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  1. i remember yearbook. i never made it, but, like high school, it was fun to go through it, draw little horns and black out teeth, and doodle outrageous clown hair. good times.
  2. ok, in babbling, there was a thread about 'drinking the kool aid' but it def. went off of some tangent, that is, i do believe that was the 1st thread i killed in babbling.
  3. same, but i watched that giphy like image for a solid 1-5 minutes. pretty sure i want a pair. you know, just to see.
  4. whelp. clussy, and now this. thanks guys. really making this place super spicey.
  5. with 99.99% less coolness? **singing in foreign language**
  6. wip? reminds me of a demogorgon.
  7. i started to hear donavon in the background, and then suddenly i was singing this to 'atlantis'. thanks for this.
  8. someone gave me 'were rabbit'. i think that was the name of it. didn't matter, apparently THAT profile had been tossed around like: *cue match game music* _________________________
  9. so, i was going to make chocolate toffee cookies. i messed it up. i forgot 1/2 c butter, and added an egg (added egg, because couldn't figure out why dough was SO stiff. ) now, i'm not sure, but i'll be damned if these don't taste like extra chocolatey-chewie-brownies. they're like a cookie, that's a brownie, that's actually a cookie. i'm calling them: browkies. *cooknies. **crownies.
  10. the cocao is always important. for everyday choco cake, hershey's but i would love to buy some pricey cocoa to see if there's a big difference and what was it? crisco? making sure to add the vanilla last? i know you're not giving anything up. OOOOH wait, something i want to try now, i had to chop the chocolate fine. i was using a grater, i think i would like to try that in a cake(?)
  11. tried my hand at chocolate truffle. not terrible. bu they need to hold a little better. i rolled them in butterfinger bits. pretty darn good.
  12. at first i thought you were referencing L7.
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