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  1. Yes .... spooning strangers at cruising altitude is really doing it for me
  2. Now that you figured out what it was. I'd like you to go back and read your OP without having the melody in your head and tell us if you would have been able to figure it out just from the clues you gave.
  3. The miniature likes the theme song and I've had to turn it off because he keeps trying to watch it with me. He told me to fast forward through the bad parts XD
  4. When can I leave work because its not even 9am and I'm over it ..... and all the systems are down at work so ....
  5. Flammin Hot cheetos makes me sick. I think it's the dye in it so .... definitely wouldn't drink it
  6. Thats not my kind of show so I'm not going to watch ite, but I burst into this thread because apparently there's outrage on twitter because she's getting a black voice actress in the dub
  7. I'm not gonna lie, I like a stray vein or two on a dude's forearm. Not like roid rage, blood vessels about to burst ... but like .... I do ranch work .... or chop down trees type His hands might be a little rough ... I'm sorry what were we talking about?
  8. I need you to put on shoes. I dont like outside. Dont come in the house and sit down when you smell like outside. Get straight in the shower I used to go over my friends house and she had that rough stony pavement leading from the drive way to the front door and she used to stand there and I was like ... OMG how does that not hurt?! Then I looked at the bottom of her feet and ... found out why.
  9. Jason Mamoa's hot and all but it looks kinda like he walks around outside barefoot and I cant get past it
  10. When I get stupid stressed my neck stiffens up. Its hard to turn my head to the right. I feel like the alien roach from Men in Black right now pls help
  11. I went to school so I could help people and people need alot of help .... and my brain gets tired And then I go home and people at home need help And I'm tired ...
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