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  1. So the other day to repay a friend for a favor i bought them a pack of smokes, but i haven't been able to deliver them yet. Last night i had a dream i decided to try one because why the hell not. Smoked some but dropped it on the floor halfway through and it all came apart. So i'm like "ah well, i'll just smoke another one- WAIT A MINUTE"
  2. There's only 1 answer to this question. The one thing you for certain aren't thinking about. Nothing.
  3. If you took me outside today and asked me what month it is based on the temperature, i'd say early April. Thanks al gore.
  4. I'll agree that the dialog is the part of the show that needs the most work, and most of the work would be adding more silence. Gotta say casting is great though.
  5. I don't know if you recall, but Mushu was ordered to wake the great stone dragon to go after Mulan. He was having difficulty waking him, and so violently attacked him with his gong; resulting in the stone body of the creature crumbling, leaving only a decapitated head which he then used to impersonate the dragon. Now if that's not murder that's 100% assault with a deadly weapon and manslaughter. Kinda fucked up that it really wasn't mentioned again. Like Mulan's dad goes out to the shrine and finds arguably the family's most powerful protection spirit crumbled to dust... Shit's fucked up.
  6. Two-fer. Jungle Cruise- pirates of the carribean with slightly less water but not much honestly. Shang-chi- fun movie.
  7. Oh good, this is where we post our thoughts on it. Episode one was a 7/10, meaning it was great but its in the shadow of a masterpiece and so inherently a score above 8 would be basically a perfect episode. Episode 2 only gets a 6 out of ten, mostly for the part of the show before the opening credits. Just didn't ring as true as the last one. Brought it back around by the end pretty well though. 6 is still a pretty decent score, i mean most of the Witcher episodes are around a 6 and that was a fun show. I can see how people complaining that "its live action but trying to be animated" can be legit after 2. Personally I don't know- i feel like "trying to be animated" as a design choice was a decent way to go and people would have been just as upset had they not. Again, when you're re-interpreting a masterpiece you're setting yourself up for folks to say you failed, whether or not you actually did. So far i'd say they didn't. *** Haven't watched anything w/ Ed yet so as to not spoil myself, but wasn't their whole deal being over-the-top annoying anyways?
  8. This is a day for international men only so I'm not included.
  9. -edit, wrong thread- Whatchu mean what'd she tell me? I'm sitting there posting and she's like "What's new on the boards?" And I says "Ah, just a thread about bucket. Somebody actually tagged you in it." "It's been a while since I been on" she goes as she opens her phone. "No, I don't have any notification." And I'm like "Huh, let me see" and she hands me her phone. Shurenuf no notification on there. Scroll down, no dumpster fires either. She dun' been locked out.
  10. Yeah i had to show her the thread myself. They must have put the barriers back up without telling us.
  11. Its November and we still have mosquitoes. Thats pretty fucked up.
  12. Well I was excited to get an extra hour today, looks like I got it last night while I was sleeping. Damn.
  13. She's welcome to look down whenever she wants. Heyo.
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