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  1. I would say I'd PM you, but that wouldn't be wise.....Check your FB msg in a bit.
  2. Believe me.....im keeping up
  3. cyberbully


  4. I would love to see a pic of you with your black friends
  5. .....i really hate to do this because of how you get in your feelings, but im just posting on topic. like many of the words abused by tbe younger generations, Tejano is just a word thats used for Latinos in Texas....its no longer a culture, or specific people....its literally anyone with a little latino blood. The first i heard the word was my ex using it to tell me about her friends we were going to visit....then k started hearing it more. I went to a Tejano bar a few years back and all they played was pop and rap....i think i heard some classic Mex at one point, but im pretty sure it just segued into that fucking panda song
  6. ........... I have....SO many questions, but I fear i don't want the answers.
  7. But are you sure?? I mean, i think it just showed 3ul for me too.....but tgats why im asking has it been there
  8. Has there always been a club forum drop down.
  9. I just throw suction cup darts and see what sticks, but i was actually joking....not at all sure who you are, but you've been chill ftmp so i haven't taken any time to actually try and hazard a guess
  10. Looking for it after reading the post, I just found out it had a cartoon....I had no clue back then tho.
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