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  1. i'm ready for the lego movie 2 to come out to buy

    Fucking typos..imight as well get the laptop now.....not like im goi g bact to sleep
  2. i'm ready for the lego movie 2 to come out to buy

    Ivr had it for a while and still haven't watched it.
  3. How about if i need a hug
  4. one of them years

    Dude its just April. But i know some people who are already having a bad year. I compare everything to 2001....i dont think anything short of death can mess with 2001
  5. One of them days

    I can't wait to get home....this is going to be the highlight to my night
  6. Wow so salad so healthy

    I mad3 a really good grilled chicken salad last week. Just salt and pepper...no dr3ssing......it har bacon tho so hardly healthy
  7. My mom sends me really random shit

    Well i called her a few minutes ago....they are having a storm at home. Anyway i asked her what she got it for and she was like "because you have it too cold in there and the kids be freezing"....I'm thinking in my head "BULLSHIT" She is the one who complained about it being cold when she came down for Christmas and kept wanting the heat on 80 and shit. There is no excuse to be sweating at 3am. Anyway ima go check this thing out when I get home....it feels entirely too ligjt to be effective.
  8. My mom sends me really random shit

    Im not fixing those typos. Fuck thumb posting
  9. She sent the kids Easter candy....but she also mailed a bag pf oranges....i mean i guess I'm glad i opened it before they went bad. I was honestly just gonna wait for the kids to get back on Friday....but ahe aent this thing. I have central heat and air. Wtf am i supposed to do with this. Though i am intrigued.
  10. nothing from Saved by the Bell has aged well at all

  11. I can only get off to water sports these days.

    I only spank it to personal nakies....I don't even watch porn anymore except for hentai.....And it has to be fucking bonkers.
  12. went to walmart today

    Like GunStar said, if you roll up with your receipt pointed at them, they won't even fuck with you....It's when you avoid eye contact and anticipate them pissing you off is when they stop you.
  13. Mini_ghost straight up ditched us

    I see him everyday...He platinum'd Bloodborne and is playing something else now. I see him right now. I wonder why OP is the only person who doesn't see him anymore.
  14. what is your favorite fast food place to eat at?

    Subway I guess....I dunno. I die a little every time I have anyone else make my food.