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  1. Do you want to fuck her too?! I guess she is a little manly...
  2. He's still taking your calls?
  3. You got no business calling Bucket a loser, loser.
  4. Talk about rubbing it in.....
  5. That's because you don't have the taste.
  6. Isn't he a real employee? You seem to be implying he's a professional actor...
  7. You two are heartless! Tell your friend I cried too.
  8. I kind of use dark themes (for menus and prompt windows) just because they're easier for me to see. My desktop is still a brightly colored picture, though.
  9. Don't know about Buddy, but I appreciate your efforts. Gotta keep feeding Nabs until he can hunt on his own again.
  10. Time to get in the deathmobile and start running them off the road.
  11. What a shame. He wouldn't be stuck at home with a mom who could not care less if he's having a psychotic break if he could find someone with big strong arms to give him a hug.
  12. Your posts say so little, how do you misspell any words at all?
  13. There will always be those people, of course. But, human migration patterns are far more economical than that, and, more importantly, the psychology of negative conditioning has fundamental limits. The fact of the matter is humans are social, or pack, animals. They dont necessarily need to be in physical contact, but they still need to interact with other humans to properly function. As nice as it would be to say that the predicted staggering death toll will be a wake up call for Americans, we were well aware of what was going on in Italy and we still didn't change our behavior, and it isn't likely to change even with catastrophic devastation. You have to replace the social aspect while maintaining the physical separation.
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