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  1. His first 3 albums were quite sick...I mean, the radio play shit got old fast, but the albums still hold weight these days....But I guess all that content was what we all knew it was...All talent and no street cred. Wayne peaked when he was 15 years....He was a little monster and most people don't even know he wasn't allowed to curse back then and once the original Cash Money fell apart and everyone left Wayne alone with Baby, his talent didn't suffer, but the passion did. It wasn't until years later that he bounced back and started rapping lyrically instead of making shitty mainstream shit with terrible features with any pop artist that wanted bars in the middle of their toesock soft songs. But Wayne is a beast as a writer...I could blow your mind with his catalog of ghost writes.....My favorite Wayne song was written when he was 14. (it's not one of his best lyrical efforts, but he ate up a beat that literally shouldn't have ever been a beat....Sometimes I just put this on repeat.) But I'll admit....I hate his leanflow...well, anyone's leanflow.
  2. Or you can just gift it to an older gentleman who will likely not know what he's wearing either...
  3. That's not how you make friends...I hear imitation is the greatest form of flattery
  4. Dave's 8:46 was a very solid example of what a comedian does when he feels his platform has responsibility. As for your other point, I can't honestly say that I can think off the top of my head another black comedian that I trust with the current subject matter besides Jaime Foxx or Wanda Sykes (not saying they are the only ones...just not off the top of my head)....Steve Harvey is just way too dumb to realize that people are laughing at him behind his back and I don't care for him doling out relationship advice while wallowing in his 3rd marriage.
  5. Yet another example of white people not doing what they are asked and instead doing some other wild ass shit....This bores me and I see you have chosen not to do both of us a favor, so my only recourse is to do myself a favor.
  6. Unless he means keeping the 12 months, but only allocating 16 days to each...Which would drop Christmas in the summer every few years, eradicate millions of established birthdays, and destroy fiscal quarterlies by issuing a mere 48 days to reconcile. But, this current administration would have been ousted long ago adhering to this calendar, so I guess it's not a complete failure.
  7. Do not be taken in by this charlatan's gift of gab. Instead, I am spearheading a campaign to raise underwearness. For pennies a day, you can get in on the ground floor of addressing this woeful pustule on our society.
  8. I know what they show. Same goes for you. And fine, I don't speak for all black people....Why don't you use that energy and show me that bustling negro fanbase that is cracking up at this...I have nothing but time right now...And no, the 7 black people that visit this site don't count....Of course there is a chance we would know about him because the thing that even has us on this site decades after joining ASMB is the fact that we are fans of some rather niche forms of entertainment. And how you managed to pull bucket out of your ass again is noting short of amazing, yet predictable. Really might want to do something about that obsession......He's gone, we can stop drawing relevance to him whenever you're ready.
  9. I'm sure that's how a lot of white people feel....And it's not helping.
  10. I dunno, in the 70s it was cool to have blow parties...Like it was literally the thing to do. They sold cocaine accessories in magazines. So kids walking in on some coke driven sex acts wouldn't be unlikely. And even though it wasn't available at a click on the internet, I used to find porn mags that belongs to my uncle quite often. Even found the garage stash....And I'm not talking that Playboy bullshit....I saw some dark, fetishy shit in those magazine.
  11. Meh, imaginary sky wizard stealing my money...More of the same...I'll be ecstatic if I live to see the day religion is widely seen as the joke, yet instigator that it is.
  12. I was 6' for years until my current doctor took my height in socks and hit me with that 5'11 bullshit..... Another strike was when my SiL stayed with us for a while, she's (was) a cam girl and her normal 5'9 was cool, but then she put on those damned heels and comes trotting her half naked, 7'4 ass in our room to hit the blunt, I would stand on my tiptoes to preserve dominance.
  13. Well, I finally googled this dude and was like "Oh, the Myth Busters guy"....I didn't watch it enough to be invested in him at all, but with this happening in a time frame before they were teenagers, Has she gone after the parents or guardians in a financial manner (I didn't read the article...just kinda skimmed it for the age info)....Because if she's tried other avenues in a courtroom, then I see this tilting to her side, but if this is just now coming up and she went directly for the successful brother, then I have my doubts. I have several more questions that can easily be answered by googling more, but as I said...Not having a dog in this fight is making me lazy.....If he did it, I hope he goes down...If sh'e just trying to ruin him, I hope she does.
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