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  1. We were too poor for anything name brand back then lol
  2. That looks awesome! Glad it was a good show! ☺️
  3. Woo! Happy Birthday! 🥳
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss! 😢
  5. Oh geez...lol. That's hard because I legitimately keep soooo much crap! I just finally threw out a craft I made in like kindergarten - a small garden pot that had been painted black, with foam wings attached to make it look like a bat. And the only reason I threw it away was because it was broken... 😅 But the oldest thing I can think of was something that I found recently while trying to clean/downsize - a headband I wore as a baby. I have no reason to keep it, but I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it.
  6. I'm a packrat and have the hardest time getting rid of stuff, so I'd probably keep it out of nostalgia. But...if it's junk, and you have the ability to throw out junk you don't need, unlike me, then probably get rid of it 😋
  7. I have so many sweets at my house right now, I might wait a bit before trying more desserts lol. But I do have a little more confidence now that those turned out ☺️
  8. They’re chocolate crinkle cookies! I am actually pretty proud of them - I don’t really cook/bake, so the fact that they actually taste good and I didn’t burn the house down is kind of impressive for me lol 😂
  9. Look at me using the oven like a real adult
  10. My nephew got a bunch of Hot Wheels stuff too. Literally everything he opened was Hot Wheels and Spiderman
  11. Aww! Well thank you, but I wouldn’t have minded! I’ve been pretty open about it here with you guys. But I appreciate that! ☺️ Oh no! Of all the symptoms he could have got... 😂
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