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  1. It’s because people are sensitive crybabies.
  2. People don’t believe i am my age, tbh. i’m 31 but people think im a kid or in my 20s. being Nigerian and Mexican it’s a toss up. I could live forever like the guy who played Amistad or i could end up looking like the bitch who shot Selena we’ll see
  3. All my stuffies because im a spoiled babygirl and my new addition hedwig
  4. Lmao, scoob was vile in this thread. 🤣 Tbh, most women would never sleep with a man who has a dirty room. Usually that says a lot about their hygiene. You need to reevaluate your priorities and maybe even look for house share…not with your parents.
  5. It’s worth it. I love them
  6. The fact you know all his alts and where to find him is weird, mumbo…nabs
  7. There are other things i could tell, but it sounds crazy i know
  8. My mom is traditional igbo. In her tribe they still have witch doctors and are under the impression sickness is just a spirit or demon. They do rituals to remove the invading spirit and i have met someone who was ostracized for having a spirit in them. I did not know, but when meeting them i got extreme anxiety and when she looked at me i realized every hair on my body stood up. It’s a feeling i have never gotten before in 100+ degree weather. I just went cold. I could actually feel her looking into me, not just at me. I ran. I found out she was living on the outskirts of the village because they deemed her evil or infested. As for that old house i moved to in Enola, Pennsylvania. It always gave me a weird feel even when moving in. All the doors had skeleton keys and it just was creepy. I am really afraid of the dark and often would get feelings of dread staring into the darkness. I shared a room with my older sister. We had bunk beds. I was on the top bunk and there was a ladder that you climbed up to get to my bed. It was storming and i was terrified. I covered my head because in my mind, i was safe under the covers. In between the sounds of thunder and lightning, i heard the sounds of creaking or someone climbing up the ladder of my bunk bed. I was too afraid to look and then i felt pressure on my feet, moving up to my legs, and it just kept going. Something was climbing on top of me and i heard breathing and growls. I did not have the audacity to look, but i felt whatever it was knew i was awake and it started pressing on my face and i could not breathe. I just layed there hoping it would end and the weight just disappeared. I tore off the covers and nothing was there. I screamed for my mom and dad, woke up my sister, and my dad blessed the house after looking at me. In this house, i also started to suffer from sleep paralysis as a child into teenage-hood. I was in the living room and fell asleep. I woke up with the normal sensation of being awake, but unable to move my body or speak. I looked around the living room realized where i was and started trying to move my fingertips like the doctor had told me to do. I looked to the right of me. We had a foyer that separated the living room from the front door. The door was made out of glass. I felt like something was watching me every time i looked in there. It was just a darkness. i was starting to get scared and was trying so hard to move my hand, my fingers began to move then i was able to move my arm. I tried to push myself up like usual and i was pushed back down with a force that was unnatural, that i had never experienced with sleep paralysis. I was literally struggling and fighting to sit up, even though i was awake and my body was awake. I fell off the couch and i never slept there again. Later on, my family found out my brother was into* some crazy things. He had pentagrams under all his furniture and he took a gargoyle and a headstone from a cemetery. Whatever he did, i always felt he was the cause for my experiences. Something attached onto me as a child and then i feel it followed him when he moved out. He had an Egyptian eye of protection around his belly button and it was clawed off of him at his new place. He would beg me to spend a night, but something told me not to. As a child i felt like i was clairvoyant and i still am to this day. It’s why i think things tormented me so in that house and why i still am afraid of the dark today.
  9. I believe in stuff like that. I saw a lot on my trips to Nigeria to see my mom’s tribe. I also grew up in an old victorian home in Pennsylvania. I had an experience that really scared me as a child.
  10. Happy bday from red pandy
  11. 2 months of no one paying attention to you besides that double chin. You’re not a feminist, sthap right meow
  12. I’m 5’ 10” ill kick you in the knee caps
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