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  1. The woes being an aristocratic geese person with a coke habit but can never get high because your bill is in the way.
  2. ....wait, why? Its not a great game but i feel it was integral in making hardcore gamers
  3. I gotta admit, i dont even remember him from lithium. My knowledge of mumbo starts on the proboards site....
  4. Emotional crimes? Eh, I'll allow it.
  5. At this convenient care because my dr has no openings today and i just watched 2 people pass out amd have the ambulance pick them up.....i just have a runny nose, i dont know wtf is floatong around in here
  6. I was a "sober" passenger in a car with a drunk driver.... I hate to be "that guy" but its quite the experience when you're alert to everything....that swerve, that stop sign you ran, the fact that you turned on the winshield wipers because you thought it was the turn signal. I saw it all....and yet.... I did nothing....because I'd rather die than to drive an Odessey... Wait, that thing was a Honda?.....i thought it was a Chrysler.
  7. Insensitive shitlords... RIP dude... Do you have any stuff
  8. Fried gator poboy is my limit.....i dont care for fried chicken on bread but will eat it in a pinch.... I avoid pinches
  9. Secret santa was a success this year...now everyone learn what was excluded this year moving forward.
  10. ........have you never heard of Dick Butkus.
  11. I got the bundle for me and buddy, but I'ma hold on to it until Christmas
  12. But how....I mean, it's TV.... it's a farce to begin with, but there should be no reason to ever think he should be practicing law
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