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  1. No one else could pull off the endearing, sad moment of the loss of a volleyball to save his own life...
  2. We need to convert to it already. It's just one among many reasons the U.S. is not taken seriously. Current president aside...
  3. This entire sequence... they could have shot Rick and Morty several times, dozens of clean shots, and they just didn't even shoot at all, then the shooting at the end where they miss. This is the pilot! Fun.
  4. It's you and you know it. Like dying with the lie is going to work. I've called you out on the obvious gas lighting several times but do you give up? Gotta give you credit for persistence but you're just not very smart. Take up a hobby other than trolling dude.
  5. So that the posts of users you block are invisible and blocked users can't see your posts. I bet Zeni would just leave.
  6. It'd be cool if a mod could lock this thread, which has been derailed by trolls.
  7. So, you're not gaslighting me, but I'm definitely crazy? Hand not caught in the cookie jar? Even with this immediate hypocrisy? Riiight.... You're a troll dude. You'll continue to deny it because that's what toxic people do. Have fun being a bitch.
  8. How about the part where he literally said I was crazy? You're either not very observant, another troll backing him up, or just stupid.
  9. I didn't lose my shit, I called out a troll. You must not be very fun to chill with if exposing that variety of behavior is a vibe killer in your eyes.
  10. That's what the white supremacists who became cops were probably thinking... which is a big part of my point here. You haven't said anything I didn't already know, and it makes me feel like you're missing my point.
  11. Kudos, dude. If you count that as a baby step you can take it a step farther; having lost some weight should make more intense exercise easier. ;3
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