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  1. Ive just now watched the whole video
  2. Hercules gave me Xena and for that Im exceedingly grateful ... googled party of five ... I dunno ... thats something Im not interested in. Like a sad Friends ... and I dislike Friends. XD
  3. I mean .... its not going to make me like the Witcher games less so Im still giving it a shot. ..... wait .... are you upset Yennifer isn't hot from the jump? Is this what this is about?!
  4. Because hes attractive and they added a few black people?
  5. My brother is too damn old for this. Thats some stuff you do in the cool sister's car. I am not the cool sister.
  6. Way too scared that I'm so unlucky, I'll smoke and then sprain my ankle at work again
  7. Well he's not borrowing it again. Its stupid. Why would you smoke inside somebody else's car. I don't give a damn about him smoking weed. I just dont want it in my car. I'm not cool at all ... here I am baby on board sticker, carseat, toys in the back, spare jackets in the middle of summer, trying to blow weed out of my car on the interstate going to work.
  8. I let my little brother borrow my car to "go hang out with some friends" His dumb ass left the baggie in my center console. Now I'm hoping its not on my clothes
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