 01/26/20)
  5. Shit's so ugly, her daughter had to plead people to stop because she was getting caught in the crossfire. Kellyanne is singularly wretched individual.
  6. Make a .gif of all those birds in sequence and give some a fucking seizure.
  7. That ain't a bird. That's GOAT motherfucker.
  8. There is no way Trump hired her without Mike leveraging that shit.
  9. What Poof said. Any such legislation is likely to face severe headwinds from Republicans and would likely derail other pressing legislative goals in the near term. We agree that something like this shouldn't be left to the Commander in Chief over the long term, but in the near term the EO does the trick and gets the issue out of the way. In about a year, or the midpoint between now and the next midterm election, it would be a good time to address this in the legislature and get it pushed through under the fog of a bunch of other priorities.
  10. That dude does not make a good case for recovering from addiction. He just replaced crack with Trumpism.
  11. There is no end to the incompetence that is the former Trump Administration.
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