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  1. there are at least three separate startup errors and it takes you a couple hours searching forums for solutions to get the game working right. It's been a while. My old characters are still there! ^__^
  2. Lasty

    I can't believe

    They grow up so fast...
  3. There's only one way to find out. O_O
  4. An @TrigunBebop might be online? >_> <_< *leaves*
  5. Ordered a new motor controller since the old ones couldn't tolerate voltage spikes above 60v. I will not be having that issue where the software shuts everything down to protect the circuitry again. Should have gotten the spendy one to begin with, but you live and learn. It's arriving here today! =O https://trampaboards.com/1x-vesc-100v-250a--350-tax-each-p-28115.html
  6. I would be using it in lieu of my laptop since I live in this poorly constructed monstrosity
  7. It still doesn't have the anti glare screen... Why don't they all come with that?
  8. You're getting the cheap one. Cheap ass.
  9. How do they look off when they're vertically parallel? I always thought that xbox controllers and the switch were not ergonomical because they are offset, and that looks, well, off to me. I watched a few youtube videos and it seems like battery life should be reasonable for healthy play sessions. I will let you know after I get one. ;3
  10. Probably not for this
  11. The joysticks are aligned so I won't get carpal tunnel. I don't need everything all supped up, personally. It plays AAA titles without issues at 720p which is fine for the screen size. Also, I can install any OS I want, or boot one from a micro sd card... It. is. a pc. Just not super supped up. At 16gb of ram, it's actually more powerful than any laptop I've ever had.
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