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  1. I dont think that's in the budget. We've got like .... a menopausal aunt with hot flashes and chin hair kinda budget
  2. Hot singles are standing by to take your call
  3. Vamped


    What ..... is this >.> Do ... do I wanna google it?
  4. Cant tell if its too late or too early for Thanksgiving XD
  5. Fox characters are one of my favorite animals in mythology. They have a duality to their nature across cultures. I think many cultures use cunning in smaller creatures to inspire people and show them that just because your opponent is stronger than you, you can use the tools you have to be successful and survive.
  6. Vamped


    But thats what porn hub is for
  7. Mythology in a lot of cultures tend to value cunning and out smarting your enemies, especially when those traits are found in physically smaller/weaker characters
  8. Vamped


    google scholar has helped me a bunch
  9. Im waiting for mine to grow in some more before my dentist will pull them.
  10. To bite?! What ..... What about suffocating someone in their sleep?
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