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  1. Don't worry about it. You were just kitten around...
  2. I didn't say I appreciated you. I said I appreciated the civility in the reply I saw. I left myself some room there. Grammar making things implicit... only not because pod6ers...
  3. There are a lot of people in America who don't understand that fascism is bad. To such a degree that one may need to explain it to them as though they were children. Even if you have to add a couple notes, which you can in fact do with artistic license. If that's not implicit AND you feel the need to say that I am trash or anything like that, you might get blocked, and rightly so. I didn't expect anything better. That's why I posted it IN dumpster fires to begin with. I had figured that action would make more of my bit implicit. Sorry that I forgot to explain the entirety of it to them like they were children... Thank you for being civil with your criticism. I always appreciate that.
  4. Wow, someone is desperate to get a reaction even though they've been blocked. XD They really need to change the settings on blocking users so you can't really see anything they do and they can't interact with your posts at all.
  5. Fascists killing themselves is a great idea. It's really the only good thing they can do short of ceasing to be fascists.
  6. Just a bunch of (probably) fascist morons blowing a joke out of proportion. I mean, yeah, I started with personal attacks, but against fascists? You're going to retaliate with personal attacks when I'm poking fun at... fascists.... riiight
  7. I literally did exactly that, with the forum button in my profile and everything.
  8. Again, time is relative
  9. Yeah, and I've spent much less time than that here. Time is relative; it's new to me in the context of my unevenedge clock. You failed to perform a Lorentz transformation.
  10. I find it to be spot on. Babbling had a couple of cool peeps earlier on in the period I started posting there, but it rapidly degenerated into a dumpster fire. People arguing about politics never really solved anything or brightened anyone's day.
  11. But you're traveling through time at the rate of one second per second, constantly.
  12. I thought we didn't have one, but we do. Babbling was always a dumpster fire, and the new name is much more appropriate.
  13. Like trying to hijack a Segway
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