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  1. Im am completely unaware of people keeping fast food reciepts. Restaurants, especially if you write in a gratuity, of course....but Taco Bell. As soon as ther call my number i throw that shit away
  2. See, that's lazy...it's too easy to walk away from you.
  3. I don't really own glasses. Just a bunch of mugs and fast food cups which all throw the color off. The only time it's evident is in the tub and it didn't convert well in the pic. So I only did this because you asked and I remembered months later. Still not drinking it and no one else does either.
  4. I forgot all about this back and forth and since I'm about to take a morning soak and smoke I decided to provide a pic. There is an unmistakable green hue. Now I know since it doesn't look like gak you'll say it's fine but no matter. I won't drink it....well often. I'm sure I'm still ingesting it at some point eating out or when I use ice but....
  5. Well this thread is about to become the textual version of lemon party and I can't stop it
  6. It automatically equates it to 1 minute...but you can just put 60 seconds.....I don't want a minute...I want 100 seconds. So I have to put in 1:40. I'm high as fuck.
  7. The CLAP of my ass cheeks....Alerted the beeeeeeeees.
  8. I like the part where no one responded for a whole day and she came back, unanswered, and still made it about her.
  9. cyberbully

    Lie to me

    Dallas PD didn't kill a main witness and then Deebo the neighborhoods surrounding them.
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