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  1. It's just you and the crazy cat lady, isn't it?
  2. You want to be ogled by sailors? Or be 'Queen for a Day'?
  3. Well, then, he shall sit there, quietly and proudly, under his shower of hippo shit. ☹
  4. You know, I bet he regretted his decision the first time that hippo took a shit.
  5. Aw, bless your little heart. I'd just as soon vote for Bobby Boucher.
  6. Nah. Done on the outside, raw and cold on the inside.
  7. The Noid should wreck your toaster oven. You know, crimes against humanity and whatnot.
  8. "Never trust a fart"- Captain Kangaroo
  9. Then by all means, go forth, be fruitful and multiply.
  10. I think I heard he said it was "all about the rippin' and the tearin'." Maybe it was someone else saying they were going to rip off his head, shit down his neck, and tear him a new asshole. Too much of the he said, she said crap to keep everything straight.
  11. Some people take things too seriously, that's all.
  12. Some people are so super cereal. Or something.
  13. This is sadly entertaining. No, no. This is just sad. All it needs now is for Rebecca to show up.
  14. ...and being an asswipe. Can't forget that one.
  15. I don't know, man. In the latest versions, you can hear Lars fart during "Harvester of Sorrow". So... there's that.
  16. Beastie Boys- No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  17. Who can forget the timeless classic, "P-p-p-panties Soakin' Wet"?
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