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  1. Was super hot up until yesterday. Cloud cover now. Feels quite cold by contrast.
  2. Lasty

    MTG Arena...

    It's not a very diverse play environment... Everyone either has a bunch of creatures, or a deck filled with hate cards. It's not interesting when the available cards dictate that basically only two deck types are viable. I don't like black or red, try to avoid them. Too aggro. My infinite turn deck is green blue. Green has some life gain, and I use polymorph enchantments with blue. Bounce might help, if I draw it. Maybe I should splash white for boardwipe... I'm building a whole new deck at that point though.
  3. I know. It sucks about his house.
  4. Lasty

    MTG Arena...

    It wouldn't be too slow if crawlspace was a thing. I have this infinite turn deck that has a hard time with this in particular. I see goblins or some shiz like that, I concede immediately
  5. Lasty

    MTG Arena...

    I have a variety of decks that have this issue, and none of them are white because board wipe + life gain solves that problem.
  6. Obviously plotting to kill you. Burn down your house, move, and hope your cat doesn't survive and find you...
  7. Welcome, to you and your shit
  8. Blue Jays display communal nesting behavior, with non-breeding individuals assisting in nest building before eggs are even laid, and maintaining the nest and young after they hatch. They're very territorial, and I love the way they move and the noises they make....
  9. Bail on your party and come to mine, but don't talk to anyone. Just be a +1. Bring your own snacks.
  10. Also, throw a brick at a cop.
  11. Perhaps. This one is called "Dobbie"... If I could have a pack of dogs from puppyhood, they'd all be named after musical things and stuff and peoples.
  12. Lasty

    MTG Arena...

    Historic. Bontu's Last Reckoning, but I rarely make decks with black...
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