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  1. I liked the presidential race between he, Bush and Clinton....I was a kid back then, but we held a faux election in school and he lost to Clinton, but beat Bush. Other than that, I don't really have much to add here.
  2. I just wanted to play it first before i started Detroit... But its becoming a chore
  3. Report what....He's not actually harrassing any women (at least not that the OP indicated), this is a creepy old man trying to get Ghostie to look at them.....Now while I'm not condoning that behavior, how do you even go about this....Wander into the Manager's closet, poop rag and hand and say "Raymond keeps telling me to look at titties"....I mean, he's a grown man.....He can say "I'm not interested, leave me alone, eat a dick Raymond, catch these hands, I'm a flaming homosexual".....Any of these things. If the guy isn't actually doing anything to the patrons and just making Ghostie uncomfortable, Ghostie can move along....Shouldn't he be mopping or something anyway.....Sounds like a lot of standing around if you ask me.
  4. Good to see our values are effecting the far East.
  5. I don't think we are doing that so much as Poof likes to be edgy for no apparent reason sometimes.
  6. I wish you had a link...I'm too lazy to look into this on my own, and Packard posted it, but I'm not clicking anything he posts.
  7. Fuuuuuuuck.....I mean, I can't even imagine. Were you naughty, because when Santa tries to turn your jewels into lumps of coal instead of bringing you some, I think you may have crossed the line with that cat.
  8. OR, he'll find out Ghost ratted on him and he makes things more difficult for him. I mean this is a truck stop in Curbstomp, Ohio.....Methinks HR is probably a large, toothless woman named Princess. Truck stops have a reputation for a seedy element.....Can't wait until he rats on Bruce and the boys sparking a j outside and they tune him up. Maybe he should start cleaning up at another venue. Keep on placating the giant man child....This is going to work wonders for him. At least he'll never procreate and multiply, and that's a good thing.
  9. Meh, elitist gamerfucks....I mean I could go around flaunting about how i beat Battle Toads, ore peat all the first 6 megam man games with the buster cannon (save for the few bosses that explicitly can't be damaged with it, like Wily's final form on 2) but it wasn't until like 4 years ago that I beat SMB2 with no warps. And to be honest, I still feel like I cheated because in one stage, with those albatoss things you can ride on, you have to jump across a large chasm while landing on them, but their path is random af, so I tried to do it with Peach's floating ability, but halfway through, I got hit, which would normally drop you into the pit....But this time it reset my jump. I think it glitched and couldn't decide if i landed on it or took the hit, so I got to float further. I took that W and got on with my life.
  10. People should be allowed to make and use pipebombs?
  11. No.....I just have different accounts logged in to different devices And that isn't a new account, I just had the name changed.
  12. SMB3 and World have been fighting for decades to be my favorite Mario came...It's a tough choice.
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