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  1. Oh goddammit , hoisted by the folder switch and my internet muscle memory took over.... @katt_goddess or anyone wanna stick this in general for me
  2. This gen, bring his fat ass.... (Nb4 i dont play much now)
  3. ....70? I assumed so much more
  4. A lot of Thursday apologists in this thread.
  5. This sounds like the Loggins Zone....I am a frequenter.
  6. See....THIS is why I'll never use door dash.....because the store apps suck, so adding a 3rd party just give them more room to fuck up. Used the subway app to order some sammiches....I think the kids were fine, but i ordered a tuna.....with just black olives and oil and vinegar.....I get it, and my sandwhich feels like a cinder block....I open it, and it's fully loaded.....I don't mind the veggies, but the deteriorate too fast an the moist tuna....bad enough the bread get soggy if you save some for later. I know for a fact what my sammich is because I have it saved to favorites and it's what I get every time....But this time the app decided to load me up....added shit that doesn't even come on the tuna like cucumber.... Which also pisses me off that subway has prefabricated sammiches and you have to remove shit if you don't want it.....Just a pain in the ass....Who says tomato goes on a club....not I.....
  7. Colonel is lower than General....so no
  8. I mean....It's Netflix...You've done half the work....Now go pitch it. You'll be #1 for at least a day.
  9. Well, I'm just saying this seems much less an inequality issue and more a domestic one....Like if you want her to keep cooking your meals, you should at least protect her fanny from toilet water. It just seems like a weird battle to invoke because some dude who went to "SleevesByGeorgiaO'keeffe" brought up some minor thing to make an equality issue.
  10. Men decided to give women this short end of the stick eons ago, and we still don't adhere to the agreement.....Just let her have dominion over the toilet set.
  11. Valero plays movies while you pump gas and that's fucking stupid.
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