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  1. Lesson learned, now let's move on to productivity....Are there any houses in peering distance from your room with women who shower with the windows open.
  2. cyberbully


    Bored (sorry, can't find a clip with just THAT in it)
  3. She was never going to put up Betty White numbers anyway....But she had a great run. Way to take home that silver.
  4. I'm high as fuck with no end in sight.
  5. I thought this thread died after Doomer posted the first time...I didn't know there were more posts.
  6. This splinter is proof positive that we should be able to post tag.
  7. There was a huge story circulating that there were groups of nazis filling bottles with covid saliva to use on minorities and cops....D'jingo made nary a peep.
  8. 55 more posts and you can do it yourself
  9. He's thinking about you..... But I just hate that every time I see it, I sit, tensed up, because the line "let us take care of you, while you take care of yourself" just kill me a little. I mean, there is no contrast. I feel like when you make a statement like that it should be something like "Let us take care of you, while you take care of the zombie hordes." In his iteration, everyone is taking care of me....Narrow ass thinking.
  10. Not always. Big Lots is cheaper the the dollar store in a lot of cases here.
  11. Unless I'm trying to conserve juice on my phone. which I never am because I have a compulsive need to charge shit, this means nothing to me. But I wasn't trying to shit on personal preference...I just ask questions in the most dickish ways possible.
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