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  1. This is the longest blitz ball thread I've ever seen
  2. Oh, you changed it. I was waiting until I got still to reply but since it's now about boobs, I am unprepared
  3. ....I think you got taken. Wait, did he say Flubber?
  4. Would a bot go through the trouble of making gifs for their avatar and banner 🤔
  5. I only do gay shit with Nabs and Bucket. You haven't earned this.
  6. Don't dip them in hot sauce then rub your eyes, asshole or genitals
  7. Nothing will have meaning soon because we "meme" everything now..."keep coping" will go the way of "Nazi" "chef" "content" "entrepreneur" "I'm literally dead" "lol"....I mean, I kinda feel like we will revert to grunts irl soon. I'm not formulating my argument quite how I want but I'm baked, playing two mobile games, posting and smashing tf outta these chocolate hostess cupcakes.
  8. WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE....? Creme soda fiends?
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