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  1. It’s been an alt-right phrase, but I think they wanted revenge for everyone saying they had Obama Derangement Syndrome back in the mid-2010’s. It was the mentality that made monthly jobs reports frequently greet Babbling of yore.
  2. For all the years I’ve known this show existed, I’ve never heard the theme. My mind just defaults to the House theme and is like “I guess it’s kinda like the House theme“.
  3. Once he gets too old to do action films, he’ll probably get approached to do a cooking show for one season. Maybe two given how long the Snoop/Martha one has lasted.
  4. Red or dark green are good Jeep colors, but I’m leaning towards red on this one. But tan has more personality to it as a car color.
  5. One More Time was my intro to Daft Punk, but I’m not sure if Toonami or a skating rink playing the music video version was my main exposure to it. To this day, Discovery still rules as an album.
  6. I didn’t think they would put an effective end to Daft Punk as a whole, but they were the type of band that would go completely off the grid and release new music every 5 years or so.
  7. It took the commercial where the Cryptkeeper’s actor was listing off Zelda villains to be better associated with the more obscure monsters in those games.
  8. Animal Baked Goods is what they’ve been called in academic journals.
  9. I feel like the fun topics on Bodybuilding.com had little to do with lifting.
  10. I fear of any of the random board members who happen to be suspiciously wealthy.
  11. The guy who lost Crossfire to Jon Stewart just became the biggest conservative voice in America, so he should be happy that bloated tub of shit went back to his hometown down below.
  12. Allen West is the dork who threatened college kids when they protested the board of trustees, including his wife, after they approved of a private prison slapping their name on the college’s stadium. Funny how he thinks this will be what skyrockets him back into the public sphere.
  13. He was also in one of the finer films M. Night Shyamalan has written, She’s All That.
  14. Society has finally reached the point where we can appreciate Bowser’s bara zaddy appeal. Peach using the kidnapping attempts as a way to keep up an FWB relationship with Bowser would only make sense.
  15. The pattern is shit on other states that get hit with a natural disaster to tote Texas’ glorious infrastructure, and then turn tail and beg when it doesn’t stop a natural disaster from reaching their home turf.
  16. Pouring one out for all of the Oxys that he devoured along the way.
  17. That’s where I was back in the office, but the worst part about that is that only the first cup is the serious gourmet coffee from home. Once that runs out, the second cup ends up being office coffee, and that tastes like oatmeal water.
  18. By the time I started working from home, drinking two cups of coffee has been messing me up more than usual. I've been working around that though by switching to tea for my second cup.
  19. The last time I went there, I had way too many refills of coffee. I appreciate how they and Einstein’s have the coffee stations available so I don’t have to barter with the cashier to top off an empty cup.
  20. If there were no life consequences for eating metric tons of bread, I’d always stop by for their bread bowl soups, choco croissants, and bagels. The cinnamon crunch and French toast bagels are great.
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