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  1. I vote for these two, as well!
  2. My work has literally nicknamed it our prom. I swear a girl wore her wedding dress to it one year... 😒
  3. One time when I was watching Jeopardy, the question was “Which band sings ‘Boys are Back in Town’?” or something like that. The first guy buzzes in and goes “Who is Tin Lizzy?” He’s told that’s not right, so the next guy buzzes in and goes, “Who is Tin Lizzy?” ... Alex’s face was priceless as he told him it’s still the wrong answer 😂
  4. I saw this this morning. So sad! 😔 When I was a kid, The Look was my favorite song of all time. I have no idea why, lol. Probably just from listening to whatever radio station my parents used to have it on. But to this day, that song is always in my playlists 💗
  5. My work party is next weekend. It's formal, so I should really make sure I have a dress to wear... But anyways, my night is going well. Got home from work and have been doing a whole lot of nothing.
  6. I really enjoyed Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku). I’d definitely recommend if you haven’t seen it yet ☺️
  7. Yay! Happiest of happy birthdays to you! 🥳
  8. Update - My warranty actually ended up covering most of it and I only had to pay about $150. Yay! ☺️
  9. While I don’t own any of his stuff myself, I have heard that his brand is really good quality makeup.
  10. Excuse you, sir. Doable for who???
  11. I was on my way into work when everything just started shutting off. First my radio, then my speedometer and other gauges stopped working, and then I lost my turning signals and brake lights. I was just about to work so I just kept going, but I’m sure people thought I was just driving like an asshole. It was kind of scary...
  12. I have a 2012 Chevy Captiva. They told me it was going to cost $630... 😭😭😭
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    I used to switch my icon to different anime characters on the old boards, but I don’t truly feel like myself unless I am my namesake
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