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  1. Edrogan was the guy who came to washington DC in 2017 and physically assaulted 11 people including a police officer. Then Trump called him to apologize.
  2. Well there you go. Preferred method of death right there.
  3. Nah man, inert gas asphyxia is totally painless and wonderful.
  4. That's like watching a full glass fall off the counter and saying "I'm foretelling this, that glass is going to spill."
  5. No it isn't. It's absolutely painless and arguably the best way to die.
  6. I totaled a car by crashing into a parked police cruiser with the lights on. I also had drugs in the car.
  7. I cared, and that's the important part.
  8. Ignore the fish, they just kind of show up when you're in Wisconsin.
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