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  1. So I've been watching this show all day and there's a few sex scenes.... can you imagine going to work and then being like.... well this is the day I lick my coworkers nipples and stick my face between their buttcheeks as professionally as I can Do you ... look at them the same the next day?
  2. Its so cute the people in anime folder still watch anime as it comes on TV. You could just get the Funimation app and have already seen this MHA episode.
  3. My 10 day isolation is up. We went to replenish our groceries. Now I'm feeling kind of bad again. Also went to go take another covid test because apparently thats the new job policy before I can come in the building.
  4. I kinda miss my trash 90 day fiance shows. I refuse to pay for Discovery + though
  5. FYI you can apply for a credit card to finance a corgi (and other inferior breeds) Feel free to include things you'll never get
  6. .... now I see why this is so popular
  7. The naked one in the hat?! .... was it a hat?! Or a bowl?!
  8. Definitely.... it's some type of dog karna. Also
  9. Reasons the universe won't give me a corgi. 1. I saw my neighbor's dog alone in the lobby as I got off the elevator. I spoke to the dog and watched it hop on the elevator by itself. It didn't occur to me that nobody else was in the elevator with it and it went up to another floor.
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