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  1. mittens (never came home) sam (old age) pig cat (leukemia) tommy cat (girl) left with the neighbor's little girl, becuase she loved, and i got orders. misa~mo kiki (the neighbor's dog/unproven) smokeh ryuk cullen bo'kitty eva bo'kitty
  2. i didn't think you were seeing it. even in the field, with limited supplies, this was just all the nope ...coming out of the 'hospital'. edit. also i don't think a surgeon would have to make an incision all the way across his upper abdomin.
  3. 1. as long as you feel like a queen, fuck the haters. (if any...i really didn't see any) 2. do you just LOVE it? playing your music, windows down, feeling like a queen. 3. what's up with all the keys? ghostie gonna' get jealous. 5. i am very happy for you.
  4. well....i'm going there, because i know nurses, and, .... you know what...i'm gonna send this pic to them, and ask them if they were so tired after 2 doubles if this is acceptable. i taught first aid/cpr. this doesnt' even look like a passible tactical field first aid. j/s. jfc, the 'gauze' looks like tissue or folded toilet paper.
  5. again...why are we not talking about this 'bandaging' hack job? i mean COME ON! 🤣
  6. '77 f150 (3 on the tree) '87 buick skylark '86 nissan pulsar '94 jeep cherokee '90 olds cutlass '90 nissan maxima '95 ford explorer '19 buick encore
  7. who dat? and yes, the cost of lumber is absurd. luckily we got all the materials for the bathroom re~do before this craziness.
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