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  1. The only sport I watched was The Dog Show. The Best in Show was a joke
  2. I can't tell if I hate Christmas personally or all of my years working in shipping as made me hate Christmas. Im trying to see if ... maybe I'm just permanently a Grinch now.
  3. You people call your significant others by their actual names?! XD
  4. That looks like Kyo from Fruits Basket next to Inuyasha ... quite a few Fruits Basket characters in there
  5. .... is it done ...? And what is that stuff with the spoon in it, next to what Im assuming is sweet potato casserole or something
  6. I only like raisins in raisin brand cereal or alone or occasionally in cinamonny baked goods Cant get down with people inserting them anywhere else XD
  7. Vamped


    Waiting until theres an actual game I want
  8. Vamped


    Its got the same feeling as some seasons of AHS to me. Like oh yeah this is good then they blindside me with something that creeps me out Im just sitting there with my snacks like
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