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  1. Wow.....You are the epitome of trash, and only because you want to rationalize your BS. Good read though, it was like I was in 6th grade again and I read one of those letters in MAUS. And don't misunderstand, I'm not looking for you to see where this is hilarious to me....Just know that it is.
  2. I got the envelope, and they offered the firecracker shrimp at a $2 markup if you ordered it, not at all for free....They gave my son a drink, but they didn't say it was because of the holiday. I had just told him I wasn't buying him a drink there since he wanted Taco Bell and could get his drink there but the girl just gave him one. Now I'm not sure if she was being cool or did it because she owed it to me.
  3. I still cry when Todd's mom gets shot on The Fox and the Hound. Fuck Bambi tho.
  4. I'm not talking about your personal mourning...I've long established you're kind of a dick quite a while ago. My issue was to see if you felt the same way about shitting on everyone who dies just because some sector of people would miss them....But I feel it would be a fruitless endeavor since you think a holocaust joke is appropriate in any context and I'll just resign to notion that based on your other posts that you have deep rooted daddy issues and can't empathize with anyone because since one dude was like fuck your life, to you it's fuck everyone else's/
  5. David Bowie fucked children....Do you feel the same about him. I have an entire list of these, but I decided to start with one I'm almost sure you don't care about just to ease it in.
  6. I went to Panda Express today....WHich is notoriously the fauxest of Chinese you can get and the employees were talking about how they got paid more for working today.....Which kinda confused me due to there not being a single Chinese person in the building. Customers got a paper lantern....That you had to assemble.
  7. Why is Goku still stronger than Broly. Fiction needs no reason.
  8. I posted like 7 roasts for this and just decided..."It's tsar, he really doesn't know what's going on"
  9. LOL, even the dog didn't show up.
  10. Stop pretending your weed is this awesome. I know better.
  11. Lady Quackenbush is a man's man....You can tell from his totally buff posts.
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