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  1. I'm as predictable as the tide or the advent of fascism.
  2. Here's a hint- you'll wish it was only 4 years.
  3. Was project veritas the same people who tried to frame Meuller for sexual assault?
  4. The Obama regime was warned. Thats why they had a pandemic task force, an extensive playbook to strategically combat an outbreak, and gave extensive briefings on the threat posed by infectious diseases, and stationed a CDC official in China to watch for any potential outbreaks. Unfortunately Trump disbanded the task force, destroyed the playbook, fired the CDC guy, and also fired everyone who was at the briefing. Zing.
  5. Well yeah, a cat can sneak in behind your couch but it'll still get wrapped up when it tries to jump through the blinds
  6. Pence hasn't endorsed that pastor, which is not what I argued. Just that american evangelicals keep trying to bring about the apocalypse. https://newrepublic.com/article/156166/pence-pompeo-evanglicals-war-iran-christian-zionism But this is all off topic.
  7. And Mike Pence and everyone else who applauded moving the embassy to Jerusalem so the third temple could be rebuilt and all the seals could open. https://free.messianicbible.com/feature/will-third-temple-rebuilt-trumps-administration/
  8. Well, when one major political party is a death cult trying to hasten biblical Armageddon... https://www.rawstory.com/2020/04/death-is-a-welcomed-friend-pastor-calls-on-christians-to-defy-coronavirus-lockdown-even-if-it-kills-them/
  9. This is about the new one but it still illustrates my points. Fuck people who disliked the '98 godzilla.
  10. Russia will do plenty this time around too. With the whole Ukraine situation, you better believe it.
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