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  1. yes, i would make people watch me eat steak like that
  2. Don’t bring me up in conversation because you aren’t mentally capable of preparing yourself for handling me. I’m not sure why you fucktards rub my lamp, wanting me to appear with some type of attention to give to you. You’re a socially awkward insipid misshape and i often wonder how your whats eating gilbert grape ass is still functioning. Castrate yourself. I’m sure your dick isn’t serving any purpose anyway. That’s the last bit of attention you’ll get from me.
  3. When he was laughing then switched up after jada gave him the look, i felt for his manhood. if he felt some type of way to smack someone, he shouldn’t have been laughing to begin with. the meme videos of this incident are fantastic, tho
  4. you have a horse dong. knock a bitch out and take her back to your hovel.
  5. It always looks good when i cut out carbs and sugar. I was breaking out
  6. I just lost the weight i gained. I ate carbs for a month and went up to 178. Im back to 160. i wouldnt go much below that at 5’ 9”. Lowest i’ve ever been is 150. I’m used to the keto flu, no worries
  7. Back on keto. Lost 18lbs in 21 days. But i woke up feeling weak. Rip
  8. Happy birthday! i read that as naked
  9. I still have a bunch of stuff i havent played. I have new games all over the place
  10. I meant go down but ho down works, too
  11. Hello, fillet o fish. the girls who let you ho down on them at McDonald’s probably fabreeze their leggins.
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