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  1. it's not. it's a fantastic ride. be prepared to binge.
  2. heli skiing. sky dive. snorkel off the coast of africa. OR swim in lake victoria.
  3. damn. i got those words ALL jacked up.
  4. i'm trying to remember, and now all i can do is recall the first notes. i think the chorus was something like don't turn up the beat? ~~ that's not it. i know. don't turn down the? i can't even remember that now. it's driving me insane. all i can hear is the melody. i can't even recall the words now.
  5. this was a fantastic ride. 10/10
  6. no, it's not them. it's got a 4/4 rythm as well..but this isn't it. it may not be 'i like it' da da dun dun da dun, da da dun dun da dun
  7. a couple years ago, i couldn't figure out a song, and all i did was try to type/hum the song. and someone got it! right song, and everything. please...help me figure this song out. it's been stuck in my head for 2 days now. alright. here it goes. it's a 90's r/b (i think 90's) the beginning starts with ' ohhhh oooh ooooh, i like it' (i think it's i like it) da dun dun dun, da dun dun dun
  8. mountain dew is ...ew. and all the flavors, i mean..... ew. ginger ale.
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