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  1. Yeah, that's an undeniable ego hit. I live for those.
  2. The fun sucker...that's what my kids mother called
  3. Security is tight af here. 2019, lol
  4. Wow wat that...he just being nice and you conversation go crazy and cuss him congestion. That not cool
  5. Stop, don't discourage him... I'm waiting him him to tag his "friends" in a final attempt at validation
  6. I know your last name. Now I wanna hear you say it.
  7. Great. Now he's gonna pretend to be Asian.
  8. That's the Schick... Y'all the idiots still playing.
  9. Seems every time you open your mouth, you're misunderstood.... Almost wondering if you didn't actually tell someone that you were threatened.... Sounds logical and follows with all of this evidence. And way to be a huge pussy...you could have tagged legugnoid or whatever...she seems to like you.... But here you are, tagging dudes.
  10. It took me longer to sift through your post than it did to watch that video. How it that a review, you hated on one single aspect of the movie without ever talking about the movie.. You talked more about the older movies. You suck at this. Check out my reviews for lessons
  11. This is my adulting for the day. I'm going home to watch bad trip... I hate Eric Andre but I feel left out
  12. I feel like you're lying. You don't know shut about Pokemon. Quick, what is Teddyursa's Max evolution
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