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  1. Prey. It is a crime this movie wasn't given a few million more $$$ budget-wise + a release in theaters becauze goddamn.
  2. I enjoy the taste of coffee but i've never really felt the effects that ive ever noticed. Honestly its more relaxing than anything. On days i skip coffee I've actually felt more awake.
  3. Here are some album covers that came out while we were creating that piece:
  4. So the other day to repay a friend for a favor i bought them a pack of smokes, but i haven't been able to deliver them yet. Last night i had a dream i decided to try one because why the hell not. Smoked some but dropped it on the floor halfway through and it all came apart. So i'm like "ah well, i'll just smoke another one- WAIT A MINUTE"
  5. There's only 1 answer to this question. The one thing you for certain aren't thinking about. Nothing.
  6. If you took me outside today and asked me what month it is based on the temperature, i'd say early April. Thanks al gore.
  7. I'll agree that the dialog is the part of the show that needs the most work, and most of the work would be adding more silence. Gotta say casting is great though.
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