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what if I ran for president


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Besides, you don't have the money to run.

And no one is going to back you.

You are a janitor-turned meat handler from Ohio.

What are your qualifications?

Being a Star Trek nerd doesn't make you qualified.

You'd have a better shot at running the Space Force.

Just kidding man.

You couldn't even land a gig cleaning the White House shitters. 

Not kidding man. 

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To apply for a job or internship:

Ohio Democratic Party
Attn: Sarah Ross
340 East Fulton Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
614-221-6563 ext. 394
[email protected]


The republican party doesn't have any jobs or internships available, they're all pay-to-play or nepotism, so you can only get in if you know someone.

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7 hours ago, Sawdamizer said:

Id say theres an IQ prerequisite….. but Trump.

I feel like I dreamed up a post where you explicitly said we already had a retard in office in 2016 and ghost missed his chance, that did exist right? lol

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On 7/4/2021 at 11:02 AM, ghostrek said:

in the next presidential election year I am serious about this I am thinking is about time to do something for my country

Do you support less taxation, more guns, expanded mental health services, high speed rail and local control of education?

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