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  1. It always brings more anxiety about going to work, especially when Im also doing this internship. Then Ive started feeling stress/ tension in the side of my neck and shoulder so Ive been stretching my neck and popping my shoulder since the day after Thanksgiving. So ready to be done
  2. I have PayPal ... for paying my portion of vacation fees when I travel with friends
  3. I have a hard time getting into the Xmas spirit. This season annoys me more than anything but thats from work
  4. I only ever plan on watching those claymated movies and Its a Wonderful Life during Xmas season and only when I happen across them on TV
  5. You'll still only get 5 cents worth of psychiatric help
  6. I dunno ... these are my thoughts
  7. Fairly sure but Ive been eating ibuprofen like m&ms .... so Pretty sure Are you asking because they're not having sex? She goes on to have sex with this rando bald man ... like I cant explain it better because it was a random episode so I dont even know under what pretext they initially started having sex
  8. Except .... he isnt struggling. He just fucking goes to sleep. She had all those titties before they got married XD There should have been one point where he was like ... can I handle all these titties?! Instead hes like "gawd keep your goddamn devil titties to yourself"
  9. .... so the husband in the hentai I watched earlier, married this woman with all this ass and all these boobs to ....ignore all that? >.> What is the real issue here? Struggling with sexuality, impotence, trauma ? Also. This other man in the apartment complex has a shit load of time to have sex with all these women every week.
  10. I make lists now. Granted sometimes I forget to take it in the store but they exists.
  11. Exterminating Angels Hasnt let me down watching it in a group yet XD
  12. My grandma has a ton of romance novels in her little library. I was going to give them a shot but then I discovered she wrote comments in them and Im afraid of what she wrote in the sex scenes
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