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  1. Sometimes, I wish I could Force choke someone. Or at least give them the mother of all wedgies.
  2. Lol, fuggs is acting like that's her own money, when we can clearly see it's just a pic of her open register. You dumbass! 😄😄😄
  3. Reading this thread...
  4. Yes it did... in her mind. The delusion is real to her, dammit!
  5. RIP fuggs. ... no, that isn't right. LOL fuggs. Better.
  6. Your boss says you're doing nothing wrong. That's all that matters.
  7. So, when is the Alpha Uprising taking place, Zeni... I mean, Ultima?
  8. Ever since I was a kid, I have dealt with tinnitus. It has gotten worse the older I get. I might give that video a watch. Couldn't hurt, right?
  9. Ghosts can walk through doors, you know.
  10. The ghost did it. Today, your keys. Tonight, your soul. RIP
  11. And his brother is Luigi Mario. That's why it's called Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.
  12. You stuck that shit in the toaster oven, didn't you? Now you're on here bragging about it, too. And you wonder why people give you hell on here...
  13. It's the new alpha male style. Or something.
  14. So who is next? Since it comes in three's. Ugh. RIP to Ric and Eddie. 😞
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