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  1. I always feel like my period is being dramatic for no reason. Like oh I'm coming ... no wait I'm not ... just kidding no wait ... nah ... HERE I AM I got my period laying on this kid's legs helping to put them in a hold when I was doing inpatient psych XD Was fine all day .... they call the code ... CRAMPS BLOOD ALL AT ONCE I was just like .... this is fucking great and you can't move until it's done
  2. Got my period in the middle of talking to a patient .... they decided to talk for 57 minutes. My period always starts aggressive. I'll just be talking normally then FUCK LOAD OF CRAMPS ALL AT ONCE followed by the little familiar sticky feeling that says Lol .... I've arrived
  3. The preview/commercial turned me off. I'm guessing its boomer entertainment XD
  4. Vamped

    oh mother

    1 hr deep into this image search and I am conflicted
  5. I'm getting the sense that you're a villain.
  6. Well that's probably just the US in general not just apartments.com
  7. Craigslist.... so you're trying to get murdered?
  8. You're misunderstanding my boundaries. I'm not saying I have a problem with porn stars. I'm just not interested in seeing people I know have sex. If I know you, I'm not going to purposely seek out videos of you in porn. I dont want to see my friends/acquaintances/ co-workers/relatives having sex. Its weird to me. Why would I want to know about someone's life as I'm watching close ups of their genitals. Thats not what I do. I'm still not paying for porn though. Thats just not something I'm spending the little disposable income I have on.
  9. I dont like outside The closest I'll go is a cabin in the mountains ... in the fall ... but I'm not going exploring because fucking bears
  10. I dont want to know the people in the porns. boundaries
  11. I'm not paying for Onlyfans when I can scroll for hours on pornhub for free
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