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  1. Think of what this could do for 3D anime. When the tech becomes cheap enough, presto, everybody's an anime producer.
  2. Here's a guy who doesn't like to throw stuff out. He bought a building that was in such horrible condition that the top floor was ready to cave in. He hired a contactor to reconstruct it. Waste not, want not. He didn't demolish it. Can't this be done with a flawed nation with a flawed government? When something is fucked up, try improving it instead of trashing it.
  3. Any string of short, local trips. Cover New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania and other destinations within three weeks.
  4. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/4/19/18484698/what-is-420-meaning-marijuana-legalization
  5. There were two Star Trek episodes that stand out. In one, Captain Picard instructed a team to remove crystals from a planet for study, and later discovered that the crystals were alive and sentient. In another, the ship encountered a cloud of gasses in space. The gasses were alive. Also, Kurt Vonnegut mentioned a life form that he described as, "I super intelligent shade of blue". Yes, a living light frequency.
  6. So, more like all the far out shapes and sizes depicted in the "Men In Black" movies? I can totally dig that.
  7. If anyone in Ancient Rome had spoken of a type of light that can't be seen and yet has a unique ability to shine through otherwise opaque objects, he would have been dismissed as a lunatic. We know that light today as the x-ray. X-ray was only discovered because it does affect silver oxide. We don't know the properties of a ghost or what things it would always affect when present.
  8. Or, when you feel somebody shove you from behind, but you're the only person in the room.
  9. There's a lucrative black market for it, ever since Mighty Casey struck out.
  10. Actually, it's a Boondocks tee that features Uncle Ruckus.
  11. Temp bans. Some are warnings and some are just labeled as, "content". What makes the difference?
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