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  1. i guess if i looked around i would have seen 'the game master' thread in the asmb folder. good job everyone!
  2. cut it. needs a trim, or a shave. we'll see. XD
  3. no reason to be sad. i'm just trying to unplug from multiple screens. need to spend more time doing other things. that's all. [ :
  4. i will be honest. this is the only reason i'm staying. after this 'celebration', i'm out.
  5. *hugs buddy, joint parentingly* they really do grow up so fast.
  6. ^ this, boys and girls, if you don't accomplish this, at LEAST once every month, what are you even doing?
  7. this. the rise in TS* is at least +6, and GS* points, have GOT to have risen by +8. looks like he rolled a nat 20 with advantage. im-fucking-pressive.
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