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  1. What anime...

    That's Hellsing abridged...If you have seen that, just say fuck the assignment and watch it instead.
  2. MY message to DA BOARD!

  3. MY message to DA BOARD!

    Freudian or nah
  4. MY message to DA BOARD!

  5. What anime...

    Hellsing Ultimate

    I remember waiting for it but don't know if it ever happened
  7. Down time

    I was never a huge fan of TJ&E....Watched my friends play it but I was always trying to play something else when they finished.
  8. Down time

    You watched Cr1tikal, didn't you....Because he said exactly that to me like 15 minutes ago.
  9. Down time

    Well I would just rather DF than games but no one is going to reply to it there anyway. I saw the Frieza float off thing....In this day and age that's inexcusable.
  10. Down time

    @Rogue Alphonse Can you move this to DF....I didn't realize I was in rants.
  11. Down time

    So I'm watching reviews and let's plays of Jump Force......And now I have to find something else to do this weekend. No one seems enthusiastic about this game and the gameplay just looks so wooden and poorly done....I usually try to go into games fresh and not do let's plays before I get them, but I'm glad I did this time.....It doesn't look fun. I completely assumed it was gonna be a crossover fanboy bait title but I thought they would have at least made it look good......The only thing left that I wanted to play was Anthem but I've heard nothing bad bad shit about it also....Mostly EA severs being ass, and I've been down that road with them before. I got about 8 days of NFF left....Maybe I'll get some marked down shit I haven't played yet. Dare I just get Breath of the Wild?