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  1. I’m going to train squirrels to climb into your ass, and have so many of them climb in there that the internal pressure pops your eyes out of their sockets and you bleed from every orifice... No, scratch that, I’m just going to see if you can top that nonsense I just said. Maybe you’ll match the tone, maybe you won’t.
  2. She has no power levels. Fuckin’ ... I’d be pissed if her fragile self was getting in the way, too.
  3. Sue him for sexual harassment. Actually, scratch that, he could just be awkward. Sue him for regular harassment.
  4. Yes you can. What happens to the “n”?
  5. Yes. It’s a thing I heard people talk about when I was young and developed a favorite color over time to fit in.
  6. Lasty

    Fresh eggs

    Nary a trace of shit on them.
  7. What if we changed it so it sounded like the “ine” in “tine”?
  8. Depends on what happened at those retreats and what his and his families values are. What’s the company? Is he grinding billions of babies into a paste so he can cover the earth side of the moon with a baby smoothie? These are important questions.
  9. Family bonds help people develop into not shitty people, love in their lives. Modern humans have lost a lot of that. These bonds were stronger, when life was harder, you know...
  10. Machines belong to no one. Operating program, public information. If a house was made, the purpose was for people to have a place to live, not to fucking play monopoly.
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