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  1. So, if he enacts martial law, does that mean we all get to exercise our second amendment rights against a government turned hostile against its own people?
  2. I’m ready for Martian law. I will fight our alien overlords to the death.
  3. It’s intentional bad faith, he’ll have an excuse for it. He understood per capita well enough when people compared Covid19 numbers of the US to other countries with lower infection rates. He was quick to point out the population of the US compared to any country that had lower numbers than we did. He was also quick to point out that the rates of infection and death in nyc wasn’t a biggie cuz it was only a tiny percentage.
  4. Bucket knows what per capita means. He was using per capita numbers to downplay the infectiousness of Covid19, and why we should open back up.
  5. You’re certainly not besties with reality either, Bucket.
  6. He is mobilizing the military and enacting some bullshit. Says he won’t allow antifa to take over peaceful protests, as the cops tear gassed a peaceful, but large crowd just beyond the WH walls https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/national-guard-troops-deployed-white-house-trump-calls/story?id=71004151
  7. They put Trump in a bunker last night. I’m surprised he went. As big of a fuckin loud mouth, tough guy, he is. Telling governors they gotta come down hard, or they’ll look like jerks 🙄
  8. The scary part is that the $1200, dried cum, us plebs got, along with that dumb letter, probably got him votes.
  9. The letter really was the deciding factor. It’s like he really gets me.
  10. Lol he signed the memo line of my check and sent me a letter 😆
  11. The independent autopsy showed he died of asphyxia due to pressure on his neck and back. why does any preexisting condition, or intoxicants matter? If not for the illegal knee on the neck, he would still be here. George Floyd wasn’t likely to drop dead from any of those conditions had he not encountered those cops that day.
  12. NY has had protests both recently and because of the lockdown. If anything bad comes from it we’ll know. Cuomo doesn’t care about how NYS looks. If people get sick, they’ll be tested and it will be reported. as far as I know those lockdown protests only saw a slight increase in cases. Nothing like you’d expect. I just think 2020 is a tough year. The shittiest year in a long time.
  13. Everything about this virus is odd. Hopefully it works in our favor cuz there has been zero social distancing lately.
  14. Citywide curfew was just put in place. 11pm-5am. That’s not so bad. I’m more worried about the increased police presence. I think it is going from 4k - 8k lol Cuomo said it wasn’t so bad upstate ny. Well of course it wasn’t they came down here for their bs. At least one did. The one that burnt out the cop van.
  15. And yes we can agree that it’s someone outside of the BLM movement and other organizations like them doing the violence.
  16. We’re fighting? I get all your guitars in the divorce.
  17. Evidence from 2015 that’s debunked. Gtfoh I don’t have evidence because no one knows who’s doing it. Barr wants to blame antifa because that’s what Trump wants https://www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-nw-george-floyd-protests-extremist-disinformation-20200601-vtza5bku6vaa5bxukk7rq5u4ee-story.html?outputType=amp
  18. Yeah what evidence? Funny how these people don’t show up at majority white protests with Trump supporters. Funny how they’re always showing up at protests against police brutality, where the majority of protesters are minorities. I’m not sayin that no legit protester broke and burnt shit down, but I am saying there were people there solely to destroy shit and ruin the cause. People that support Trump.
  19. Wow lol the medical report also said that the position Floyd was in with the knee on the kneck was ill advised, against cop policy and inherently dangerous.
  20. In Michigan, or Minnesota they stormed their capitol buildIng with guns. You liked that. Oh you want to stay on topic of police brutality? Ok. https://nyc.streetsblog.org/2020/05/30/nypd-out-of-control-videos-depict-cops-on-rampages-across-city/ https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2020/5/31/21275994/police-violence-peaceful-protesters-images as for burning shit to the ground, maybe the undercover white supremacists should stop doing that
  21. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-protestors-protect-brooklyn-target-20200531-7qn63gkzprbx7nxcfxmjspziae-story.html?outputType=amp https://thegrio.com/2020/05/31/louisville-men-police-officer-protest/amp/ there’s more, but it’s pointless to show Bucket what is really going on.
  22. So much this. I’m seeing vid after vid of black protesters PROTECTING PROPERTY AND POLICE from WHITE FAKE protesters
  23. Yes, all his tweets prior to these protests and during these protests have pissed people off and this is the natural consequence
  24. No you’re scared. The more scared you are the more you project. You having the audacity to call these protesters babies and say they’re throwing tantrums over being murdered is real rich coming from you. Especially considering you supported armed protesters running up in government buildings because they were asked to wear a fuckin mask.
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