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  1. Funny story- I was in back ranting about it to one of the team members and she's like "Keep it up, you're doing the lords work... Well I mean, not the lord's work, cuz..." Ad I'm like "... I'm doing my lord's work I guess?" "Right on." Also I got confirmation that I'm the only one doing it not just at my location but every other one in the region. But I should keep it up. Because I'm some kind of goddamn hero. This is bullshit. But I'm doing my lord's work I guess. Praise be Akatosh, let me walk with grace upon my path set in Time.
  2. Overheard my boss getting chewed out on a phone call from somebody I kicked out earlier. I walk into the office after she gets done and I'm all like "Hey, sorry if I'm making things difficult..." And she's like "I get about 4 calls a day about you asking people to put masks on and I'm happy to tell them its our policy." she says "This lady called and right off the bat said 'one of your employees told me I had to wear a chin diaper'." She said she wished she could just spend all afternoon on the phone telling this lady how rude and stupid she was.
  3. Yeah, but they're wrong because they made up a god to explain natural phenomenon, whereas i took the explanation of natural phenomenon and made a god out of it.
  4. Children were sex-trafficked through Mar-a-lago. https://theintellectualist.com/2021/04/21/epstein-court-documents-child-rape-victim-was-trafficked-from-mar-a-lago/amp
  5. You sound like you'd really fit in with my religion- my god is absolutely 100% real and all powerful.
  6. On a list of all the holes on a humans body one could slide a penis into, the mouth is probably near the bottom. Heyo.
  7. I'm honestly in about the same boat. I'm also relatively tall, so 69ing doesn't really line up that well. Fuckin' love eating pussy though.
  8. https://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article250790304.html
  9. Thats not why its an ethical concern- certain people get really upset when folks want to genetically modify fetuses. At least they did back then. Swear to god if all the motherfuckers who were against it back when Jack Horner was working on it are all on board just because its a billionaire doing it this tume imma be upset.
  10. We've been able to make dinosaurs since 2009 but ethical implications have been stopping us.
  11. Last night i dreamt that i was in Washington DC six monthsvago hanging out with the CEO of Six Flags, who was a top advisor to Nancy Pelosi. It was weird.
  12. https://denvergazette.com/wex/indianapolis-fedex-shooting-suspect-was-part-of-my-little-pony-subculture-of-bronies-report/article_fe81cb67-01f7-5afe-ad32-eb16c775a93a.html
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