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  1. cyberbully


    Well shit, when I saw it I automatically tried to decipher the acronym because everything is an acronym now imo iirc.....Fuck Grover Thacker Fruit grows there Funny game tunes????? But now I can't unsee the slur.....I'm not taking responsibility for this one.
  2. I never understood the vanity disease of wanting to be "skinny".....Skinny people look sick to me unless it's what their frame dictates....I can't even imagine what you would look like "skinny"
  3. Oh, I wasn't going to say it here or anything....I just usually am good with names and it took me a sect to find that file among all the new clutter in my brain
  4. I used to know it....Hmmm Oh, yeah...I remember....One of those people with 2 first names.....I can't trust you....A few inches in front of me at all times, and no sudden movements.
  5. Oh, diets and shit...Never been on one....My weight has been pretty stable up until covid first hit and I made it to 226...I made it back to 218 then I broke my leg so I shot back up to 224.....But now I'm back to 212 and 210 is as low as I really care to go....I was thinking of getting back to my playing weight in college of 198, but fuck that...I mean, why? But I did nothing to lose that weight....As long as I stay active, my weight regulates itself.
  6. Kind of a stupid rule now that the only person who didn't know all of our names and would be stupid with the info is gone now.
  7. .....You need rent? I mean needing shelter is the byproduct of th....Nevermind, I'm high, I'm overthinking this and I'm only doing it because I can't decide what to eat.
  8. If you stop drinking it, that means don't cook with it either
  9. I thought this was about the male groomer, which made me think of a few questions.....Then you said it belonged to Tom Robbins (whoever he is) and I was like "ew, I don't care if Amber Rose used it to shave her head, that's a nope from me" Then I realized it's about a typewriter and I no longer have questions, nor am I grossed out.
  10. I watched it just long enough to see how this was taken out of context.
  11. Post in a hurry b4 getting a toe in my butthole. Nice head, I think I'll take it
  12. Pretty sure you smother them....But I'm pretty sure that won't work unless you kill the source of the gas....So......Wait, fuck it.... Ok, I'm kinda right so I'ma go with it,,,But it was honestly just a quick guess.
  13. Well, I for one don't mean to belittle anyone's faith on a personal level.....So I'll not further try to drag anyone's beliefs through the dirt. I get overzealous sometimes.
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