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  1. Yeah somewhere around there. Modding has gotten considerably easier over the years though, thinking i'd have to spend hours troubleshooting to get where i wanted- nope, pretty much all automatic these days. Also they're "releasing" it again this November for the 10 year anniversary, but from what I understand they're just updating the game with a ton of free stuff. So that's pretty cool.
  2. Tonight I'm reinstalling it. Good times tomorrow I tell ya what.
  3. Started that video and at the very first chirp my dogs were like "fuck, shits going down."
  4. I get such a rush from trust falls. The feeling of momentary weightlessness as i surrender myself to gravity and my complete trust in the human decency of the person who catches my out of the proverbial rye, as it were. It's spiritually fulfilling and exhilarating at the same time. Like a safe rollercoaster.
  5. The dog didn't stop on any floors. He went all the way to the roof.
  6. CEO of our organization came in to work today, along with the executive leadership team. First thing he says when he sees me is he asks how my brewing is going. Good times.
  7. I have an answer. There is only one thing you can't think about. Nothing. Now i think you're supposed to grant me passage or a treasure or something.
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