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  1. So how you gonna find out what happens to baby Rei now?
  2. Oh so you trying to fight??!
  3. Sorry that you're hurting but you need to be comfortable being by yourself. Be fulfilled in your own right. From my outside perspective, seems pretty unfair to be waiting on a date for 2 hours. That seems real inconsiderate if I actually cared about this other person's feelings. Also ... four months isn't that long really. Dating is one thing and being in a relationship is another. I don't know how long y'all were friends before dating but saying I love you in 4 months might have been too quick for her.
  4. Oh this is very much a cluster fuck with less pay, benefits, and government holidays. Rather be paid and be able to retire comfortably while in the clusterfuck. Her role wasn't even direct patient care. .... something is up with her though. My coworker that's leaving is training her and ... something ain't right
  5. So ... me being anti prude and pro go out there and be a slut was like ... you go out there and fuck your tinder dates if you want to To being 2 months into this and having to hear about this girl spending the night on all the tinder dates You gotta fuck them ALL?? You can't go home with everybody It's not even the sex, why are the very first dates go to their house? Ma'am there is danger out there
  6. It better than I expected fo' sho .... who did you bang?
  7. I'd rather fuck the Pope tbh ..... and all the demons under his cloak But not at the same time because this ain't no hentai
  8. You left the VA to work HERE?? You crazy
  9. I don't know how I got here .... but me singing "I might've been born poor white trash but fancy was name"
  10. So I was like ... hey lemme see what this about ... but that's a whole additional subscription
  11. Participating minimally again for work this year too
  12. We only have 2 toilets for staff. The patient bathrooms be nasty AF and it's only like 3 men that work there. Much faster to use the men's room than waiting I wipe down everything when I leave, no matter if it's dirty or not .... but I'm not cleaning a toilet seat that's not mine. I'll replace the toilet paper on the roll but that's it.
  13. Just finished Dick Fight Island vol 1
  14. You're brown in the US, excel and fuck everybody else. In time, people worthy of being called friends will show up.
  15. Would you like us to roll up on him in a Walmart parking lot? I'll rent a Dodge minivan
  16. Makin my rounds to make sure you people I don't connect with elsewhere are still alive/not in crisis
  17. So ... when I sneak in the men's room to pee at work. I be like .... should prolly just put it back up... But then I see how dirty that fucking thing so I put it back down to hide the dried pee stains But I guess it doesn't matter
  18. That October Hidden hosted those scary movies .... and I still don't know why that predator got naked when he saw Arnold Schwarzenegger but this new predator didn't get naked in Prey
  19. The only way I go camping is if I can go camping like Pete in the Goofy Movie
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