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  1. I mean, I did name myself renjifan for a reason... 😋
  2. I will never forget the time mine told me I was boring. He didn't appreciate that I couldn't play with him during nap time...
  3. I was always more of a Green Monkeys girl, myself
  4. Random renji fact - Smash Mouth was the first band I’ve ever seen live. I was in the 5th grade and they opened for *NSYNC ☺️
  5. I like those chocolate crinkle cookies. And Thin Mints during Girl Scout cookie season
  6. Not a whole lot, lol 😂 If he’s anywhere close to Des Moines or one of the bigger cities, there would probably be more options of things to do, depending on what has reopened
  7. I wish I could give you an informed opinion, but I’m technologically handicapped, so I unfortunately know nothing about this field. In fact, I’d probably be the one calling and bugging you with stupid questions - I do it to our IT guys all the time 😅
  8. Um...I think they were saying that there was some type of glitch on their website or something? And so Google Homes were erroneously listed as super cheap, like just a couple of bucks. So the guy tried to take advantage of the glitch and order a bunch, and then was pissed because they refused to sell them to him at that price. To be fair though, it was out of their hands. The call came from their corporate office to basically just apologize to customers for the inconvenience. So there was literally nothing they could do about it for him.
  9. I don’t know, I’m pretty fair skinned. Someone once asked me if I was albino... 😂 Thank you so much! ☺️💗
  10. My favorite thing I’ve ever witnessed was when an entitled customer was throwing a tantrum about not getting something for the price he thought he should be getting it for. He’s like, “Well, I drove all the way out here! So what are you going to do for me?!” And the manager was like, “Apologize.” Basically politely telling him he ain’t getting shit 😂 I started laughing and the customer glared at me and stormed out. Then the manager looked at me and also started laughing. It was the best.
  11. Thank you! It feels good to have some semblance of normalcy back! ☺️ Haha! Well, I’m incredibly pale. But I was sitting next to a window when I took that pic, so let’s just blame it on the lighting! 😜
  12. Don’t you just love working in customer service???
  13. Finally back at work! Please ignore my blindingly pale skin as I’ve been in isolation for weeks 😂
  14. Oh shoot, I’m definitely guilty of that. Sorry! 😅 How about...”stay healthy!” Is that any better? 😋
  15. Glad you got him, poof! ☺️👍 Now if it had been me, I would have just peaced right on out of that room for the rest of the day! 😂
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