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  1. Triss > Yennifer Liara > Thane > Tali > everybody else >.> Kaiden's a whiny bitch Garrus = BFF
  2. Dark Chocolate

    I couldn't stand it when I was little, but now I prefer dark chocolate .... unless its something like a Reese's or Snickers
  3. some of y'all are creepy

    All the profiles Ive viewed .... I just kinda fat fingered my way into them. I hear thats the way to a person's heart ....the long way
  4. You know what's weird?

    I hated Family Matters so .... Im not even mad
  5. Ill probably be blocked finally for this

    .... so I see today is an internet competition for people announcing to the world they dont like Game of Thrones or Jesus.
  6. quitting anime after today

    If thats not effective birth control I dont know what is
  7. Lol I like how they made the bar graph poop brown
  8. Beauty blender

    Just reminded me to go pick up my free birthday item from ULTA .... bets its some BS that I wont use. >.> might let them do my hair while Im there but I doubt it
  9. I ate that tiramisu too fast

    This old lady at work told me that was the cure for heartburn.... old bitch.
  10. what are your Easter plans?

    I hated everything about the night before Easter and Easter Sunday when I was little .....DESPISED it
  11. what are your Easter plans?

    Church is always so damn extra on Easter .... gawd
  12. Ok... Funniest thing you'll see this afternoon

    ..... I have the weirdest mental image in my head right now .... is the marinade an everyday routine or just for when you're having company over to eat ass?! >.> prime your ass with bourbon and brown sugar to make the flavor more robust?
  13. what are your Easter plans?

    The miniature and I are going to an aquatic easter egg hunt later on today at the university pool.
  14. Just watched a youtuber comment on Steve Harvey's show.

    I dunno why y'all decided to dump on Steve Harvey today but he's making bank so clearly people like him. He's good with black people and increasingly more likable with white people. His book was really popular when it came out. Every woman I know bought a copy.