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  1. tried my hand at chocolate truffle. not terrible. bu they need to hold a little better. i rolled them in butterfinger bits. pretty darn good.
  2. i think joshua tree park was the eariest park, camping out. that def. gave me the hill have eyes vibe.
  3. ah...yes. i can post ok. lemme see. maryland, mass, vermont, new hampshire, virginia, georgia, cali, nevada, arizona... there may be a few more states... but yeah, i do national parks. when i served, i had donations come out of my pay for the national parks and the riverways of the u.s.
  4. i got your digits, and i know where you live. >.> pooh would be my go to. buddy would be my 2nd.
  5. cleans cast iron pretty damn good. wow...i could use a nice cold coca cola now.
  6. do you even know what juneteenth is about? i mean, did you BEFORE, mainstream media...or.... did you happen upon a fireworks stand that was selling for this ^holiday^
  7. why are you celebrating juneteenth on the 18th? poser.
  8. yesteray, we were in purple. and next week, we're being advised that there is not color for where we're headed. happy fucking trails. filled the pool yesterday. have to already clean the leaves and shite. all this work just to stay cool outside?? .... ..... anyone want to buy a pool?
  9. she's fine. she's found a perfect hiding spot. you'll see her tomorrow.
  10. ouchiwawa iamdahoe newish hampshircester
  11. i do that. also, cal-i-four-nye-a.
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