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  1. i thought the boards were already dead? im a zombie
  2. maybe? not sure how this would work. that means i would have both male/female parts? i could literally fuck myself.
  3. but whats the point? the only way to reduce emissions is to annihilate all life on the planet and make most of the planet uninhabitable for any survivors?
  4. i used to do computer repair for family and friends of family... lets just say i saw some things 🤣
  5. i have thought about that. would make things easier in terms of suffering. im still hesitant.
  6. one of my earliest memories was when i went to mexico to visit my great grand parents who lived in a small village. they had a small farm, with a pig which i grew very fond of. but one night i woke up to the wailing cries of the pig. always broke my heart. i still eat meat, but i dont think i can do it myself.
  7. i think i seen ads for bushland adventures on youtube. hmmm i think you still high on rick and morty but maybe this newer show is really good.
  8. well that doesnt make that stance any more agreeable. as much as a fallout fan that i am, a post nuclear world would suck.
  9. i would not rank it above futurama either, but probably up there as some of the better AS shows. the worst one for me has to be tom goes to the mayor.
  10. yes thats what it reminded me of, those old cheesy davey and goliath shows. the promos didnt really sell me and i do remember seeing them a bunch.
  11. i remember first seeing them from the simpsons couch gag. it was funny but i havent had cable in years so i never followed it. then i remember friends and family quoting the show or saying pickle rick.
  12. funny you say that, thats where i watched it lol.
  13. that show is good? i skipped over it mainly because it looked corny af. and also was time slotted pretty late if i remember correctly.
  14. hard to make anything thats good for any amount of time. we see it far too often with shows.
  15. hey thats what i just compared it too. im not sure why but i feel always sunny pulls that off much better.
  16. sure i just dont think they pull that off as well as something like its always sunny. which the main characters on that show are as bad as they get.
  17. i found myself laughing quite a bit to rank it that low.
  18. you can substitute any other great cartoon in place of the ones i listed, i just had family ranked high for its first 3 seasons. if we do overall, that show goes to garbage. same with the simpsons, first 7 seasons is great, but quality just went down after. i dont mind watching self contained shows either but it was hard to follow rick and morty even just going to the bathroom and coming back. like i missed two minutes but so much has happened. maybe i shouldnt have been drinking too much lol. guess you voted that its great?
  19. agreed with that, later seasons didnt seem as good.
  20. agreed with the side characters, i find them more enjoyable than the main characters. jerry is the worst. i don't really mind the "pathetic" character. they can be up for a good laugh like zoiberg from futurama.
  21. you could say that about almost any fandom. i just tune that noise out.
  22. i would totally watch a cartoon/anime based on the nfl.
  23. kinda mixed feeling about it. i found myself laughing a bunch at the wacky situations they get into. but on the other hand, none of the main characters are really likeable. and its hard to follow. just a bunch of random shit happening. anyways enough ranting, whats your opinion of the show? poll time!
  24. we are off to a good start, already on our 2nd recession of the decade. as for crypto, still got a a mid sized amount stacked away sitting till the time is right. or till it reaches zero.
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