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  1. All right. Shit. Time for tonight's reply.
  2. I'm only giving one reply per night you guys this shit is real tense.
  3. Well that falls directly under point #1- all technological advances under a capitalist system suck because people's jobs are replaced by machines which are cheaper and more efficient. Thats an issue with a backwards society though. Can't improve because we rely on struggling in order to make profits. And you opened this beast back up i see. Want to share your own views?
  4. CrAIyon is definitely the least powerful AI they got out right now but you can still get some good stuff out of it if you know what you're doing.
  5. Anybody got a way to contact them? I really think this is a good idea.
  6. ... but no, seriously, I think them only doing AI art from now on would solve everybody's problem and be cool as hell.
  7. As you can see, the hand in that picture is all fucked up, rendering any emotional or aesthetic impact one might feel when viewing the work entirely null. Here's something folks have been doing lately, "80s dark fantasy" inspired versions of other things.
  8. Hey guess what, in this thread I'mma post things created by AI + the people who entered the prompts into AI. And I'm not going to give credit to the makers of the image. Hah! So somebody asked the MidJourney AI to make an image of what the MidJourney AI would look like as a human. Good job AI!
  9. None of mine ever load, on chrome. Tried to check it on edge but I can't see current events as a guest so I said fuck it and decided to just complain instead. Also don't worry about changing your post style just so people can see what you post, nobody cares anyways. Zing. That's not true and I'm sorry.
  10. In fact I'm just going to keep posting about this in the McCarthy thread out of pure spite.
  11. Goddamnit I don't want to troubleshoot shit today.
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