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  1. I forgot the pic. I always do that on my phone
  2. Why does it say tres amigos....that is not what 3 musketeers means....so why.
  3. HEY....She said piss off. Don't make me pop the trunk.
  4. There is no way in fuck I could sleep knowing that monster was still alive. There was one living behind my bed....It still terrifies me, even after it's murder....All I could think was "this thing was mere inches from my face every night" Even now, I have to get up, turn on all the lights, and inspect my general area because of this fucking thread.
  5. How do you have all this history on this random hotel....Is it like part of a tour or some shit?
  6. Boy, who knew a Zeni video could obliterate an anus so quickly.
  7. I was confused af for a second, lol.
  8. Ok....You "killed' at a crab shack....So you would have to dispose of the body...What better place than in the food. I hate you so much right now.
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