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  1. what kind of chest pain?
  2. I'm in a bad mood too. What are your symptoms?
  3. These are a lot of negatives and I can imagine you're in a really difficult head space. Would you like to talk to about it?
  4. Well goddammit stop dying
  5. It is very admirable that at times like this you are thinking about others and putting their care needs above your own. It seems like you have a good support system and it definitely okay to rely on them.
  6. I think actually reading is more intensive. Plus I cant really get into audibles because there's a robot voice and I just zone right out of there so even if the content is good I'm not going to pay attention for long. I listened to this man narrate Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and the way he told it legit ... terrified me more than it would reading it by myself. Even with that I was literally doing nothing but laying there listening to it.
  7. >.> I slipped and had 2 spoonfuls of this gharidelli brownie my sister made. Its so fucking good. Sabotaging my keto
  8. I sleep around the miniature
  9. This thread isn't about me ... today. Stay tuned in Dumpling Fires for blog posts and complaints at later dates Lol Dumpling Fire ... Im not changing it.
  10. So I think my original plan with this thread was to give everybody a compliment or ... really to tell you something positive or a strength that I, an outsider have noticed about most of you. Ive seen what most of you share and the struggles and doubts you have braved the boards with and for the most part I think you all deserve happiness, support, and the ability to feel that you are worthy as individuals. Im wishing all of you improved mental health because I know its hard out here and sometimes the tiniest bit of kindness has gone a long way for me when Im having a tough time. Sometimes I wish someone would just ask me ... what's wrong and is there something you want to talk about just because. We all have our own personal trauma and I think its good to check in from time to time. (as an internet friend, dont make this weird)
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